The Dentist


Dr. Brad Thomas looked at his watch for the third time in 5 minutes. It was already 8. 50am and his regular nurse, Miss Peckins has not arrive. At 8. 55am, he received a much expected call from her. It seems that she was having a terrible stomach ache and would not make it to work today. Knowing it was too late to cry over spilled milk, Dr. Thomas called his 'reserve' nurse to come as soon as possible. The clock was already showing 9am and he was not going to jeopardise his business by making his customers wait for his nurse to arrive. This would mean that his counter attendant, Mrs. Jean, had to act as a temporary nurse for the time being. "Samantha Fortune", Mrs. Jean called loudly into the waiting room before trodding back into her counter waiting to register any patients. 14-year old Samantha was one of Dr. Thomas' regulars.

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   She comes to this clinic every few weeks to get her teeth checked as she had just removed her orthodontics. Samantha jolted up hearing her name being called. She was already falling asleep at the waiting room reading old magazines. "Yes!", Samantha reflexively replied as she hurriedly straightened her skirt and made her way towards the dental room. As Samantha made her way into the dental room, Dr. Thomas could not help but admire her sheer cuteness of this young girl. She had innocence drawn all over her face as he stared into her round blue eyes. Although Samantha is not into sports, her slender body would fool anyone into thinking she goes to the gym everyday. Standing at only 5ft, Samantha looks more like a 12-year-old than a 14. Her hair neatly tied into a long ponytail compliments her shapely body. She was smiling shyly at Dr. Thomas and he smiled back professinally, while in fact he was already melting at the sight of this little nymph. Dr. Brad Thomas is not your average pervert. He does not jack off to FHM magazines every hour of his life.

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   However, he does have a high sexual urge. Often when there are no patients he would just fantasise while jacking off in his office. Sometimes his fantasies would even include his patients but he never had the courage to try anything in real life. His fear of litigation and losing his job kept him sane, or at least till today. Today he felt different. From the moment Samantha walked in he felt an urge in his pants. Even while talking to her he was imagining how it would feel to cream his 7 inches into her tight cunt. Normally he would just brush his fantasy away but today he felt overly excited. His nurse's absence meant that he had her all to himself. Of course he was not going to forcefully take her, and get himself behind bars. Dr. Brad Thomas already had a plan in his head. "Hi how've you been?", Dr. Thomas stereotypically asked his patient like he had done so a million times. "I see someone's skipping school again!", noticing that Samantha was in her school uniform.

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  This comment brought a subtle smile to Samantha's face as she knew he read through her like a book. The truth is, Samantha purposely arranged her dental appointment during schooling hours so that she could cut short those boring classrooms for at least a few hours. Samantha seated herself onto the dental chair before she started talking. "Dr. Thomas, I seem to have this nagging pain at the back of my teeth", Samantha said while poking her right cheek with her index finger. "Sure just let me have a look", Dr. Thomas replied while putting on his latex gloves. Peering into her mouth, Dr. Thomas found out that it was a slight movement of her hind molars that was causing the pain. Putting his plan into action, Dr. Thomas matter-of-factly announced that he would have to inject her with a mild tranquiliser to perform a minor injury to her tooth. Samantha was quite taken aback by this statement, but being the patient, she just nodded in agreement. Not being very observant, she did not notice that today Dr. Thomas was without his nurse. Dr.

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   Thomas prepared the injection and adjusted the dose so that she does not get knocked out completely. He knew that the drug would cause his patients to lose control of their conscious actions and in low doses, they would still be partially conscious. "Now this will sting just a little", said Dr. Thomas as he injected her with the tranquiliser. Samantha winced a little but within a seconds she was more relaxed and minutes later she was already knocked out. Dr. Thomas knew that he got his dose right by the look of Samantha's face. Her eyes were still open but they did not look sharp, more like staring into empty space. He shook her shoulder a little while calling her name; no response. He shook her again, this time harder; still no response. Dr. Thomas immediately went for his door and slid the lock on. After that, he practically stared at young Samantha Fortune for a few minutes. He started from the bottom, looking at her neatly worn school shoes with her with white socks, up along her slender legs. Midway through her thigh, Samantha's brown pleated skirt was covering her all the way to her slim waist.

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   Dr. Thomas always had a thing for skirts. He loved the way these skirts made the wearer so ladylike. Probably it is because it means that there is so little to overcome to reach their pussy. Samantha was wearing a white shirt, those with buttons on them. Besides skirts, Dr. Thomas also find uniforms to be quite a turn on. Often his fantasies would include young girls riding on his cock in school uniforms, or even in nurse outfits (too bad he didn't have any sexy nurses). Dr. Brad Thomas oogled over his prize. His boner in his pants was as hard as a rock by now and his mind raced with all the possibilities that he could conjure. Firstly he lowered the dental chair. Pressing on a button, the chair straightened up until Samantha was practically lying straigt on the chair. The he pressed on another button and the whole chair started moving down until it was around knee level. Often he would glance at Samantha and admire her beautiful and adorable features.

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   With her eyes still opened, this added to the pleasure of exploring her young nubile body. "Samantha, I'm going to unbutton your shirt now", Dr. Thomas said out to her. He knew patients under tranquilisers can still hear and they tend to comply to anything they hear. Samantha did not reply but instead nodded slightly. Self-pacifying himself that she agreed, Dr. Thomas proceeded by unbuttoning her top button, then the next two button. He peeled her shirt apart exposing her soft white bra. Samantha was wearing one of those 'soft' bras that do not artificially stood up. Dr. Thomas was more than happy to caress her breasts. He started kneading her left breast with his right hand through her bra. This let out a slight moan from Samantha. "Does this feel nice?", Dr. Thomas asked, looking at her face for any reactions.

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   Samantha subtly nodded again. Unable to control his raging hard-on, Dr, Thomas unzip his pants and allowed them to drop to the floor. He pushed his boxers down and they heaped on top of his pants. He took Samantha's right arm and placed them on his enlarged cock and he guided her hand to stroke his cock. As soon as his hand left hers, she stopped as well, however her hand still held his cock firmly in his hands. The rubbing of his cock was getting too much for him as he went around the dental chair and stood right beside Samantha's head. Dr. Thomas adjusted the chair so that her head was at the same level as his 7 inch member. "Samantha, would you open you mouth please", Dr. Thomas asked as he watched her open her mouth slightly. "I'm going to put my cock in your mouth and I want you to suck on them okay?". However, partially tranquilised patients are not expected to perform complex actions. So when Dr. Thomas inserted his cock into her mouth, Samantha just took it in. Dr.

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   Thomas was slightly disappointed that she did not suck on his cock but oh well, one should not ask for too much. "Look at me", he added. Samantha complied and stared right into Dr. Thomas' face with his cock in her mouth. Dr. Thomas thrusted with his cock in her mouth, admiring he view of his cock going in and out of this young girl's mouth. Samantha was not aware but she had her eyes fixed on Dr. Thomas'. This turned him on even more to have her looking at him while he fucked her mouth. Every thrust he made he pushed his member in slightly deeper into her inviting mouth. A couple of times she almost gagged but after a few times, Samantha got used to it. In a few minutes Dr. Thomas was able to get at least 5 inches into her mouth. Unable to hold on any further, he held onto the back of her head and leaned forward, pushing the remaining 3 inches into her mouth. Everytime she gagged he would withdraw before pushing it in again.

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   After a few tries, he finally got all 7 inches into this hot young nymph's mouth! The tightness that he felt was amazing. His member felt so moist and warm being enveloped by young Samantha's mouth. He kept on thrusting in and out for a few minutes enjoying the pleasure she was giving him. Dr. Thomas was nearing his orgasm as he felt his balls tingle. He made a few more deep thrusts into her mouth, fucking her mouth with all he got. Looking down at her again he had to admire his prize. The sight of his huge member going in and out of her small mouth took him over the edge. He felt his balls tighten and moments later he was spewing jets after jets of thick cum right into her throat. He kept on thrusting this cock in and out of her tight mouth trying to milk all his cum out of his balls before finally collapsing on his chair. Young Samantha did not take this well. She was choking and coughing on his cum as they had obstructed her airways. After a few moments, she finally settled down. Dr. Thomas just sat there enjoying the after-effect of cumming.

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   He sat there for a few minutes before finally his senses hit him. He had been fucking her mouth for quite awhile he feared that Mrs. Jean would come knocking for his next appointment. He quickly buttoned up Samantha's shirt and moved the chair back to the original position. Dr. Thomas also wiped off some cum that was leaking out of Samantha's mouth. After wearing back his pants, he injected her with an anti-tranquiliser and within a few minutes Samantha was gaining consciousness. Samantha looked dazed after her 'minor surgery'. "How'd it go? The surgery"?, she asked a smiling Dr. Thomas. "Oh it was perfect, I just made a few adjustments to your teeth but your throat might feel a little sore from the medications i used", Dr. Thomas replied smartly. His heart skipped a beat wondering what Samantha's reaction would be. As of right now, he was scared of being found out. "Yeah it does feel sore", Samantha said while rubbing her throat.


   "It taste kinda funny too", wincing her face tasting the foreign substance in her mouth. Dr. Thomas just smiled at her, partly relieved that his actions had not been noticed, and also partly knowing that she is actually tasting him freshly laid cum. "That'll be all for today, make sure to drink lots of water", Dr. Thomas said while helping her out of the chair. As Samantha left his office, she turned back and smiled at him "Thank you Dr. Thomas!". Irony filled him as he found it queer that she just thanked him for fucking her mouth. "Sure, no problem", he replied. "Say, I think I would need to monitor your teeth for a while, how about next monday?". "Sure!", Samantha smile and left the room. Continuation anyone?Do leave comments for improvement. .