The Den


School had broken up for the summer as I sat on my bed pulling on my trousers then headed down stairs for breakfast. Within an hour I was heading across to Karen’s.  
Karen explained to her mum that we were going up to the den to work on it, we had found this place in the woods near our home that looked down onto the lake, and decided to build a den.  
For months we carried large pieces of ply board through the woods then found this roll of waterproof lining that went over the ply board roof and walls.  
Finally we gathered braches and leaves and placed them around the den camouflaging it from unwanted eyes.  
Karen and I had been friends since the age of nine, we told each other everything, our thoughts our feelings even our hopes and dreams.  
What our family didn’t know was that at the tender age of eleven we had agreed in principle to get married when we were old enough.  
Karen flung sandwiches and a drink, that her mum had made up, into her bag then headed to the door.  
“Mum can Danny stay for dinner tonight?” Karen shouted as I finished my drink then rushed to the door.  
“Only if his mum says okay” her mum replied from the living room as we headed out.  
Ten minutes later we were stomping through the woods heading towards our den. I walked behind her watching her thin bum move seductively.  
Karen was wearing shorts and a white tee shirt; she was thin with brown shoulder length hair and the most amazing blue eyes.  
 Karen and I pulled back the plastic that we used as a door then climbed into the den as we pulled our stuff from the bag.  
Karen had packed a two piece bikini and a towel into her bag; we didn’t tell our parents that we had planned to go for a swim. I grabbed at my baggy shorts and towel then looked at Karen.

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“You need to go out for a minute till I get changed” Karen said softly as I gave her a smile then answered.  
“But if we’re going to get married, we’ll see each other naked all the time won’t we?” I asked giving her a little grin.  
“Yeah but we’re not married yet” Karen said with a smile.  
“But are you not curious to what your future husband looks like with no clothes on” I asked watching her blush a little.  
“Sometimes, but when we are older…” Karen stopped and looked at me.  
“We can look at each other” I asked watching her nod and smile.  
“How old?” I asked watching her think for a few seconds.  
“I don’t know, maybe when my boobs are a bit bigger” Karen said with a laugh as I watched her look down at her small chest.  
“You realise that when we’re older we have to have sex, especially if we get married” I said with a grin watching her laugh.  
Karen suddenly stopped laughing and gave me a serious look, “do you think about that too” Karen asked as I nodded.  
“Well yeah, why shouldn’t I think about it?” I asked watching her smile.  
“I just didn’t think you thought about it” Karen said sitting down on the cold plastic as I gave her a smile.  
“It’s usually only when I look at the dirty magazines, but I don’t know if you would want to do what the girls in the magazines do” I added watching her give me a confused look.  
“I thought there was only certain things that people could do” Karen said with a bewildered look as I grabbed my bag and rummaged through my stuff finally finding a few pages that I had pulled out of a magazine to keep up at the den.  
Dropping the pages in front of her, Karen lifted them and looked hard at the first picture, “I don’t think I would like that one” Karen said looking at the girl taking it doggy style.

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Turning the page a look of shock washed across her face. “No way” Karen said shocked watching the girl sucking a large cock.  
“You mean to tell me girls are supposed to do this” Karen asked as I lifted my head and nodded.  
“My dad said that when you love someone, then you want to do things that you know are really nice for them” I said then explained that a few weeks earlier my mum had found a magazine and asked my dad to explain the facts of life.  
“But that will taste of pee” Karen said looking back down at the picture.  
“My dad says that as long as you wash well, most women love doing that” I added watching the shock on her face.  
“You’re kidding me on” Karen said with a grin watching me shake my head.  
“According to him, if a girl really loves you, she even lets you…. put the stuff in her mouth” I said nervously watching her give me a horrified look.  
“No guy is going to pee in my mouth” Karen said defiantly.  
“It’s not pee, it’s called semen and my dad says that it tastes nice for a girl, but it can be a bit salty” I added watching her wonder if I was making it up.  
“My dad also says that if a guy likes a girl then he licks where she pees too” I added watching her smile.  
“Apparently a girl has a button that makes her feel nice when the guy touches it” I added watching her nod.  
“It’s not a button it’s a little spot” Karen said with a laugh.  
Karen turned the page again as I watched her mouth open with shock.

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“He’s putting his thing into her bum” Karen said as I nodded.  
“Yeah my dad says that when a girl doesn’t want to get pregnant she lets him put it there, because she can’t get pregnant like that. But the guy has to be really gentle or it hurts the girl” I added watching Karen stare at the picture for a few seconds then look at me.  
“So if we got married would you want to do that to me” Karen asked as I gave her a smile then shook my head.  
“Well not if you didn’t want to” I added watching her smile and nod.  
Karen sat staring at the page where the girl was giving a guy a blowjob, it had three pictures on it, her eyes stayed on the picture where the guy stood letting his cock press against her lips.  
“Are all guys as big as that” Karen said watching me smile and shake my head.  
“Well mine isn’t but it is bigger when I think about sex” I added watching her smile.  
“So how big is yours” Karen asked with a mischievous grin watching me laugh.  
“Well if we both got changed together, you could look at me and I could look at you and that way we would know” I added listening to her laugh.  
“You just don’t give up do you” Karen said as I laughed.  
“I’m just curious that’s all, aren’t you?” I asked watching her look back at the page again then nod “A little” she added then looked up and smiled.  
Karen sat looking at me for a few seconds then smiled.  
“If we get changed in front of each other, you can’t tell anyone that we done it, my dad would kill me if he found out” Karen said as I nodded.  
“I promise not a word to anyone, ever” I added watching her smile.


“Just a quick look though” Karen added as I nodded.  
Sitting on the cold plastic I pulled off my tee shirt, then sat waiting watching Karen smile then slip her white tee shirt up as I stared at her small breasts hidden behind her bra. In an instant my cock started to harden nicely.  
Karen pushed her hands behind her back then smiled before pulling her bra forward as I watched her small breasts appear before me. Her little nipples stood erect in the centre of a small light brown circle.  
Karen sat watching me take in her breasts for a few seconds then smiled.  
“Your turn now” Karen added as I pulled my sneakers off then stood up slightly before tugging my shorts and boxer shorts down in one motion.  
Karen sat staring at my hard cock as it bobbed about a foot away from her, also taking in the thin pubic hairs that had just started to grow.  
Sitting back down, Karen’s eyes continued to follow my hard cock then drifted up to my smiling face.  
“Your turn” I added watching her slip to her feet then unbutton her shorts lowering them then kicking them off as I looked at her white panties.  
Karen gave me a wry grin then slipped her hands into the side of her panties lowering them as I watched her pubic hairs appear, then finally her thin slit with little red lips that hung slightly out of her pussy.  
Karen pulled off her panties then sat down as we both sat cross legged on the floor looking at each other for about a minute.  
“You know we could try a little touch each, just to know what it feels like” Karen said giving me a smile as I nodded then moved towards her.  
Kneeling in front of her, Karen reached out her small hand then pushed her fingers against my cock making it move then looked up and smiled.  
“If you put your hand round it, and move your hand you can feel it better” I said with a smiled desperate for her to try and give me a hand job.

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Karen gave a smile then slowly rapped her hand around my cock as I slipped my hand onto hers and guided her watching her smile as her eyes stayed fixed on her hand as it worked me slowly.  
“Oh that is really nice” I groaned watching her cute little hand work me.  
“You know, if we lay down I could touch you too” I added remembering a picture where the girl lay sucking the guys cock as he licked her pussy.  
Karen nodded then lay on her back as I slipped down beside her looking straight at her thin little lips.  
Karen rolled slightly then reached out taking my hard cock in her hand again.  
Pushing my fingers out I finally slide them up and down her lips for a few seconds then smile up at her.  
“You know the button, will you show me it” I asked watching her smile then sit up slightly then taking my fingers she plunged them through her lips then guided my index finger before pressing it on a hard spot.  
“That’s it there” Karen hissed as I pressed it gently, then listened to Karen let out a little moan.  
“Can I see it” I hissed watching her continue to stroke me.  
Karen smiled then nodded as I tried to move her lips awkwardly at first then realised how to do it. Suddenly I could see where my finger was as I slipped it away watching a little spot appear.  
Karen lay letting out gentle moans as I watched her shut her eyes as she continued to stroke me gently. My head was rushing with hormones; I lay there trying to imagine what it tasted like to lick her little spot.  
“Would you like to know what it feels like if I pressed it with my tongue” I hissed watching her lift her head and look at me for a second.  
“Would you like to try it?” Karen asked as I sat nodding.

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“Okay but just be quick, it might not taste nice” Karen said as I slipped open her lips again then looked trying desperately to find her clit.  
Finally rubbing my finger up her thin pussy I found the spot then kept my finger on it until my mouth was down at my finger. Ever so slowly I pushed my tongue forward pressing it against her clit as Karen let out a little moan. Karen immediately let go of my cock and rolled over onto her back as I slid my tongue gently over her clit listening to her moan with each stroke.  
“Oh Danny, that is really nice” Karen hissed as I tried to smile and lick at the same time.  
Lying stroking my tongue down onto her clit for a few seconds listening to Karen moan, I decided that I needed to know what it felt like to finger her little hole, thrusting my fingers down her pussy, feeling the dampness build I finally found the opening that I sought.  
With a little stroke of my tongue and good timing with my finger, I let out a groan feeling my finger slide into her wet pussy.  
“oh Danny, lick quicker” Karen moaned as I followed her request then listened to her moan loudly for a few seconds then felt her body shake beneath me.  
Karen lay for a few seconds as my tongue stroked her pussy like mad, and then suddenly Karen hissed.  
“Danny stop, please” Karen hissed as I lifted my head watching her smile at me.  
“You know your dad was right, that felt really amazing” Karen gushed as I grinned watching her smile.  
“You know as I tasted you and made it feel nice, then maybe you could taste me for a few seconds” I hissed feeling my cock still hard and desperate to feel her mouth round me.  
Karen nodded then looked at me, “Okay but just for a few seconds” Karen said then watched me roll onto my back as she wrapped her hand round my cock then slowly wiping the pre cum away from my cock.  
Lifting my head slowly I watched Karen drop her thin little lips down to the purple tip of my cock then kiss it gently a few times then look up at me.  
“Oh that feels nice” I groaned watching her smile, then push her lips back down then slowly open her lips a little letting the head of my cock slip into her mouth as she sucked back gently.

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“Oh that feels amazing” I groaned watching her smile.  
Karen dropped her thin lips down again pushing the head and a little of the shaft into her mouth before closing her mouth and sucking back.  
“Oh Karen, keep going” I moaned watching her suck back to my  head then push her lips down again.  
“Oh that’s even better” I hissed enjoying the sight of her thin little lips sliding up and down my cock, watching her take more with each suck.  
Suddenly Karen found her rhythm as I watched her head bob up and down my hard shaft.  
Karen continued to suck up and down my cock as she tried to watch my face, she must have sucked of about a minute before I let out a groan.  
“Oh no” I groaned feeling her push her mouth back down as my cock twitched in her mouth as I realised what was happening.  
Karen pushed my cock back in as my first burst of cum shot into her mouth. I lay watching as Karen quickly pulled back as my cock shot a string of hot cum into the air before landing on her hand that was working me.  
Karen turned and spat the warm cum out of her mouth as her hand held my spitting cock.  
Karen turned back and smiled at me as I continued to groan feeling the last of my cum drip out.  
Karen sat touching my cock and balls for about 30 seconds as I lay in the aftermath of my first orgasm with a girl.  
Giving Karen an apologetic smile I explained that I didn’t mean to cum in her mouth, Karen explained that she was surprised that she didn’t actually mind the taste.  
Pulling myself up onto my knees, Karen and I sat facing each other as I ran my fingers slowly over her small breasts for a minute before dropping my mouth to her nipples then sucking them gently for a few seconds.  
“I think we had better put our swimming stuff on now” Karen said grabbing her bikini bottoms as I took my last look at her beautiful body.

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Five minutes later Karen and I were splashing about in the lake, With a quick glance about I sneaked up behind her and slipped my hands under her bikini top as Karen laughed.  
“If you leave me alone right now, I might be nice to you once we’re finished” Karen said with a grin as I nodded.  
I couldn't wait to see how nice.
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