Skipping the assemble


Three teens where walking down the hall Scot wearing blue jeans and red t-shirt with a Japanese style dragon on it, Kyle wearing black jeans and a dark blue long-sleeved shirt, and Eddy was wearing a grey hip hop style track suit. "hey man I need to smoke some bud!" Ed exclaimed "well I’ve got a joint we could smoke, lets head to the washroom and toke" Kyle said "yeah I got some cash we can pick up after school" Scot told them as they turned to enter the washroom. "k so we pick up few grams and…"Kyle was interrupted by Eddy "hold on do you hear something" referring to a moaning noise "what is that, in the stall" Scot pointed to the center stall " "ha! There fucking in there" Kyle called out "why to go buddy" Eddy said well suppressing the urge to laugh "hey, lets get out of here and give them some piracy, give it to her good man" Kyle cried out the they left laughing. While recovering from there laughter Scot declared "alright lefts go to the school field and toke" "yeah, even if we can’t hot-box we can still smoke this joint" Kyle replied as he pulled out his joint while walking out the front doors "here, I’ll spark it" said Scot "hell no I rolled this so I’ll spark it" Kyle told him. They where about halfway done smoking there joint when the lunch bell rang and everyone was leaving for lunch "hey Ed isn’t that the chick who has a crush on you" Scot asked pointing to a petite girl wearing tight light blue jeans and a bright yellow shirt under a light green jacket trying to hide her face and look at them at the same time. " yeah that’s Jane she’s in my social class, she’s always lookin at me and trying to hide like now" "hey, why don’t you ask her to come join us you might get lucky like the guy in the washroom" Kyle said while laughing "maybe I will" ed replied and then just walk off in her direction. "you think she’ll come" asked Kyle "who knows I wish he left the joint with us though" Scot replied with a sigh. "excuse me cutie would you like a hit" Ed asked while passing Jane the join the stole from his friends "huh, oh uh, I’ve never gottin…" "always a first time to get high, why don’t ya come over and hang with me and my friends" Ed asked and with out waiting for a replay took her by the hand and walk with her over to his friends. "so who is this" asked Scot "come on don’t be shy introduce yourself" encouraged Eddy "uh, I’m …Jane" "here" Ed offers the joint to Jane "thanks" and she takes a large hit without knowing it and coughs loud and hard "shit are you ok" asked Ed Jane nodded her head "here, I’ll take that" said Scot as he took the joint from her hand "you should start out slow when first getting high" Ed told her "I-I’m fine just a little winded" Jane said as the bell to end lunch rang. "what class do we have now" Kyle ask while passing the joint to Ed "none there’s an assemble next" "about what" Kyle asked "some bullshit about music’s affect teens" replied Scot " maybe we should just skip that sounds like a bore" Kyle said "what do you think Jane wanna skip the afternoon with us" Ed asked "sure" she said as Ed passed her the joint "alright so we skip and I can pick up from my bro on are why to my house he’s still at work" Scot declared. The four of walked to the stores where Scots brother Greg worked and they found him on a smoke break in the ally "hey lil bro shouldn’t you be in class" asked Greg "skipping, you think you could sell us a few grams" asked Scot as he took a fifty out of his wallet "sure, why not" he said as he reached inside the back door of the store to get the weed out of his pack. "I just got this from one of my Asian friends who came back from Amsterdam its some of the best I’ve smoked""perfect I need to get high later" Scot said as he walked away "later" called Greg back. "Jane, this is scouts mansion, a million dollar house" said Ed referring to the old broken down house with a boarded up window in the front of the house "fuck off, its not that bad of a place to live" yelled Scot " "he is right it looks like a normal house on the inside, its just the outside the looks like crap" Kyle said while crying out in laughter. When inside Scot told them to wait in is attic suite while he got the bong from his brothers basement suite "damn its hot in this attic" Ed cried out while throwing this grey track jacket across the room Jane nodded as she to removed her green jacket and placing it on the floor beside her. There was no furniture in the over heated attic just a thin mattress on the floor and 5 bean chairs in a circle around a table that as only 30 cm from the ground and clothes littered all over the floor "found the bong and a fan, Kyle help me bring up the fan" called Scot from down the stairs " fine" Kyle sighed as he slowly walked down the stairs Jane was looking around the room when she caught Eddy looking at her breasts that where just a little more than a handful, she just blushed he noticed this and moved his beanbag chair right beside hers where she blushed even harder. Then Kyle came up with a mid size fan and Scot right behind him with a bong the size of a 2L bottle and set it down in the middle of the table while Kyle plugged in the fan and put it on low "sorry about how hot it is in here the window don’t work it only opens a quarter of the way" Scot told her as he opened the window as much as he could, when he turned around Ed had already finished his hoot and as passing it to Jane "remember small hits first" Ed whispered to her still blushing like a bright red tomato.

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   Jane held the bong while Ed lighted it for her when she finished she coughed a little but not as much as before and passed it to Kyle who was next in the circle this went on for a while Scot and Kyle ended up having there own conversation as Ed and Jane ended up on the same beanbag and making out between hits. At around 5 Jane looked at her watch "damn I’m late, I need to get home" "I’ll walk you home" Ed said "thanks" "here, take this for the road" Scot said with a wink. A few blocks later "uh, my house is just up ahead" "so what where you late for" asked Ed "my parents are going out for a dinner party with there friends" "where" "I don’t know some hotel somewhere" she replayed as they went in to her house. "hello, anyone here…huh I guess the left" "that means where all alone" Eddy said as he pulled her in for a long kiss, while bringing her into the kitchen and pulling her shirt over her head and taking one of her breasts into his mouth and laying her down on the dinner table.
    Ed the started to moved down her body kissing her till he got to her jeans and undid them pulling them off her leaving her in just a pair of blue silk panties Ed removes his track suit as she watches until his just in his boxers with a larger tent in them, pulling down his boxers until his hard as rock 8 inch prick shoot s up to his stomach then crawling on top of Jane pulls her panties to one side as he pushes himself into her slowly a bit at a time, as she moans under him she cant stand it anymore and pushes her hips up in on quick jerk until he all the way in her and she gasps for the pain "are you a virgin Jane" Ed asks in a whisper she shakes her head "not any more, please fuck me". Ed starts out slow with long deep strakes slowly increasing his pace, while Jane starts to move her hips in rhythm with his strokes, Ed buries his face into her chest and taking one for her nipples into his mouth Jane starts crying out with pleaser as Eddy plays with and sucks her nipples while fucking her on the kitchen table. "oh god I’m gonna cum don’t stop" Jane cries out "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!!" someone screamed from the kitchen entrance "MOM!!" Jane yells as she cums all over the table, and Ed in all the excitement kept fucking her until he finally shot his load deep inside of Jane when he was finished rolled off of her his cum pouring out of Jane’s cunt and staining the silk panties she was still wearing Jane in such shock that she couldn’t even move to try and cover up. "your lucky your father isn’t here to see this he went ahead of me to the party so I could finish getting ready" her mother said it was obvious that she wasn’t lying because she was wet from head to toe and wrapped in a towel that just covered her tits and was at mid thigh when Ed saw how hot Jane’s mom was he got instantly hard again looking at this furious naked women, Ed had somehow gotten around her while she was yelling and ripped away her towel and crossing his arms around her so he could grab her massive tits that where the size of melons and press his raging cock into her trimmed pussy from behind. She screamed at the startling moment that come out of nowhere while fucking her Eddy pushes her into the kitchen and bends her over until she is face to face with her daughters shaved pussy " come on eat that cunt" Ed orders her while he rapes her tight cunt. By now Jane has recovered from her state of shock and has pulled off her panties and pushed her little pussy into her moms face "come on mom lick my clit" Jane ordered as her mother gives in Ed tell Jane to call her mother by her name "ok Ed anything you say, come on betty suck my clit till I cum" "that’s better" said Ed as he look into Jane’s eyes and seeing how much she is turned on betty now has given up and is going all out on her daughters pussy pulling her into her face "oh god I’m gonna cum again!" Jane screams and as she does faints and falls back onto the table Betty takes her face from her meal and concentrates on the fucking that she is getting from this boy she has never met before. Ed going full out now was close to cumming himself, and just before his was about to pull out to shoot his load all over Betty’s back her pussy clamed down on him as she came the hardest she ever did soaking both hers and his legs as well as forming a puddle of her cum on the floor and while all this is happening Eddy came inside of her and fell on top of her. Betty then stood up grabbing both Jane and Ed by the hand and took them upstairs "look what you’ve done now we all need a shower to clean up!" Betty exclaimed with a stern voice "I’m going to have to punish you two when your father is at work tomorrow". For more great stories check out the forums http://www. sexstoriespost. com/forums/index.

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