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Topic: The After PartyTy answered the door in nothing but pants and glasses. his chest was so buff. his glasses were so sexy. . . i walked in and my pussy sensed what was going to happen. he offered me a hieneken 'my favorite' i said. he smiled. ' i bought you some more. i looked and saw 2 six packs of hieneken. WHAT was this boy going to do to me tonight? he cracked open a bud light and we drank one,two,three bottles tgether. i ofund myself staggering toward the bed. he followed me. we were both drunk but not shit-faced. we would wake up with hangovers but still remeber this night. we jumped on the bed and began to make out violently, panting and moaning and grunting.

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   'ive benn watingg for youu so longg Arianna. ' he looked into my eyes and sensed my fear 'whats wrong?' ' well ive never done it before and you have so. . try to do it softly and i dont know if itll hurt or how to do it right or-' 'shhhhh' he put his finger to his lips. 'follow me' i nodded my head slowly. he took off my robe and revealed my 32D bosoms. his eyes went wide and he   lunged for them and suckd on them and bit them. i felt uncomfortable so i got on his lap, where between my legs i could feel his ever hardening cock. i moaned with pleasure at he continued to devour my tits. his hand slipped into my wet underwear and felt my hard clit, my tight ass and my dripping pussy. he rubbed me and each one sent a series of lightning bolts up my spine 'mmmmm yeahh' he smiled up at me and said' your doing it right' and i asked 'how do you know?' he genlty pushed me off and pulled his pants and boxers off. his hard cock was pointing straight up, and the base was pale while the tip was bright red. i stared in awe and then i realized what i should do: my first blowjob. i was very thirsty by now so i  grabbed another hieneken and swiged it all but a tiny bit. i put some in my mouth, swished it around and spat it all on his cock.

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   i knelt down and held his cock, amazed at how hard it was. i pulled his foreskin up and down up and down until i almost needed it in my mouth. i kissed it gently and licked away a bead of his precum. i began to suck the tip. i sucked it and licked it and kissed it. and then he said 'depp throat it hunn' i didnt know what it meant so he used his hand to guide me up and down. i understood and tookit, squeezed it and stuck the whole 8 inches into my mouth. i tried so hard not to gag. i came up and swirled my tounge around. as i went back down i did the same. after awhile i was slurping and licking and biting away at his cock. then i discovered a sticky, salty white discharge coming out of it. his head flung back as he let go and he blew his load on my face and on my tits. i was so horny and hot right now i couldnt help fingering myself. he said 'mmm are you shure this is your first time? that was better than any blowjob ive ever gotten.

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  ' he smiled and said 'your turn' we switched positions so he was down by my pussy and i was on my back. he began to suck and lick and prod with his tounge. i was already turned on so as i held my nipples my legs began to twitch. and then i began to jerk and buck and i squashed his face into my pussy as i reached the edge 'ohhhhhhhhh baby oohh Ty baby ooh fuckk ooooooh fuck me nowwwwwwwwww please' he smiled down at me while i came and then he told me' this is it' and he put his dick head bymy entrace and procede to enterr. he went slow the first 2 inches as i waited for the pain to come. he then slammed into my tight pussy and kept banging it harder than i think hed ever fucked anyone. i felt a slight pain but i was covered with excitement and ecstasy. the whole bed shook as he fucked me and it took us into a whole new world where i was his naughty bitch, his slave and he was my master. 'ohhhh fuck me ohh ive been a bad girl uhhh' 'ohhhh yeah you bad girl. take it bitch! take every inch. you slut! fucking whore. mmm ohhhhh your mine your mine! whos your daddy?' 'ohh yeahh your my daddy. take me baby take me ohhhhh fuck ohh right there right there ohh thats the spot FASTER! HAREDER! FUCK TY! I KNWO YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!!!' we were both far into it and then he began to grunt more than talk and i could tell he was trying to hold his cum, because i could get pregnant. 'ooohh cum inside me baby. dont hold it i want you to cum baby let it go inside your naughty little slut, you son of a bitch' and with that he couldnt hold it.

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   he blew long squirts of cum all over my insides. it was never ending and it felt soo good. with that we sat there panting and he collapsed onto me. i  pushed him over and got on top. i kisse him and he slapped my ass so ard but it felt good and i grunted. he smiled at me and said 'good job, slut' and in reply i said 'now can i have some more heineken?' 'anything for my naughty slut' we both drank until we passed out. I realized in the morning that i had forgotten one important element of sex. CONDOMS. .

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