The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 11


Actually,  she apparently hadn't had enough of him.

Mike had left the nipple rings on her and by nine o'clock, the steadydrip drip drip of wetness the pulsing and constant erection of hernipples had caused had her horniness at high tide. She phoned him and hepicked up as soon as he heard her ring tone. "Hi ip, what's up?""Master, may your little Asian fucktoy masturbate?" "Is fucktoy nakedright now?" No Master. "Fucktoy will strip and sleep that way, too. " YesMaster. " Jessica took a couple of minutes to remove every stitch shehad on. "Now fucktoy will tell me in precise detail everything she isdoing to herself, does fucktoy undestand?" "Yes Master.   Thank youMaster. "

"I'm on my back Master and I'm pulling on my nipples with my righthand,"Jessica began. "I have two fingers of my lefthand pressing into thehood of my clit and I'm makng small circles on it. " "Proceed fucktoy. ""God, my nipples are throbbing so much. " "Does fucktoy wish Master wasthere to suck them for you?" "Oh God yes Master. I wish I could feelthat right now. " "I'm increasing the pace of my rubbing on my clit nowMaster.

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  " "Put the phone next to your clit for a minute so Master mayhear how his fucktoy is pleasuring herself. " "Yes Master. " Jessica heldher cellphone down over her clit while she frigged it with her fingers. Jessica pulled her cellphone back up to her ear and tilted her headtoward it so that she could resume teasing her nipples.

Jessica was now feeling little ripples in her lower body and herbreathing became shorter and more rapid. "Oh God Master, I'm gettingclose," she whispered breathily. "I'm rubbing myself as fast as I cannow, ohhhhhhhhhhh. " Mike had his cock out as he enjoyed the sound of herpanting and moaning, stroking himself right along with her. Her pantingwas reaching its apogee as her clit shuddered under her soft digits. "Master, may your little Asian fucktoy cum?" "Fucktoy willingly providedher Master with good entertainment today and deserves to be rewardedfor it. So yes, she may cum. " Thank you Master uhhhhhh!!!!" Jessica'ships bucked while the sensations from the orgasm warmed her entire body. She just lay there breathing into the phone after it was over. "Howdoes fucktoy feel right now?" "Oh God, so relaxed Master. Thank youMaster.

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  " "I love you Jessica! Sweet dreams babe!" Mike said. "I loveyou, too honey. Sweet dreams to you, too!" Mike hit "end" on hiscellphone and then finished jacking himself off and, like Jessica,rolled over and went to sleep.

Friday, which was New Year's Eve, Mike gathered all the band members athis house around noon for a jam, which was broken up by a lot ofkibitzing and joking around. At four, three of the band members left tospend the night with their girlfriends, leaving Jessica and Mike alone. Mike's parents were going to a New Year's Eve party, so his mother madehim and his little brother an early dinner and, after getting permissionfrom her mom, Jessica ate with them.

At 6:30, his parents left as Mike and Jessica sat on the sofa in themusic/game room. Little brother was in his room playing video games. Mike went downstairs and brought up his goody bag and an approximatelytwo foot  long dowel that had O-rings attached at each end. He alsowedged a little piece of scrap wood in the door to prevent anyaccidental intrusions. When his mom asked him what he was making whilehe was drilling the holes for the O-rings, he merely said, "artproject. "

Mike withdrew a bunch of candles out of the bag and arranged them aroundthe room, one of them a thick scented one, and lit them. He then pulledthe sofa bed out and lifted Jessica on to it. After turning out thelight, they spent the next few minutes kissing and hugging each other. "I promise to love you even more next year," Mike swore.

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   "Every minute Ispend with you is so kick ass," he blurted in his inarticulate teenageboy manner. "Mike, this has been such a big year for me and it is allbecause of you. Thank you so much and I also promise to love you evenmore than I did this year. " They started into each other's eyes for aminute or so and then kissed passionately, Mike hugging her as tightlyas he could.

He pulled her tank top off of her and unsnapped her bra, her d-cupsspringing out at him. He then peeled her shoes, socks, pants and pantiesoff of her, leaving her nude. He pulled her arms behind her back andcuffed them together before securing her pony tail into a hair corset. Then he slipped a blindfold over her eyes and a ballgag into her mouth. Jessica felt her heart begin to dance. Mike pushed her on to her stomachand used leg cuffs to bind her ankles to the dowel. Her hair corset andarm tie were then attached to the dowel as well, hog tying her. Withevery breath she took now, she was feeling the sensation of beingdrugged as sub space began to envelop her.

Mike pushed a vibrating egg inside of her and lubed up her asshole andpenetrated it with a vibrating butt plug. He activated the vibrators andthen strummed his fingers on the soles of her feet, causing her togiggle and twist. He also tickled an area near her hips where she wasvery susceptible.

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   He kept that up until she was out of breath while shefelt the resonance of the vibrations in her groin. He gave her a minuteto try to recover before rolling her over on her back and sucking hardon her nipples, also biting, pinching and pulling them. After attachingvibrating nipple clamps to those milk duds, she was panting and Mikeupped the vibration speed to 75% before scooting down to the foot of thebed and putting his mouth on her clit. He didn't do much other thansuck on her love button and she soon went over the falls, the electricalsurge of pleasure through her torso deepening the amount of endorphinsher brain was now drowning in. He turned the vibrators up to full andcontinued to suck in alternating long and short breaths and her orgasmsviolently attacked her, as she felt six in a row at one point.

He dragged her over to the edge of the bed and had her head hanging overit. Mike stripped and then fed his cock into her mouth, easing it intoher throat. Jessica was so far gone now that everything she did waspretty much by instinct, and she worked up a good breathing rhythm whileMike skullfucked her, eventually pulling out and spraying his wad onher neck, chin and cheeks.

He pulled her back on to the bed and then put a pillow under her hips toraise her ass. He watched his beautiful tied up girlfriend for a fewminutes while he stroked himself. She was in thrall to the vibrationsinside her, not to mention what was going on inside her head, and theintensity of the sight soon got him hard again. He slipped his bodybetween her legs and under the dowel that spread her legs apart, andimpaled her with his seven inch meat sword. He thrust downward into herto try to bring her g spot into play. "Fuck, she's so wet and warm" hesaid to himself as he used her to pleasure himself. Jessica's vaginalwalls clamped tight around his invading soldier and he began to poundthe shit out of her, Jessica writhing and sighing and drooling throughthe ball gag as another orgasm blistered her senses.

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   "You love thatshit, don't you fucktoy?" he shouted. He slapped her ass hard severaltimes, adding the heat and sting of the spanking to the list ofsensations her body had to cope with. Five more slaps were piled on topof the others and she grunted gutturally as her body went into endorphinoverload, his relentless fucking ultimately resulting in him firehosingher wanton gash with the hot, slimy flow of his cum while her finalorgasm conquered her senses.

Mike withdrew from her twat and then untied her while also removing thevibrators from her body before pulling off the blindfold and the gag. Even in the candlelight he could see how glassy her little brown eyeswere. He scooted toward the back of the sofa bed, pulling her with himand then nestling her head on his shoulder. He resisted the temptationto turn the tv on and ruin the mood for her. Instead, he cradled hisprecious Jessica and gently stroked her right temple with a finger asher mind drifted through outer space. She had a weak smile on her facethat was encircled by the flickering candlelight. After a time of layinglike that, she fell into a deep, satisfying sleep.

Mike thought of all the people that were out partying that night. Mikewasn't much of a party animal. He hated the taste of alcohol and thoughhe used drugs for a while starting at 14, he found he would rather spendhis money on gear and then, later, Jessica rather than the temporarythrills that street pharmaceuticals provided. Plus he didn't much carefor stoners, seeing them as dumbass losers. So while millions of otherpeople were out to welcome in the New Year and getting drunk anddesperately hoping to score, he was laying there with the love of hislife he had just tied up and fucked and then sent into a state ofecstasy that no drug or booze could ever have supplied her.

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He laid there and waited for time to pass. He took long, wistful looksat his gorgeous slit eyed lover's nakedness while she worked theendorphins out of her system, her nipples still erect due to the lockednipple rings. "Fuck, she is just so amazing looking. I can't believethat she's mine!" he thought to himself for the millionth time thatyear.

Mike looked at the clock and it was now 11:50. He woke Jessica up with acouple of gentle shakes, but she was really groggy. Jessica felt limpand it took her eyes time to make sense of the flickering candlelight. "It's almost time baby," he told her. "And you look amazing tonight. I'mso happy to do this with you," he elaborated. She smiled as thesleepiness slowly dissipated in her brain. At 11:59, they both watchedthe clock to trip over to midnight and a new year. When it did, theyhugged each other tight, said they loved each other and then wordlesslylay in the dim room watching the dance of the candlelight on the walls. Ahalf hour later, they got dressed and he took her home. When he gotback in his own bed, he felt empty without her by his side.

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