Slumber Party; a Nikki adventure


The guy at the register was checking her out, and she thought since he looked like a college guy she would give him her number. He would be handy for an after game snack sometime. When they got to the house the put in the movie and sat down to eat popcorn. "Hey, Nikki, can you get my pocketbook? I left it by the pool earlier, and I need my phone. You know how my mom is, she'll be calling anytime now. " Kavita rolled her eyes as she said this, but Nikki stood up and stretched. "Sure," she breathed, and then yawned, knowing that before long she'd be hitting the shower to play with herself before going to bed. When she found Kavita's purse she decided to get the phone out and toss the pocketbook in her room. Digging around in one of the many pockets she felt something smooth and cold. Pulling it out she saw it was a vibrator. She couldn't hide her excitement as a smile spread across her face. She'd never used one before, and had been anxious to try. She rushed to the bathroom, and lay down, her back against the cool surface of the tiles. Turning it on, she lifted her skirt and pulled her skivvies down. She probed her clit with the tip, and moaning softly, continued to pleasure her mound. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

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   With a jolt she tried to toss the vibrator towards the sink, but missed, and barely had her panties to her knees when Marley walked in. Redfaced, Nikki smiled sheepishly. . . just as she heard her brother's voice from behind Marley. "What's going on? Is the coast clear? I'm ready to fuck you baby. . . " And she caught a glimpse of him rubbing up against her friend's round ass. When Cory saw his sister, her bare ass on the floor of the bathroom, his jaw dropped. He wasn't into incest, but he knew his sister was hot. Seeing that she was about to lose her chance, Marley did the first thing that came to her mind. She spread Nikki's legs and begin to lick the swollen clit. She let her hands roam Nikki's creamy thighs and nibbled a little on the sensetive organ. Behind her, Cory was pulling on her skirt, easing it down, revealing her tight ass.

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   Nikki was breathing heavily, wondering if she was going to see her brother fuck her best friend. He began to rub his cock against Marley's pussy lips as she pushed her ass further into the air, hoping he would thrust into her soon. Instead, he shoved a finger into her cunt and got on his knees. He began to lick her asshole, his tounge going in and out, making her weak, and her legs shook violently. Minutes later, both girls had juice dripping down their legs and wanted to be fucked so badly that they ached. It was no surprise when Kavita walked in and seeing that an adventure was getting ready to take place began licking the pre-cum off of Cory's cock.
    His mind was full of questions. He'd always wanted to fuck an asian girl, and Marley was hot as hell. But the question most prominent on his mind was if anal sex with his sister was still considered incest. Nikki was obviously thinking something along those lines when she pushed Marley and Kavita out of the way. She then took Cory's large cock in her mouth and proceeded to bob up and down, her blue eyes staring at his face intently. Marley then took to licking Nikki's asshole, and Kavita played with herself, using the vibrator that had been thrown towards the sink. The smell of pussy had Cory drunken, and he knew that he was about to cum. His dick jerked and he pulled out, just in time to jizz on his sister's gorgeous face. She massaged his balls.

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      . . and glared at him. "Cory, you bastard, I wanted to be fucked, why the hell do you have to be such a minute man?"By now Kavita and Marley were happily lapping each other's cunts in the corner, and since they seemed content, Nikki went on ranting. "I'm not giving up until you stick your cock in my cunt. Now get your shit hard again before I tell mom. "Cory was more than happy to do as she asked. And no sooner did he start jerking did Marley come over to suck on him. He lay back, knowing that his cock would be back at full size in no time. And when it did, he would ram it up his sister's cute little pink asshole. .

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