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She was lying on her back with her legs spread as I pumped my cock into her pussy and she moaned with every thrust. I started to pick up the speed and her 40DD tits started bouncing faster. Kelsey was moaning like crazy and was grabbing onto her tits. I reached up and pinched her nipples and massaged her tits. Her nipples were rock hard. I kept thrusting into her and there were slippery noises as my cock slid out of her every time. I blurted out.
“I gotta cum. ”“Cum all over my tits big I pulled out and repositioned myself over her tits. I stuck my cock between her tits till I started to cum and I pulled back and blew my load all over her tits. They were covered in my hot cum. We both got cleaned up and went home. We met tomorrow at the beach party. She came walking up with a friend in a bikini. The bikini could barely hold Kelsey’s huge tits in it. Her friend was Alyssa who had 40D tits in a tight bikini as well, her ass was great.

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   Just then Shannon came up and her tits were 38Cs at least she stood there with the other two.
“Hello Kelsey came up and gave me a hug, pressing her tits against me. I was in trunks and I felt my cock growing. I blushed and kind of hunched over so it wasn’t as noticeable but with a 10 inch cock it was hard to cover.
 It just lightly tapped Kelsey’s leg and she gasped and grinned at me. She moved away and my cock was fully erect and sticking out and I found myself to be red. The other two got a little red and gasped when they saw it. They quickly ran away with Kelsey.
“No wonder you’re always so happy. ”“I know. ” She grinned and they kept walking.
Later in the I was lying in the back of my SUV and it was dark and there were campfires all along the beach. Everyone was drunk and fucking or going to sleep. The back was open so the three of them came up and stood at the end.
All three were still bikini-clad.

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   Kelsey kind of seemed hyper and was moving back and forth a little bit, this made her tits jiggle a lot and I felt myself starting to stiffen. My SUV was big with all the seats folded down and could fit more than 3 people.
“How’s it going?”I blankly replied. “Tired and bored. ”Kelsey leans forward and is almost lying on me and her immense tits are pressed together almost in my face. She was right above my waist. “We were thinking we could have some fun. ”Just then I felt my cock stop moving and it had hit Kelsey in the chin. “I’ll take that as a She climbed in and had the others follow, we closed the door and turned on a few lights. She ripped my trunks down and my cock came into view. Shannon gasped and reached out and grasped the head of my cock and tugged on it a little. She saw my cock throbbing and stopped after Kelsey said something.
Just then Kelsey took off her bikini top and had her 40DDs drop into view. She began to rub her tits on my cock and began to titfuck me. Then Shannon started to finger herself while she watched while Alyssa massaged my balls.

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   All three of them were within a foot of me and I was in heaven it felt so good. Shannon came and was literally shaking. Kelsey was bouncing her tits up and down all over my cock. Alyssa gave a hard squeeze and it sent me over the edge. I felt the cum rising in my balls. I started blasting cum and some of it got on everyone. I sighed loudly and there was still some cum dribbling down the side of my cock. That was such a great orgasm. My cock was still hard and it was literally pulsating.
“I can’t believe you’re still hard!” Kelsey exclaimed. “I guess we’ll have to take care of that. ” Alyssa stated.
I lay there sweating, and simply said.
“I guess so. ”
An hour later.

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  . .

Alyssa was bouncing up and down on my cock I enjoyed watching her tits bounce as she rode me so incredibly well. It felt great.
And to the side of us Shannon and Kelsey were having their own fun. Shannon had brought along a strap-on and was pumping Kelsey’s nice tight pussy. They were doing it doggy style and Shannon was relatively hunched over Kelsey. I never knew they were interested in any sort of lesbian stuff. The two were relatively close to us and Shannon’s nice big tight ass was at most a foot away from me.

I reached out while she was fucking Kelsey and Alyssa was still bouncing on my cock, and gave Shannon’s ass a nice hard squeeze. She moaned from it and I repeated it once or twice. She felt an orgasm coming and Shannon began to moan and made a deep thrust into Kelsey. The strap-on was apparently pretty big because the deep thrust made Kelsey coo and moan as she hit her first orgasm of the night. She shook and shivered as her earth-shattering orgasm hit her. Her pussy coiled itself around the strap-on and Shannon was still in the after effects of her orgasm and was literally dripping.

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Kelsey had a bigger effect as far as ejaculate. She squirted all over the floor and continued to drip for another minute or so.
Kelsey was lying on her back and Shannon collapsed next to her and laid there feeling each other’s tits and watching us fuck.

    Alyssa was almost screaming at this point and was riding me furiously. I was matching her bounce with a thrust and all of a sudden she started shuddering and came all over my cock, and her pussy coiled around me tightly and it was difficult to move my cock. The tightening was a bit too much. I blurted out.
    “I’m cumming!”
    I started grunting and made a final deep thrust up into Alyssa’s pussy. I felt that moment and started to fill Alyssa’s belly with my hot cum. My eyes rolled back for a second and it felt so great. A few seconds after I came it shot out of her pussy relatively fast and some of it was dripping down my cock slowly. Alyssa bent down with my cock still in her and leaned forward onto me, her tits close to my face. She kissed me.
    “Creampies feel so weird. ” She whispered.

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    I kissed her back and she lie on top of me for a minute and then she sat up and started to rise up, my now limp cock came out of her pussy with a loud pop noise and my cum spilled out. Kelsey gave a look and saw the pool of cum on the floor of the SUV. She then looked at me and seemed to be a little jealous.
    Kelsey decided to lie down on the floor and spread her legs out and then pulled them back. She looked at me and stated. “Fuck my pussy. ”
    I stuck my cock in and started to fuck her like crazy. She was moaning. “Ohhhhh! Fuck!! Your cock is filling me up!”
    She was moaning a lot while I pumped her pussy with my 10 inch cock. Shannon was next to Kelsey rubbing Kelsey’s clit. Alyssa took the strap-on and got behind Shannon’s big round tight ass and started fucking her pussy like crazy. All three of them were moaning like crazy. Everyone was having a good time in someway. Alyssa started to spank Shannon and Kelsey’s clit was crazy enlarged and she was going nuts. “Fuck this is great! It feels so good!”
    She kept moaning and freaking out, she had an orgasm.

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       I pulled out real fast and she started squirting and it got all over one of my windows, a foot away. I kept fucking her and watching Alyssa fuck Shannon was just as amazing as fucking Kelsey and watching her 40DD tits bounce as much as they do. Kelsey had another orgasm and her pussy wrapped around my cock. She sat up and started to grab onto me and wrapped her arms around my back. She was holding onto me tight as she screamed and squirted all over my cock. I started bouncing her up and down on my cock and told her to hold onto me. I bounced her on my cock like crazy as she held onto me and she moved one hand down to her clit and started rubbing it. The other arm was wrapped around me. She was moaning like a ghost.
    “Your cock is so big, it feels so good!”
    She had another orgasm and came all over me and her pussy coiled around my dick which restricted movement but I still bounced her up and down a little. Her tits were bouncing and I felt myself reaching my orgasm. I yanked her off my cock and put her down on the floor and jacked off over her tits and face. I started to blow my load and covered her tits and face in my hot cum. Once I finally finished cumming. I sat down for a minute, kind of spent.

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       I kind of forgot about Alyssa fucking Shannon, and they were still going at it. I put my trunks back on, relaxing for a few. I looked over at them and saw Alyssa pounding Shannon’s big tight ass. I felt my trunks begin to tighten as my cock grew. Shortly it was at its full 10 inches and the trunks were really tight. I crawled over, dropped my trunks.
    My throbbing veiny fully erect cock sprang out and Alyssa’s nice tight looking ass was a big target. I got behind her while she was fucking Shannon and stuck my cock in her butt. She cried out. Then stopped for a second and started pounding Shannon again. I kept thrusting in and out and was making her ass shake. She said through moans. She was an ass virgin but after starting slow she wasn’t anymore.
    “Well hello there. ”
    Her butt was so tight.

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       I kept pounding her butt; she would squeeze my dick really tightly on occasion. It felt incredible. Shannon and Alyssa hit an earth-shattering orgasm at the same time. Alyssa’s ass tightened around my cock and it almost hurt but at the same time it felt great. I kept pounding in and out, slower though, and the sound of my balls slapping her ass was apparent. They were both slowing down and weren’t fucking that much but were still going at it. I pushed further into Alyssa’s butt and I felt my breaking point hit. The best orgasm all night hit me and I made a deep push into her butt and started to blow my load in her ass. My full 10 inch cock was all the way in her ass; my pubes were nearly touching her. I pulled out of her ass slowly and there was a gaping hole that was oozing cum.
    I sat down next to Kelsey. We were both stark naked. I looked at Kelsey and saw her big round nipples starting to get hard. I watched as her very voluptuous DD rack rose and fell as she breathed in and out. She had a little bit of cum on her tits still.

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       By this point I was pretty well spent, and my cock wasn’t hardening much.
      It was still a great sight though.
      We were all spent and I sat there with Kelsey on one side, Alyssa on the other, and Shannon lying down in front of me, her head was in my lap. If it weren’t for what just happened, my cock would have been hitting her in the face but after all that sex it seemed difficult to get hard for an hour or so. Kelsey had her arms around my shoulders, pressing her naked tits to me. Alyssa was lying against me with her hand on my chest. The SUV was a mess, it smelled like sex all over. We all fell asleep like this.

      I woke up with a boner. For some reason the girls were out cold and I figured they must have been a little bit drunk last night. I could tell they weren’t exactly shit faced though because they just didn’t act like it. My cock was pulsating sticking straight up from my lap. I looked at them and they were all lying there in the back of his SUV, all 4 of us were still completely naked. Kelsey was the most noticeable. She was lying there on her back off to the side of the others.


         My cock was literally throbbing now, seeing her tits raise up and down as she breathed. I crawled over to her, and nudged her and shook her a little bit. She didn’t wake up, she was completely out cold. She was a girl who needed to be fucked quite a bit, but I guess she was still tired from last night. She loved me for the sex we had. I mounted her tits and stuck my cock in between them. Pressed them together and started thrusting. Her tits were so big there were moments where my cock was completely covered. I was pumping in between her tits and it felt so good. I felt myself starting to cum and kept going till I had to stop and then came all over Kelsey’s face and got some on her tits too. My hot and thick cum apparently was a wake up call and she lie there, confused. She blinked a few times, her face was warm. She reached a hand up and touched it and pulled it off  and had cum all over her finger.
      She was covered in it and didn’t seem to be angry. She found a rag and wiped it all off.

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         She never noticed the cum on her tits though.
      20 minutes later.
      I was sticking my cock in Kelsey’s pussy and was fucking her. She was moaning and I felt myself reaching my breaking point. I began thrusting in and out quickly, making her tits bounce like crazy in the process. I was gonna cum soon and I kept fucking her. I started to cum and continued fucking her, not as fast though. I slid out of her pussy but not completely, and cum was oozing out of her pussy. I pulled out completely, a loud popping noise and cum oozed out and started to pool on the floor.
      “That was amazing…”
      She was breathing heavily, her tits moving with each breath. We were both sitting next to each other and Alyssa and Shannon had yet to wake up. I had yet to fuck Shannon’s nice big ass and began to look forward to it.
      Everyone was awake, and most people were still at the beach, cooling down from last night’s activities. It was Sunday so no one was in a hurry to go anywhere. But back in the SUV.

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         Shannon was wiggling her ass in front of me, my cock was throbbing like crazy, it seemed like it was more engorged than ever before. At a full whopping 10 inches, I knew Shannon wanted my cock. She got into position and stuck her ass up higher in the air. I figured pounding her pussy would be just as good as her ass, I’d have to do that later.
      5 minutes later.
      I was thrusting in and out of Shannon, the sound of our contact, my waist to her ass was evident and I sped up and she seemed to be enjoying it. Her big round ass was so close, it was just magnificent. I took a grab with one hand and then spanked her ass with the other. I felt myself starting to cum and I thrusted into her pussy as far as possible and she hit her orgasm and her pussy started to contract around my cock and then I felt myself start to blow my load and filled her pussy with my hot boiling cum.
      At this point this is incomplete and I decided if people liked it i'd finish it or possibly do more stories. :P


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