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Topic: Welcome to LondonMy name is Pete. I\'m 20 years old, about, just under 6ft, athletic or swimmers\' build with light brown hair. I live in Sydney, Australia - but for a month I\'m visiting a friend who lives in London, Tom. He lives in Hampstead Heath, north London - quite a nice part of town where a few celebrities live. We met, embarrassingly, through a pen-pal scheme when we were 13, but we get on quite well and with the ease of the internet, managed to get to the stage of visiting each other\'s country, with free board!
This was the first time I\'d been to London, so we did all the normal touristy things to satisfy my courisity. Tom couldn\'t look after me every day, though, as he had a job to do to pay his way through university. So he gave me some instructions and during the week I\'d venture out byself into the city.
It\'s much bigger that what I\'m used to. You can walk from one side of the city centre in Sydney to the other in about 45 minutes, maybe less. London doesn\'t really seem to have a centre, it just sprawls out. But it\'s still a cute city, and doesn\'t feel as big when you\'re just walking about. However, I did miss home after a while - who doesn\'t? More than anything, I missed the beach and swimming, what I spend most of time doing when I\'m at home.
Tom recommended a local lido, an outdoor swimming pool, in Hampstead Heath on Parliament Hill. It was a beautiful day, reacing over 25C, which is a bit cold for me, but nice enough to go for a swim and sit by the pool.

    I packed my Aussie Bum trunks, loose navy blue nylon speedos, with white and red strips at the sides. I wear them, and others, all the time at the beach in Sydney.

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       They\'re very popular there and seem to be pretty normal wear for many guys, it certinaly attracts the right sort of attention. I\'d thought they\'d be unique over here, but having seen them for sale in Selfridge\'s, they seem to be quite the item of fashion at the moment!
    I ventured out and walked the few streets to the lido, in the park. It was just after lunch on a Tuesday and the pool was quiet. Schools in Britain don\'t end their terms until quite late into the summer, so no annoying kids making a splash today. I laid out my towel at one end of the pool, grabbed my trunks from my bag and headed to the changing room. There were a few cute girls about my age about, sunbathing and playing in the pool, but it was mostly older adults and some OAPs.
    I dived into a changing room, pulled off my clothes and slipped on my Aussie Bums. I love the feel of the nylon on my hips. This pair is one of my favourites, without elastication, just a drawstring, letting you decided how how or low you want them to fit. I pushed my cock down and, still being quite warm, it sat well, forming a nice bulge in the nylon. I like how you can see there\'s something there, but you can\'t really make out a shape - leaving at least a tiny bit to the imagination. Also allows room for me to get a bit carried away when I\'m not paying attention. . .
    Coming out of the changing room, one of the cute girls I eyed on my way over walked past.

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         She gave me a quick checking out with a smile. I smiled back as I past. There\'s no denying it, I love showing off a bit, and most girls seem to like it. I\'m not a bad looking guy, but when I\'m wearing my trunks, I don\'t think that\'s what most girls are looking at.
      I wondered back down the pool to where I\'d left my towel and bag. Nearby another towel had been laid down, I could see, but without an owner. I sat on my towel, putting my clothes in my bag and trying to find my book. The sun was blocked briefly as somebody walked past. I glanced up to see it was the owner of the towel. She was an extremely cute looking girl, with bouncy blonde hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of small denim shorts. She gave me a brief smile as she sat on her towel. She was stunningly gorgeous, and quite tall too - not my 6ft, but not far off. Her long slender legs were well tanned and looked smooth as cotton.
      I went back to looking for my book in my bag, but as I dived back in, the cute girl was pulling off her t-shirt.

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         Under she was wearing a blue, with white flowers, v-wire tube covering her modest but firm tits. I reconigsed it, a friend at home in Sydney has the same one. Her tummy was perfectly flat, with well defined hips. She adjusted the tube around her chest and, as subtley as possible, pulled them apart a bit to show off a little more cleavage. She wriggled out of her tiny shorts to reveal matching bottoms, with a Brazilian cut on the ass. It looked like the bikini was designer for her, it looked stunning.
      I realised I\'d been staring for a bit too long, so quickly went back to finding my book, stuck at the bottom of my bag. I pulled it out as the cute girl got out some sunscreen and started appyling it. I laid back, trying very hard to look like I was reading, but trying to catch as much as possibe of the bikini godess applying lotion to her silky skin.

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