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It was my friend seans birthday,and he was turning 18. He was having an awsome party,that I had to sneak out of the house to go to,because I myself was only fourteen. I had always liked sean,he was the sweetest boy I've ever met,we've always had this small sexual tension between us. . . . I arrived at the party at about nine,I made sure my makeup and clothes and hair looked amazing [of course what every girl would do]. I walked in and wanted to find the birthday boy,moments later I felt arms wrap around me from behinde,it was sean. His arms crossed over my almost C cup breats and he held me tight. I turned around and gave him a hug,making sure he felt my tits smash up against his own chest. "I'm sorry little girl are you lost?" sean said jokingly I teasingly pushed him "just because I'm the youngest here doesn't make me anyless important". Sean laughed and walked away to greet two more guests that had just arrived,both girls,I noticed he didn't hug them like he did to me the moment he saw me,this deffinantly made me happy. I walked in a bathroom to freshen up from all the dancing I had been doing,but to my surprise when I opened the door,I found a couple,the girl had her pants down and the guy was eating her pussy,I stood there,staring,I wondered how great that must of felt [all I've done was masturbate] I felt myself get wet as the girl moaned,"excuse us? But this isn't some show,now get out" the girl yelled as she slamed the door in my face. I was so embarresed and wanted to hide the rest of the night,so I crept up to seans room,I knew he wouldn't mind if I took a nap. I got to his small room and sat on his bed,I layed down and could smell the detergent from his comforter,I was almost asleep when the image of that girl and guy popped in my head,my panties were drenched with my juices,I needed to mastubate,I just had to,I felt my hand hover over my left breast I slid my bra off but kept my top on,just incase someone came in I'd be ready to pretend to be asleep. I felt my nippels harden through the thin fabric of my tank top,I pinched both of my nippels,then slowley took off my extremly wet panties.


   I spred my legs far apart and could feel a breeze that tickeld my pussy. I took a deep breath and put my finger on my erect clit and moved up and down over it "oooooooh" a moan slipped out. I pulled the top part of my top down,so it was still on my but my tits bounced about freely,I liked my tits and it turned me on looking at them,they were round and a nice size with pink little spots in the middle of them,I started groping my tits "yesss ohhh yeahh--- "what the hell?" OH SHIT,it was sean he had walked in my legs spread open,my tits fully exposed. I knew he'd yell I wanted to get out of there,"you look very beautiful like that you no?. . I could see a painting like this in a museum or something" sean said while walking to his desk and sitting at the chair,turning it to face me. "I'm so sorry. . this is embarrasing" I was so ashamed. "Its fine people get horny,I can get that,you have a very lovley set of tits,not trying to sound like a total pig or anything" did sean just say that? I thought to myself. "No no its a nice complement. . . " he smiled and stared at me,not just my boobs,but he was looking at my face,I liked that. I was still extremly horny,and sean pulled his chair up right next to the bed,I didn't even feel like covering my breasts,he saw them,and liked them might as well keep em' out there.

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   Then to my suprised he took one of his fingers and stared circeling the verrry tip of my nipple,barley touching it "I didn't mean to disturb your naughty little performance" he said now lightly pinching my left nipple. I was so shocked he was doing this "uhh mhm its uh mmmm" I couldn't even speak because what he was doing felt so good even though he was only playing with one nipple "you like that? Don't you?" sean said while still piching my nipple "uhhhhuhh" I muttered. Still seated in his chair he bent his head down and touched his tounge to my nipple and swished his tounge over it. He lifted his head,"you're 14 and I don't want this to seem wrong to you. . . . . " no no its fine do you no how lucky I am to have a totally hot 18 year old playing with my tits right now?". . . "hmm about as lucky as me to have a stunning girl laying on my bed " he began sucking again,and switched nipples. I looked at seans pants,his cock was hard. "Awww is someone excited?" I pointed at his hard-on while giggling "oh I want to tittyfuck you soooo bad" sean murmerd "uhh what's that?" my cheeks got red from embarasment at this question. .

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  . . sean took his pants off and then his boxers his cock was about 7 maybe a bit more inches it looked so perfect for me "don't be nervouse kay?" sean said while sitting on my uper stomache,he placed he throbbong cock inbetween my tits and held my tits together as he pumped his cock "ohhh fuckkk baby mmmm yeahhh" I layed their while he moaned it felt good to my surprise and I moaned "seannn oh god fuck me! Fuck me!!!!!!" " Don't worry sweetie by the end of tonight ill have fucked you in ways undescribable" sean said and started to kiss me his tounge gently pushing in my mouth "iv wanted this for so long" I said. . . . . . . . . . To be continued. . if you all liked it.

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