The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 12


At 11 a. m. on New Year's Day, Jessica's cellphone rang. It was Mike. "Hiip. Hey look, I've kind of put you through a lot the last three days,so I'm not going to come over so that you can have a relaxing day. "Jessica was non-plussed at this sudden plan. She wasn't feelingsuffocated by him. "Is he bored with me?" she asked herself yet again. "Honey, actually having a relaxing day is pretty much impossible! Mydad's buddies are all over to watch football and none of them even wentto the schools who are in the game! My mom and I have been playingwaitress all morning. The testosterone level is just nuts right now! Howabout at your place? "My dad went to a school that is in a bowl gametoday, so we're having a party here, too. It's going to kinda suckbecause I'm not really a football fan. " "That's too bad," she retorted. "To be honest Jessica," he started, a phrase that usually endsnegatively, which caused her mood to suddenly change for the worse, "Iwant to be all over you, but since school is going to start again in acouple of days I want you to have some me time so you can go into Mondayin a good mood. But I guess that's gonna have to be postponed, huh?""Ah, god, he's so considerate," she thought to herself, relieved.

"Well listen babe, do you wanna go have lunch somewhere? You can bringyour mom if you want.

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   I'm sure she needs the break. " "You don't mind ifmy mom is there?" "No babe, you're mom's cool. And a babe. I see whereyou get your good looks and I like what I can anticipate you lookinglike in 30 years. "  "Jesus, how did I end up with this guy?" Jessicapondered. "I guess I did something right in a previous life. " "Mike,don't talk about my mom like that. She's my mom! Ewwww. " Mike laughedand apologized. "Well look ip, let me see who's open and I'll try tofind one that is football free so we can just kick it for a while. Yougood with that?" "Not only am I good with that, my mom might want totake you away from me!" "Oooh, a little mother-daughter action---nice!"Mike joked. Well, sort of. "Mike, Jesus!" Jessica blurted, squealing andgiggling all at once. "Okay ip, give me a few minutes and I'll hit yaback. " "Okay  honey.

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   I love you. " "I love you, too babe. "

'"What was that all about?" Jennifer Hamada inquired. "Mike wants totake us both out to lunch so we can get away from football for a while,"Jessica informed her. "Jesus Jessica, where did you find this guy? Doeshe have a brother?" "Yeah he does mom, but he's 13," Jessica giggled. "Too young to know, too old to resist," Jennifer Hamada snarked. "Mom!Oh my god! Don't even joke about that!" "Relax honey. , I was justkidding. " "He did say, though, that he thought you were hot. " "Ooh, aman of taste . Boy Jessica, the more you tell me about him the more Ilike him!"

Mike called back 20 minutes later and they went to a Mexican restaurantin a town to the northeast of their's. There was hardly anyone therebecause of the holiday and a lot of people sleeping off hangovers fromthe partying the night before. "Thank you for including me in this Mike. It's not everyday that a mother gets asked to go to lunch with herdaughter and her boyfriend. " "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, Mrs.

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  Hamada," Mike politely reacted. They chitchatted for a while and shortlyafter they began eating, Mrs. Hamada's curiosity and need to protecther daughter surfaced. "So Mike, tell me, where is your relationshipwith my daughter going?" "Mom! Oh my God, I can't believe that you justasked that!" she objected. "To be honest Mrs. Hamada, a single levelhouse, preferably close to the ocean, two kids and a shitload ofguitars. " Mike was a blunt guy and Jessica's mom just got a taste of it. He also wasn't one to vacillate. " "Christ Jessica, he's just tooperfect," she rejoindered. Jessica laughed. "Good thing you don't knowhe ties me up and fucks me on a regular basis" she thought to herself. "But only after she gets her Phd or her law degree" Mike added. "I don'twant to be in her way. "

"What about you and school?" Mrs. Hamada interrogated.

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   "I don't know. There's some demand for math teachers and I'm good at that. So I mightdo that. I really want to do something music related, though. But that'sreally tough to make a living at and I want to be able to hold my headup sleeping next to Dr. Hamada every night. By the way Mrs. Hamada,thanks for allowing Jessica to be with me over Christmas. Your daughteris just so amazing I hate being away from her. " "You're welcome, Mike. You earned it by making my daughter happy. " "But it's really prematureto start thinking in terms of marriage. Both of you are going to change alot over the next few years. So give yourselves some time to grow upand experience a little bit of life, too," Mrs. Hamada propounded.

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   "I'mnot sure I can ever find anyone like your daughter Mrs. Hamada. Jessicais a really special girl. I don't know why she puts up with me," helaughed. "Honey," Mrs. Hamada added, "you keep inviting me to lunch withJessica and I will make sure she keeps putting up with you. " They allchuckled over that. Mike was seeing a coquettish side to Mrs. Hamada hehad never noticed before and it was making him a bit randy.

Mrs. Hamada offered to buy Jessica and Mike a drink, but they bothbegged off. "I don't drink Mrs. Hamada" he let her know. Neither didJessica because she was so petite that she was afraid she would getwasted after even just one beer. They leisurely sat and kibitzed, thewait staff not minding, especially since Mrs.

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   Hamada had ordered a bunchof food to take home to her husband and his friends. 'So where are youguys going after we leave here," Mrs. Hamada asked. "To be honest, Ireally want to jam, but with people over, we can't use our amps and alot of places are closed, so I don't know. I'd really like to just helpJessica relax because I think she puts a lot of pressure on herself. "The takeout order came and so they all packed into the car and headedback to Jessica's. Carl and his pals liked that the quality of themunchies just took a sudden  climb. "You're the greatest Jen," Carlproclaimed, kissing his wife.

Carl introduced Mike to his friends. One of them was Tony, the amateurmusician and coworker that Carl had spoken of before. Mike immediatelystarted talking about gear and Jessica was in there with them while theothers devoted themselves to football. Tony invited Mike and Jessica tocome over to his house and jam with him sometime, though Tony lived anhour away, so that was probably not going to happen. The main interestin the games played that day centered on the office betting pool, as itturned out.

It was a nice day and if they couldn't play they could just kick backsomewhere, so Mike decided to take Jessica to the beach, where they wereable to get a spot in the nearly deserted front parking lot. They movedinto the backseat, jamming her wheelchair into the front passengerseat, with Mike holding Jessica in his arms, and left the window openjust a crack even though it was on the chillly side.

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   Mike also liked thesmell of the ocean, too. Mike endeavored to keep the mood nice andmellow, gently stroking Jessica's head while enjoying her company. . Inhis heart of hearts, he wanted to fuck her brains out, but opted tochoose a little deferred gratification for a longer term gain.

They did that for a couple of hours before Mike got bored and tookJessica home. This would turn out to be a bad idea. At halftime ofanother game her dad and his friends were taking in, Mr. Hamada,, whowas under the influence of the beers he had been pounding, decided itwould be fun to have his daughter and her boyfriend do a little concertfor everybody. So he dragged the whole crew to Jessica's room, whereMike and she had been making out pretty heatedly, and went into the roomwithout knocking, interrupting the pair's passionate interlude. Theyweren't doing anything more than kissing, but Mike was anticipatinggetting his ass kicked. "Dad, what are you doing!?" Jessica asked him,exasperated. "Why don't you guys play your guitars for us for a littlebit?" Carl requested. "Why dad? You want to piss the neighbors off?""Jessica, don't talk to me like that," Carl snapped. Mike couldn'treally say anything, so he merely told them, "don't blame us if the copscome. " "Want to play some Maiden for these guys babe?" he askedJessica.

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   "I guess we can do that. But it's going to be weird withnothing behind us. " Jessica, wanting to make her dad pay for thisintrusion, plugged into her Mesa, with its uber beefy bottom end, andwacked it all the way up, and Mike took her Marshall and did likewise. She played her Adrian Smith model and Mike grabbed the Dave Murray sig. Mike began playing the fingerpicked intro to "Hallowed be Thy Name" andthen locked in from there, giving them seven minutes of superbinstrumental rock action. Then they did "The Number of the Beast," sansthe spoken intro and Tony was suitably impressed by how tight Mike andJessica were and the technical level they displayed in executing themusic even if they were playing at ear shattering levels that allowedtheir whole development to "enjoy" the riffage. Mike called out "TheTrooper" and they ripped through that savagely, Jessica banging her headduring the galloping rhythm parts of the tune before she stopped whenshe saw the police pulling into the family's driveway. "Police!" sheyelled and Mike halted his fretwork. Jen Hamada went to the door whenone of the officers banged the butt of his flashlight on the door. "Hey,do you guys know I could hear you all the way into the feeder streetinto this development?" the cop informed her. Mrs. Hamada apologized andtold the officer that it was a dumb idea of her husband's and thatthere wouldn't be a repeat. Mrs. Hamada then announced that the alcoholwas officially cut off for the rest of the day.

Mike was laughing and rolling his eyes.

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   "That was fun, but now my earsare ringing," he said. "Me too, " Jessica echoed, as Mike got up to puttheir guitars away and turn the amps off. He then closed the door againand they resumed their spit swapping until Mike had to go home fordinner. "If I ever ask our kids to play in front of friends kick me inthe nuts, will ya babe?" Mike joked. "I don't know about kicking you,but you might end up with a fretboard over your head," she laughed. Henever went back that night, but he did call her and they talked aboutregistering for their new classes for the second semester. They chose totake calculus and physics together, believing that not only would theclasses reinforce each other, but their different strengths would helpthe other.

Sunday, Mike stayed home to give Jessica the breathing room he wanted togrant her, but he called her and they talked for a couple of hours.

Monday morning, Jessica dressed in the outfit Mike had picked for her. "That's a cute little outfit, Jessica. When did you get it?" Mrs. Hamadaasked. "Mike bought it for me a few days ago because he was annoyedthat I wouldn't show my legs. He thinks that deep down I'm ashamed of myhandicap and so he's making me wear this to try to help me get overit. " "Well that's supportive of him," Jen admired.

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   "But mom, my legs areso skinny. They look like twigs!" "Jessica, I've seen other handicappedwomen with your legs in public before. The sooner you get over yourobsession with your legs the better. "

When Mike wheeled Jessica into their first period class, she furtivelylooked around to see if anyone was talking about her legs. Nobody exceptMike was paying any attention to her at all. So when they exited theclassroom, he asked her if she saw anyone sneaking looks at her pins andshe said no. "Yeah, just as I thought, Mike celebrated. See ya at lunchip," he said as he kissed her goodbye. Jessica gave the same answerduring the middday break, too. It was finally dawning on her that allthese years she had been obsessing over nothing. "When the weather getswarmer, you're wearing skirts and shorts babe," he told her withoutasking for her approval. She found his command reassuring and hot. .

At the end of the school day, after they settled into his car, Mike had anew warning for Jessica: "Fucktoy will never complain about her legs orshe will be severely punished, ten swats for each word in thecomplaint. Does fucktoy understand?" Yes Master," she agreed.


   "Fucktoywill also inform her Master when she has whined about them to anyone,not just me, so that I may hand down the punishment due. " 'Yes Master. Holy Wars!" she laughed, quoting the Megadeth song "Holy Wars. . . . thePunishment Due" as a joke. Mike smiled at her and did a funny imitationof Megadeth lead singer/guitarist Dave Mustaine as they headed to herhouse.

Mike rolled Jessica into her house and her mom greeted them, asking howit went. "Mom, Mike's right. Nobody thinks my legs are hideous. Nobodyeven looked sideways at me. " "I'm so glad for you Jessica," Jen Hamadasaid, hugging her daughter. "When spring comes Mrs. Hamada I want to seeJessica in shorts and skirts," he told her firmly, partly as a test tosee if the older woman had the same submissive impulses as her teenager.

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  "Okay Mike, I think that can be arranged," she conceded. Mrs. Hamadathen gave Mike an odd look, perhaps provoked by her starting to feel wetbetween her legs. "Wow," she thought to herself, "he really takes thebull by the horns!"

As usual, they did their homework and their reading together and, ifthey had any time left before Mike had to go home for dinner, they wouldplay guitars. Since Mike was doing an imitation of Dave Mustaine, theywere inspired to go online and begin learning "Peace Sells. . . . But Who'sBuying?" "God, this song rages!" Mike enthused as they worked on eachsection trying to memorize and master them. Mike then returned home andcame back later, where they picked up where they left off. Mike's hardon, though, was getting to be more than he could bear and he pushed hispants and boxers down while scooting against the headboard of Jessica'sbed and ordered her to suck him. She leaned over and flicked her tonguefrom the base of his balls up to the tip of the head and back down. "Godbitch, just suck it," he rasped aggressively and, a minute later, hisdick was being pressed on by her throat muscles before she came up togulp some air. The next time down, he put his hand on the back of herhead and held her throat on to his cock while he pumped his hips severaltimes before she resurfaced to recharge her oxygen supply. He did thisto her over and over before finally spurting his seed into her throatand his wad oozed into her stomach.

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   " "That's a good fucktoy," hecomplimented. "Thank you Master," she responded.

His aggressive handling of her made her very wet and horny. "Master?""Yes fucktoy,?" "May your little Asian fucktoy please masturbate?""Since fucktoy worked so hard to satisfy her Master tonight fucktoy maymasturbate. But fucktoy must be completely naked while doing so. " "YesMaster. Thank you Master. " Jessica was very leery of doing this whileher parents were still up. Mike, though, made the calculation thatbecause he was in so good with her parents that they would let themslide at least one time if they were caught out. Jessica dropped herskirt and unbuttoned her blouse. "Keep the stockings on fucktoy," Mikeordered. "Yes Master," she assented. Her bra and panties now joined herother clothes on the floor and he moved to the foot of the bed to get abird's eye view of her rubbing herself off. Jessica splayed her legsopen and did some preliminary stroking and flicking of her pussy andclit. She pumped two fingers into herself.

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   Now she was getting warmedup. Mike was already getting hard once more as her fingers exited herfuck cave and danced and pirouetted  on her clit. He thrilled to theimage of how her erect nipples topped her ample breasts and how theyjiggled ever so slightly as she worked her nubbin. His eyes sunk againto her moist snatch and she was now rubbing her clit harder andfaster. his ears picking up her suppressed panting and gasping while shebegan to feel flushed and the familiar red patches that accompanied thatdisplayed themselves on her cheeks and just under her collar bone. Herbreathing was becoming shorter and sharper, her eyes seemingly lockedtight in concentration, then a furious burst of applied friction to herstiff and engorged clit and she raised her hips as the orgasm diffusedthrough her body, her breathing almost desperate in its cadence.

Mike had been stroking himself the entire time and as Jessica laid therenude and vulnerable, he walked over to the side of the bed closest toher, directed her head in his direction and then he showered her prettyface with his spunk, which fell in gooey lumps on her cheeks, eyes andnose. She wiped her face with a clump of tissues and then they gotdressed. "Thank you Master," Jessica said. "Fucktoy did a good jobtonight satisfying her Master," he smiled.

The next morning, while she was getting dressed, Mike phoned Jessica andtold her that she would be having the benwa balls inside of her duringtheir first period class. She obeyed and she alternately tightened andloosened her pubococcygeus muscle to try to keep the balls inside ofher. The rolling and rubbing of the balls inside of her also made herconstantly wet and horny. After class, he took her into an occludedcorner of the building where her next class was and then watched as sheextracted the balls out of herself. "That's a good fucktoy," Mike said.

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  "My cock will thank you later. " Thank you Master," she whispered beforemaking her way to her classroom.

After he took Jessica home and they got situated in her room, he calledout to Mrs. Hamada, who came to see what Mike wanted. He met her at thedoor while Jessica was lying in bed doing her homework. "Mrs. Hamada,bring us something to drink," he told her in a low, hard voice so thatJessica couldn't hear. Jennifer wanted to say something back, but thenshe felt a twinge inside of her and seemed to relax and emitted a rathersubservient, "okay. " A couple minutes later, she came back with a cansof soft drinks for both of them, putting them on Jessica's computer deskwhile saying in a strangely placid voice, "here you are kids. " Mike gotup and followed her out the bedroom door, saying, "that's a good girlJennifer. " Mrs. Hamada felt her pussy filling with her lubricant againand Mike saw in her eyes the same glassy state that he often noticed inher daughter's when she went into sub space. Mike's cock, already hardfrom being next to his fucktoy Jessica, now stiffened just that muchmore.

Mrs. Hamada was a beautiful woman, especially for a 44 year old.

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   She wasa 5'7" and 120 pound college grad with still firm d-cups, bigopalescent almond eyes and long, slim legs. She wore her black hair thathad little strands of gray in it in a bob, imbuing her with a neat,classy appearance that was still achingly sexy. Mike had alreadymasturbated many times thinking about tying her up and fucking her. LikeJessica, she was smart, very rational and, now he was confirming,submissive. He wondered if Carl was hammering her pussy hard while hepulled her hair or had her restrained on the bed post regularly likeMike had Jessica on a frequent basis. The question then became, shouldhe risk his relationship with Jessica to also have her mother? Mikecouldn't take it any longer and ordered Jessica to suck him again. Herlittle dark red lipsticked mouth felt so good when it caressed his cock. Hell, just the sight of his cock entering and leaving that moist piehole not far below those slitted eyes boosted his ardor and hastened hisejaculation. He loved running his hand through that long, luxurioushead of hair Jessica had, too, while she serviced his need. In mereminutes, she triggered the release of his cum from its scrotalwarehouses and swallowed it gratefully.