Student Teaches Teacher


My boyfriend was in my Science class. He sat to the right of me. I could always feel him staring at me. It was kind of a turn on knowing he was going to suck my dick right after school. We’d go home throw our books on the bed and he’d unzip my pants. Then he’d slowly pull down my boxers and suck me. Just when I was about to cum it was my turn to get him excited. Then I’d blow him crazily until I felt his balls tighten in my hands. We’d switch positions and 69. This was the best position because we both were so hard and ready to blow our loads at the same time that we finally got to let go. We never did anal because he was way too big for my asshole. Most of my other gay friends say I am not fully gay because I haven’t tried it anal. I don’t know, I don’t think I want to try it anal, I don’t see how I’d get pleasure from it. I never got to enter his ass and I don’t know, it just doesn’t turn me on. Maybe when I am older I’ll explore more but at the moment I am not into it but I love sucking dick! I’d fantasize about all of this in class when the teacher got boring or was late like today. Suddenly dead silence entered the room soon as the substitute entered.


   This woman was young, maybe in her early 20’s. All the guys were happy to see this amazing looking women walk in. She was wearing a tight white shirt that you could see her nipples poking out. Our school had air conditioning and it was always cool in the rooms. It was such a transition from the hallway to the classrooms. My balls would hang low walking through the halls and soon as I walk in a room they’d tighten. This must have happened to her luscious boobs. I never ever got aroused from a woman before. I was staring at her flawless face and amazing sized breast. I never got a boner from a woman and then the tent started to sprout from my sweat pants. I would always wear sweat pants so my boyfriend could eye my bulging hard-on. “Everyone stand for the flag salute,” she said. Man, the class could have saluted my pecker. Put a flag on the head and start saluting it. My boyfriend was staring at me.

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   I could see him getting excited. It was weird; it didn’t do anything for me. I saw him get hard and usually when he does I like to stare at it. I didn’t look at the fag once; I mean flag. I kept staring at the teacher. She was so luscious. I didn’t understand how my gay hormones changed in a matter of seconds. “Hi, class, I have some horrible news. I am going to be your new teacher for the year. Well, that wasn’t the bad news; the bad news is Mr. Harbon will be out due to a horrible accident. ”A sudden depressing feeling overcame the class; I wasn’t upset, this teacher was hot! “I am a Science teacher so don’t think you’re going to get away with anything. This is my fifth year of teaching so I have experience. My name is Miss. Kriss.

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  ”How could she be in her early 20’s if she had been teaching for five years I thought? I didn’t care, I needed this women, she was the first women I had ever gotten sexual aroused from. She sat in her chair; she put her legs on the desk. She’s not allowed to do that I thought, but who cares? I couldn’t take it anymore. Her perfectly shaven legs seemed endless. I knew it only lead to a shaved pussy. A tan, big tits and she had brownish hair with highlights. I couldn’t believe how a gay boy gotten so excited over a woman. I started to think; maybe I wasn’t gay. Maybe I was really bi-sexual. I mean I loved my boyfriend. I didn’t know and I didn’t care. I needed this cock inside that hot bitch if I was gay or not. “You guys are going to have to do the work Mr. Harbon assigned for you today. I promise I’ll make it interesting by next week.

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   I just have to finish up his plans. ”I’ll make it interesting I thought. I kept staring at her breast and fresh young face. “Are you going to get to work or are you going to keep staring at my chest all day she said?”I couldn’t believe that’s what she said to me in front of the class. “I-I-I will get to work. ”“Don’t worry, he’s gay a kid yelled from the back of the class. ”“Doesn’t seem that way to me, he’s got a graduated cylinder the size of the room from staring at me. I started to feel my face turn red. My face always turned red when I was embarrassed. I hated it; I just wanted to hide myself and suffocate myself in her huge boobs. My boyfriend came over to me and put his cheek next to mine. I told him to get away and gave him a shove. I didn’t want her to know I was really gay. It would blow my chance with her. “Hey, hey, no shoving in this class,” she said! “It’s okay, he’s my boyfriend,” he said.

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  “I don’t care if you’re his boyfriend, there is no shoving or violence in this room when I am present. You know what, I think I am going to speak to you after school. Come to this room at 2:15. What’s your name?”“Derek, I said. ” I wanted to say she’ll be screaming it later but I didn’t want to get more on her bad side. I wanted to get INTO her good side. “We are going to go over the rules after school. ”“It’s a date,” I said. “Yeah, it’s a date alright, she replied. ” I knew she wanted me. I could tell by her eyes. She saw my huge pecker and she had to have me stay after school. No teacher would keep a student for pushing a student after school. She’d just talk to me after class. This was the first period, the beginning of the day.

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   I had to wait all day to see her luscious body. The bell rang and I slowly got my book and walked out. My boyfriend grabbed my hand. I wanted to let go but I still loved him. I knew she saw it but I didn’t care. I still was going to fuck her brains out later. “Don’t forget our little date later,” she said with a grin. Her grin was so sexy I felt my dick get hard again. “I think you like her,” my boyfriend said. “What makes you think that?”“I saw you staring at her the whole period. Then you got a boner the size of a gay porn star. I never saw you that hard in my life. I wanted to go down right in front of you and blow you in front of the class. But then I realized the boner was for me. I don’t know Derek, I think you’re not gay, you maybe bisexual.

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  ”“I am not attracted to her at all, I was just staring at her thinking about you. You know how I get spaced out and I’d stare at the wall sometimes. This time it just happened to be directly at her chest. ” I said lying. “If you say so. So want to go into the little boys room and I’ll give you the greatest head ever?”“Sure,” I said. We’d always go into the boys’ room. We had a free period, which only seniors received. But I was going to receive some head from my lovingly boyfriend. I didn’t want it from him but I was so horny I didn’t care who was down there at the moment. No one ever goes into the bathroom when guys saw us go in. They all knew what we were going to do. I slowly pulled down my pants and just shoved my cock down his throat. He was a little surprised by the force I gave him. He didn’t complain.

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   I was thinking about Miss. Kriss the whole time, her big fat lips on my cock. I could just see her blowing me like crazy. I actually started to grab my boyfriend’s chest to feel his boobs thinking it was hers. I saw her eyes look up at me. I started to moan her name. “Oh, shit, Miss. Kriss. ”I was cumming in his mouth so he didn’t stop. When I started to blow my load I just shoved it down his throat, gagging him to he had no choice to shove me away so he could breath. “I told you, I told you, I knew you liked her!” he yelled. “No I don’t. I said your name. ” “My name isn’t Miss. Kriss!”He stormed out of the bathroom wiping his mouth on his sleeve.

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   He slammed the door hard as he could. I knew I was fucked, he knew I had the hots for my teacher. I mean it’s not like I planned on going to school today thinking I was going to turn straight in three seconds. This was the first time I really was attracted to my teacher that was female. I couldn’t let this pass; I needed to blow my load inside of her. The day seemed to take forever since what happened. My boyfriend is mad at me because he thinks I am attracted to a woman. I have detention with a female teacher that I probably won’t fuck. This whole day really sucked I thought. Finally the final bell rang to end school. I walked into her class like I was a badass kid. I sat in my regular seat and waited for her to show up. I must have waited five minutes. I couldn’t take it anymore; I had to play with my cock. I started rubbing it through my sweat pants.

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   The tent started to set up and all I could think about is having it set inside of her ground. I didn’t want to cum so I had to stop just in case I got a piece of her. I wanted to blow it all inside of her. She finally walked in. She just stared at my bulging pants. She said, “you know this is supposed to be a punishment and you’re not supposed to get pleasure from this. I see that is too late. ” “Um-mm-mm Yeah, I think it is,” I said with a smile. She put her legs on the desk again but her legs we a little spread out this time. I could feel my dick get harder and harder by the second. It started to get so hard it felt like the blood in my cock was going to explode. “The rules are no violence, no cursing in front of the class, no sarcasm and all the respect in the world for me. If that means you have to fuck my brains out, then that’s what you’re going to have to do to show me respect. ”She spread her legs even wider. I could tell she wasn’t wearing any underwear because I could see her clit hanging from the side.


   She started to rub herself right in front of me. “This is torturing right? She said. ”“Yes, very. ”“Do you want to lick my clean shaved pussy?”“I felt the juice in my mouth build up. Just enough wetness to satisfy her hungry cunt. ”She pulled her shorts off and I saw the greatest piece of flesh in my life. It looked so much better than a cock. “Why don’t you cum over here,” she said licking her luscious lips. “You won’t be a fag anymore after this. ” I came closer to her pussy with my mouth. “Go ahead give it a kiss, you have to respect my pussy. ”I gave it a little kiss. The sweat aroma from her cunt almost made me cum by itself. I caressed her mound with each lick. I didn’t want to enter her yet with my tongue.


       I wanted to tease her more like she did to me. I started to nibble a little on her clit. I could tell she couldn’t take it anymore and she pushed my head down forcefully. I still tried to resist entering. I wanted her to suffer with pleasure. Then I jabbed my tongue in, then took it out, jabbed it in, and then took it out. I knew she couldn’t wait any longer. Then I started to tongue fuck her crazily. I felt her juice explode on my tongue. It was the greatest cum taste ever! She pushed my head back and she said “Stick your fucking love prick inside of me NOW!”I knew I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to do it. I pulled my pants down and I just rammed it inside of her. I didn’t want to do it slow I couldn’t wait for slow. I needed it inside of her. When it was inside of her then I started to move it slow.

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       The pussy was so tight. The wetness and the warmth almost made me cum that very moment. I told her I had to stop for a second because I would have blown my load right there. “This is better than gay sex isn’t it,” she said. “A million times better. ” “I knew you weren’t gay. Soon as I saw you staring at my body I had to have you inside of me. When I heard someone call you gay I didn’t believe him. I was a little disappointed when I did see you have a boyfriend. I knew I could change you mind about being a homo though. ”“Oh, I think you did. Eighteen years of thinking I was gay is gone now. ” “Do you want me to give you a better blowjob than any man has given you?”I pulled out of her vice of a pussy. She quickly got to her knees but slowly licking my head. She guided her tongue up and down my shaft.

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       She hadn’t even truly started to suck it and I htough I was going to pass out from ecstasy. Then she put her mouth just on the head and swirled her tongue in all different directions. Then she deep throat for about five seconds and go back to the head. She do this and do this until I had to cum down her throat. I didn’t want to cum in her mouth so I had to pull away quick. “You can’t last long with a women can you?”“I don’t think I can, it’s too damn exciting!”“I bet you last hours with your boyfriend because he can’t get you off!”“Yeah, kind of but soon as I am inside of you I want to cum”“…And him, she said?“I mean he’s good but you’re fucking amazing!”“Well, you know, I was a porn star before I became a teacher. I wasn’t a big porn star but I did star in a few movies. ”“Damn, I was too busy watching gay porn flicks when I could have been watching you?”“I guess so, but you don’t need to watch me, you have me now. ”She went down and started fucking my cock with her mouth. I need to blow my load! It was like a geyser being shot down her throat. She started to massage my balls and I could feel them being emptied in her hot boiling mouth. After I took it out of her mouth it was covered in her saliva and my cum. She started tickling my head with her lips. I think she knew I wanted more because it was still a little stiff. She sucked real hard to get the rest of the cum-load off of my shaft.

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       Then she started to jerk it hard to get me fully erect again. She bent down in front of me with her gorgeous ass staring at my cock. She didn’t need to jerk me off, she could have just put her beautiful ass three inches from my dick head and I would have been harder than steel. “I want you to fuck my pussy doggy-style and just when you feel you’re going to cum stick it in my tight ass hole. ”Just thought of it I couldn’t take. I felt the precum already flooding my head. I guided it inside of her warm hole. It was pure ecstasy as I entered again. The warm wetness could turn any gay man straight. I never felt this way towards a woman before and I got to fuck her that very day I met her. What a deal I thought, what a fucking deal. I kept pounding her flesh until I couldn’t take it. Her ass-cheeks pressing against my thighs made me want to insert it in her tight anus. I took it out and slow put it in her ass. I couldn’t believe I never fucked my boyfriend anally because I thought I wouldn’t get anything from it but here I am blowing my load inside of this women hotter than apple-pie cumming out of the oven.

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       As I blew my load inside of her I could hear her moan. She loved getting it up the ass; I knew she did. I took it out and once again my shaft was full of cum. I still felt I hadn’t had enough of her and I started to jerk it off myself. I wanted to almost cum and then stick it in her mouth one last time. I jerked and jerked to I felt the pressure about to erupt like a volcano. “You’re still not done, she said?”“I have a surprise for you, I said. ”Then I jammed it in her mouth and let it spurt down her gagging throat. I took it out and she licked her lips to get the white wet cream off. “I thought I should top it off with some topping,” I told her. “I think you’re going to have to make another scene to get yourself in trouble in my class tomorrow so you can stay after again…”This is not a true story it is completely fictional. No I am not gay I just added that part to make conflict and I wanted to be original. This is my first story, I hope you enjoyed it!!.

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