The Girl Down The Street Part 3


. . . . We laid together on the couch for several minutes until a noise caught my attention, I looked up to see Amy's little sister, Jada, with her legs spread wide and her back up against the wall. She was ramming a giant 10 inch dildo up her pussy and grunting and moaning on the verge of cumming. She was just as gorgous as her sister and the picture I was seeing of her at that moment was enough to make any man bust a nut. She was a 16 year old with brown hair that hung down to just above her perky little breasts. Though her breasts weren't as large as her sisters, around a B-cup, her nipples were hard and stuck out proudly.  Her tight little stomach led down to her pussy hairs, which were trimmed in small racing strips down to her completely shaven lips.
It caught me completly off gaurd when Amy jumped off the couch and ran over to her sister, taking over with the dildo. Jada let Amy take complete control and dropped to the floor as Amy pouded away at her pussy with the dildo. Amy brought her mouth down on Jada's stiff nipple and began to suck on it as she rammed the dildo in and out of her sisters beautiful pussy, but when she lowered her mouth to Jada's engorged clit, Jada lost control. She began bucking wildly screaming out her sisters name as she started squirting her sweet pussy juice all over her sisters sweet face.
As Jada's orgasm began to subside Amy looked over to see me sitting on the couch with my raging hard-on in my hands. She slapped her sister on the ass saying, "come on we have company.

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  " They both crawled over to me still on their knees and Jada began tounging my balls. I knew I wouldn't last long when Amy lowered her warm lips down my shaft. These two beautiful women sucking my cock was more than I could handle and it wasn't long before Amy swallowed every inch of my cock making me release my seed deep in her throat, with the second two shots splattering her face with my sticky cum.
After I blew my load on Amy's face I was surprised to see Jada start licking my cum from Amy's face. Then I watched as the two embraced in a loving cum-swapping french kiss and began rubbing each others soaking pussies. I was already feeling that familiar twitch in my crotch as my cock began to return to a full hardon. Amy shoved Jada onto her back and climbed on top of her shoving her sweet pussy into Jada's face. They immediately climbed into a 69 position with Amy on top, and both diving their gorgous faces into each others pussies.
As soon as my hard-on returned I went over to join the pile of sweaty flesh cumming all over the floor. As I crawled over to the two I saw Amy's tight little ass pointing into the air as she ground her hips into her sisters face. The opportunity was irresistible so I didn't hesitate in lining my cock up with her puckered hole. I rubbed my precum around on her asshole and started pressing in. She started screaming and grunting first in pain then in pleasure as I slid deeper into her ass. Jada buried her toungue deep into her sisters puss as i slammed my cock into her ass. Amy went nuts and started bucking and arching her back, slamming her pussy into Jada's face.

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   Amy's tits were swinging back and forth as she met my strokes evenly as her orgasm shot through her body. The room was filled with screams and moans of pleasure and the sound of my hairy sac slapping against Amy's toungue filled pussy with each stroke of my hard shaft. I couldnt hold my load much longer when she started spraying cum out of her pussy all over her sisters delicate face. I just started pounding faster as Amy started screaming, "fuck, fuck, fuck, YESSS, Fuck. . . FUCK MY ASS. . . . YESSSSS!!!!" I felt my balls tightening up so I slammed in all the way to the hilt as she squeezed her ass tight around my pulsating cock as I shot load after load after load of cum deep into her ass. I collapsed on the floor completely exhausted, thats when I heard her sister saying, when do I get my turn with him. . .
I know this one might not be as good as the first two but I thought I would post it to see what you all thought, but please if you're going to be critical at least give constructive criticism.


   Don't just say learn to spell without giving any examples of errors. . . I'm not going to name, names on that one. . .
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