Teasing Kendra


I lead you naked into my room, laying you down on my bed, handcuffing your hands above your head and tying your legs to the bedpost. Your pussy glistens with anticipation. I gently blow my breath all over your body, slowly, teasing you. My cock stiffens looking at your body, only inches from touching your perfect skin. It does not touch you though, as I pull out a long metallic object, 9inches in length, 1. 5inches wide and 4. 5inches around. You can hear it vibrating as I touch it to your leg, slowly pushing it up your leg and against your inner thighs. The cold metal touching your hot pussy lips, stimulating them with its vibrating sensation, while I push it in between the sweet lips pushing it deep inside of you. Soaking it with your juices the vibrating causing you to moan and quiver as I push it in and out, slow, long strokes at first, then harder and faster strokes, making you moan louder.

My free hand takes hold of my long, hard cock, slowly rubbing the skin up and down, using the wetness from the tip to make it smoother. I watch you breath, your breasts rising up and down with your quickening breath. Watching your nipples grow hard, watching your mouth open as you moan out loud, your eyes closed as your body shivers.

A few more long strokes deep into your wet pussy before pulling it out and placing it directly on your clit, but only for a moment before rubbing it up and down your pussy lips again before moving it up your body. It reaches your belly button where I let it sit for a second, teasing you with it. I move it up farther, in between your breasts, rubbing it over your nipples while still slowly jacking off, not wanting to cum to soon.

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   I cup my balls and gently squeeze them, watching the vibrator circle your nipples before again I shove it deep into your pussy with one thrust soaking it again. I pull it out again as it shines with your juices. I move it up to your lips where I outline them, letting your juices flow over them. You part your lips, and I slowly push the tip between them as you grasp it with in your mouth and push it out with your tongue as you lick it up and down, then take it back into your mouth as if it was my cock.

Hearing you moan while sucking the long vibrator, covered in your sweet juices brings me near the edge. My hand moves faster up and down my long, hard shaft. My balls tighten as I grown to a hardness unseen before. I pull it out of your mouth, and push it back down your body, down between your tits, down your belly, to your pussy where I push the entire length into you. I feel my cum building to a orgasm I have never had before. I let go of the vibrator and stand up on the bed, still not touching your skin, as I continue to jack off watching you moan, watching you shake, spasm from the hard cock vibrate inside of you, bucking your hips upwards as your orgasm builds and explodes just as I explode all over your tits, covering them in white hot cum, still having enough to aim toward your mouth and cover your sweet lips with the white seamen and watching you lick your lips while still spurting the thick liquid on your face, covering it.

I pull the vibrator out of your pussy, dripping with your juices as I lick it clean. I then untie you and take the handcuffs of you letting you have your way with me.

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