The Adults


Mia desperately tugged at Anna to come with her and follow the older man.
“We can get drunk at his place,” pleaded Mia.
Anna eyed her best friend wearily and Jamie with distrust. “But we don’t know him; he could be taking us anywhere. And isn’t it gross that he was chatting to us all night. He’s so old. ”
Mia rolled her eyes, “He may be old but he is kinda cute. Did you see the muscles underneath his t-shirt? That’s why you haven’t had a boyfriend ever, you don’t take a risk. You ran a mile when Dell pulled his prick out on you. ”
Mia’s comments stung Anna, and tears pricked at her eyes. Mia sensed she had hurt her best friend’s feelings and reached to her apologetically, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that. But please come. It’s the middle of the school holidays and we haven’t got drunk once. ”
“OK, but whenever I say so we go. OK?”
Mia agreed quickly, anything to get her friend to come along. “Yes, yes.


   Now come on he’s way ahead. ”
She grabbed Anna’s hand and quickly pulled her after him. Anna hurried to keep up. They quickly caught up with the older man and before long they had reached his flat. Anna’s heart pumped as he stood on the door, the mixture of fear and excitement made her edgy.
Jamie opened the door and let his latest conquests into the flat; he had struck gold this time. As the two tender girls entered the flat he guessed their ages to be around fourteen or fifteen. He stood mesmerised by their shapely legs shown off by the loose, short skirts they both wore. The dark haired girl was prettier but seemed aloof and stuck up, the brunette seemed a game lass. A few shots and they should both loosen up.
As the girls settled down in his living room, Jamie brought out some drinks. A single life had turned him into a cad, and even at his age he still had it. He thought his luck was out tonight, he had bumped into a girl who he wanted to avoid and had to leave the bar early and alone. Walking home he got chatting to these two and now they were there in his living room. Two hot, young, sexy things.

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   Almost certainly inexperienced, without doubt he could use this to his advantage, teen girls were always more curious and pliable than older women.
As they sat and drank, and the hours went on, Anna became more withdrawn. She reluctantly had the two shots of vodka handed to her and was only slowly sipping at her cider. She watched in disgust as Mia and Jamie laughed and joked on the sofa. Both were heavily flirting with each other, Anna watched as Jamie’s hands stroked Mia’s long legs, slowly getting higher with each stroke. She wondered whether it was time to leave, it was gross that a perverted old man could get away with what he was doing and it was gross that Mia was allowing a forty year old to man to touch her up like that. She was actually enjoying it!
Jamie whispered something into Mia’s ears and a mixture of shock and excitement came across her face. Anna watched enquiringly and wondered what that was about. He smiled, picked up the remote and turned the TV on. Anna looked in shock as she saw a huge cock fill the screen. She had never seen an erect cock before, and only once when she was little had she seen her younger brother’s willy. This was completely different, Anna could not help herself as she instantly got turned on. Her eyes remained glued to the screen the screen. She watched as the busty blonde devoured the huge cock that filled the screen.
Jamie watched both Mia and Anna mesmerised by the on screen action and decided that they would rather have the real thing.

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   He stood up from the sofa and commanded the young Mia, “Take my trousers off. ”
Mia greedily agreed and as her delicate fingers struggled with the buttons … Jamie turned towards Anna and gave the shy teenager a sly wink. Anna blushed furiously, she felt a little angry that he had managed to penetrate her so easily. Yet she was drawn to gawking at Mia and her struggle with Jamie’s jeans. She was curious to see what he had beneath his trousers and whether it was anything like what was being shown on screen.
Mia managed to unzip Jamie’s trousers and awkwardly dragged them down past his hairy legs and down to his ankles. Both Mia and Anna were filled with trepidation as they stared at the huge bulge that was filling Jamie’s boxer shorts. Jamie stepped out of his trousers and failed to hide his smirk, both girls were mesmerised, captured by their youth and betrayed by their inquisitive bodies. This should be fun.
Jamie beckoned to Mia, “Com’on, finish the job. ”
The teenager hesitated and gawkily fiddled with her hair, “I’ve never done this before. ”
Jamie’s smirk grew wider, here was a sweet virgin who he was about to deflower. “Well it’s a good job you’ve got me to teach you. ”
Jamie took both of Mia’s soft hands tightly and placed them inside his boxers. Mia’s breathing started to get ragged as she held his shaft for the first time.

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   She quickly overcame her shyness and pulled his boxer shorts down.
Anna watched as his enlarged cock sprang out of his clothing. Anna felt her breathing start to get shallower as she followed the events with some excitement. She felt uncomfortable that she was watching such an old man naked from the waist down with her best friend touching, stroking and now licking his huge cock. But she could not ignore the tingling she was getting between her legs, she shifted slightly to make herself more comfortable and only succeeded in rubbing her thighs together.
Anna watched mesmerised as not only Jamie, but his cock, towered over Mia. She was filled with awe at its size and power; it seemed to have a life of its own and twitched as if straining to reach Mia. Anna felt slightly curious as to what it would be like to clutch it in her hands.
She watched as Jamie forced Mia onto her knees and guided his cock towards her mouth. A slight look of fear crept across Mia’s face before she opened her mouth reluctantly and accepted the huge package. Anna watched as Mia started to give her first blowjob before Jamie seemed to get impatient and a little angry. He grabbed the back of Mia’s head vigorously and started to sway his hips violently. Mia was no longer sucking off Jamie; Jamie was now fucking Mia’s face. Anna watched as Mia struggled to contain the mammoth cock which seemed to have a life of its own. Mia clung to Jamie’s strong, hairy thighs as Jamie’s large hands held her head firmly in place.

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Jamie turned to Anna and she saw him give her a leery look, his eyes lingering on the skirt that was riding up her delicate thighs. Anna desperately tried to avoid the eyes by smoothing down her short skirt but it afforded her little protection. “Your friend is a right little slut. I hope you’re as good as her. ”
Anna shuddered at the creepy words, there was no way she was ever going to go anywhere near him.
Jamie finally let go of Mia’s head and she flopped onto the floor exhausted. His cock still strong and hard, he had not cum yet as he wanted to feel Anna’s lips wrapped around it. He beckoned to her, “It’s your turn now. ”
Anna shook her head slowly and emitted a weak “No”.
Jamie got angry, “Look little girl, if you don’t want to play go and leave the adults alone. ” Mia got to her feet and gave Anna a withering look as if to say “Stop being such a baby”.
Jamie pulled Mia powerfully to him and started kissing her passionately. Mia completely forgot her friend and sunk deep into Jamie’s arms. Anna watched as Jamie’s hands started to wander, slipping up Mia’s skirt and into the back of her underwear. She watched as his hands squeezed her butt cheek and seemed to finger her hole.

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Anna got up and fled the room in tears, abandoned and alone she sat locked in the toilet sobbing to herself. She felt frustrated and angry that Mia had allowed herself to be used like that and that Mia had no consideration for her friend. She wondered why she was friends with her, Mia seemed to use her as a springboard to get better friends, boyfriends and whenever she was bored. Mia was always selfish and never considered her best friend.
Anna realised that she was in a strange man’s house, miles from her home. She was on her own; she could hardly call her parents to collect her. She resolved to leave the flat and abandon her friend. She was always there for her friend, never the other way round, she was fed up of it.
She left the bathroom and crept towards the front door. As she was about to leave the flat and ditch her friend to the pervert she heard a screech emanate from the living room. She hesitated at the front door, could she really go and see what was going on? Curiosity got the better of her, she made up her mind to briefly make sure Mia was OK and then to leave. Feeling a little like a voyeur she peered through the door as Mia gasped in pleasure, “Uh, what are you doing to me?!”
Mia was lying on the floor, skirt around her waist, underwear discarded. Drenched with sweat, the clothing she was wearing was soaked through. She was not looking in Anna’s directions and even if she was she would not have noticed her friend. Anna stared enviously as her friend was lost to what was happening between her legs.

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   Jamie held her legs wide open and was buried deep into her pussy.
The older man’s tongue was expertly exploring places Mia never knew existed. Anna watched with fascination as Jamie gripped Mia’s hips firmly as she squirmed in pleasure. Jamie’s coarse tongue explored every hidden secret of Mia’s tender pussy, Mia knew what was happening was wrong, that the man between her legs was a pervert, but why did it have to feel so good?
Anna’s envy grew as she saw Mia have an orgasm, a scream and screech leapt from her lips and sweet drenched her further. Anna struggled to contain her emotions. Her sensible side wanted to go in and grab her friend from this monster, her body said otherwise.
    The thong she was wearing was drenched; every part of her body tingled and ached to be touched. She went back to the door and watched discreetly.
    Jamie gave a slight tug at the wispy hairs that were still developing on Mia’s muff as he came up. He briefly looked up in Anna’s direction, Anna could not be sure he had seen her but a leery smirk briefly came across his lips. Anna knew she should leave, Mia was fine, more than fine, but her curiosity was greater than her fear. She wanted to see what was going to happen next.
    Jamie took off his shirt and his hairy chest glistened with sweat. Mia was right, thought Anna; he does have a fit body for an old man. She watched as he quickly whipped off the rest of Mia’s who complied readily.

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    Both Jamie and Anna stared at the soft features of Mia. Her small, supple breasts complimented her long shapely legs. Her young skin was soft, her hips well developed. Anna felt strangely attracted to her friend, jealous at the attention she was receiving from Jamie and from boys generally. She almost wished she could kiss those silky lips of Mia’s.
    Jamie uttered a quick exclamation, “You have such a hot body!” before he dived down to Mia’s breasts. Mia’s soft nipples swirled around in Jamie’s mouth, as he gently kissed, licked and nibbled at each breast.
    Anna desperately wished she was in her friends position, the heat between her legs now felt like a fire. She felt incredibly dirty, but she so desperately wanted to relieve herself and touch her soaked pussy. She slipped her hands under her short skirt, into her thong and to the heat between her legs. A couple of her fingers slide into her and she sighed in relief as she slowly attended to herself, eyes never once leaving Mia’s body.
    Before long Jamie had moved upwards and was passionately necking Mia. As he held his cock close to the entrance of the young girl’s pussy, both Mia and Anna waited impatiently for what was coming. Mia close to exhaustion realised she was about to lose her virginity. Anna released she was watching an intimate moment of her friend’s life and felt strangely close to her.

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       She hoped that both Mia and she would come together.
    Suddenly Jamie stopped teasing and slammed himself into Mia’s tight, virgin pussy. Mia screamed both in pain and pleasure, Anna’s fingers worked their way in and out more fervently. Slowly Mia felt the pain subsiding, although still tight she urged Jamie to push into her harder and deeper. She felt completely submissive as his powerful cock penetrated her relentlessly.
    Anna watched as Mia came again and again. She was almost there with her orgasm. She then noticed that Jamie was looking straight into her eyes and mouthed a kiss to her. An instant later his face contorted and she knew that he was coming deep within Mia. She imagined that he was cumming into her and not Mia and that sent Anna to the brink. She came at the same time as Jamie and realised she felt connected and at one with him and not Mia.
    As all three slowly got their breath back, Jamie stood up and told Mia to put her clothes on. He came through the door and stopped in front to Anna who had no time to flee as her approached. His naked frame filled her view. The young girl tried to shrink back but only managed to back into a wall.

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       Her eyes tried to meet Jamie’s but his intense stare was too powerful and cut deeply into her. She tried to look at the floor and instead her eyes kept glancing at his cock which was soft and placid but already growing right in front of her.
    “You know it’s you that’s making it grow like that. You are so hot, much hotter than your friend. ” Anna blushed at his words. “I saw what you were doing with your hand. Come back next time and I’ll show you the real thing. ”
    Anna allowed her hands to be taken by Jamie’s, and he placed them onto his cock. She melted away to the moment as it grew inch by inch.
    Jamie took Anna’s face in his hands and bent down to kiss her. Anna allowed Jamie’s tongue to touch her soft tongue, his coarse unshaved face grated along her delicate skin. Anna felt her nipples tingle and once again she allowed her thighs to rub together.
    Jamie broke off the kiss and entered into his bedroom. Anna swooned and wondered whether to follow him. Before long he came out fully clothed, Mia emerged from the living room.


       It was obviously time to go.
    As Mia gave Jamie a lingering goodbye kiss, Anna watched them enviously. She smiled shyly as Jamie, without breaking the kiss, gave Anna lusting look.
    As they left the flat, Mia was exhausted and elated, “Oh my god, that was the best night of my life. I can’t wait to go back to him. I hope you weren’t too bored. ”
    Anna smiled, “No, I was OK. I might come back with you next time, just to keep you company. ”
    Mia grabbed her friend’s hand, “Great, you never know he may have a friend. ”
    Both girls walked away, memories of what transpired and anticipation of what to come, both walked away leaving a little of their teenage years behind and walking slowly towards womanhood.

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