The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 7


"Hello Stephanie,  this is Jennifer Hamada. " "Hi Jen! How are you?""Good! Hey look, Mike is over at my house right now after they cameback from the university library and he's going to stay for dinnerwith us. " "Oh, okay. What are they doing right now/" "Actually,they're sleeping. " "That figures. I got up last night at 3 a. m. touse the bathroom and I heard  Mike playing his guitar upstairs. ""Yeah, it's so adorable. She's sleeping in his lap with one armwrapped around his leg (giggle). Anyway, I'll have him call youafter we eat. " "That'd be great Jen. Thanks for the notification. "

"No problem. By the way Stephanie, your son has really been greatfor Jessica. I don't think I've seen her this happy since fifthgrade.

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  " "Mike tells me that being with your daughter makes him looklike he's smarter than he actually is (giggle). " "But apparentlyMike is quite the math whiz, from what Jessica tells me. " "Yeah,that's something I can't figure out. His grades are up and down, buthe has always kicked butt in math. " "Have you ever heard themargue?" "Not that I can remember. " "Me either! And god, when I thinkof all the drama I went through in high school with my boyfriends!""Mike was telling me that Jessica is so low maintenance he can'tbelieve it, especially since the other two girlfriends he had were,in his words, pains in the ass. I actually didn't much like them,but Jessica is such a sweetheart. " "One of the things I like, Steph,about their relationship is that he comes home with her and they dotheir homework together. I've seen them laying in each other's armsdoing their reading and he helps her with her math homework when sheneeds it. "

"I know he spends a lot of time over there, so it's nice to knowthat's what they've been doing. It's kind of sweet. " "To tell youthe truth Steph I'm so glad she has a man she can trust with herwhen she's away from home. Your son gives me some piece of mind andI really appreciate that. " "Oh Jen, that's so kind of you to saythat! Any mother would want to hear that about her son. " My husbandtold me that Mike is really afraid of blowing it with Jessica, so Ithink he's trying to be as supportive of her as he can and I reallyreally appreciate that, too.

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   In fact, she told me that he's made hercry with the sweet things he's said to her. " "So Jen, do you thinkthey're having sex yet?" "I asked Jessica about that and she won'tgive me a straight answer, so probably. So I decided to put her onthe pill just to be safe. " "Oh good! "Yeah, I'd like to wait a fewyears before I become a grandmother (giggle). " "Yeah, I know how youfeel. " "She also sometimes has brutal periods and I was hoping thepill would help with them. So far, it doesn't seemed to have, butit's still early yet. " "Yeah, Mike told me that she sometimes getsbad periods, poor thing. " "Yeah, she got that  from me,unfortunately. When I went on the pill in college, it seemed to helpreduce the frequency of them, so I pray that the same will happenwith her. " "Know of a pill that will make Mike clean up his room?""(Giggle), no. My brother was the same way. His bedroom alwaysseemed to have stuff laying on the floor and he never made his bed. I guess it's a guy thing. " "(Giggle), yeah.

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  " "Well look Steph, Ineed to start getting dinner ready. Tell Dave Carl and I said hi. ""Okay Jen. Give my best to Carl. Bye bye. " Bye!"

After dinner, Mike phoned home and then he and Jessica played guitaruntil around ten. "Man babe, this Alexi model is sweet. I think I'mgoing to have to get one. " "You look good playing it sweety!"Jessica complimented. "And you just look good period!" "(Giggle)Thanks, babe. " Mike then went to use the hallway bathroom, notingthat the house was dark, indicating that her parents had gone tobed. Mike came back and, sitting next to Jennifer, asked, "wouldfucktoy like to give her Master a handjob?" Jessica giggled andreplied in the affirmative. "Yes Master, your little Asian fucktoylikes making you happy. " "I also want to cum on fucktoy's face. "Jessica giggled again and retorted, "would Master's little Asianfucktoy look good with cum on her face?" "I think there is a goodpossibility of that," Mike chuckled.

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They slid over to the foot of the bed and Mike helped her kneel infront of him as he sat there with his cock out and his pants andboxers around his ankles. He wanted her to strip, but then thoughtof what might happen if one of her parents suddenly knocked on thedoor. She took his rigid rocket in her right hand and began tostroke it in a leisurely way, circling her thumb pad on the tip ofhis cockhead on each upstroke before he rubbed the very sensitivefrenulum on the way back down. "Lick my balls fucktoy," he ordered. She angled her head to the side and pulled his cock upward and thetip of her tongue grazed the loose skin around his sack. "Oh yes,fucktoy is doing that well," he sighed. Her tongue trailed back upthe underside of his shaft and she swirled the underside of itaround the head. "Ooooh fuck yessss," Mike said. His precum began tolubricate her hand, making it easier for it to slide over the tautskin while she sucked on his balls where it joins the base of hisballs. Then she increased the speed of her hand's back and forthmotion while her lefthand fingernails lightly bit into the skin ofhis family jewels and tugged on it. "Oh fuck, oh mjy God, I'm goingto shoot in a minute fucktoy," he warned, as she saw how red hisrhythm stick was becoming. "When I cum, I want you to just hold theshaft and milk it with your fingers," he suggested. He stood up andplaced his cock about two inches in front of her face. "Oh fuckbaby, I'm cumming!" Jessica felt the impact of his gooey payloadsplatter her face, cheeks and lips. " When he was done, as she heldhis cock in her hand, she asked, "is Master happy with the way hislittle Asian fucktoy's face has been decorated?" Mike peered down asthe sperm packed fluid began to run and drip, the light reflectingon it and almost making it glow.

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   "Oh yeah. Fucktoy will take herMaster's cum on her face whenever he demands it. " Yes Master. ThankYou Master. " "Now clean my dick off," he ordered. After she wasfinished, he snagged a couple of tissues and wiped his ball creamoff of her beautiful countenance and chucked them in her wastebasket.

"Master has a desire to lick fucktoy's pussy," Mike intoned. "YesMaster," she answered and after he pulled his pants and boxers backup, he helped her stagger to the foot of the bed and put her on herback. He pulled her jeans off of her and then her panties, which hadan obvious  wet spot on them. He reached over and beyond her tosnare a pillow so she could muffle her moans with it. "Is fucktoywet?" Mike teased. "Yes Master. " "Mmmmm, this is going to bedelicious," he smiled and dropped to his knees and planted the tophalf of his tongue against  the length of her bald slit, lapping andsucking her slightly pleasantly aromatic juices like he had beenstarving for a month for it. As he did so, she stroked the back ofhis neck. Now pointing his tongue, he slid it up from the bottom ofher cunt to her clit, flicking it repeatedly while he gently pushedhis middle and ring fingers between her vaginal walls and felt forthe ridges on the upper wall of her humid cavern just inside theopening, her g spot.

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   He began to suck and roll the clit in his mouthwhile the fingers lightly rubbed the aforementioned ridges. She felther clit fill with heat as the blood rushed to it and make it stiff,every vibration and pull of it making her moan. His fingers began todance more rapidly against those inner ridges as he sucked the clitin small bursts to make her clit pulsate. This drove her nuts and hewas having a hard time keeping his mouth against her vulva, muchless her clit. Then the familiar panting began and Mike intensifiedhis attentions on her clit and g spot, her hips twisting and hereyes being concealed in her head while her brain absorbed all thepleasure signals. A minute later, she choked, stopped breathing andthen with a guttural yell into the pillow, felt the surge of theorgasm within her as it progressed through her torso, Mike feelingher vaginal muscles contracting vigorously around his fingers.

Mike pulled away from her pussy and gazed at the picture before him,his sub with a dreamy expression on her face while her breathingstarted to fall to normal. Mike was hard again, but wasn't going togo any further than that. He sat with his back to the headboard andpulled Jessica to him. She restored her jeans and panties to a moreconventional position and he held her for a little while. But whenit got to be a few minutes after 11, he thought it might be a goodidea to go home to avoid any possible conflict with her parentalunits.

When he got home and walked into his room, there was a packagesitting on his bed for him. "Cool," he talked to himself, as hecontemplated the little surprise he was going to spring on Jessicawith the contents.

Sunday, Mike went with Jessica to the library again and he finisheda couple of guitar magazines while she accumulated more notes forher papers. Knowing that he didn't really have anything to do otherthan read, she told him it was okay if he wanted to stay home, buthe went with her anyway and she appreciated how he sacrificed histime for her.

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The library closed at 3 p. m. and when they got to his car in themostly empty parking lot, she unzipped his pants without anyprompting and sucked him off to show her gratitude. "Would fucktoylike some ice cream to get the taste of her Master's cum out of hermouth?" he leered. "Your little Asian fucktoy would very muchappreciate such kindness from Master," she smiled. They went and hadthe ice cream and he brought her back to her house. Jessica noticedthe cardboard box in the back seat and wondered what was in it. Itwould still be another day before she found out what was in it.

Monday, the weather was taking an obvious turn for the worse,getting colder with rain sprinkling the ground every now and again. Against this gray backdrop, Mike decided to add some color toJessica's appearance. First, he had her wear a white blouse andblack pants to school because they would act as a marked colorcontrast for what he had in mind. Then when they got to the parkinglot, Mike grabbed the box on his back seat and opened it, pullingtwo ten foot lengths of nylon rope from it. "You're going to tie meup here Master?" she looked at him incredulously. 'Yes fucktoy, andeveryone will be able to see it. " Her eyes widened and she got out a"but.

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  . . . " before he stopped her from speaking further. "Fucktoy willremain quiet until her Master is finished," he said assertively. Jessica couldn't believe what she suspected was going to happen. Shewas already wet and horny from her throbbing nipples due to thelocked and chained rings hung on them,  but now both her stomach andheart were having a little olympic games floor exercise competitionas she waited to see what audacious stunt her Master was about topull.

"Now turn your back to me," he commanded. She slowly rotated herbody. He grabbed her long, black hair just above her neck andgathered it tightly with his lefthand while he began to position theropes on her hair. She felt him wrapping the strands of rope aroundher pony tail and pulling them tight. "What is he doing?" shefretted. It was also taking forever, at least in her mind, as hewound more of the ropes around her straight, shiny locks. Afterabout 15 minutes, he was at the end of the rope and also at theterminus of her her hair, which had grown to the small of her back. He made the last braid with barely half an inch of rope to spareafter he tied it off, He pulled down on it, exposing her neck infront.

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   He leaned over and around her and planted a few kisses on it.

Jessica didn't know what it looked like, but he had encapsulated herhair in a red sort of hair corset and it looked phenomenal. "Wow,fucktoy looks incredible being tied this way," Mike informed her. Tothe other students, it was just a hair ornament, but the truth washe got if off a website specializing in hair bondage. He got her outof the car and into her wheelchair and they headed for a corridorbetween the classroom buildings to shelter themselves from the rain. When they got to a planter that ringed that corridor but was stillable to keep the precipitation from drenching them, he picked her upout of the wheelchair and plopped her on the bricks that formed theplanter, her legs dangling. It wasn't long before she became theobject of just about every passing female student's stares. It wasstill a half hour before first period and Jessica still hadn't seenwhat he had done to her hair with the rope. Jessica tried to askMike a question about the hair rope, but he shushed her, whisperingto her that, "fucktoy will speak only when spoken to until we get toclass. " "Yes Master," she mouthed to him silently.

Jessica was feeling embarrassed by the stares and her face was alittle hot as a result. Added to her moist pussy and her pulsingnipples, she felt a right mess even though anyone looking at herwould think she looked very classy and demure indeed. After about 15minutes of this, a group of girls walked up to her and Mike. "Oh myGod, that looks so cool! Where did you find it" one of the girlsenthused. "It was just something I found on the net that I thought Iwould surprise her with," Mike noted.

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   "Can you stand up so I can geta better look at it?" the one girl asked. "I can't walk," Jessicareplied. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry," the girl overcompensated,finally noticing the folded wheelchair. "It's cool. I'm glad youlike it," Jessica, with a bit of a question mark on her face,rejoindered.

I hope you won't mind me asking this, but could you please show mehow to do that braid?" the girl bubbled. "That would look so goodwith your hair Brandy," one of her friends evaluated. "It's a littleinvolved at first, but you can pick it up pretty quickly," Mikesaid. Brandy took Jessica's hair corset in her hand to feel thetexture and to look at the colors. "Here Brandy, turn around and letme see your hair. " Brandy spun a 180 and Mike, after noting itextended down to the middle of her shoulder blades, then told her,"get two lengths of about 5-7 foot nylon rope and  I'll do it foryou at lunch sometime," Mike offered with a smirk on his face. Jessica started cracking up. "Where should I get it?" she asked. Heexplained where to find it on a big online retailer's website andwhat search term to use for it so that she wouldn't have any inklingthat what Mike did was linked to BDSM. "You can get it in a lot ofdifferent colors," Mike egged on.


   Mike told Brandy where he andJessica hung out at lunch and Brandy walked away happily. Jessicaturned to Mike and whispered in his ear, "Your little Asian fucktoytold Master he was smart. " He reacted, "your Master is always happyto have his already big ego stroked," causing them both to laugh outloud at his little bit of sexy self-deprecation.

It was now about five minutes before class, so they moved themselvesto their classroom, which resulted in more stares for Jessica. "HeyJessica, where did you get that thing on your hair," another girlinquired. "Oh, Mike made it for me," she revealed. "Oh my God, thatlooks so cool. Can you show me how to make it Mike?" the girl, whootherwise hadn't given either of them the time of day up to thatpoint, begged. Mike faced Jessica and snickered and then turned tothe girl and said, "yeah sure. See me after class and I'll tell youwhat you'll need. " "Me too! another girl raised her hand. 'Yeah, I'dlike to try that, too," yet another said. Teenage herd behavior wasobviously setting in.

Jessica was late to her next class just for the lulz of hearing Miketell some of her female classmates how to get a hold of ropeordinarily used for bondage so that they could utilize it as a hairornament.

More of the same occurred in her remaining classes.

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   Jessica would belate to every other class as she laughed her ass off inside whileexplaining how to obtain bondage rope on the net to satisfy thevanity of her fellow teens.

Friday, Mike and Jessica got mobbed at lunch by girls holdinglengths of rope at their perch in the empty outdoor amphitheater. Heslowly went through the braiding sequence for the first girls as theothers tried to do it on their friends. Mike stopping them at timesto give pointers. After he finished that first one, he grabbed oneof the girls who was having trouble grasping it and put one of thehair corsets on her, telling her friends to remember this so thatthey could show it to their friend later. He couldn't get toeveryone by the time the bell rang, but told them to come back earlyMonday morning and he and Jessica would help them then.

And to top it off, when Jessica got home, her mom asked her "whatthat thing in your hair is. " "Oh, Mike made it for me," Jessicadisingenuously disclosed. Then her mom asked if Mike would do it forher! Jessica laughed into her palm. "What's so funny honey?"Jennifer Hamada wondered. Jessica saved it by recalling that, "Godmom, everybody and their mother loves this thing and asked us toshow them how to do it. It's really funny. " "I guess you have a hiton your hands Mike," Jennifer offered. When Mike got to Jessica'sroom, he asked his girlfriend, "so does your mom have the sametendencies you do?" he quizzed with a raised eyebrow?" "You're sucha dork," she said, jokingly pushing him.

Friday, they got to school at 7 a.

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  m. , the campus just about empty. Then slowly the girls came, with their recently purchased nylonropes in various colors, to have hair bondage done to them,earnestly imploring Mike to "do me first. " Mike taught Jessica howto do it by removing her hair corset and having her apply it to hermother's tresses, which were only about halfway on her shoulderblades. Both spent almost the entire ensuing 90 minutes braidingrope. Mike got more rope to replace the ones he had used onJessica's mom to encase his subbie's hair again. At lunch, the samething happened, more girls wanting hair bondage. By the end of theday, there were dozens of clueless teen girls with their pony tailsbound. Jessica and Mike laughed about this as they headed to his carfor another weekend.

And guess what: when they went to the university library Saturday,they saw it on some of the college girls, who must have had youngersisters at Jessica's high school who wrapped their hair for them. AsMike drove them down the road on the way home, he would let out a"moo" sound every time he saw a girl with the rope hair cage on herto indicate a member of the unthinking herd.

By Monday, elementary and junior high girls were sporting it. ByTuesday, the websites of women's magazines were writing featuresextolling, "the new hair accessory everybody is talking about," buthaving no idea where the origin of the idea was. By Wednesday, thenation's BDSM community was in hysterics, one poster to a well knownshibari forum saying that he and his wife laughed themselves hoarsewhen their oblivious 12 year old daughter wanted her mom todemonstrate how to make one.

"Wow, I had no idea I was going out with such a trendsetter,"Jessica needled Mike.

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   To which Mike merely retorted, "mooooo!".

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