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    Grace had lived next to James for as long as she could remember.   In June of the summer between her Freshman and Sophomore years in high school, James' parents asked Grace to check on James every once and a while, during their trips to colleges with James' brother.   The first few times James had left her a note saying that he was fine and she need not worry.   After three notes, she had began to get fed up with James, and had been coming earlier and earlier in the day.   One day she came at noon, expecting James to be up and about, but she found him sound asleep in his room.
    Grace was startled by his strongly built body, she knew that he was an avid runner and was on their high school's lacrosse team, but still she did not expect his well toned body.   Strangely turned on she laid down next to him, and admire the power of his breathing and his heartbeat.   She hooked her leg around his, and realized that he had a massive erection.   She saw this, and one of her hands strayed down into her jeans, while the other gently loosed James' penis from his boxers.   She then began running her hands up and down in sync, one on his dick, another on her pussy.   After a few seconds James let out a short sensual groan in his sleep.   She had been massaging both of them for a while when she noticed James' eyelids flutter.   She stared up at him, and he stared down at her, both waiting for one of them to say something.   Suddenly Grace jumped up onto James' stomach and began grinding his penis through her jeans.   Startled by this James took a few seconds to collect himself, and when he realized what Grace was doing, he slipped his hands into her loose pink tank top.   To his surprise, she was wearing no bra, so he began to gently massage her nipples.

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    As her nipples hardened, she let out a long moan of pleasure, and began to say "more, more, more. "
    But before she could finish the last "more" James had moved her so that her mouth was right above his dick, and her pussy was hovering just above his face.   She took the hint and began sucking while he gently and swiftly took off her jeans.   He began to move his fingers up and down her slit, and the slow rotation of her hips prompted him to lick it.   After a long while of this bliss,  Grace jumped off of James and took her top off, and straddled him, teasing his throbbing cock with her clit.   At the exact same moment, she thrust her hips down onto his dick, and he thrust up, creating a mutual sense of complete euphoria.   She moved herself in a circular motion while he set a steady tempo of up and down.   For the next half hour they felt the stages of orgasm come over them, swapping moans and kisses.   Suddenly Grace let out a long moan followed by a bout of panting as she began clenching  on James' dick inside of her.   James felt her convulsions and  the orgasmic juices on his dick, and with the pleasure from that, he could not hold it in any longer, and let loose jets of hot sticky liquid deep into Grace.   Every time a spray went into Grace, she twitched with pleasure, now moving up and down, milking James' penis until it had yielded the last drop.

        James was awestruck from how amazing it was, both of them gasping for air, him staring at her beautiful face, her with her eyes clamped shut thinking about what had just happened.   Suddenly James realized that he wasn't wearing a condom, and began to object.   "Oh my god, I'm not wearing a. .

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      . " he trailed off as Grace put her forefinger on his mouth, and shhed him.   "Don't worry, I'm on the pill. "  James sighed in relief and began to get up.   Grace pushed him back down saying "after such an amazing time you aren't going to just leave are you?"  James let himself fall back onto the bed, and they embraced, and kissed.   It was a long, sensual kiss, with their tongues massaging each others, and they both realized that it was the best time  in either of their lives.
       During the kiss, Grace realized that James was still inside of her, and that his dick was hardening again.   She began to move up and down, allowing a moan to escape her lips.   She looked deep into James' eyes and said seductively "let me do the work this time. "  They spent the rest of the day talking flirtatiously, sucking, fucking, and rubbing.   Grace came over every day for the next month and a half while James' parents and brother were still away, doing the exact same thing.   Whenever one of them was home alone, the other would come over and they would make love.   Their relationship lasted for many years after that summer, and they never forgot the bliss that accompanied their first time.

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