sneaking out


Sneaking Out

Ok I knew I had become a good liar to my parents when I had convinced them that I was going to spend the nite with a girlfriend. I am 15, a freshman in high school. I am about 5'1”, 105 lbs, thin but not gross skinny, I started getting a bit of curves when I turned 14. I have shoulder length dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Me and my friend had no intention of staying at her house. We were planning on sneaking out to a guys house that we knew. I wanted to go out with his friend, who was sooo hot! For our age group he was pretty tall, a nice smile and very friendly. His friend was more our height, kinda shy but a nice person to be around.

So after my parents bailed, we walked down the street to his house. My friend had snuck out some Zima's, so we split it. I couldn't really feel it, but i knew i was in a good place. We made it to the friends house and rang the bell. Our friend was smiling from ear to ear, so happy to see us. The friend i wanted was sitting on the floor, by his friend's bed. I went up to him, all shy and stuttery, said hey and gave him a hug. He said he loved my hugs, that they were so warm and personal.

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So for a couple of hours, we sat around, talking and laughing about nothing as teens are wont to do. Oh i didn't say what I was wearing, my soft cotton gray skirt just a couple of inches below my thighs, not all super sexy but I always got compliments on how nice I looked. I also had layered my tops with a lacy white tank and a lighter tank on top of that. I also had white Pumas on.

As it was getting quite late, my friend was laying on the air bed we had set up, thinking that us girls would sleep on the friends bed and they would sleep on the air thing. Well my friend we soon realized had fallen asleep already. So me and the guy I liked went to lay on the real bed. The other friend went and shut off the lights, just leaving some candles burning, so we were not in the complete dark. I could see pretty good. I laid down first, with the guy I wanted on my left and his friend at first was sitting with my sleeping friend, I guess watching her sleep.

The guy rolled onto his side, and he went in for a kiss. We started like that, kissing and just macking for a bit. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders, pulling me in against him. I got aggressive and started love biting his lips, letting the tip of my tongue linger against him. He got the message and soon we were french kissing.

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   I must admit he was a great kisser!

Also, I have to tell you I was a virgin, I had not even got past heavy making out. Just something about this night was different. Anyways back to the story. . .

The guy I was kissing soon pulled me closer to him, I could just feel our lower bodies barely touching. He reached down and was stroking my leg just below my skirt, the feel of his large hands against my skin was intense. He gripped my leg right about my knee and fixed it over his legs. I cuddled closer, letting my leg trap his. He would run his hands over my ass, but never leaving it on there. I saw the lights flicker for an instant, my other friend had gotten up and walked to the bed. He laid down, and asked what we were doing, since he could hear our heavy breathing. I just kinda sighed/laughed a bit, saying oh nothing just kissing. He said fine and laid down on my right, on his back. Since he didn't seem to mind, we started kissing again.

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   Now I could feel him starting to grind against me lightly. I grinded back, just so softly so I wouldn't move the bed too much. I adjusted myself again and could tell he was hard! I was a bit in shock, since I had never gotten that far with a boy before. But it felt so good, that I could make a guy feel this way. I loved how hard it was, that it would just barely move when I would slide against it. I could feel our breathing getting heavier and heavier.

I sensed rather than felt my other guy friend shift to his side, i knew that he had to be watching us. Instead of making me feel scared, I felt more turned on that he could see us doing this. Of course I had no idea what was to happen. . .

He moved closer in, resting his hands on my hip at the waist line of my skirt. He slid up and i could fee he was hard too! His hard-on was right against my butt. I was so taken aback, I gasped but stayed in place. He reached up and pulled my hair up off my neck, and he started kissing me there.

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   That is one of my weakness, so I let it happen. He started pushing his hard-on in small circles against my ass. That was such a strange, delicious feeling. So I would move forward into the first guy, and he would match my movement on my ass.

The first guy reached over and grabbed my hand, pulling himself back a bit, then he laid my hand over his crotch. I squeezed my hand on his cock, feeling how big and hard it was in my hand! My other friend started stroking my leg, going higher, pushing my skirt first up and then higher on my thigh. He stayed tracing his fingers in circle 8's on my thigh. The first guy used his hand to reach between my legs, resting his hand against my crotch. I parted my legs a bit, then wrapped myself around his hand. He could feel how warm how moist I was getting. My other friend removed his hand, and reached up to my chest, instantly filling his hands with my breasts! OMG, I was going insane, I had all these feelings from every part of my body, I swear I thought I would just explode into a million little pieces right there and then.

He would squeeze my breasts, while I grinded into the first guys hand. I could feel myself getting more turned on, wet from rubbing myself against his hand. My friend behind me took his hands off my breasts, reached down and lifted my skirt up to my hips. I was wearing lacy light pink bikini panties, tight and just barely see-through.

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   I said thats not fair, you guys are still dressed. They asked what would be fair, I said take off your shirts. They both leaned back and took them off. I tugged mine off, now just in my pink bra.

My first friend started running his fingers up and down the front of my panties, putting some pressure against it, using his fingertips to trace my pussy lips.
    The other guy started squeezing and running his hands over my ass. God the feeling of having 2 hands touching me was more than I could stand. They asked if I could slip out of my skirt, I said only if you both take your pants off. We all turned over and laid on our backs. As i tugged my skirt off, the boys unzipped and down came their pants.

    Both of them had boxers, the first guy was white, really plain. The second one had blue type ones. They said stay like that on your back, and the first guy was kissing and sucking on my neck, while the second was touching and playing with my boobs. I put my hands over their crotch, holding both of their cocks in either hand, squeezing and stroking my fingers up and down them. The first guy was big to me, very thick and cut.

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       I could feel his cock head throb and shift. The second guy was smaller but kinda wide, very smooth feel to his dick. He had a foreskin, I could feel it slide easily from his precum. The second guy popped my breasts out of the cups of my bra, and my nipples were rigid and totally hard. He sucked one greedily into his mouth, holding it with his teeth, sucking on my nipple. The first guy did the same, let me tell you it was so hot having them both sucking on my breasts.

    As they were sucking on them, they reached down and parted my legs, with one each of my legs resting on theirs. The first guy reached into my panties, holding my warm, wet pussy in his hands. I could feel my juices coating his fingers. The second guy would take turns rubbing and stroking my thighs.

    I moved my hands to the slit of their boxers, reach in and brought both of their dicks out. I gripped one in each hand, stroking them, making them get harder and harder. I felt the first guy run his hand over my clit, which made my back arch. He then would use his fingertips to spread my pussy lips, but not going inside me at all. That was making me so hot.

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       As he would run his fingers up and down, i would take turns stroking him and squeezing his cock hard in my hands.

    The first guy quickly yanked down my panties, leaving me naked there with 2 boys. They tugged down their boxers and had me turn to my side again. The first guy put his cock between my legs, my pussy right up against it. The second guy laid up against my ass, but would move his cock up and down my crack, just letting the head part the seam. I started moving up and down the first guys big cock. I couldn't believe how good that felt. So hot, i was sooo wet! Plus having the other guy just playing with his cock against my ass was heaven.

    I could tell I was close to having an orgasm, I couldn't stop myself and I would start moving faster. I felt the first guy pump into me, then he bent a bit and I felt the warm flow of his cum, oozing out of tip, against my lips, our juices combining and running together. The second guy gripped his cock and began masturbating right against my ass. I felt his shoot out hard against my ass, he actually came more, i didn't think he would stop!

    So what do you think? For an unexperienced girl that was pretty wild. I hope that i can share more stories like this soon

    The End

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