Summber Time Ball part 1


LJ watched as Kat looked in her dresser for something to wear. He really liked her in what she was wearing; it was a small skirt that revealed the back end of her green panties, her blouse was white and he could faintly see the outlines of her matching green bra. “I have nothing to wear for tonight!” Kat complained. “Come on pick something. DO you want me to pick something?” LJ asked walking in back of her. She nodded and he wrapped his arms around her. He could smell her orchid perfume that he had gotten her for their two year anniversary. He was wearing a tight long shirt that had grey on black stripes that goes from left to right. His pants were tight black; they were at least 0’s. He held her. “You know I love it when you can’t make up your mind. ”“Maybe I shouldn’t have made plans. ”“Come on Kat. I think it was a good idea since I don’t get to dance with you very smiled and turned around in his arms. “Do you think we base everything on sex?” Kat asked. LJ laughed his normal low laughed and he kissed her forehead.

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   “I could have done what I wanted to you right now but I just want to hold you in my arms right now. ” He protested in a calm manner. “Could you really?” Kat asked in a cute voice. “Yes,” LJ said stroking his hand on her ears which she loved the most. Her tail wagged around and she wrapped it around his waist. Her face was showing signs of her excitement but what he was interested in was giving her an orgasm without directly touching her. Her eyes closed in anticipation then his warm lips met hers. They locked together and he could feel her breathe on his face. He moved his lips from hers and moved them to her neck where he nipped at it. She was going crazy. While in his arms he nibbled on her ears and finally her mouth opened in one last act of excitement. “Oh my god LJ you are so mean!” She yelled letting out a moan. He had done it. Her black hair was matted to her forehead from all the sweat. “Come I have something for you to stumbled around the room and fell backwards on LJ’s black blanketed bed.

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       She lay there until LJ cam back and handed her the clothes. She was very tired so he slowly started to undress her.   First her white socks. Her short skirt was next and he slid his hand up her inner thigh which was moist from the pleasure. She twitched and he pulled the wet fabric down past her knees. Her tail was moving more and more rapidly around the bed. Her eyes closed tightly shut as he kissed right above her black pubic hair. He had a smile as he could feel the moist air around her extremely wet opening. He slipped on a pair of jet black boxers, some more white socks and a pair of deep blue jeans that hugged her waist. Off came her blouse with one tug. He smile and kissed from her belly button up to her bra. From there he took it off. She had perfect breasts. LJ slowly placed on a matching black bra which had ribbons on the nipples. He put on a nice blue polo and she smiled back at him.

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       “I love you Kat,” LJ said with his hand on her shoulder. She sat up and she looking at his face. “I love you too!” Kat cheerfully said moving his blackish grey hair from his eyes….