The Babysitter Trilogy, Part 1


She just walked away and laid onto the couch, carefully covering up her crotch as not to start anything. She flipped on the television and started watching. I decided to sit in my parent’s room for a while. I was looking in the closet for something to do when I found a box neatly hidden. Opening it up I saw porn magazines and videos. I flipped open the first one slightly. The pictures and poses started playing games with my mind. It looked so good. Then my body froze. I heard a floor board creak. Dropping the magazine and putting it back, I turned around to find it was just my imagination. I laughed a little and thought I should just go back out and sit down. When I got to the family room, Tiffany barely noticed me. She just looked for a brief second, smiled, and stared right back at the TV. This was probably a good thing since I had a small lump in my pants from the magazine incident. The pictures in my mind so vivid.

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   Well after some time, the shows on TV were getting more and more boring. Tiffany and I started talking. The whole time I stole glances at her chest as I thought about the magazine. I wondered what it would be like to do all that to her. To lick her private area in her crotch. Wonder what it would smell like, taste like, and feel like. I just got a little harder ever time I thought of it. Then as I looked at her bulging bra, her eyes met with mine. She gave a thin smile, and just kept looking at me. I thought I was in trouble. That soon changed. “Do you have a girlfriend?” she asked. “No. I’m only a 7th grader you know. Why would that be a concern?” “Well I think you could use one.

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   I bet everyone likes you. ” “Well do you have a boyfriend Miss I need to know everything?” She smiled at this, almost as if it were a game. “As a matter of fact I do. ” That’s when I really wondered what a girlfriend and boyfriend did. I knew they kissed and stuff and had a special bond, and loved each other. But really, it all seems boring in a way. “Well what do you two do?” I inquired. She gave me little look while slightly sticking her tongue out at me. I was really getting turned on by her body language. She just kept giggling and looking at me funny. She looked down a little, and then I saw it. A big bulge had formed in my pants. Just thinking of her. And now she caught me. But she kept talking! Just went on with what she was talking about.

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   She told me about how they hug each other and feel each other. All that stuff. Then I thought about her holding me. Her boobs pressing into me as she held on tight. Or just laying on her and feeling her butt on mine. After a while I broke out, “Well this is getting boring. ” She just laughed at me and threw a pillow. I wasn’t going to take that. I settled down a bit, but the next commercial break I launched my assault. I threw the pillow and jumped on the couch she was on, flipping the blanket over her head. I pushed her around a little, almost all I could do, and she just was laughing the whole time, as was I. I went back to my seat and watched her get untangled. She only put the blanket back over her chest and the pillow lay behind her. She gave me a funny look with her hair all frazzled. I smiled and slightly stuck my tongue out at her, like she did to me.

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   The show was back on so I watched a little more. I kept looking at her every now and then. She was enthralled with the glowing box, yet I felt her looking at me now and then too. One glance I took, my eyes finally caught it. Right there hot pink was her panties. Her skirt so short it stood out like the sun on a cloudy day. I was just stunned at the site; I could just make out her vagina lips, the nice sweet sight they were through the material. She obviously wasn’t wearing a thong. It was bikini style underwear, and I was rock hard at the sight. I quickly looked away as I grabbed a pillow to cover it up. She didn’t see my hard on but she saw the look on my face. Now she really liked it. The next commercial break she asked me to come over and we can cuddle or something. She said she was getting cold. I agreed, as it was getting cold in the house.

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   So I walked over to her. She had a smile like no other, it was almost saying come here and take me. I just got behind her, and stayed clear to make sure I didn’t touch her with my dick. I was there feeling the thin material of her top and feeling her back. The skin I could feel was so soft, so sexy. I looked down and saw her short skirt just begging to come off. I put my right arm on her right shoulder as she lay on her right side and but my left arm around her, a little lower than her stomach so my hand ended up by her skirt. It was so erotic, I almost cummed just sitting there. I was getting comfortable when without warning, Tiffany moved her butt back and started moving it toward my cock. To avoid the embarrassment of her feeling it or getting it wet in the process, I turned the opposite way, facing straight into the couch. She giggled a little then lay on her stomach. I thought it was over, and I thought wrong. She pulled me on her back, but I fell the other way than what she wanted me to. So she was on her stomach with us back to back. My butt was right on hers.

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       It felt so good. I decided after a minute or two to push my butt into hers just a little bit. She grinned every time. Luckily the blanket slightly shielded my dick from view. It was getting so late by now that the shows on TV were pointless. I eventually fell off tiffany and on to the floor where I stayed for about ten minutes. Then I heard her say softly, “What do you want to do now?” My mind was racing; I didn’t know what to say. I had been in a playful attitude all day, and so I thought about what to do. The lights were starting to burn my eyes since it was late, and the show we just watched had to do with sex (oh man, I was on horny boy). “Why don’t we play a board game?” “Do you think we’d have the attention to do that?” she asked jokingly. I knew what she meant and nodded slightly. “We need to do something to keep us awake,” she added with a breath. “We should play cops and robbers. That could be fun. We should at least run around the house.


      ” I saw her face start to take interest. “Here is an idea. Why don’t you go hide somewhere and I’ll try to find you, and when I do, you have to get away and run to the couch? If you make it back you win that round. ” I nodded in agreement, it would be something different. Then she added a twist. “Since we all have been here for a while, let’s do it in the dark with all the lights off. ” That was the way it was. I hid under my parent’s bed. It didn’t take her long to find me. She sat on the bed waiting for me to get out and escape. She tackled me before I took even two steps away. I pounded to the floor and I felt her boobs press into my back. My dick gave and immediate jump to that. I was getting really excited again. After a few pushes I got away.

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       I made it to the couch, after running into the wall, and tripping over a pillow trying to get away. Tiffany hit her shin on a table. “I think this time we should just run around. ” “Yeah,” agreed Tiffany,” it would be easier. ” Then she got a smirk on her face that made her look like she found a cure for cancer. “Why don’t we take our clothes off as we do it? I mean it’s not like we’ll be able to see each other. ” “I don’t know,” I said slowly, feeling uncomfortable about stripping down to nothing and running around in my younger body. “That seems weird, and I’m so young, I don’t think that’s stuff for me to do. ” “Don’t be silly,” she giggled as she gave me a little shove. How could I say no to this teenage beauty? “Here, we’ll have blankets in case we need to turn the lights on. ” “Oh, OK,” I moaned, “but this better be fun. ” She gave a little wink and we started turning off the lights and closing windows to block out the street lights. I was getting excited, just me and her running around naked. Thinking about it almost made my collapse with the picture in my mind. We finally had the lights all off, and I was ready to begin.

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       Tiffany gave a little lets go, and we started. I didn’t really look at her. Instead I concentrated on getting my clothes off. That’s when I was doubting it again. I protested to her. “Then just run in your underwear,” she said. So I tore off my shorts and in the blink of an eye, I was pulling off my shirt. My socks were the last to go, flying over behind the couch. I could tell Tiffany was already naked. She must have done this before. She let out a little shriek of excitement and took off. She danced right by me and set her pink panties on my head. My cock was getting hard again. I threw the panties back on the floor and ran in the opposite direction of Tiffany. I ran through the hall I knew so well.

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       I ran in circles in my parent’s room, yet I felt something constricting me. I knew what it was at once. I was too nervous before to take off my underwear. Taking off my briefs I ran back through the hallway, my balls bouncing, and the slight breeze on them. It tingled a little for I never felt this free. I just kept moving and then I tripped on the couch at the end of the hallway. I feel on it feeling the cold leather against my balls and my dick made me harder. Just being naked, like I was naturally, made me feel good. “Yoo hoo!” howled Tiffany. That’s when I remembered I wasn’t the only naked one. Tiffany had stopped dead in the center of the room. “Come catch me,” she cried as she went down the hall to my parent’s room once again. I followed as fast as I could but we ran into each other. Not at full speed but we knew each other was there. She wanted to put the lights on, but first we got on a blanket.


       I was standing in the hall when she turned the light on. I looked at the clock. We had been running around for 15 minutes now. Then I saw her, and she looked sexier than ever. Standing right before my was Tiffany, clutching a blanket around her body. She was red in the face from running, and she was hot. I swore I felt her body heat. “Isn’t this fun?” she questioned. I nodded in response. I really enjoyed her ideas. “You know, I was wondering, if I showed you my tits, would you show my your cock?” I didn’t know what to make of this. My dick said yes by jumping to attention once again. “Your tits? And my cock?” “Yeah your dick.
      Or your cock. You don’t know what your cock is? You’re in middle school! You should know this stuff!” “Sorry.

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         I guess I’m not into that wording. ” “Well then you have some stuff to learn,” she cried. “That bulge in your blanket is your cock, OK?” I gave her a yes. “Good. Now these aren’t my boobs,” she said rubbing her chest, “these are my tits. You got that?” I said yes again. “Now down here,” she said rubbing her crotch,” is my pussy. ” I nodded with a little grin. “Ok then, show me your cock,” she demanded. So without anything to lose, I slowly parted the blanket to show my hard 7 inch cock. She just looked at my face with awe. “Wow! That looks pretty long for your age there buddy!” I blushed, putting it back in the blanket. She said no and opened the blanket back up. She just looked at it. “I believe we had a deal,” I piped up.

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         “Show me your boobs…I mean tits Tiffany. ” She smiled and let the top half of your body show, little by little. Eventually it came down to her areolas followed by her nipples. They were erect and pointing straight at me. She mentioned she wore a 36C, and that meant they were perfect for me. They were surprisingly full and alive. They stood there, amazingly young, bouncy, and firm. I reached out a hand to touch, but she slapped it away. Giving her a disappointing look, she held up her index finger saying no. Upset I turned away, and she simply turned off the light. I ran toward her and jumped, trying to get a handful of that tit. Since she was tall, she got me out of they way. I jumped again, and she moved, now making it a game. However, I became frustrated. Then I got an idea.

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         I jumped towards her pushing her toward the couch. She didn’t notice the direction but just jumped back, giggling with delight. I jolted toward her again, yet she didn’t notice. I jumped on more time and she gave a little hop before tripping over the arm of the couch, just as I had such a long time ago. I didn’t let her recover. I took after her, and started to grab at her chest, and yet she deflected my arms. There I was laying on her, my cock hard on her chest. It sat on her stomach like a lion waiting to pounce on its prey. Finally I got her hands pinned at her sides when we finally realized the position we were in. The worst part was I couldn’t see anything. I really wanted to see her tits again. I shouldn’t have went for them. However, she was just looking at me right now, I could sense it. Finding a chance, I went for it. I took her left boob and placed my palm right on her nipple and let my other fingers fall around.

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         The firm, and soft skin make my cock jump. “Oh Matt, don’t do that,” moaned Tiffany after a while. “We could get in trouble. ” I didn’t care. I took my other hand away and started to run the other tit. I met no resistance. It seemed she always wanted to do this. I finally felt tits. I just loved them folding, moving in my hands. It brought me suck joy. Though my hands were satisfied, my cock wasn’t. I mean my hands usually make my cock happy, but now I found tits for that. I was drooling on her tits, literally. Making it so wet, and my precum was getting all over. I felt it was time.

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         I put my hands on her shoulders and placed my cock in between her tits. I pushed her tits around my cock and started to move inside and out, back and forth. Tiffany felt this, could imagine it, and she moved her hand down to her pussy. I still hadn’t seen it, but I didn’t care. All I cared was I didn’t only touch Tiffany’s young tits, I was fucking them. Every time I pushed my cock in between those wonderful boobs, I grunted, which made Tiffany even more excited. I kept going as fast as I could, and I could feel Tiffany’s hand rubbing herself very fast. She was feeling her pussy, making it feel good with her hands. She was moaning. I felt her squirming underneath me. I could feel her body shake, her muscles tighten. That’s when it happened. Tiffany was screaming, yelling, howling my name. She shook a lot and her breathing was fast but deep. She was vibrating so much I could barely keep on her tits.

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         She screamed and moved her hips. The sounds made me feel so good, I felt my balls coil up. My muscles were moving just like hers had, and now I was on the edge. I shook a little, and groaned as my cock tightened. Then I cummed. The cum shot all over her tits and hit Tiffany around the chin. She moved up to get another spurt right on her lips, in her mouth. She was calming down but after a couple more spurts of cum, I collapsed right on her chest. Her tits on my body, so warm from my cum now dripping off. I was so tired, cum leaking from my cock, I forgot what else happened. I remember laying there, in my own cum on Tiffany’s chest for a while. It took her a long time to get up. She took me to the shower, washed us both off, then sent me to bed. The looked at my with a look of excitement, of love. I whispered to her,” I love you.


         I want you to babysit again. ” She just smiled, bent over, and kissed me on the lips. I still tasted some of my cum in her mouth. I was just so relaxed, so happy. “Goodnight,” whispered Tiffany. Then she got up, and I fell asleep…….

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