The Babysitter, Three weeks later


It's been three weeks since Jean and I had the most wildest sex, but I can't get her out of my mind.   She's only 17, and was a virgin, but boy oh boy, virgins were never like that when I was 17.  
It was 3pm and I got off work early, my only thoughts were a beer, and maybe a cool shower.   Not necessarily in that order. I pulled up the drive and saw a baby-blue mustang parked where I normally park.   "Must be one of Becky's (my wife) friends over for a glass of tea and girl talk. " I thought.   I parked on the other side of the driveway so as not to block this friend's car.   I walked up the sidewalk and opened the door, to find the house quiet.   "Beck," I called.   No answer.   "Oh well," I thought.   Maybe her and her friend went shopping and took the kids with them, or maybe to the park. "  We have two small children; a boy and a girl.  
I went into the kitchen and pulled a beer from the fridge and popped the top as I started up the stairs.   I kicked my shoes off in front of the door; Becky hated when I did that, but hell I'll pick them up when I come back down.


    I pulled the tail of my shirt out of the waistband of my pants, and started undoing the buttons.   I stepped into the bathroom and unzipped and let my pants slide down and kicked them off, and reached inside my briefs and grabbed my pecker and aimed it at the toilet.   A stream of warm pee rushed into the water, and I shook it a couple of times to release the drip.   I pulled my briefs off and finished undressing and glanced at my tight chest and abs, and playfully flexed in the mirror before reaching for the shower door.  
"Nice. . . . " I heard.   I jumped with a startle, not realizing there could be someone else in the house with me.   I turned to see who was in the room, and there stood Jean.   She was wearing a white t-shirt and creme colored shorts.   I think they were the same one's she was wearing the night she babysit for us and we had sex in the backyard on the picnic table.   "Oh. .

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  . . Hi" I stuttered, I wasn't expecting anyone in here.   I was just gonna take a shower to cool down. "  "Why. . . I like you when you're HOT. . . " she giggled.   "mind IF I join you?"  Is that your car in the drive? I asked.   "Yeah, Mom bought it for me as an early graduation present so I get back and forth from State safely. " She started raising her t-shirt over her head exposing her hard tits to my watering mouth.   As I said earlier, I couldn't get the thoughts of a 17-year old tight virgin giving herself to me out of my mind, but here she was doing it again.

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    "Where's Becky,?" I asked "and the kids?"  "Becky called me to watch the kids, as she wanted to take a day at the spa, and I gave the kids a snack and put them down for a nap.   I was hoping you'd come home before her, as I have thought of nothing but you since our last time together, and remember, I promised you my ass. " 
She finished stripping off her shorts and panties and stood before me in the doorway of the bathroom.   I watched as she slid her clothes down her well-toned hips and then noticed that she had shaved all the pubic hairs from her cute snatch.   "LIKE?" she asked as she saw me looking at her.   "MMMMMM Love!" was all I could muster to say as my mouth began to water.   I pulled her forward and she wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed herself into my crotch, rubbing herself against my growing dick.   I opened the shower door and turned on the water, and pushed her into the stream.   We kissed while the water glissened off her firm breasts and the cool water made her nipples stand erect as I palmed each breast lifting them up and rolling them against her chest.   She run her hands down my back and pulled my crotch towards her  as she humped her hips against me.   She rubbed down my butt, and between my legs, and believe me it felt so good as Becky believed that an ass was something that was only for excreting the waste from the body.   Yes, Becky and I had a good sex life, but I couldn't get her experiment and sex was only a stress relief now that the kids were around.
I again wanted Jean's mouth wrapped around my cock, but I wanted her to want it also.   I took the bottle of liquid soap and squeezed a gererous amount in my palms and rubbed them together creating foam.   I started at her shoulders and worked the foam down her firm stomach.

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    I ran my fingers across her newly-shaved crotch and I must admit it felt wonderful.   She rocked her hips towards my fingers, but I just continued to rub her mound, squeezing the folds and rubbing back and forth towards her vaginal lips.    I ran my hands around her waist and across the hills of her buttocks, and slid a finger down towards her anus.   She drew in a breath, and I could tell she was enjoying this as much as I was.   I returned my fingers to her erect clit and pinched and pulled it, again acheiving a gasp of air from her mouth.   She smiled at me and kissed me again dancing her tongue across mine.  
I moved my hands back to her shoulders and pressed her down to a knelling position and she knelt on her knees knowing what I was after.   She grasped my cock firmly in her warm hand, pointed it at her mouth, and sunk me to my balls, swallowing me firmly in her throat.   I growled a low growl in my throat as her mouth was so soft and warm, and felt so good.   I laced my fingers in her hair and started rocking my hips bumping my balls against  her chin and my pubic bone against her nose.   She was making slurping sounds, and water was running over my chest down towards her face.   I turned some to keep the water from drowning her, and as I rubbed the sides of her cheecks I could feel the ridge of my cock head bumping in her cheecks.   This girl really knew what she was doing in the cock-sucking department.   I felt the first tingles of an impending burst of cum rushing up my rigid cock and I knew she was in for a flood of cum.   "I'm gonna cum.

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  . . . " I said looking down at her face.   "Good. . . . " was all she said.   She sucked harder making a suction as the streams of cum slid down her throat.   I turned the shower off and lead her out into the bedroom.   I draped a towel around my waist, and tossed her a couple of towels for her hair and body.   I grabbed my beer and finished it off, and told her I'd be right back.   I stepped into the hallway and went down the hall and opened the children's doors and looked in.   Each child was curled in a fetal position, and little Katey was sucking her thumb.

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    I stepped back into the hallway and picked up the phone, and called Becky's cellphone.   "Hi hun.   Just got home and Jean informed me that you were at the spa.   Enjoying?"  "Oh yesssss," she hissed into the phone.   Gonna be here probably another 45 minutes to an hour, you ok?"  "Oh yeah sure," I lied.   "The kids are napping and I'm just lounging around the house.   See you when you're done, Enjoy!"  "Oh I will and I hope you enjoy your free afternoon," she giggled.   "I'll stop and pick up some chinese when I'm done, Luv ya. "  "Luv you too.   See you then. "  I hung up the phone and stopped at the linen closet and grabbed a blanket and headed back into the bedroom.   Jean was just coming out of the bathroom and wrapping her hair in the towel.  
"What's that for?" she asked about the blanket I had under my arm.   "I'm gonna put it on the bed so there's no suspect material left on the bedsheets; and IF so, I can tell Becky that Katey spilled juice on the blankets, and I'm gonna take your ass virginity. .

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  . . . . that is IF you're still up to it?"  "Oh you devil," she giggled.   "you think of everything. "  She crawled upon the bed and wagged her tight ass in front of me.   My cock immediately sprung back to  it's ragging hardness state.   I stepped back into the bathroom and grabbed the bottle of baby oil that Becky used on Katey after her bath and poured some in my hand and started fisting my cock.   I stepped to the side of the bed where Jean was and rubbed the remainder of oil from my hand around her  ass muscle and took my finger and dipped it into her hole to the first knuckle.  
Her ass grabbed my finger and it seemed to suck it directly into it's depths.   She was so warm and tight, that my cock gave an approving tap against my belly.   I leaned into her bottom and stuck my nose and lips against her pussy and rubbed the tip of my tongue over her clit.   She pressed her hips back into my face, and gave an approving purr.   "OH TIM.

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  . . . . yes. . . . but I want you to fuck my ass!"  "Oh sweetie, that is my plan. " I answered.    I lined my cock up with her ass and pushed against her until just the head of my cock lodged where my finger was.   "OHHHHHHH, she gasped.   "I knew it was gonna feel good, but GOD, this feels wonderful!" she gasped as she thrust her hips back and impelled herself fully on my cock.   I pulled back and again slid smoothly back into her with the aid of the baby oil.   I grabbed her hips and began thrusting hard and strong making my balls slap against her hard globes of ass.

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    We were both beginning to sweat and the sweet sounds of my crotch slapping against her was sounding off the walls and we were both grunting like rutting pigs.   Jean was balancing on one arm, and was busy rubbing her clit between us, and the slouching sounds of her wet pussy were really turning me on.   I began to feel my balls tightening again, and I didn't want to cum just yet, but it hit me between the eyes like hitting a brick wall.   My jets of cum plumetted against the walls of her rectum and on the outward strokes air escaped making a 'farting' noise.   We both laughed and I slid out of her tight recesses.   She rolled to her back and I fell on top of her, kissing her lips and nose as we came back to earth from the blissful trip we just took.   I pushed myself up and stood, and turned to the dresser and retreived my shorts that I originally intended to change into when I first came home, and slid them up my nude hips.  I tucked my cock and balls into the side and turned and looked at Jean, who was still laying and breathing very deeply.   "You should probably get dressed and be going too," I warned her.   "Becky should be coming home soon. " 
Jean stood and went into the bathroom and picked up the clothes that she shed in the doorway and slipped them back on after going to the bathroom and brushing out her hair.   I hugged her and we kissed again, as she walked into the hallway.   I gathered up the blanket from the bed and straightened the covers on the bed, and returned the bottle of oil back into the bathroom.   I gave the room one last glance before I headed to the kids rooms and woke them up, kissing each one on the top of the head, and telling them that Mommy would be home soon.   Jean waved and blew me a kiss as she went out the front door and I noticed she skipped to her car and applied lip gloss on her firm lips as she waited for the car to idle down.

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    I took the kids down the stairs and put the blanket in the washer.  
Just about the time I exited the washroom Becky pulled up in the driveway.   She looked refreshed and shined like a new penny.   When she came in the house she came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my back and said, "Thanks for the afternoon, I really enjoyed it. "  I kissed her on the lips and smiled back at her and said "I did too!"   She asked me If Jean had been paid for the afternoon, and I assurred her that Jean had been paid very well, I told her that I even gave her a 'small bonus' for staying the whole afternoon, and I smiled smugly knowing the truth of the matter.
Jean is now going to State college, but she comes back every month to visit her mother, and stops in to see how the kids are doing.   Maybe I can convience Becky to have another day at the spa while Jean and I find ways to enjoy the afternoons, and maybe slip in a couple more bonuses!   
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