The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 22


"Jennifer, turn over and I'll take the butt plug out," Mike offered. She rolled over and Mike latched on to the edge of it and slowlyextracted it, dropping it into a plastic bag to clean later. He gotup to wash his hands and once he did that he then pulled thelittle antenna on the vibrating egg in her cunt and it came out aswell. Mike licked the egg. "Mmmm, tastes just like Jessica!" Mikejoked, Jessica playfully slugging him the arm.

"Well, I think we pretty much sabotaged any chance of gettinganything serious done today," Mike observed, chuckling. "Nonethelesstrainee, I want you to stay on task. So continue with the benwaballs and working on your deep throating skills after dinnertonight. Fucktoy here will see to it that you do so and if youdon't, especially if there's defiance of fucktoy, I will have topunish you. " "Yes Master," Jennifer responded, the steeliness inMike's eyes causing her subconscious to send her signals to submitto him.

Thursday, as soon as Mike entered the Hamada abode, he grabbedJennifer's pony tail and marched her into Jessica's room whiletelling Jessica to follow them. Mike took down the lightbulb coverand a few minutes later, Mrs. Hamada was bound to the eyebolts in the ceiling, herarms in the air, her  legs splayed wide open by Mike's homemadespreader bar with a ball gag in her mouth. Mike then whisperedsomething to Jessica and they embarked on a full on tickling attackof he stationary middle aged woman, finding her especiallyvulnerable behind her knees, making her breathless. Mike thenattached a vibrating nipple clamp to her right nipple and put it upfull while Jessica used her mouth on her mother's left. While thiswas going on, Mike stuck a vibrating buttplug inside of Jennifer andit was wacked up full as well.

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   Mike stood back and watched thescene. He could see that Jennifer's eyes were becoming more and moredistant, as she resigned herself to being used for whatever Mike andmaybe even her daughter had in mind for her.

Jessica's righthand began frigging Jennifer's clit while shecontinued to suck, lick and bite her nipples and then Mike sawJennifer's body shudder and her hips twisting as the orgasm stakedits claim to her, her eyes rolling up into her head and springingher into sub space, every breath seeming to put her deeper anddeeper into never never land.

Mike had Jessica sit with her head about halfway up her headboardand he affixed her hands together to it. Then he bound her anklestogether and pulled them up and anchored the ankle ropes to herheadboard, too. Jessica's pussy was now facing her mother. Mikedropped his pants and grabbed a hold of her legs as he faced up withthe underside of her calves and spiked her pussy with his dick, hermother watching her being fucked live and in color. his manhooddodging in and out of her wet hole. It was pretty clear who was incharge here and Jennifer's pussy ached for his fuck stick, theweapon that only her daughter was going to get, her nipples thumpingover and over from the constriction of the nipple rings and her assenjoying the stuffed feeling of the plug and its vibrations, too.

Jessica's pussy wrapped snugly around the cock being shoved intoand pulled out of her repeatedly, the room being filled with herloud moans as well as the smell of the juices being secreted by thetwo bared vaginas. She was now begging him to fuck her harder and hepounded it into her with all the force he could muster, his ballsslapping on her ass with each instroke. She hyperventilated and thenher eyes shut tight as the orgasm slammed into her with all theforce of a tornado, lifting her senses from the moorings of reality. Jennifer's heart reacted automatically to the cries of her daughter,beating to the music of her ecstasy.

Mike kept on pumping away, the caress of her vaginal walls on hispenis just so pleasurable he had to keep coming back for more, hislove having temporarily given up her freedom to please him, hisgratitude expressed by wanting to take her higher, wishing to giveher a rocket ride to paradise. Mike looked back at Jennifer out ofthe corner of his right eye while he ravaged her daughter and thenhis forbearance fell away, as he filled Jessica to overflowing withhisspunk.

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   Mike stuck a finger into Jessica's twat and scooped some cumfrom her and then walked over to Jennifer and inserted that fingerup inside her and wiped it on her vaginal walls. "You guys justshared the same cum," Mike told her. "I hope that makes you two feelcloser to each other. " Jennifer nodded yes. Mike had wanted to limithis sexual contact with Jennifer to as close to zero as he could,but this gesture seemed like it would be hot to him personally andher too and wasn't a major enough an offense to end a marriage.

Mike looked at Jessica, her body posture resembling a foldedjacknife as his semen spilled out of her and on to her bed. Mikeuntied Jennifer. "Would trainee like to eat my cum out of herdaughter's pussy?" Mike asked her, half jokingly. "Yes Master,"Jennifer retorted, just about knocking Mike over in surprise. "Okaytrainee, go for it!" he encouraged. Jennifer scooted on to the bedand, propping herself up on her elbows, began lapping at Jessica'svertical smile, her tongue spooning up Mike's cum and thenswallowing it. "Wow, Master's cum tastes a lot better than Carl's,"she claimed. "Well, you're getting it out of a pretty sweet girl,trainee," Mike coyly instructed her. Jessica and Jennifer bothgiggled at that line. Mike watched the tip of Jennifer's tongueslide up and down the length of Jessica's slit, occasionally tryingto force it into her pliant hole.

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   This was a way for Jennifer toshow her submission to Mike, feeding off of his semen from herdaughter's chalice when she had made it clear  before that shewasn't all that hot on digesting ball juice.

Mike undid Jessica's ropes and let her rest for a few minutes whilehe had Jennifer kneel on the floor beneath both her daughter andMike. "So does trainee have anything to report from last night?"Mike inquired. "Yes Master," she answered. "Trainee's husband fuckedher and spanked her quite hard. " "Oh really?" Mike asked, leering. "So did trainee cum?" "Yes Master. " "Excellent progress trainee,"Mike praised. "Did her Mistress supervise her deep throat practiceand benwa ball exercise?" "Yes she did, Master," Jennifer confirmed. "Very good. " Mike thought.

"So how does trainee feel when she is tied up?" He interrogated. "Something feels really comfortable mentally even when there isstress on trainee's body from the ropes," she elucidated. Jessica  raisedher hand. "Yes fucktoy?' "Master's little Asian fucktoy feels thesame way.

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   The ropes give her that sense of surrender and then it isjust all over and it looks beautiful besides. " "Good point fucktoy. When I tied you up trainee, you already looked amazing, but when theropes are on you, it adds something that gives it an edge. And I cando anything I want with you. Maximum coolness. " "Thank you Master,"Jennifer expressed.

"The only thing is that you can't make someone necessarily do whatyou want if you're a subbie. The 'do me' sub or the 'topping fromthe bottom' subbie really aren't subbies at all, but part timethrillseekers or fetishists and that's it. When I do stuff toJessica, I determine what I am going to do with her and she trustsme that I am not going to violate her limits or put her in danger. That is why she is a real sub. But also, being a dominant  takes alot of energy. I have a  need inside me to rule over Jessica and Ilove expressing it. People who don't have that inside them aren'tgoing to be real doms," Mike propounded. "So trainee, you're justgoing to have to enjoy it when he does get a little more aggressiveand not expect it every time unless something just wakes up insideof him. " "Yes Master.

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   Thank you Master. "

"By the way," Mike interrupted. "I almost forgot, but I have atraining collar for you that you will wear during your time under mycontrol. Fucktoy will put it on you every morning when your husbandis away. " "Thank you Master," Jennifer answered. Mike took a red dogcollar that had a small  o-ring hanging from it out of his bag andbuckled it on to her neck. The collar resonated inside Jennifer, makingher feel that much more submissive to Mike as well as attached to bothhim and her daughter.

Mike told both Jessica and Jennifer to lay on their sides and put theirarms around each other. Jessica and Jennifer were face to face as Mikebound their hands and legs so that the pair were now intertwined. Mikethen took a piece of rope only about six inches long and used it to linkthe collars of his two submissives together so that each of their lipswere within two inches of the other person's. Jennifer looked into herdaughter's eyes and bubbled, "I love you Jessica. " The younger Hamadareplied, "I love you, too, mom," and they shared a brief kiss.

Mike plopped into bed with them and slid himself up behind Jessica andthen jammed his erect cock into her. He wrapped his two subs n his armsfor leverage and began to thrust into Jessica's jelly roll, Jenniferwatching as her daughter was being fucked. Jennifer was getting hot andbothered again and laid a hard, passionate kiss on her petite offspringwhile Mike continued to mine Jessica's pussy with his flesh drill,Jessica moaning into her mother's mouth and Jennifer  feelingsympathetically the impact of Mike's pubic bone bumping Jessica's ass.

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  "How does that feel," Mike asked Jessica wickedly. "Oh God Master, sogood," she panted. Mike increased the pace of his thrusts into her andJessica's eyes rolled up into her head, her mother continuing to kissher and tell her she loved her as his cock cleaved her vaginal walls intwo countless times, generating that friction inside her that made her aslave to the gliding, sliding pole. Jessica's breathing was becomingdeeper but more throaty and rapid now, her little body caught in betweenher mother's and her boyfriend's, feeling their warmth and their skinagainst hers, her boobs mashed into Jennifer's, their mutually achingnipples being bent and mashed while Mike rammed Jessica toward a climax. Jessica's tongue rolled and slipped over Jennifer's, the teenendeavoring to pull her mother as close to her as she could while herbelly began to roil with the first tremors of an impending orgasm. "GodMaster, fuck me hard Master, oh God!" she whimpered and Mike andJennifer saw her cheeks reddening while Mike furiously pistoned hisfully loaded dick into her, Jessica finally reaching the boiling pointand her body bucking and her groin area contracting as the orgasm shotup through her body, her mom inhaling her hot breaths as she coveredJessica's mouth with her own.

Jessica's body felt so warm to Jennifer, the almost saintly expressionon her daughter's face while she was coming down from the jolt ofpleasure she had experienced melting her mother's heart while onlyinches away also having a front row seat to Mike's seemingly hydraulichips piercing her daughter's slit with abandon. Jessica was now thewettest she had been in her life, as the locked nipple clamps, the feralgrunting of Mike and the scent of sex in the room stimulated her mostprimitive drives while her hands and body surrounded her daughter's softframe in a protective posture.

Jessica's mind was primarily focused on Mike's cock,  only wanting tokeep feeling his thrusts and the sparks of pleasure that arose from themeven as she was grateful for the feel of her mother's naked bodyagainst hers. Jessica's moans were intensifying again and Jenniferwatched her with a smile on her face, silently rooting for her daughterto have another mind altering dose of pleasure, clutching her daughtercloser to her when Jessica began to convulse and shake again and makingher feel secure as her body shepherded the ecstasy through her.

Mike's breathing was also indicating that he was about to arrive at thetipping point of his endurance. "Oh fuck, oh fuck,!" he growled. Hepulled out of Jessica and hurriedly straddled the two women and thensprayed his cum on their cheeks and hair. Then he dropped his hips sothat his cock was right in between them and they knew what he wanted, asthey licked his weapon clean while the cream he had deposited on theirfaces dripped on to the bedsheets. Jennifer then licked the cum on herdaughter's face off and Jessica returned the favor.

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Mike left them there and went to the bathroom and then to the fridge toget a coke. Jennifer's heart was bursting now as she saw the peacefulexpression on Jessica's face. Jessica, who was experiencing theendorphins in her brain slowly dissipating, instinctively snuggled upwith her mother, Jennifer's eyes welling up with how beautiful andserene her daughter appeared after the righteous rutting the youngsterhad engaged in.

Mike took a long draw on the coke to slake his thirst before walkingback into the bedroom and untying the two bound females, whose embracewas like something out of a classical painting of the Madonna with hersaintly child. Mike parted them and held them in his arms tight. "I loveyou Jessica," Mike whispered to her. Jessica reacted by pulling herself tighter against him. Jennifer's motherly instincts were finding agreat deal of gratification in being a part of what had just occurred. By the day, she felt like she was becoming closer to her daughter andthe man who might one day be her husband/permanent owner.

"I love you Mike," Jennifer sputtered. "You're pretty wise for someoneyour age and you've taught me so much and brought me closer to Jessica. Thank you so much Master," she said before bursting into tears. Thatinspired Jessica to also breakdown. Mike felt a little like he wascaught between the hammer and the anvil since he was now in the middleof two women who were feeling something deeper than what he could evenguess at. So what to say? "Jennifer, I love you, too, and maybe one day Iwill give you grandchildren.

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   At least I hope so. I hope that theyturnout as incredible as Jessica has. Your husband is so lucky, though Ithink I'm even luckier. " Mrs. Hamada reached over with her lefthand andheld Mike's face in her palm as Jessica looked on. "But you're alsovery lucky your husband is the man he is and has given you so much,including our beautiful Jessica. He really does deserve your totalsubmission and gratitude. Everyday, I tell Jessica I love her because Idon't know what will happen tomorrow that could possibly take her fromme. I hope you will take the same attitude toward Carl," Mike softlylectured. "The best thing you can do is open your heart totally to himand be proud of who you are and not be ashamed of your need to submit. The more you accept his control the freer you will feel. " "Yes Master, thank you Master," Jennifer concurred. .
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