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“I can wait a few minutes” I replied looking at my watch. I followed Marie into the living room and sat down in one of the chairs. Marie sat down opposite me. “Would you like coffee or tea?” She inquired. “No thanks, how’s that school of yours. Saint Catherine’s isn’t it?” I asked remembering that Jason had said his daughter attended a very exclusive catholic school. “It’s very good, thank you” She replied again. Just then the phone rang and Marie got up to answer it. As she left I began to wonder what kind of body she had under those dumpy clothes. It’d been almost two months since I’d last had sex and idle thoughts of fucking a little catholic schoolgirl was making my dick twitch. Soon Marie returned dragging me away from my speculation. “I’m sorry Mr Peterson, Dad has got delayed, he and Mom have met some friends and they’re going out for dinner. He said he’d see you Monday or that if was really important you could leave a message with me. ” She passed on her father’s words. . I looked at Marie wondering again what she’d look like out of her loose fitting clothes.

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   A wicked thought ran through my head. If she thought her Dad was in trouble exactly what would she do to help him? It was worth a try!“You should sit down for this, it’s very bad news but I think you should know” I said in serious tones. Marie sat down looking at me apprehensively. “I’m sorry to say that your father has been embezzling the company. So far he’s stolen almost half a million dollars from the pension fund. I came here to tell him I know and that I’m going to inform the authorities first thing Monday. As he’s my friend I felt I owed him a couple of days to get his affairs sorted out. ” I said. Marie looked up in shock, “Embezzling? You mean he stole from the company? I don’t believe it! Why would he!”“I’m sorry Marie but it’s true, I found the records on the computer today. He’s being using company money to pay the mortgage on the house, the car payments even your school fees. He’s been doing it for nearly 3 years now” I said“W-What’ll happen now?” She wailed, “What’ll happen to us?”“Well you’re dad could get as much as 10 years in jail, he’ll lose the house and the cars and you’ll have to go to a public school instead of your fancy catholic one, it won’t be pretty” I said, watching her expression as I announced the destruction of her nice safe world. Marie collapsed with her face in her hands sobs wracking her body. In two minutes her whole world had collapsed and she was distraught. “Don’t cry, don’t cry,” I said sitting down beside her and putting an arm around her shoulders “maybe it won’t be so bad, maybe your Moms job will pay the mortgage for the house. ”“Mom doesn’t work! How could he do it! My whole life is ruined! Please is there anything we can do! Is there anyway that we can save Dad!” She babbled.

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  I sat still for a second with my arms around her convulsing body. “Well I am the only one that knows and I could delete the computer records…”“Could you! Will you please do that? Please?” She begged. “I don’t know, I’d get a large reward for turning your Dad in, what can you offer me instead? I know your Dad doesn’t have a lot of money. I don’t think there’s anything he could give me” I said. “Please there must be something! Anything! “ She begged. “Welll, maybe there’s one thing you could give me that would do” I said putting a hand on her thigh and squeezing lightly. “Umm… what do you mean? What do you want?” she asked already fearing the answer. “You my dear, you. All you have to do is sleep with me and I’ll forget all I found and delete it from the computers in work. “ I said continuing to stroke her thigh and looking straight into her eyes. “No! Anything but that! You can forget it!” she said standing up “Ugh! You shouldn’t do that until your married or you go to hell!”“Fine! “ I said also standing up “ I hope your father enjoys prison because I’m leaving here and going straight to the cops. A couple of hours of your time could have saved him but you’re too selfish!”I strode towards the door hoping that she’d call me back. “A…A…Alright… I’ll do it” came a quite voice from behind me. “Are you sure about this? Because once we start there’s no going back!” I said turning around. “I’m sure.

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   “ she said standing before me with a determined look on her face. “O. K you can lead the way to your bedroom, and then the fun can begin” I announced. Marie turned and walked towards the stairs and I followed anticipating what I’d make this teen do. I was looking forward to the next few hours. It was nearly six and her folks wouldn’t be home until ten at the earliest. Marie turned into a room; I followed closing the door behind us. I looked around. The room was small with a single bed. There were a few dolls on the bed and a small cross was over the dresser. I brought my eyes back to the object of my desire. Marie stood with her hands held in front of her looking apprehensively at me. “O. K Marie, strip down to your undies and do it quick! I want to see what those baggy clothes are hiding” I said sitting on a stool by the door. Marie nodded and sat on the edge of the bed.

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   She reached down and untied her shoes removing each one and then rolling off her socks. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse from top to bottom before taking a deep breath and slipping it off. She then stood up and unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor. She stood there with her arms by her side refusing to look at me. I looked on appreciatively her white bra and panties could do nothing to hide her charms. Her breasts were large spilling over her bra that was at least a couple of sizes too small for her. Her waist was small and her hips and her thighs were shapely. Her skin was pale and flawless I was delighted with what was displayed before me. “Very nice Marie, why are you hiding such a beautiful body? You are a very good-looking girl. Now take off your bra and panties and let me have a good look at you. ” I instructed. Still refusing to look at me or reply Marie slowly complied. She reached behind her and unclasped her bra; she slid the white cotton material slowly and reluctantly off her shoulders baring her beautiful breasts to my eyes. They were at least a C cup and hardly sagged at all, they jutted out proudly topped by small aureoles and long nipples. I liked my lips in anticipation.

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  She sat back on the bed and slipped her thumbs into the waistband on her panties. She closed her eyes and with a look of determination on her face she slipped them down over her legs revealing a small thatch of curly red hair atop a gorgeous pussy. My dick nearly leapt out of my pants at the sight. “Very nice Marie, very nice. I’m going to enjoy this and you never know you might enjoy it yourself!” I said smiling. “Just get it over with!” she said still refusing to look at me. I got up and sat down beside her “Oh there’s no need to hurry this we’ve got plenty of time”“O. K. kiss me” I instructed. She turned her face to me and pursed her lips keeping her eyes closed. I grabbed the nape of her neck and mashed my lips against hers, I forced her mouth open and darted my tongue between her lips. Her eyes opened briefly in surprise and then she closed them tightly again. As I kissed her I let my other hand wander over her bare skin. I stroked her side and stomach slowly bring my hand towards her breast. I cupped one tit and slowly and gently kneaded her breast feeling her nipple begin to harden beneath my palm.

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   My cock was rock hard now so I decide to get rid of my own clothes. I quickly stripped off. My body was pretty good for a man in his forties, my stomach was flat and I’d kept myself fit. My pride and joy was a thick 8” cock. I’d pleased many a woman with this monster. Marie kept her eyes closed refusing to look at me. “O. K Marie, give me a blowjob” I instructed hoping that the crudeness would shock her. “A… A… . A…. what? “ She stammered her eyes flying open to catch sight of my cock. “Put my cock in your mouth and suck it!” I said certain that a girl her age knew exactly what I meant. She got up and walked over to me and knelt down in front of me. She looked sick as she grabbed old of my cock with one hand and placed her mouth over the end of it. She looked scared and licked her lips.

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   She closed her eyes and put my cock in her mouth and slowly she began to suck on my dick. I stroked her hair as I slowly rocked my hips back and forward revelling in the velvety softness of her mouth. Marie kept her eyes closed as she sucked my dick. And the sight was very erotic making my cock even harder. “O. K that’s enough, go over and lie on the bed and I’ll reciprocate” I commanded looking forward to tasting her pussy. Still refusing to open her eyes or speak Marie complied and lay on the bed. Her breast lost none of their shape and her nipples stood up proudly. I got down beside her and began to kiss her neck. I slowly kissed down along her body kissing her throat and the top of each breast. I moved lower kissing her stomach I poked my tongue into her belly button and kissed lower towards her downy curls that topped her pussy but stopped just short. I moved down to her toes taking first her right toes and then her left into my mouth and sucking gently. I kissed the soles of her feet and then kissed her calves and shins. I crawled up between her legs kissing her thighs inching slowly up towards those pussy lips. I kissed her inner thigh and I felt a tremor go through Marie’s body.

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   Again I stopped short of her pussy and moved up to her breasts I kissed the hollow between her breasts keeping my weight off her with my arms. I slowly trailed my tongue towards a waiting nipple. I licked around the nipple and then slowly sucked it into my mouth. I twirled my tongue around it feeling her nipple harden. I moved quickly to her other nipple giving the abandoned one rough comfort with my fingers as I twirled it between my thumb and finger. I sucked hard on her nipple feeling it get hard in my mouth. I bit it gently eliciting an involuntary gasp from Marie. I swapped nipples again sucking hard and biting gently on each one in turn. Marie kept her eyes closed but her face was getting flushed. I lowered my head down between her legs and began to kiss her inner thighs again. I slowly kissed and licked at her thighs trailing my tongue towards her pussy. I placed my tongue at the bottom of her pussy lips and licked up along her pussys length feeling it open underneath my ministrations. I slowly licked deeper into her pussy forcing more of my tongue between the lips. I then sucked hard at her pussy tasting her sweet juices. I lifted her thighs either side of my head and redoubled my efforts darting my tongue between those luscious lips.

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  My efforts soon caused her clit to protrude slightly from it’s hood and I immediately attacked it with my tongue. I felt a shudder go through Marie at the first touch of my tongue on her clit and I immediately began to suck at the little nodule sending waves of feeling through her pussy. I sucked on her clit hard drawing it between my lips and I began to nibble gently.
    Immediately Marie began to thrash about and whimper her hands gripped the sheets and her she shook her head from side to side keeping her eyes tightly closed. I continued my efforts trying to make her cum against her will. Suddenly her body arched and her juices flowed as she came, soaking my face. She moaned as the orgasm surged through her body, unable to keep silent. “Good girl Marie, “ I said wiping my face with a sheet ”I told you that you might enjoy yourself”. Marie’s eyes where wide in shock and she was breathing heavy, her breasts rising and falling rhythmically. Her face was flushed and her mouth was opening and closing soundlessly. I climbed up along her body to kiss her inviting mouth. I kissed her deeply drawing her tongue into my mouth. As I did I lowered one hand towards her pussy slowly stroking down through the soft curls and with one questing digit I sought entrance to her pussy. I dipped my finger into her pussy slowly stroking her clit and worked my finger along her slit. I kissed away any attempt at a protest and let my finger slide into her pussy.

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       I was delighted to find my finger blocked as I tried to enter further. She was a virgin!“So Marie, you really have been a good girl, well I’ll see what I can do to change that. You’ll soon realise bad girls have more fun” I chortled. I positioned myself between her legs with my dick resting on her stomach. I kissed her again and rubbed her breasts. “Now Marie, take my cock and place the head between your pussy lips, remember if you refuse me your dad’ll end up in jail!” I commanded. Marie bit her lip and I felt her small hand move down my body to find my rock hard cock. She fumbled the head of my cock just within her pussy lips and looked away from me. “Look at me!” I commanded, “Look into my eyes”. Reluctantly Marie complied, turning her head and looking at me. “Good, now put your hands on my ass and tell my you want to be fucked!”I felt Marie’s small hands on the cheeks of my ass. Tears welled up in her eyes ash she looked at me. “I…I…I want to be F. . Fu… Fucked” Marie stammered as a single tear trickled down her cheek.


      With that I slowly pushed forward felling the head of my cock push into her pussy. Soon I felt the obstruction of her hymen blocking my cock. I pulled back and slowly pushed forward again. I repeated this just moving an inch back and forward. Marie bit her lip but kept her eyes locked on mine as instructed. Suddenly I thrust forward hard, breaching her virgin barrier. Marie’s head whipped back as she cried aloud as she felt her virginity ripped from her by my cock. “Araghhhhhh! No! Stop! It’s too big! Please stop! “ She yelled. I ignored her pleas and slowly pushed forward burying myself to the balls. I remained still for a while enjoying the feeling from her tight cunt wrapped around my rock hard cock. Soon Marie quietened as her vaginal muscles stretched and relaxed to accommodate me. I looked into her tear-streaked face and slowly withdrew my cock nearly its entire length. I slowly pushed forward again and Marie moaned as I filled her pussy again. I kept up the slow long strokes feeling her pussy get wetter as it responded to the invader within it’s folds. I reached back and lifted Marie’s legs pushing her thighs back against her breasts.

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       I increased my tempo plunging deeper and deeper into Marie’s pussy. I kissed her hard and continued to piston in and out her pussy. She was very wet; mixtures of her own juices and the blood form her ruptured hymen allowing my cock to move easily within her. Marie was moaning with each forward thrust of my cock and her hips more moving involuntary to meet each thrust. I released Marie’s legs and withdrew my cock from her pussy. Against her will she moaned in frustration as she felt my cock leave. “Don’t worry Marie, it’s only temporary! Get on your hands and knees quickly! Then tell me you want it doggy style!” I instructed. Marie hurriedly complied and looked over her shoulder at me, she blushed deep red and did as I instructed “ I. . I. . I want it doggy style!” I complied and climbed up behind her and with one thrust I buried my cock in her waiting pussy. I reached around to play with her tits, pulling on her nipples and roughly kneading them I pounded my cock in and out our thighs slapping together as I plunged into her depths. Marie moaned with each forward thrust and I grunted in response. I stopped again as I was getting close and I wanted to see her face as I came in her.

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       I told Marie to lie across the bed face up. She complied and I grabbed her legs holding them against my shoulders. I lifted her hips and plunged my cock into her now willing pussy. I alternated my tempo between short fast strokes and long slow ones. The constantly changing pace was driving her body crazy. I leaned forward to kiss Marie and lightly pinched her nipples. Marie was moaning loudly and looked flushed. She was getting close. I increased my tempo and the length of my strokes leaning forward and pushing her legs against her body. My cock seemed to be disappearing into her tight twat as all eight inches flashed in and out between her luscious lips. Suddenly Marie’s body convulsed as she came violently, her eyes rolled up in her head and her hands grabbed the sheet and tried to tear it from the bed. She screamed as she came an inarticulate sound of pure pleasure. The tremors in her pussy set me off and I shot long thick jets of spunk deep within her womb. I groaned in delight continuing to thrust as she milked every drop from my cock. I stood breathing heavily with my cock still within her pussy as Marie slowly recovered.

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       She blushed as she realised what had happened. I stepped back and my cock left her pussy, her juices and slight traces of blood on my dick testimony to her ravishment. I sat back on the stool by the door to catch my breath. “Thank you Marie, I think that you have just saved your fathers job and unless I’m very much mistake you enjoyed it immensely. ” I saidMarie looked up from where she lay spunk and blood dribbling from her pussy “ Yes I think I did” she said smiling. As always comments and critisism are welcome. This is an original work of fiction. . has the long list of girls and escort agencies in Brussels!

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