Sweet Revenge


"I swear to God Lindsey, if you're joking with me right now, it wont be pretty"
"I'm not jokin Jason. I just talked to Louis and he told me everything. He asked me not to tell you but you and I are just too good of friends to keep that from you. "
"Does Kelly know?" i asked with the anger rising in my voice. "I dont think so. . . " "I'll tell her" I interrupted. "No Jason dont she's with Lousi right now. " "I dont give a shit who she is with she deserves to know just like i do. . . i'll talk to you tomorrow, bye. "
In a full rage i hopped in my truck and drove to Kelly's apartment, the craziest pump up I could find blaring through the speakers trying to get myself jacked up. I slammed the door to my truck and walked briskly up to the door. I tried to calm myself before i knocked on the door.

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   "It's open" i heard Louis yell.
I busted in and headed straight for him swinging as I got there. Louis ducked and my hand collided with the wall knocking a whole. Louis jumped up and backed away. "Jason what the fuck is your problem bro?. " "Dont call me bro you little bitch. " I responded. "Jason stop, what the hell?" I heard Kelly say.
"I just got off the phone with Lindsey," I started, glancing over to Louis in time to see the fear of his secret being let out fill his eyes. "She told me that Karen cheated on my with this son of a bitch right here. "
I watched as the state of shock and terror sunk in. "Kelly. . . baby.

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  . . I. . . can explain" Louis started to stammer. "No. . . Fuck You. " She yelled, "How can you cheat on me with my best friend. "It just happened. . . i dont know how to explain it but i'm so sorr.


  . " "Get the fuck out right now!" She said. "Baby?" "No just go god dammit" He turned and walked slowly out the door shutting the door softly behind him. I stood silently not knowing what to do as tears filled and fell from Kelly's beautiful green eyes.  Suddenly my rage went away, it didnt seem important while this beautiful girl was in so much pain.   Without warning she fell into my arms, tears spilling all over the sleeve of my shirt. We stood for what seemed like hours with her crying her eyes out muttering things like "He's such a asshole" and "I cant believe i wasted so much time with him" I could think of nothing to say so i stood and held her and rocked her gently. . Finally she whiped her eyes and looked up at me and smiled, "Thank you" she said in the softest voice I had ever heard. "I'm gonna go wash my face, i'll be right back" "Ok" I said managing to smile back. I patiently waited until she came out and sat back down on the couch. I looked at her to once more to make sure she was ok and she smiled letting me know she was the best she would be. "Well i guess i'm gonna head out," I said as i walked over to the door. "Jason wait!" she said. I stopped dead in my tracks.

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   "Please dont leave me alone right now. Will you just stay and watch a movie with me or something? Please?" I looked at her and smiled "Sure. "
She picked out a movie and put it in the DVD player and we sat down on opposite ends of the couch to watch it.   As we watched we both made small talk with each other. She started by asking me if i had talked to Karen about what had happened. About 30 minutes into the movie the main character upset his girlfriend and i made a comment about her not dating the only asshole in the world. She started to laugh uncontrollably, letting out all of her anger and depression in laughter. She fell over laughing and when it was all said and done her head was in my lap and she sighed and looked up at me. Once again there was something about these beautiful eyes that were calling to me. She was absolutely beautiful. Our gazes met and she smiled and grabbed the back of my neck. I had no idea what to expect. She slowly pulled me down and our lips locked in what felt like the most amazing kiss of my life. Our mouths parted and our tongues began to explore each others mouths. Suddenly she broke the kiss.

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   She looked at me with a new fear. "Jason. . . is this wrong?" she asked. I stared at her blankly for a minute "I'm not sure. . . . it doesnt feel like it I said. " She giggled and replied "Good cause I enjoyed that. " "Me too" i said as our lips locked again in another amazing kiss.
Her hands made their way to the bottom of my shirt and slowly began to lift it up off my body. My hands roamed her soft body until finally landing on her beautiful big ass. I gave it a playful squeeze and she giggled as we continued our kiss.

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   My hands moved up from her ass and lifted her t-shirt, exposing her wonderful C-Cup breasts. I slowly kissed my way down her body from her lips to her neck to her breasts. I took her left nipple into my mouth sucking and swirling my tongue over it. My hands worked quickly to unbutton her pants as i gave attention to the right nipple. I kissed slowly down her stomach as i removed her pants revealing her gorgeous shaved pussy. Working my way down I found her clit and began to flick my tongue over it softly. I moved my right hand down slowly rubbing her swolen pussy lips as i bagan to flick her clit more vigorously. For an hour i licked her pussy sending her into countless orgasms.
As she recovered from the most recent one she looked up at me and smiled. "My turn" She said in the sexiest voice i had ever heard. She pushed me onto my back and slid off my shorts and boxers revealing my throbbing 8 inch cock. With a smile on her face she took it into her hand and slowly started jack me off placing her lips around the head of my cock. My hands immediately went to the back of her head begging her to take it all the way down. She knew what she was doing as she toyed with my cock to the point of me not being able to take it anymore. Without warning she took my whole cock down her throat and began bobbing her head up and down.

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   I carefully thrust my hips matching her mouth stroke for stroke. At the point of me blowing my load she quit instantly, almost like she knew it was about to happen. She grabbed a condom out of a drawer and slid it onto my dick. Like a mad women she hopped onto my cock, her tight pussy sliding down to the base of my cock. Wildly she began to bounce up and down on my cock, my hands gripping her ass as if trying to hold on for dear life. My hips once again matcher her thrust for thrust as the sound of her moans filled the entire room. "Oh My God Jason you feel so fucking good. Fuck me harder Jason, Please fuck me harder. " she pleaded. I began to pull her down harder and harder onto my cock, until she finally collapsed in orgasm onto my chest. Minutes later she was back up and on her knees begging for me to fuck her from behind. I got to my knees and thrust my cock into her as hard as i could. She fell forward in pleasure not able to hold herself up. I pounded her pink pussy over and over again, her moans and screams making me go harder and harder as she begged for more. Unable to hold on any longer i came in perfect unison as she hit another orgasm.

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   Moments later we were in another deep kiss.
    She broke the kiss sliding down to my cock and slipping off the condom. She eagerly lapped up every bit of my cum and went back to work getting me hard again. When she succeeded in this she took my cock in her hand and stroked it gently.
    "Louis always wanted to fuck my ass. I never let him because i was too scared that it would hurt. Would you like to fuck my ass?" she asked. I smiled and could only work up a nod. She giggled and got a bottle of lube out of the drawer and got on her knees once again. I dripped lube onto her puckered asshole and slowly began to rub it in working in one of my fingers as i went. She softly moaned as i slowly slid my finger deeper and deeper into her asshole. When i had worked it enough i started with a second. She began to whimper and i started to pull out. She grabbed my hand and pushed back in, "Please dont stop" she said. I finished stretching her with two fingers and began to pour the lube onto my throbbing cock.

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       I placed my cock up to her asshole and slowly pushed in. She grabbed the couch to support herself and whimpered softly as i worked my entire dick into her virgin asshole. I slowly began rocking my hips until I began to slide in and out more easily. Soon i was pounding her ass as hard as i could go. I grabbed her tists for support and she let out a deep moan as i twisted her nipples and pounded her ass. "Please cum in my ass Jason, I want your cum so bad. " I was getting close and wanted to make her feel as good as i can. With one hard, final thrust i blew everything i had left into her asshole. " We both collapsed onto the couch in pleasure. She flipped over and we looked each other in the eyes and smiled. Her beautiful eyes called to me again and i kissed her lips softly.
    A few minutes later i pulled out of her asshole and laid back on the couch. Kelly got up to go wash up. I layed there trying to piece together everything that had happened. None of it really seemed to make sense.

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       The door opened and the most beautiful girl i had ever seen walked out of the bathroom. She walked over to the couch, laid down on top of me and kissed my lips gently. I smiled and she laid her head on my chest and drifted off to sleep. It didnt have to make sense. We had both gone through the worst night of our lives and it had turned out to be the best night. I couldnt wait to figure out what was going to happen next.
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