The Curvy Girl From the Movie Theater


I had been out the country for nearly two weeks. And being out of the country puts you away from most entertainment in your own country. So, in this two week absence of mine I had missed the premiere and almost entire theater run of this movie I wanted to see. By the time I had gotten back, all my friends had already seen this movie and it was on its out way of the theater where it was playing. So, I went to what was probably going to be its last showing, it started at 10:35 PM. I showed up to the theater probably 10 minutes prior to the start of the movie. I walked up to the box office and to a pleasant surprise. A girl from my school named Mallorie was selling tickets. She was the only one working, I made some crack about her looking alone behind the counter and she told me I would be alone in the theater too, I was the only one who bought a ticket. I told her she could join me anytime she wanted. She smiled and we parted. As I walked toward the smaller room where the movie I was showing I thought about how badly I wanted to fuck Mallorie, deep down. I think she caught sort of a bad rep at school, because she was one of the girls that always seemed to have her thong hanging out and if that happens too many times everyone starts to rule that girl a slut, but it didn’t bother me at all and I was sure there was a sexy thong waiting underneath her work pants that very second.
Apart from just her thongs turning me on, Mallorie had a lovely, shapely body with great round tits and a massive, beautiful ass that pushed her jeans around like waves to a sand castle. She was blonde, with blue eyes and red cheeks; they all worked in her favor. Even the uniform the movie theater made her wear worked in her favor.

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   The red polo left almost everything to the imagination, but thinking about her tits underneath that shirt was almost half the fun. And the skin tight, black pants she wore were utterly sexy and I knew there was an itty-bitty thong waiting for me underneath them.
So, just as Mallorie had told me, I was the only one in the theater. I sat up toward the corner of the stadium seating, even though I had the whole theater to myself. I was probably 30 minutes into the movie when I saw Mallorie poke her head around the corner. She was just about to pull her head back when I called out to her.
“Hey! Come up here. ” I said in a half whisper, half shout.
“Hey, I just got cut, so I thought I’d take you up on the movie offer. ”
“Beautiful. ”
We sat there for awhile in silence watching the movie, and then we started the little movements that eventually turned into holding hands. Then, our holding hands turned into the arms rest coming up and her resting her head on my shoulder, which then turned into me holding up her chin for a kiss, which quickly turned into us making out; making out that promptly turned to furious kissing. My hand shot between her thighs and hers between mine, I could feel her getting wet through her insanely tight pants and she could no doubt feel how hard I was getting.
“You know, no one is going to come and check on us here. We’re going to be alone until the movie is over.

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  ” She told me.
“Well, what would you like to do then, Miss?” I asked.
After hearing this she promptly got on her knees by seat, took off her work shirt, exposing her big, beautiful tits covered by her tiny white bra. “Unbutton your pants. ” She told me.
“Gladly,” I said.
And then no sooner had I undone my belt and pants she was pulling them to my ankles, along with my underwear to my ankles. “You’ve got a great dick,” she told me, as she gave it a huge, full tongue lick from the base to the tip. She continued to lap my entire shaft, expelling all of her spit onto my cock so as to lube it up for later. When she seemed to feel it was properly dripping with her spit she worked her way up to the tip and took me into her mouth. Her head fell up on down along my cock like a theme park ride, her warm, wet mouth glided along the whole way fluently. This girl could really suck a cock. She was bringing it to the back of her throat, getting it dripping wet, and never forgot to give my balls a nice swipe with her tongue. I hadn’t gotten head like this in ages and I never wanted it to end, I grabbed the back of her head, which I rarely do and I tugged her down further, so that my cock would take the journey further down her throat, she moaned along with every bob of her head. I was about to explode, but I knew I couldn’t.

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   I knew she wanted to get fucked, and I didn’t want to deny her of that.
“You want to fuck, don’t you?” I asked her, plainly.
“Yeah, real bad. ”
“Take off your fucking pants. ”
She stood up and undid the front of her pants, and then she paused. “Do you want to see the front, or the back?” She said in her most smolderingly slutty voice.
“Back. Of course,” I told her.
She heard this and turned her back to me, pushing her huge, still pant covered ass in my face. I gave it a little slap. Then, she slowly started to bring her pants down. I could see the top of her tiny white g-string that I had been waiting for, and then before long her entire round, “phat” ass was exposed and it looked lovely right in my face. This time I gave it a big slap and watched it giggle all around her cheeks and near the top of her thighs.
“You’ve got the best ass, Mallorie. Really, genuinely fuckable.

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She giggled and ran her hand all around it, and then reached for her panties as if to pull them down. “No, no, no. ” I told her. “Leave them on for a second. ”
She giggled again. “Ok,” she said.
I took in a few more seconds of gazing at her ass and licked all the way up one of her cheeks. It tasted just like I wanted it to. I pulled the string of her panties to the side, exposing her pussy and asshole. Another lovely sight. I spread her cheeks and took another long lick upwards, this time getting to taste her wet pussy and her asshole. It was time to fuck. I grabbed hold of my cock and told her to sit back. I held her panties to the side and she spread her own cheeks as she slowly rocked her massive ass down on top of my painfully erect cock. This was the perfect way to get inside of her.

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   Her hot little pussy wrapped around my cock and swallowed every inch until it was like she was sitting on my lap. It was no sooner that she got to the base of my cock that she took matters into her own hands and started to bounce and rock herself up and down on my cock. The shine from the screen silhouetted her curvy frame perfectly and she looked so good getting fucked in the dark. Every time her ass hit my thighs it shook around like a water balloon that wouldn’t pop. Every time she got the full of my cock in her she let out a little gasp and then took in what sounded almost like an angry breath as she went to its tip. We continued to fuck like this until I could tell in her lack of speed that she was getting tired. I took the initiative this time and I told her I was ready to fuck her. We both stood up and she undid her bra as well letting her breasts. “You’ll love how they swing around,” she told me.
“Bend over,” is all I replied with.
She bent one leg and rested it on the seats next us and stood up with the other, I assumed my position behind her and told her that I wanted to see her spread her sexy cheeks for me again. She obliged and opened the passageway to a treasure chest of lust. I grabbed hold of my cock and rammed into her pussy quickly and deliberately, this was no time for soft fucking. I had absorbed all of her energy from our first position’s romp and exploded into her like a train. I slammed into her ass again and again, making her ass shake around like bouncing basketballs.

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   They would separate on impact and then almost wrap themselves around my cock every time I pulled back. She moaned and inhaled sexually, and deeply. I reached my hand around her waist to play with her clit as I pounded into her. Her knees began to buckle and her hips began to go into fits, seemingly. She pushed her ass back toward me every time that I would thrust my hips forward. I abandoned her clit and used both of my hands to squeeze her ass and hips. I told her I was ready to explode in her pussy. She told me no, that she wanted me to cum on her face while she rubbed the cum out of her clit.
“I’m really close, let’s do it now. ” She told me. So, I pulled out quickly as she turned around and got on her knees. I let her get her fingers into her pussy before I pushed my cock out toward her face. She used her bare hand to grab hold of my dick while she went back to work on it just like before. It was so wet, so sloppy, and so sexy watching her lips massage my dick. She pulled my dick out for a second to tell me, “Oh, fuck.

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   I’m close, I’m gonna cum. ” She rubbed away at her cunt furiously as she jacked me off and licked my balls.
“Me too, Christ. Open wide. ” I said.
Just as her face seemed have released some from her own climax it was almost immediately coved in my cum. It splattered across one of her cheeks; it smeared her lips, covered her tongue, and a bit rolled down her chin. She looked like such a slut, it was so sexy. She licked her lips and used a finger to collect the cum from her cheek and chin and swallowed it all. We stared at each other, breathing heavily for a moment until we realized the credits were playing and the lights would soon be up, and we laughed. I was fine with missing the ending.
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