The Family Doctor


At thirteen, I had a problem common to many boys my age. My penis would become erect for no apparent reason. Sitting in class, I would find myself hard and pray that there’d be no reason for me to have to stand up. At home, I’d be watching TV and bang, instant wood. While shopping at the grocery store with my mom… I guess you get the picture.
The funny thing was, I wouldn’t even have a reason. My penis would just become painfully erect and stay that way for hours. Of course, I masturbated whenever the opportunity arose, and that helped, but ten minutes later I would usually find myself with another erection. Thirteen is such an awkward age.
One particular day my mother received a notice in the mail stating that I was required to take a physical for school. It was a semi-annual event, required by the local school district. Being a small town, we didn’t have a nurse practitioner at our school so a visit to the family doctor was in order.
I didn’t particularly like the idea of a full physical, being mortified by the thought of undressing in front of the doctor. I had recently acquired pubic hair and found the change somewhat embarrassing. Dr MacDonald had known me since birth, so this added to my discomfort.
Well, the day of my schedule appointment came and I donned a new pairs of undies, a requirement for any doctor visit in my mother’s eyes.

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   She took me in and was somewhat mollified when Dr MacDonald stopped her from accompanying us to the examining room. I wasn’t sure if she’d come in with me and was quite relieved that she was prevented from doing so.
Once alone, the doctor acknowledged my relief. He told me it was common for moms to expect to be there when a physical was performed, not realizing that their little boys weren’t six years old anymore, requiring a little privacy. He made more small talk as we went through the motions, putting me at ease and taking some of the pain out of the experience.
After going through a few of the more routine tests, blood pressure, examing my pupils, checking inside my ears etc, the moment I had been dreading came without warning when Dr MacDonald turned to me and asked me to drop my pants and underwear.
Hesitantly I did as was bid, and stood there red faced with my dick and balls fully exposed. Dr MacDonald paid no heed to my humiliation and went on with his comforting chatter, going through his routine. He put on a pair of latex gloves and began inspecting my scrotum.
That’s when my worst nightmare began to happen. I felt my penis begin to swell, an imminent erection on its way. I willed it down with all my might, but within seconds I was poking all 5 ½ inches straight at the doctor.
He seemed as though he didn’t notice at first, continuing his inspection of my balls. He asked me to turn my head and cough several times then turned to write something down. I noticed he slipped his gloves off and I prayed he was finished.

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Instead, he turned back to me and placed my balls back in the palm of his hand. With his other hand he gently took the shaft of my penis in his finger tips and moved it around as if inspecting it. I began to wonder if maybe it was normal to get hard during a physical and maybe it was even required to complete the examination. I just watched as he inspected my penis.
He then wrapped his hand all the way around my engorged member and tugged it a couple of times. As he did this, he looked up and said, “I bet it gets like this a lot huh?” His hand was stroking me slowly now. I merely nodded, red faced.
“It’s alright,” he said now. “It’s perfectly normal for a boy your age. I used to be hard 24/7 when I was 13. Do you masturbate regularly?”
I was caught totally off guard by his question and merely stammered. He cut me off before I could utter a denial. “I know you do, everybody does, especially virile young men like yourself. It’s perfectly natural to pleasure yourself. ” He paused seeming to consider.

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   His hand was absently working my cock in a relaxed fashion. I began to feel the pleasure.
He looked down at my cock in his hand, as if realizing for the first time he was working my cock.
“I bet that feels good huh?” I nodded “I can make it feel better but you have to promise to never tell anyone”. I quickly agreed, excited of the prospect of what might feel better than this.
He leaned forward and to my surprise, took my cock into his mouth. I felt his tongue working on the bottom of my shaft as he sucked greedily. His head bobbed up and down and his hand fondled my balls. I was in heaven.
I looked in the mirror opposite of us and was greeting by the sight of Dr MacDonald sucking my cock from a different angle. For some reason I found this sight very erotic. Loud slurping noises escaped his sucking mouth and I began to move my hips back and forth. A rhythm developed and before long, I was fucking his face, his hands now on my ass pulling me towards him, my thrusting hips grinding his hungry mouth with increasing force.
Suddenly I felt my balls tighten and the buildup of my orgasm reached its peak. I attempted to pull away “I’m gonna.

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  . ” was all I could get out and he pulled me tighter into his mouth. I exploded and he sucked hungrily. It seemed like I came a gallon and he swallowed. He sucked every last drop out of me, going after it long after I was done. Finally, he took his mouth off my cock. I saw him wipe his mouth and lick some cum off his hand.
He hanged off on my physical and walked me back to the waiting room. My mother stood up as we entered and he said. “Ma’am you have a very healthy young man here. But to be sure I’d like to see him again if a couple of months!” He gave me a wink and smiled.