Teen Lovers Chapter 1


"Well, I hate to tell you this, but. . . you spelled 'option' wrong" Jason smirked and Chelsie smacked him on the shoulder. "You jerk! You had me worried!" They laughed and Chelsie pulled him into a hug. She was in a chair and Jason was kneeling on the floor beside her and the hug resulted in him getting his face pressed tightly against her breasts. He breathed quickly through his nose taking in the scent of her perfume and other, more enticing, feminine smells. Jason pulled away slowly with a little smile on his face and he watched Chelsie save the work. She logged out and grabbed Jason by the wrist and led him over to her bed where they piled on to each other, legs intertwined and watched tv. As the night progressed Jason's arm 'mysteriously' found it's way around Chelsie's shoulder and his other hand found his way into hers. The night ended with Jason receiving a kiss and another hug before he found his way home*THREE WEEKS LATER*"So are the plans still on for tonight?" asked Jason as he gently kissed Chelsie on the cheek. He has asked Chelsie to be his girlfriend a couple weeks ago and their relationship had been speeding along ever since. Tonight was her 17th birthday and Jason had planned something special for her. "Yeah. . yeah!" Chelsie was nervous but he knew she trusted and loved him.

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   They chatted for a little while between classes and they ended with a quick kiss when the buzzer went for next periodLater that night they found themselves once again on Chelsie's bed, legs intertwined and the tv playing in the background. This time was different, though. Their eyes weren't glued to the tv and the awkwardness was gone. Chelsie's luscious red lips were locked to Jason's as he slid his tongue into her mouth. Gently wrestling her's out the way as he lightly traced her mouth with the tip of his tongue. They broke apart after several minutes for a quick breath then returned again with renewed vigor. Jason caressed his hands across Chelsie's curved figure and moved his hand up and traced her breast with his fingertips. She broke their kiss and let out a low moan. They resumed making out once again and Jason became more adventurous. Jason slipped his hand under her blouse and slowly massaged her stomach just under her bustline. He raised his hand and gently cupped her breast. He felt her nipple harden as he gently massaged her breast. Jason felt his cock grow in his pants and apparently Chelsie did too because she turned her head away from him breaking their kiss. "I'm. .

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  . I'm not ready" breathed Chelsie. "It's ok" Jason replied assuringly, "I love you. " She smiled and gave him one last kiss for the night. "I love you too"*THREE WEEKS LATER*Jason and Chelsie once again found themselves alone together at Chelsie's house. Tonight they were playing cards in the den and it wasn't long before they lost interest in the cards. "So whaddya say we head back up to your room, maybe watch some tv or something?" asked Jason. His first attempt a few weeks ago had only been the beginning. Jason hadn't actually had sex with Chelsie yet and he was completely fine with that. He made it to second base regularly now and he knew it wouldn't be long. "There's a tv right here, why go all the way upstairs?" Chelsie wanted to toy with Jason tonight and he knew it. "You see. . um. . 

   the tv's a lot clearer upstairs. . because it's. . higher up and the signal is. . --?""Sounds good to me" laughed Chelsie. She grabbed Jason's hand and slowly led him up the stairs towards her room. Chelsie swung her hips back and forth as she went up the stairs gluing Jason's eyes to her ass. He reached up with his free hand and slowly slid his free hand down the back of her pants. She gently pushed it away and then proceeded to pull her thong up above her pantline.
    By the time they had reached the top of the stairs Jason's 7 inch cock had formed a nice tent in the front of his pants. Chelsie let go of his hand as they entered her room and she let the door swing shut softly with a click. "Happy to see me?" questioned Chelsie, eyeing the bulge in his pants. She pushed him onto her bed before Jason could come up with a smartass answer.

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      Chelsie spread Jason's legs and slid gently between them resting her crotch against his hard cock. She kissed Jason once on the lips then went slowly down the jaw and neck placing small kisses as she went. Chelsie then placed a hand on either side of Jason's chest and slowly pushed herself down until her face rested just beside the bulge in his pants. "So what should I do with this?" asked Chelsie, slowly rubbing her cheek against the bulge. "Do whatever you want" replied Jason with his eyes half closed. Chelsie slowly unzipped the fly of Jason's pants and she watched as his fully-erect cock sprang free. This was her first time ever seeing someone's cock in real life but she knew what to do. Chelsie wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft and held on tightly. She then cupped Jason's balls with her other hand and gently massaged them. "Mmmm. . fuck yeah" moaned Jason. Chelsie positioned herself above his cock slowly wrapped her pouty lips around the head of his cock. She lowered her head just enough so that the entire head of Jason's penis was in her mouth and she slowly drew her tongue in light circles around it. Jason let out another moan and placed a hand on top of Chelsie's dirty blonde hair and gently pushed her down onto his shaft.

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       Chelsie calmly went down, inch by inch, until she had 5 of Jason's 7 inches comfortably in her mouth. Chelsie dragged her head back up his penis, her lips forming a seal around his penis making sucking sounds as she went. She once again slid her lips down Jason's shaft and the back up. With each bob of her head, her speed increased and it wasn't long before she could feel precum stick to the back of her throat as his penis hit back. Jason could feel the pressure growing in him and almost whispered "I'm gonna cummm. . . " Chelsie did a few more bobs before sliding her lips back to the head of his penis where she once again traced circles around her penis with his tongue. This time much faster. Chelsie squeezed his balls just as she felt his first shot of his cum hit the back of her throat and he groaned as she gently bobbed up and down the end of his shaft with her cumfilled mouth, milking him for every last drop. She then swallowed it in two gulps and licked her lips, savoring the taste. "Uhh. . fuck yeah. .

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      . " groaned Jason"Don't get too comfortable," replied Chelsie, licking his cock clean, "it's my turn next. "To be continued. . . .