Sleeping Like An Angel


I looked over and my daughter was fast asleep on the other end of the couch. Her friend, Elizabeth, was cuddled up with me. The two of them fell asleep watching a movie with me. Elizabeth had the face of an angel. She had long blonde hair that came down to her ass and very light eyebrows. Her eyes were like two perfect blue sapphires, her smile genuine and her body was something to adore. I unfastened the last two buttons on her shirt and rested my hand on her flat stomach. Still she didn’t wake. I ran my finger along the elastic band of her pants and admired her smooth skin and her developing curves. I slowly lifted the band from her waist and looked at her dainty little panties. She shifted her weight and one leg slipped off the couch on to the floor. I covered her exposed breasts and withdrew my hand from her pants. Still she didn’t wake up and I had to find out what lay beneath those panties. My mouth was dry and the excitement was almost overwhelming. I moved my hand across her stomach and again I pulled the elastic band away from her body and looked at her panties. O my God, her panties were damp and that familiar musky smell hit my senses.

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  I slipped one finger between her panties and her soft skin and gently lifted the fabric away from her. Her curly pubic hair was beautiful and almost white as snow. Her pubes were trimmed like a little landing strip pointing the way to the Promised Land. I slipped my hand inside her panties and gently touched her silky pubic hair. My cock ached to escape as my hand crept inside her panties. She was warm and moist. I drew my hand back and brought a finger up to my lips to have a taste. She was sweet as honey. I slid my hand back inside her panties and ran my finger against her slit. She was so warm and moist; temptation had the best of me and I couldn’t stop myself. I parted her pussy lips and slid the tip of my finger inside her damp pussy. My finger slid in easily and I watched her chest rise and fall more rapidly. Her breathing increased and she started panting and moaning softly. She rocked her hips as I continued to finger-fuck her. Again I withdrew my hand and brought it to my lips.

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   I wanted her so badly, my cock hurt. In a barely audible whisper, she said, “Please don’t stop. ”I was terrified and a bit ashamed that I had been caught, and perplexed that she didn’t scream out at me taking liberties with her body. “I’m sorry baby,” I said. “I don’t know what came over me. ”“It’s alright Mr. B,” she said. “I liked it. It was much nicer than my first time. ”“Your first time?” I questioned. “I was at my cousins house last summer and Danny let me play truth or dare with him and his friend,” she said. She started to blush, recalling the events. “Before I knew what was happening, we were touching and stuff. It didn’t feel this good though,” she said. “Yes I know,” I said with a smile.

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   “Would you want to play truth or dare with me? We could stop any time you like. ” “Okay,” she said and bit her lower lip. I suggested that we go in the other room so I wouldn’t wake Robin. My office had a sleeper couch and was off the main hall. She followed me in and sat down on the couch next to me. “I’ll go first” She asked, “Truth or dare?”“Truth” I said. “Did you really make love to Carrie?” she said. I looked at her in disbelief. Carrie was Robins best friend and I did make love to her about a year ago. I took a deep breath and looked her in the eye. “Yes I did,” I told her. “That was supposed to be a secret. How did you know about it?”“I heard Robin and Carrie whispering about it one afternoon,” she said. “They didn’t think I heard but it sounder wonderful. Then this thing happened with Danny and it was nothing like they were talking about so I wanted to find out for myself.

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  ”“It’s my turn. ” I asked, “Truth or Dare?”“Truth,” she said. “Did you and Danny have sex when you were touching and stuff?” I asked. She drew a deep breath and said, “Yes. ”Her face lost a bit of color and she looked at me with those beautiful eyes. “I didn’t like it. It hurt and he did it right in front of his friend. It as really kind of gross and it was over like way to fast,” she said. “My turn now,” she asked with a wicked little smile, “Truth or Dare?”“Truth,” I said again. Her talking about sex was really turning me on and who knows where this was going to lead. “Tell me about the first time you ever had sex,” she said. Nobody had ever asked me that before and a fold of memories rushed into my head. “I was thirteen years old and I was sleeping in my room. My sister slipped in and climbed in my bed. I remember that she woke me with a kiss and I noticed that she was naked,” I said.

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  Elizabeth never took her eyes off me as I stood up and walked across the room. I opened a cabinet door and took out a bottle of bourbon and a glass. I poured some and slowly took a drink. “She pulled my pants down and started rubbing my penis until it was hard. Then she put her finger to my lips and told me to be quiet. She climbed on top of me and slid it inside of her. She had sex with me but I didn’t enjoy it, I really didn’t know what was going on,” I said. “Is that why you were so sweet to Carrie and Robin?” she asked. “I guess so,” I said. I moved closer to Elizabeth and our lips were almost touching. I could feel her breath on my lips and I asked, “Truth or Dare?”“Dare,” she said. I gave her a soft smile and touched her face with my hand. “I dare you to kiss me,” I said. She leaned in to me and gently pressed her lips against mine. She was a great kisser and slid her tongue in my mouth.

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   I guess cousin Danny taught her that one. When our kiss broke, she took a deep breath and asked, “Truth or Dare?”“Dare” I said, enjoying how the game was going. “I dare you to kiss me where ever you want,” she said. I unbuttoned her pajamas and brought my mouth to her perky nipples and began to gently kiss her. I slowly worked my way down her body till I got to her elastic waistband. I took her by the hips and brought her to her feet and slid her pants and panties down in one slow motion. Then I kissed her all the way down to her slit. I finished my kissing by turning her around and the last gentle kiss was right at her asshole. I stuck out my tongue for good measure and pressed it against her hole. She was a bit flush and her whole body shook with energy. She was the most beautiful girl that I had ever seen in my life and her eyes could melt an iceberg. I gently kissed her cheek and asked, “Truth or Dare. ”“Dare,” she whispered. “I want you to undress me and kiss me anywhere you want,” I said. She slowly unbuttoned my shirt and took it off.

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   Then he unzipped my pants and slid them down. She looked me in the eyes and slowly lowered my underpants and kissed me softly on the lips. Then she planted kisses across my chest and down to my stomach and her final kiss was on the head of my hard cock. Her fingers ran up and down my body and I pulled her close to me. We started kissing again and I brought my hand between her legs and gently started rubbing her slit. She started breathing harder and I guided her hand to my cock. My finger was probing her magnificent pussy and she started stroking my cock. I flicked her clit and that was the end of my hand job. I brought her down to the couch and lowered my face to her curly pubes and buried my tongue inside her. She moaned and rolled her hips and kept saying, “More, more. ”I was in heaven as I fucked her pussy with my tongue. I gently tugged at her pubes and teasingly bit her a couple of times. Soon her body started shaking and she exploded in a wild orgasm. “Oh my, oh my, don’t stop,” she whispered. She took one more deep breath and exploded with a flood of sweet nectar a second time.


   I withdrew my face and turned her over. I stared at her beautiful ass and started stroking my cock. I straddled over her and rubbed my cock head against the crack of her ass and stroked my cock as fast as I could. It didn’t take long for my hot sticky fluid to start spurting out all over her lower back and down the crack of her ass. I watched my hot cum roll down her ass and drip off her waiting wet pussy. I kissed her cum soaked ass and rolled her over. She spread her legs and wrapped them around me. My still hard cock pressed against her pussy lips. I spread her apart with my thumbs and slowly started entering her perfect fuck hole. She clamped around me like a vice as I pushed further inside her. Soon, I was buried all the way and stopped to rest. “Is this how you thought it would be?” I asked. “This is more than I could have imagined Mr. B. ,” she said.

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  I lay there for several minutes just kissing and caressing her beautiful body. Slowly I started pumping in and out of her. I wanted to enjoy every moment of this and she was certainly enjoying it herself. She purred like a kitten as I slowly made love to her. Nice and slow I went all the way in and all the way out. I moaned as I slid along her tight little pussy tunnel. She was amazing. I started to quicken the pace and she said, “Ooh, I like that. Ooh faster. ”My pace quickened and she was purring and oohing with an occasional more, more. My moans turned to grunts and finally, I exploded deep inside her little pussy. “That was amazing,” she whispered as I cuddled with her on the couch. We lay there for quite some time and I looked at her and asked, “Truth or Dare. ”“Truth,” she whispered. “Do you promise not to tell anyone about this?” I asked.

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   “My life is complicated enough. ”“Cross my heart and pinky swear,” she said with a smile. We got cleaned up and went back out into the other room and cuddled up in my favorite spot on the sectional. We fell asleep and I had the most erotic dreams. Here we go again . . . .
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