Stacey part 1


Hi! My name is Stacey. I’m 17 and I go to the sixth form of a Girls school. I have long, dark, straight hair, long legs and a good figure, although my breasts aren’t as big as I’d like. I’d like to tell you about something that happened to me the other day. I was on my way home from school when I was approached by a woman who asked me if I’d like to help her make her boyfriends fantasy come true. Now I’m not usually the sort of girl who does anything like that but for some reason I was intrigued and wanted to know more. She told me her boyfriend’s fantasy was to have sex with a teenager and asked me if I’d be interested in helping to fulfil it.  
  I’m not a virgin, having had sex once when I was at party, and I masturbate frequently, and the thought of having sex with a total stranger started a strange feeling in my tummy. I could feel my pussy getting wet at the thought of it. I thought for a minute and then agreed. The woman led me to her car. I got in and she drove me to the other side of town. As we were driving along the woman told me more about what was in store for me, and that when we reached our destination I was to remain silent until I was spoken to, but if for any reason I wasn’t happy and wanted to stop then I could say so in a clear voice and nothing further would be done to me. She promised me a good time if I was co-operative.
  Eventually we stopped at a house and she led me inside, and into a room. As I entered the room I saw a man sat in an armchair.

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   He didn’t say anything and as I started to speak he motioned me to silence. I nodded in understanding. I noticed he was wearing jeans and a T-shirt, but no shoes or socks. I could see he was admiring my body in my uniform, which consisted of a white blouse, grey pleated skirt and white knee length socks. It must have been obvious that I wasn’t wearing a bra as I could feel my nipples getting hard and poking through the cotton of my blouse. I could feel the material of my tight cotton panties was slightly damp between my legs. The man smiled at me, pleased with what he saw. I smiled back.
The woman closed the door and stood behind my, moving her hands up to cup my breasts. She started to stroke my nipples through the cotton. The man watched for a while and then nodded. The woman started to undo the buttons of my blouse. When she had done that she removed my blouse and stroked my breasts again, tweaking the nipples between her fingers and thumbs.
“Play with your titties,” the man said to me, “play with your nipples. ” I cupped my hands around my breasts and stroked and pulled my nipples just like the woman had done.

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   It felt really good to be doing this in front of two total strangers who I felt had a power over me now. I knew I would do anything they wanted me to.
While I was doing this the woman had slid her hand up my skirt and was stroking the front of my panties. Her other hand started to lift my skirt up. The man smiled again when he saw her hand slide down inside my panties. I could feel her finger sliding past my clit, which was getting hard. Her finger slid across my pussy, slipping in up to the first knuckle.
I thought my legs were about to give way as a mini orgasm washed over me. I’d never felt so turned on before. The woman loosened my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I stepped out of it which brought me nearer to the man. As the woman took her hand out of my panties the man started to stroke my pussy through the thin cotton, pushing it up between my pussy lips. By now I was really wet. The man grasped my panties and slid them down my legs, revealing my pubic hair to his gaze. He slid his finger into my pussy again and stroked my clit with his thumb, rubbing it around and around as his finger slid in and out of my pussy.

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   The woman was still stroking my breasts and nipples.
“Lie down. ” he said to me. I was helped down onto the floor by the woman. The man grasped my ankles and gently pulled my legs apart. Then he knelt between my legs. His finger again slipped into my pussy, as he leaned forward and ran his tongue across my clit. It felt as though my pussy was on fire despite the wetness there. His tongue licked at my clit. I felt him pull his finger out of my pussy. His tongue licked down past my clit and probed around my pussy lips for a while, before I felt it slowly enter me. He slowly tongued my pussy. I could feel my juices flowing past his tongue. My stomach started to tense up as another orgasm rocked my body and my pussy juices gushed out. The man lapped all of my juices up, drinking them down like a thirsty man in the desert.

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I think I passed out with the intensity of my orgasm, because the next thing I remember was the man sitting back in the armchair, only this time he was naked. I looked round and saw that the woman was also naked and sat on the floor with two fingers up her pussy, furiously masturbating. I could see her pussy was also very wet. Her fingers glistened with her juices.
“Come here,” the man ordered, “and stroke my cock. ”
I knelt before him and took his cock in my right hand. It was long and thick. I stroked my hand up and down the length of his shaft.
“Slower,” he commanded, “we have plenty of time. ”
I slowed down my stroking, and watched fascinated as his foreskin slid over the bulbous, purple end of his cock. I felt the woman kneel behind me, and her finger find it’s way down into my pussy. She slid her finger the full length up my pussy and slowly slid it in and out almost in time with the movement of my hands around the man’s cock. Her other hand reached around and twisted my nipple on my left breast. Not enough to hurt, but enough to make my breast glow with a delicious tingling pain, I’d never had anyone do that to me before and I liked what I was feeling.
 Feeling very sexy and relaxed, I let my head drop down.

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   Then I noticed that the tip of the man’s cock was level with my chin. I tilted my head a little further and stuck out my tongue to lick the tip of it. I’d never tasted a man’s cock before, but I decided I liked the taste. I started to kiss the end of it, and the man let out a groan. He didn’t say anything as I opened my mouth and slid it over the end of his cock. I slid my lips up and down his shaft, running my tongue over the end as I did so. He didn’t tell me to stop so I assumed I was doing it right. He placed his hands either side of my head and guided my movements. After a while he let out another groan and I felt his cock twitch in my mouth. He held my head tighter, his cock filling my mouth. The end was touching the back of my throat as I heard him say, “I’m coming. ”
His hot, salty spunk shot out of his cock and down my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could, not sure if I could manage what seemed to me to be vast amounts of come that was shooting from his cock. Somehow I managed to swallow the whole load apart from the last couple of squirts that hit me in the face when the man pulled my head back away from him. He scooped up the drops of come with his finger and fed them to me.

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   I happily licked his come of his fingers with my tongue, swallowing it down greedily, enjoying the salty taste.
So engrossed was I in what I’d been doing, I’d forgotten about the woman’s finger in my pussy. Now I had the sensation that there was more than one. I glanced down and saw that somehow she had got three fingers inside of me and was pumping them in and out, faster and faster. The familiar sensation started to sweep my body and I felt my pussy contract as yet another orgasm swept over me. My pussy had never felt so wet or so full. The woman suddenly flipped my onto my back and buried her face between my thighs as the full force of my orgasm hit me. She lapped at my juices just like the man had done earlier, her tongue searching out the inner depths of my pussy. It felt really good to feel her tongue licking my pussy juices up. She reached up and started to fondle my breast with her left hand. Her right hand took hold of mine and, shifting position slightly, she guided it down between her legs. I had never felt another woman’s pussy before. I was surprised how wet she was. I could feel her wetness against my hand as she held it there. I slid my finger along her pussy lips, up towards her clit.

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   She moved my hand back and forwards. Getting the message I started to stroke her clit. I know how I like to stroke my own clit to make me feel good, and obviously the same thing worked for her as she let out a low moan. It felt like her clit was getting larger under my finger. She was still licking my clit and pussy. I could feel her finger deep inside my pussy so I slid my finger deeper into hers. She started to move her hips against my finger.
“That looks so fucking sexy;” said the man, “lick her pussy. ”
I didn’t realise he was talking to me until the woman spread her legs over my face and ground her crotch into my face. I could smell her musky scent. It smelt different to mine, but not unpleasant. I stuck out my tongue and slowly licked across her pussy a few times. I’d never done this before but already I liked it. I could taste her juices on my tongue. I started to lick up and down her pussy, probing her lips with my tongue.

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       The woman ground her pussy into my face even more. I moved my tongue towards her clit, which was large and erect. I tongued her clit as she tongued mine. Suddenly I felt something hard against my anus.
    “Relax; it won’t hurt if you relax. ” I heard the woman’s muffled voice say from between my legs. I assumed it was her finger that she was using to probe my tight anus. I’ve never had anything in there and wasn’t sure about it at all, but I tried to relax my muscles as much as possible. Her finger slid into my ass up to the first knuckle at least. It felt like a red-hot poker going up my ass. Her tongue was still driving my clit wild. My juices were flowing out of my pussy in copious amounts and running down the crack of my arse. The woman was using my juices as lubricant because her finger seemed more comfortable now. She pushed it further up my ass and slowly started to wiggle it around. The sensations in my pussy and my ass were sending me over the edge once more, and as I came I could feel my anal muscles contracting around her finger, and my juices filling her mouth.

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       As I was licking her clit I felt it spasm and her sweet juices flooded into my mouth. I hungrily drank them down, savouring the taste.
    By now I didn’t care what the couple did to me. I just knew I wanted more. I wanted them to fuck me in every possible way. The woman climbed off me and went over to the man. He was slowly stroking his cock up and down. The woman took his cock in her mouth and seemed to swallow it all down. Slowly she moved her head back and forth, and I could see her tongue licking the length and end of it as she sucked him. I felt down between my legs. I was so wet. I’d never been as wet as this before. I stroked my clit with my thumb, inserting my middle finger into my pussy and furiously masturbating myself.
    “Looks like our new friend is still horny,” the man said, “maybe I should help her out. ”
    The woman released his cock from her mouth and he came over to me.

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       He started to lick my clit. When I went to move my hand away he grabbed my wrist and held it there. It was obvious he wanted to lick my clit whilst I fingered my pussy. His tongue flicked and swirled around my clit. Then he started to lick my pussy lips and I fingered myself. The woman had positioned herself underneath him and was busy sucking his cock again.
    The man’s tongue slowly licked my pussy for a while then he moved down a little and started to lick my anus. He flipped me over onto my knees and spread my legs. His tongue slowly traced around the rim of my anus before pushing it way inside me. It felt great. Better even than the woman’s finger. His fingers were sliding in and out of my pussy as he licked my ass. Suddenly, the licking stopped. The man moved up, and the woman slid into position between my legs. She started to lick my pussy again.


       Suddenly, I felt something even harder than the man’s tongue at the entrance to my anus. He was behind me. Looking back, over my shoulder, I could see his long stiff cock pointing towards my ass. He started to rub the tip of it against my anus. I tried to be as relaxed as I could as he leant forward and inserted the end of his cock in my ass. Slowly, very slowly so as not to hurt me, he pushed the full length of his cock into me. After the first few moments when it was a little painful, it started to feel ok. He finally got the full length inside me and rested for a few moments to allow me to be come accustomed to it. Finally he started to move it in and out, slowly at first but getting faster and harder as time went on. His hands were on my hips, pulling him into me and moving my bottom in time with his thrusting cock. The woman was still licking my pussy and clit, stopping very so often to lick the man’s balls as he thrust into my ass. It felt incredible. The feel of the man’s cock in my ass, and the woman’s tongue on my pussy and clit was driving me over the edge and I knew I was going to come again soon. The Man kept sliding his cock in and out my ass until all of a sudden I felt him really shove it as far up my ass as he could get as his grip on my hips tightened. I could feel the come shooting out of his cock and deep into my ass.

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       That was enough. I felt a great tremor go through my whole body as I came. It felt as if I was peeing. The woman let out a yelp of surprise as she lapped at my pussy juices. Her tongue and lips hungrily sucked up all my juices. The man pulled his cock out of my ass, causing me to have another mini-orgasm. The woman pushed me off her face and I rolled over to look at her. Her face was soaked with my juices.
    “My God,” the woman said, “she actually squirted come at me”
    “Sorry,” I replied.
    “Don’t be,” said the woman, “it’s not often I meet a woman who can actually ejaculate her come. ”

    To be continued . .
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