The First Time With The New Boyfriend.


Topic: Chapter 1. Part 1. Horny As Hell!!"Omg!! Tonight is the night that my boyfriend, Chris and I are going to have hot sex", that was all Alicia can think about the whole time she was in school. Alicia was excited more ways then one. By lunch time she was soakin wet from just thinking about it. Her hot wet pussy was dripping down her legs, her underwear was so wet that the were about to come though her pants. She thought that she wouldn't be able to hold on much longer.
-Day final goes by and reaches 8p. m. -
She was waiting nervously and horny as hell on the couch. Then the bell rang and she got up fast and ran to the door. She opens it an their stands her boyfriend in a black t-shirt and rip pair of blue jeans. "Hey Baby", chris says while coming in and grabbing Alicia and pulling her close to him, Kissing her while shutting door behind him by kicking it. she kisses back and then says," Im so horny for you. Come on lets go to my room. " He grins at her and says," I thought you would be.

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She grabs his hand and pulls her up the stairs then walks to the door and open it. She lets go of his hand and walks to the bed while taking of her black tank top with her red skirt and her matching black bra and gets on the bed. She pulls her legs up and open them wide. Showing her hot wet thorbbing pussy.   She takes her hand and starts rubbing her clint and squeezes her breast. Then she looks at him and says, " Come on. I been waiting for your hot cock, see look," she moves her hand to show her pussy more. "My pussy been waiting and I don't think it can wait much longer," she said.
He still kinda stun on seening his girlfriend like this, but excited none the less. He says, " Damn I should have came earlier. " His cock was thorbbing, so he takes his shirt off then his pants and boxer and walks to her. He get on the bed facing her and places his head to her wonderful smelling pussy and licks her clint. Then sucks on her more and more. He moves his fingers inside her slowly then goes faster.
Shes moans a little and says, " Go faster and harder.

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  " He does what she says and moves even faster and harder. Then she says, " I'm about to cum. " She moans loud then out come her wonder juice on his fingers. He licks his fingers and says, " What a wonderful taste and smell. "
---To Be Countied--- { Sorry for any misspelling or anything. This is my first story so I hope you will like it. And they will be more later on, but for now I beening a bitch and cutting into pieces. So I hope you Enjoy. Lol!! }