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After the movies they arrived home around 11:30 and they saw that Matts car was gone. "Good" said Will "You wont have to hear them getting down and dirty" Jacob snickered nervously. The two proceeded into the house. Will says " Hey you wanna play a game of pool?". "Sure" replies Jacob "But prepare to have your balls racked!". "Ha ha arent you funny" remarks Will. So they proceed to duke it out in a friendly game of pool. As they are playing Jacob gets destracted as Mary walks by in a pair of short cheerleading shorts and a tanktop. "Hey havent I seen you at school?" says Mary. "Yeah" says Jacob "My name is Jacob". They shake hands. "Nice grip jakey" remarks Mary. "T-t-thank you " stammers Jacob as he fumbles his pool stick. Mary giggles "Well do you clowns wanna watch a movie with me?". Jacob says "Yeah that sounds like fun". " To be honest with you im beat I think I am gonna hit the hay early" replies Will "but you can watch it if you aren't tired".

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   "Yeah Jakey itll be fun, Its a great movie" adds Mary. "Ok lthat sounds good to me" so the three proceed down the hall. "Goodnight guys" says Will, "Goodnight" says Mary and Jacob in unison. So Mary and Jacob walk into Marys room. She hops on her big bed. "Well you gonna join me?" she says "I wont bite". "Haha ok" says Jacob. He hops on the bed and they proceed to watch the movie. Its about halfway through the movie and Jacob is completely distracted by the hottness of this amazing girl. His eyes are engulfed in the two DDs underneath that tank top. A tent had a started to develop in his sweats. "Oh damn she is fine" he thought to himself. As the movie goes on they come to a love scene. The man and the women in the movie are having intimate sex and both the excitement of the sex scene and the hottness of Mary is driving Jacob crazy. He can freel his dick just asking to be released.

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   What happens next is exactly what Jacob feared. Mary happened to glance over and see Jacobs well pitched tent. "Oh my God" she exclaimed. "Uh oh" he thought. "Is this movie getting you that um excited? ". "Well um" he stammered "Kinda". "What do you mean kinda?" she asked. "Well its mostly you" he blurted out. "Ohh" she says "So I make you hard". He couldnt believe what he was hearing! she was talking about his dick! "Well what are we going to do about this" she smirked "I can tell you are well equiped". "Maybe we can give it a go" she remarked. "Excuse me" said Jacob he couldnt believe his ears. "You wanna Fuck?" as she strattled him. "Um well yeah" he said. Mary then removes her tank top revealing the most beautiful breast he hasd ever seen.

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   The nipples were hard and pink as her areolas were small and brown. She then removed his shirt and rubbed her hands all over his chest. Jacob was in pure ecstacy. Mary lower her head and pulled down his sweats. Then his boxers. Out sprung his 9 inch cock. "Mmmh" she gasped/ "Big boy" as she licks the head of his cock. He let out a moan. She then slid her mouth over the head and slowky down the shaft . Jacob ran his hands through her hair. As she sucked his well grown cock. She then left his cock and came up to kiss him. They kiss passionatly for what seemed like an eternity. Then she removed her shorts in which she was wearing no panties. Wow she had the most beautiful vagina.

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   She then lowered her pussy entrance onto his shaft. "Ohh yeah" she let out. Mary slowly slided up and down Jacobs 9 inch shaft and progressed until she was going up and down faster and faster and engulfing the nine inch cock. "Oh my god" he says " I cant come in you, you could get pregnant" . "Just keep fucking me baby" she demanded, She kept going up and down as he thrusted into her. Then as he neared orgasm she wrapped and around him and started to shake and moan uncontrollably as she hit her orgasm. Her pussy squeesed his shaft so much he couldnt take it. He unloaded streem after streem of cum into her woman hood. They both fell on the bed in exhaustion. "Wow!" she says "You should come over more often"THE END.
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