The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 8


It was Saturday again and Jessica was making good progress on her papersfor her AP classes. As on previous weekends, Mike was by Jessica's sideat the college library while she did research. When they went back tohis car, Mike told her to unhook her bra. He reached under the halterand unlocked her nipple rings. "We're getting down to the end of theyear now and I am concerned about stress on fucktoy," Mike explained toher. "So for the time being, I will not be hiding anything on you so youcan feel relaxed when you are on campus or wherever else you might be,"he added. Jessica knew how much he liked teasing her even while hecouldn't physically be there. "Thank you Master," Jessica said, a tearor two falling down her cheeks.

"So given that your Master is sacrificing some of his fun so fucktoy canget her schoolwork done, she will make every effort to justify Master'sdecision," he warned her. "Yes Master. I'll dedicate myself for you,"she swore. "Your Master is proud of his fucktoy and is sure she willcontinue to make him so," he praised her. "Thank you Master. Your littleAsian fucktoy is very grateful. "

Mike grinned at her. "All the bdsm language we've used in ourrelationship aside, Jessica, I love you.

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   Don't overdo it and we can havemore fun next summer," he promised. "You have been a great help andinspiration to me. So please lean on me when you feel weak or tired orneed help, okay babe?" Jessica didn't answer because she was crying now. "You're so wonderful to me Mike. No matter how long I live I will neverforget what you said to me today. It means so much. " Mike turned awayfrom her because he was beginning to tear up, too. He regrouped andsaid, "come on, let's go split a thing of Haagen Daazs. " "Okay sweety!"

Following a stop at the supermarket, Mike and Jessica arrived at herhouse and he divided the small container of ice cream up into two bowls. Mrs. Hamada went out to the kitchen to see what the noise was and sawMike dishing the cold confection out. "God, that's so cute," she thoughtto herself. But then she noticed the flushed cheeks of her daughter. "Jessica, is anything wrong honey?" "No, Mike said something really niceto me earlier and it made me cry. " "What was that Jessica/" "It'spersonal, mom.

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   But I'm so lucky to be with someone like him. " "Yourdaughter's the best!" Mike blurted before having to turn his head awayto check his emotions.

Mrs. Hamada went back to watching a movie in the living room with Carl. Mike and Jessica went to the dining room table to eat their ice cream. Acouple minutes later, Carl came into the dining room. "Mike, I want totalk to you when you're done eating. " "Okay Mr. Hamada," Mike affirmed. "What's that all about? Am I in trouble?" Mike puzzled to Jessica. "Ihave no idea sweety. . I hope they're not mad because you made me cry"she said.

When they were finished with the ice cream, Mike rather hesitantlywalked into the living room. "Oh good, you're done," Carl began, puttingthe DVD he and his wife were viewing on pause.

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   "Take your time honey,"Jennifer Hamada ordered to her spouse. "Let's go out to the backyard,"Carl directed. As Jessica watched with some trepidation, Mike and Carlwent out the sliding glass door and to a corner planter in theirbackyard, where they sat down. "So Mike, things still going good with mydaughter?" "Definitely," Mike judged. "Good. Look, Christmas isn't thatfar away and Jennifer and I have decided to go balls out for Jessicaand really make this a year she won't forget for the rest of her life. "

"Whoa, cool!" Mike said in relief, as it appeared he was off the hookfor anything that would cause retribution from Carl. "I need you to makea list of musical gear that she's been wanting and then help me buyit," Carl started. "No problem!" Mike enthused. "We've had a really goodyear at my job even with the crappy economy and my bonus will more thanpay for what I have in mind," Carl revealed. "We can't quite turn herroom into a studio or anything like that, but I would like to give herevery chance of having enough options equipmentwise so that she can keepexpressing herself with her guitar playing. Now my coworker has madesome recommendations, too, and I want to run them by you and see whatyou think. But we'll talk about that when we get close to making theactual purchases. " "Sounds good Mr. Hamada," Mike acquiesced.

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   "Man, Iwould love to be there when she receives all that stuff. She's gonna bestoked!" Mike unthinkingly burbled.

"Speaking of which Mike, I talked to your parents recently and theywould be fine with you spending Christmas day with us, but they alsowant you home after we eat dinner that day. , which will likely be in themid-afternoon. Jessica would really want you there. If you want tospend Christmas Eve with her and sleep over that's fine with us, too. Socan I count on you?" "I'm there!" he committed. "Great! Of course,don't tell Jessica about this and be careful to not accidentally saysomething that might let her know what's going on. She's a reallyperceptive girl. " Carl reminded. "Yeah. Man, I can't wait! This is goingto rock!" Mike rejoiced.

Mike and Carl recrossed the threshold into the house. "So what were youguys talking about?" Jessica asked. "He just wanted to know where ourrelationship was going and how I was doing in school.

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   He said I cancontinue being with you but to keep you happy or else. " "Oh God. I'msorry about that, sweety. . " "He's just doing his job as a dad baby. Don't sweat it. "

"Come on Mike, let's go to my room," Jessica suggested. "Keep the dooropen!" Carl shouted with a whimsical smile on his face as the coupledisappeared into her sanctuary. .

"Oh, there was something I forgot to do," Mike suddenly stated. "Whatwas that honey?" "(Whispers in her ear) fucktoy will take her pants downnow!" "But the door's open!" she argued in hushed tones back at him. "Fucktoy will be punished unless her pants are down around her thighs bythe time I count to five. " Jessica had them down by the time he reached"three". Mike then took out a Sharpie and inscribed on her pubic mound,"property of Mike Alyea. " "Okay fucktoy, you may pull your pants up.

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  ""Thank you Master," she grinned. "Fucktoy will also inform Master whenthe inscription needs to be re-inked. " "Yes Master. "

Unfortunately, Jessica got her period Sunday and so Mike spent prettymuch the entire week babying her. The good thing was that thismenstruation was somewhat easier on her than the previous one had been. Also, when she got her period there was going to be no sex at allbecause Mike just wasn't into that and she REALLY wasn't into it.

So by the time Jessica's monthly visitor had departed, it wasThanksgiving week. Carl had called Mike Sunday after he confirmed thatJessica was home and not with him, and told him to come to his officeafter school Monday. Mike had made the excuse that he had a dentalcheckup and wouldn't be able to see her that day until after dinner, alie he hated telling her. Mike was attired in a t-shirt, jeans, tennisshoes and had hair halfway down his back and felt really out of place inthe waiting room of the buttoned down major insurance firm Carl toiledat, before finally being ushered into Carl's office.

"Hey Mike. Pull up a seat next to me here, will ya?" Carl began. Mikeand he went over lists of possible equipment for Jessica. There were acouple common things on Mike's and Carl's coworker's lists and,following a brief discussion, those went to the purchase side. Mike thenbusted out a few guitars that not only had Jessica said she wanted, butthat Mike thought would be good fits for her.

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   Mike also thought itwould be a good idea for Jessica to have a backup amp, and, at that, onethat had a different quality to it than her Marshall but would stillpack the wallop of that famous brand. He also wanted to upgrade hercables and get her an eight track recorder and some mics. Finally, shedefinitely needed a newer and better quality camera for her You Tubevideos plus an up to date more powerful computer that could handle thedemands of programs such as Guitar Rig, Cakewalk and similar musicproduction software. What's more, Mike talked to Carl about the need tohave her guitars properly set up and how much that would add to thecost. He also discussed hot rodding some cheaper models to save money. Too, They thought it would be a good idea to keep everything locked upin Carl's office until the very last moment to further preventaccidental discovery. Otherwise, they were looking at keeping things incold storage units that wouldn't be good for guitars to be put into. Oh,and get her some tab books, too.

The total for all this was pushing $20,000 by the time it was all saidand done. "Jessica will have the most awesome Christmas ever, Mr. Hamada," Mike posited.

What Mike didn't know was that Carl had conspired with Jessica to getsomething special for him, too, and everything was fortunately deliveredon time and Carl's coworker helped do away with some of the box clutterin Carl's office when Jessica's gifts showed up there. The janitorswere under strict orders to stay out of Carl's locked office or theircontract would be terminated immediately. Then Mike would show up totake one at a time to a guitar shop and have it set up properly. By theend of the second week of December, the guitars were all set and readyto go.

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Mike then had to deal with his mom about the Christmas issue. When hetold her that he was going to get Jessica a $100 gift certificate so shecould buy some more gear, his mother told him that was not going tohappen. She took him to the upscale mall just a few miles away and madehim get her an expensive diamond pendant. "She might play guitar Mike,but she's still a girl. And yes, that will come out of your allowance. "

Jessica turned in her final AP class term paper during that second week,too, but also had her period, so while things got immensely easier forher and all she had to worry about was studying for finals that sheexpected to crush, she was achy and felt gross. She came out of it byDecember 20th and Mike celebrated by taking her home after dinner whilehis parents were out at a Christmas party, blindfolding and gagging herand tying her ankles and wrists to his headboard with her head about athird of the way down on it so that her legs were spread wide open andher cunt facing up and forward, and fucking her into next week beforedepositing his cum on her cheeks, chin and lips, some of it strayinginto her hair. Of course, she went into sub space bigtime and Mike lether float there for a couple of hours after he untied her before hedecided to have her get dressed.

On the 22nd, he drove to a darkened  park with a venus butterflyvibrator, the vibrating nipple clamps and a vibrating butt plug allinside or on Jessica but under her warm clothes, and had fun making herorgasm as his car's windows steamed up in the rain and she moaned andscreamed into his chest in ecstasy. Then he had her suck him off beforeleaving.

On the 23rd, he put her into a breast harness and locked the nipplerings on her teats and let her just wear a white blouse and no bra whilehe drove around the main drag of one of the beach towns before havingher suck him off again in front of her house in the dark.

On the 24th, Mike came over in the morning to jam with her and then atdinner, told Jessica her parents were going to allow them to sleeptogether overnight in the same bed. Jessica was shocked, to put itmildly, and very much elated, too. He screwed her silly after herparents went to sleep. What she didn't know was that he was also therethat day to keep her occupied while Carl moved her new gear into thegarage and threw a tarp over it.

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   She almost never went in there anywaybecause her parents' cars blocked her wheelchair. So when the garagedoor opener went off a couple of times, she never paid attention sinceMike was distracting her.

Jessica woke up around 7 a. m. Christmas morning and roused Mike as well. They got dressed, brushed their teeth and went to the living room. Jessica had wondered why there weren't nearly as many Christmas presentsunder the tree as there were even as recently as last year. Her parentshad been up for a couple of hours and Carl pulled his car out of thegarage so Jessica could get in there. He had also arranged for a big bowwith the words, "Merry Christmas Jessica!" to be affixed to the tarpthat hid her gifts. The first present that was opened was the diamondpendant Mike had for Jessica. Of course, Jessica shed some tears overthat and wore it everyday from that time forward.

Mike was just sitting on the couch hanging out after that when Carlbrought out a big wrapped box for him from his and his wife's closet. "WTF is this?" he wondered. It turned out to be a Gibson Explorer. Mikewas blown away.

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   He thought before that he was in with Jessica's folks,but shit, that's a $1400 axe!

As all this was happening, Jessica was wondering where her gifts fromher parents were. The last of the immediate family's presents wereopened. A downcast Jessica was then told: "now Jessica, close your eyesand don't open them until I say to do so," Carl Hamada compelled. "Okaydaddy," Jessica complied. Carl wheeled her out the door and she had aquizzical expression on her face as she felt the cold winter air hit herbody. Then her mother ran into the garage from the kitchen and pressedthe switch to haul the door up, which granted access to the three peoplethat had been standing outside of it. Carl positioned Jessica in frontof the tarp. "Okay honey, open your eyes. " "That's right babe, they gotyou a tarp! Merry Christmas!" Mike joked before Carl pulled the tarp offthe gear and revealed what was underneath. It took her a second for itto hit her, but holy shit, there was an Ibanez Jem, an Ibanez Prestigemodel, an ESP Eclipse, a Dave Murray model Strat, an Adrian Smith modelCharvel San Dimas, an Ovation Celebrity Acoustic Electric, a FenderAmerican Standard Telecaster, a Music Man Axxis, a Gibson ES 335, a MesaBoogie Dual Rectifier half stack, a top of the consumer line Canonvideo camera, a Tascam 24 track digital recording workstation, a newApple Macbook Pro, a Shure SM 57 mic, a Rocktron talk box, some Furmanpower conditioners, a passel of guitar stands and Monster guitar, amp,and effects cables.

"Oh my God!" Jessica, her hand over her mouth, squealed and then buriedher head in her hands as she started weeping. "Mom, dad, I love you!"she whimpered as she hugged her folks. "Jessica, Mike selected almostall of this stuff for you. You should have heard him analyze yourplaying and how it would fit these guitars and how he wants to put yourgear together. His knowledge was such a huge help.


   We couldn't have doneit without him," Carl informed her. "Mike, god," and that is all shegot out as she hugged him and wet his shirt with her tears.

"I think we can slap a 'mission accomplished' on this one Mr. Hamada. Ifyou don't mind, though, I'd like to speak to Jessica alone for aminute," Mike said. "Sure Mike," they consented and went back into thehouse. "(Whispering) fucktoy will play at least two hours a day and kickass. Does fucktoy understand?" "Yes Master, Thank you Master," shesmiled before the waterworks started again. "Fucktoy will also makeMaster bang his head, does fucktoy understand?" "Yes Master. Thank YouMaster. " "Fucktoy will have a merry Christmas, does fucktoy understand?""Yes Master. It is mainly because of Master your little Asian fucktoyhas had such a happy year. Thank you Master. " "And fucktoy will have aneven better next year. Does fucktoy understand?" "Yes Master.

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   Thank youMaster. "