The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 9


Mike helped Carl move the extensive amount of equipment intoJessica's room, which took a couple of hours because things had tobe rearrranged so that it looked organized, neat, Jessica had accessto it without needing to get back into her wheelchair and she couldget both in and out of the room and to her closet without anythingobstructing them. The guitar cases would have to stay out in thegarage because they took up too much room. What she actually needednow was a separate music room, but that definitely wasn't in thecards. Jessica knew that she was lucky to be a physically challengedperson with a good support system and wasn't going to whine thatdaddy should spend more money on her.

Mike told her that all the new guitars had been given set ups andshe needs to consider having her other two six strings done as wellto make them easier to play. Jessica asked Mike if he suggested theset ups to his dad and he responded in the affirmative. "Both himand I wanted to make it perfect for you," he said.

They spent the next few hours before dinner playing "pass theguitar" and having a good old time. "This is like playing in aguitar shop where you actually like the person running it," Mikejoked. Jessica also tweaked her new Mesa Dual Recto, which manybelieve is the best guitar amp out there, while trying to keep thevolume low enough so that it's uber ballsy bottom end didn't offendthe neighbors. Mike explained how to use the power conditioners andhow they would save some electrical stress on her equipment. Jessicahad to pinch herself because she just couldn't believe that she wasexperiencing this kind of luck in her life.

Once they tired of pass the guitar, at least for now, they sat inher bed with Mike holding her and occasionally feeling her up whilethey kissed or just talked.

Dinner came at 3 p. m. and after Mike spent an hour leisurely diningwith the Hamadas, it was time for him to go home.

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   "Hold on Mike,"Jennifer Hamada buttonholed him. "I talked it over with my husbandand if you would like Jessica to sleep over at your house tonightyou have our blessing. " "Really?" Mike exclaimed. "Yeah. Look, wehave to be realistic. We know you guys want to do it and you'veearned it with your actions so far. It's not like you guys are 12. The only thing I ask is to not drop her going up and down thestairs. " "Man, can this day rock any more or what?" Mike thought outloud. "But you better call your mother and let her know that Jessicais coming to give her a chance to refuse it and avoid anyawkwardness. " "Yeah, let me phone her and see what she says," Mikeresponded.

Mike's mom was fine with the Jessica being there part, but not sogood with the Jessica and Mike in the same bed proposition,especially since they had a 13 year old son in the house, too. Also,Jessica already ate, which would make it kinda weird for her to justbe there and not taking part in the meal even though she was aguest. So she told Mike to bring Jessica over after his family ateand she would think about allowing them to sleep together in themusic/game room.

Stephanie Alyea knew that Jessica was on the pill, so they were inthe clear there.

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   And it was Christmas. She was really torn. Jessicawas such a nice little girl. Jessica had mixed feelings because theAlyea house wasn't set up for wheelchair users and she hated thethought of being an imposition. She very much wanted to be withMike, though. It was so comforting when he was there. Finally, Mrs. Alyea and her husband reached the conclusion that if the Hamadas hadallowed their son to sleep over with their daughter at their placethen it would probably be better form to reciprocate by allowingJessica to come over and bed down with Mike. So they ultimatelysigned off on the idea. Mike's reaction? "Best. Christmas. Ever. ""Only. Time. You.

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   Get. to. Do. This. Ever," Stephanie Alyeacountered. "At least until you get a wedding band on your lefthand. "

When the Alyeas had concluded their Christmas dinner, Mike went andpicked up Jessica, who brought her pajamas and other necessitieswith her. Jessica was actually grateful that the Alyeas had alreadyhad their Christmas before she became a factor in the house. Mikecarried her up the stairs about 6:30 p. m. and they messed around inhis room until midnight. They watched bondage videos on You Tube,with Mike trying out some of the ties he saw on Jessica. He alsore-inked the "property of Mike Alyea" claim on her mound with aSharpie. Mike's parents were tired anyway and just wanted to takethe path of least resistance, so when Mike closed his door aftertaking Jessica into his room, they just said, "fuck it, don't havethe energy to fight it and she's on the pill anyway. .

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Jessica asked Mike to go upstairs to bed with her since she wasrunning out of gas. She was going to put her pajamas on, but Miketold her, "fucktoy will sleep naked tonight. " All she could say was'Yes Master. " They kept the light on because Mike wanted to stare atJessica's nude body. while they kissed and when he ate her pussy.

The problem, though, was that Mike carelessly left the door to theroom ajar and his younger brother was watching them. His cock gotstone hard at the sight of Jessica's tits set off by her silky blackhair and he listened to Jessica's soft moans as Mike's tongue workedher clit and his fingers fluttered inside of her. Ten minutes later,Jessica began to cum hard and Mike's brother now had his cock in hishands. "This is a lot better than porn on the net," he thought tohimself. Mike pulled her to the edge of the side of the bed oppositeMike's younger brother's viewpoint, giving him a panoramicperspective of Mike plowing the shit out of the diminuitive Asian'scunt. Fortunately, they weren't saying that much other than justdoing a lot of moaning and groaning. Mike forgot to bring his bag oftricks with him. Little bro saw Jessica's fingers digging into thebed sheets as Mike reamed her wet, hairless pussy. and sent her toheaven The scent of sex was in the air, too, and the little brotherpicked up on that, as his hand moved faster and faster over his owndick.

Mike's grunting was now becoming more audible and Jessica had hereyes shut tight while her boyfriend's cock invaded and retreatedover and over, the bodily sounds of their lovemaking also increasingin volume thanks to the buildup of lube in Jessica's love channel.

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  Little bro couldn't restrain himself any longer, stifling hisbreathing as he released his immature seed haphazardly on to thedoor, his hand and on to the rug below. He continued to watch, asMike had repositioned Jessica on the bed so that her head was layingon a pillow near the headboard and they were in a scissors position,Mike holding on to one of her legs. Jessica was going to cum again, her machine gun panting giving that fact away. as she felt Mikespearing her moist hole in a desperate attempt to unburden himselfinside of her. Little bro was now hard again and he reached for hiscock to try to rub the stiffness away. "Oh fuck Mike, oh God, I'mgoing to cum baby!" she agonized before the tidal power of herorgasm drowned her in her own passion. Little bro had never heardanything as musical as a woman in the throes of climax.

Mike rolled her over on her hands and knees and now little bro couldsee her butt in the air and Mike drilling the shit out her pussyfrom that vantage point, his pubic bone crashing against her asswith each unrelenting thrust. Little bro then saw the expression onbig bro's face and subsequently heard a strangled grunt before heunleashed a hurricane of semen inside of his girlfriend, her takingevery drop as naturally as you please, before they rolled over ontheir sides spent.

Little bro snuck off to go back downstairs and beat off with theimages he had just recorded in his mind. "Fuck, I want a hot Asianchick like Mike's got," he said to himself quietly whilst on hisback in his own bed, eventually plastering his bedsheets with whatwas left in his balls after the first jackoff session upstairs. Mikegot up, turned the light off, held Jessica in his arms and closedhis eyes while her pussy leaked his spunk on to what had been cleanbedsheets.

Mike was feeling better about their relationship over the past fewdays. He was a bit frustrated by how the physical aspect of theirlove life slowed down after school started. Now he was getting achance to get his sexual ya-yas out again.

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   He got up and tookJessica home so she could use the handicapped accessible showerthere. Back at the Alyea household, though, another package arrivedfor Mike. He grabbed it right off the doorstep after pulling intothe driveway and tossed it in his car.

Jessica was bouncing between guitars, taking in the different soniccharacteristics of their pickups, the way their necks felt in herlefthand, their body contours, etc. And each of them played likebutter when it came to racing up and down the neck thanks to thesetups they had received. Now she was going to no longer feellimited in what sounds she could get with the variety of instrumentsshe had available to her. She played a few Iron Maiden songs on theMurray and Smith signature axes and then noodled around on the Jem,checking out tablature of Steve Vai tunes to see if she couldperhaps pick up a lick or two. Her only lament was that in a fewdays, it would be back to the high school grindstone and too many ofher new guitars would go long periods with nobody picking them up asa result, which seemed a waste to her.

Mike called Jessica a few hours later, telling her to learn Kansas'"Carry On Wayward Son" and two unsung old Scorpions gems "Speedy'sComing" and "We'll Burn the Sky. " The first tune was an internetcollaboration they were doing and the singer for it would mix thesound and handle the processing of the raw video footage. The othertwo tunes they would do with the band and then upload them. Mikewould shoot Jessica's part on the first tune at her house. Mike alsowanted her to dress in the outfit she was wearing at the Halloweendance gig for all three videos and make it her trademark. Inaddition, Mike would do all the solos on "Speedy's Coming" andJessica would do them on "We'll Burn the Sky. " Moreover, she woulddo the Kerry Livgren guitar part on the Kansas opus.

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Jessica watched videos of Kansas to get a feel for how Livgren didhis part in the tune and then played through tabs on the net to geta general feel for the licks and riffs. Then she used her eartraining to put it all together and had it pretty much nailed bylunchtime the next day. She learned the progression and changes for"Speedy's Coming," a song that was also a favorite of Eddie VanHalen's back when his band was still slugging it out in the clubs onthe Sunset Strip, in a few hours. "We'll Burn the Sky" was a littlemore complicated if only because the way the guitars wereprocessed---what sounded like a fair amount of phasing andharmonizer on Uli Roth's lead breaks---made attaining the properfeel a little more laborious. Plus Uli was just a unique player tobegin with.

The following day, she and Mike were upstairs in the music room ofhis house after Mike had humped her Marshal half stack from herhouse. Mike brought in some extra lamps for more light for the videocamera, which was on a tripod in front of Mike's rig. Jessica wasattired all in leather with the studded choker, sunglasses andpolice hat. Mike put her on a stool and plugged her Strat in. Shewore Mike's IPOD with the tune on it because she couldn't have abacking track for this video. Mike started the camera and Jessicawaited for the song to come on to the IPOD. She commenced playingwhile Mike watched intently. The leather clad beauty was soonleaning and posturing as she could while balanced on the stool andmaking some guitar faces, too as she ripped out her part, includinga pair of solos at the end of the track.   "Sounded perfect to me,babe," he critiqued after she finished.

Mike then gave the box that had been delivered to him a few days agoto Jessica.

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   "What's this?" she wondered. There were two plasticwrapped items in it. She took out the smaller one, which contained apair of hard glassy balls. "What are these for?" she asked with abaffled expression on her face. "Those are benwa balls babe. Youkeep them in your pussy to help exercise the muscles there so youcan give my cock more pleasure when we have sex. I want you to startusing them for an hour a day to start and then gradually work yourway into being able to have them inside you for longer periods. "Okay," she said a bit uncertainly.

She then looked at the second package and it appeared to be clothes. She unsealed the wrapper and pulled them out. It was a pink kneelength skirt and vest combo. "These are cute," she began. "But Mike,you know I can't wear skirts. My legs. .

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  . " Mike cut her off. "Fucktoyis ordered to wear this with a white blouse and those white thighhigh stockings I gave you earlier," he sternly ordered. "Mastertakes pride in the appearance of his little Asian fucktoy and hewants fucktoy to do the same. We will go to the mall and buy fucktoya pair of heels to match her new outfit. Then you will wear it thefirst day back to school. "

"Why are you doing this, Master?" Jessica inquired. "Master is mostdispleased that fucktoy is ashamed of her handicap and won't displayher legs in public. In order for fucktoy to serve me as fully as shecan, she must be proud of who she is and live her life bravely. Doesfucktoy understand?" Jessica kind of stared at him blankly for aminute with a million thoughts running through her head. He wasright, she realized. It was also another sign of Mike's acceptanceof her totality as a human being, one that he wanted to help herdevelop for herself. She began crying. He lifted her out of herwheelchair and sat her down on the sofa and held her. "So doesfucktoy understand?" he repeated.

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   "Yes Master. Thank you Master,"she replied. "Fucktoy will continue crying until she feels likestopping. Do you understand, fucktoy? "Yes Master. Thank you Master"she gratefully rejoindered.

Once she was cried out, Mike said, "now fucktoy will listencarefully to Master's playing to ensure that he doesn't sound likeshit on You Tube. Does fucktoy understand?" Jessica giggled andanswered, "Yes Master. " Not that Mike needed to worry when herecorded Richard Williams' part, marked by chirpy little bits whereit sounds like he was using his pick and fingernail simultaneouslyon some of the notes, blazing through the song and, like Jessica,doing it in one take. Of course, before their one take. there werehours and hours of practice. "Fucktoy will now render her honestopinion of Master's playing," he said. "That was wonderful, Master. The other people we're collaborating with will be very pleased. ""Cool!" he enthused.

"Okay babe, let's hit the mall!" he insisted.


   They arrived there andJessica looked in the windows of the shoe stores to see if there wasanything she liked. Heads turned at the leather bedecked Asian chickin the wheelchair. She eventually selected a pair of white slip ontwo inch heels that Mike judged as "classy enough for my fucktoy. "complimenting her as choosing well. "Fucktoy will note that thisoutfit will not be the only one she will be told to wear that willshow her legs. " "Yes Master. "

After dinner, the other band members joined Mike and Jessica inMike's music room. Mike kicked into the song with a few waggles ofhis tremolo bar while he was backed by his bandmates' propulsiverhythm work and Travis belted out the vocal in front. It's a fairlybasic, short song, so they got through it without incident.

Now they turned to "We'll Burn the Sky. " Jessica opened it with aseries of dreamy, melodic arpeggios as Travis put an impassionedvocal on top and then Mike added subtle little sonic touches behindher. The intro was now over and they ratcheted it up to a loud,surging midtempo beat while Jessica did an emotion packed fill inthe run up to the next verse, where it went back to the slowarpeggio section before gearing up once more, Mike elicitingsustained but controlled feedback while Jessica slammed the stringshard to make the rhythm chunkier sounding. Then it slowed down andJessica capped off another little lead break with a swooning note. After a brief respite, she was into the long ending solo, choosingto change the version of Uli's solo he did on Scorps Tokyo Tapesrecord a bit by adding some sweeps to it and then unloading acombination of harmonizer tinged fast runs and wide vibratos,topping it off with a series of tremolo picked trills before theyended it.

"I think that's gonna get it," Dennis remarked.

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   "Yeah, I don't thinkwe're going to do much better than that.   Great performance on thesolos there Jessica," Mike praised. "Travis, your vocals justkilled, dude. " Mike then left the room, taking the camera with himso he could leave it next to his computer so he wouldn't forget toupload the footage. When he got back, they jammed and kibitzed for acouple of hours before calling it a night.

Mike saw everybody out and then returned to Jessica's side on thesofa. "Shit babe, you burned! Jessica giggled and said thanks andMike laid a long slow kiss on her, his nose smelling both theleather of her clothes and the scent of her hair. She looked up athim, her lefthand holding his right cheek and her cute little smilemaking his heart jump. He looked into those smoky brown, narrow eyesof hers and wondered to himself how anyone could possibly be sobeautiful. His eyes dropped to the white exposed skin between herneck and the top of her corset, which seemed to glow to him. Hiscock was trying to escape his pants as he took in this vision ofAsian loveliness.

He pulled her as tight against him as he could and thought tohimself that there would be a lot worse things than being frozen inthis hug for eternity. Jessica's lefthand reached out and unzippedhis pants and grasped his cock, extracting it out of itsimprisonment. "May fucktoy suck Master's cock?" she pleaded. "Godyes, fucktoy.

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  ," he moaned. She pulled his pants completely open andthen lay on her stomach, resting her upper body on his leg as hertongue snaked its way up and down his stiffness. Mike shivered whensaid tongue darted against the tip of his penis before she continuedto lick up and down his meat stick like it was an ice cream cone. She popped his cockhead between her soft lips and sucked like shewas going to sip out the contents of his balls that way. Unnhhhhhh,oh fuck, oh fuck," Mike reacted. Her mouth slowly and almosttortuously glided down down down his bone until she ran out ofspace, her throat compressing his cockhead and eliciting anotherlong moan out of him.

Jessica was doing this purely for Mike because it felt so good toplease him. His control of her made her feel safe and she wanted toreward him for increasing her sense of security. Her head was nowbobbing faster, the sensitivity of his dick growing with each tripher mouth made down to his balls. His breathing was markedlyshorter, which inspired Jessica to really turn up the fury of hersucking. That was all she wrote for Mike, as his cock cannonadedlong, hot strings of cum into her warm, moist yapper. She took careto keep her lips on the shaft so that the now way sensitive headwouldn't be overstimulated and cause Mike pain. When she determinedthat he had exhausted his ammo, she pulled off his cock, raised upinto a kneeling position, opened her mouth wide, held his cum on hertongue for about five seconds, and then disposed of it in herstomach.

"Fuck, god, that was a beautiful sight," Mike thought to himself. AnAsian goddess with my cum in her mouth.

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   Fuck yeah!" He put his cockback in his pants and invited Jessica to cuddle with him. "Master isvery happy with fucktoy right now," he let her know. "Your littleAsian fucktoy is happy that Master is gratified with her," shesmiled. They both laughed and sat there holding each other until itgot past 11 and it became time to take Jessica home.

It was Wednesday now and there were only five days left before theend of Christmas vacation. The rain of the previous few days hadceased, but left in its place a blustery, windy and gloomy forecast. Mike took Jessica out for lunch to a nice but not expensive Japaneserestaurant and they had a relaxing meal, Mike telling her that hethought that the past week was the happiest of their seven monthstogether. In fact, Mike said, that it was the happiest period of hisentire life because of all the time he was able to spend with herand the events of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Jessica respondedthat she was over the moon with how their relationship had shaped upas well as the bonanza she reaped on Christmas and Mike's hand in itwhile she fingered the diamond pendant that Mike had given her.

In her mind, Jessica looked back at the nearly expired year and howradically different the first five months were from the remainder. The emotional security and support Mike had lent her was making herfeel as if she had finally acquired some kind of firm stake in lifewhereas before she was largely just going through the motions. Whatshe had with Mike now seemed too good to be true, but she was goingto ride that pony for all she was worth for now until it threw heroff. .
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