The Girl Next Door - Part 3 - Rachel


"Danielle is at church. She'll be back in about an hour. " said the voice of Dani's sister, Rachel, who was almost more beautiful than she was. She was extremely tan, soft baby blue eye's, about 5'4" and 117 pounds. She was 3 years older than Danielle, which made her 17 years old. The same color'd hair as her sister. They nearly looked exactly alike. "Well, can I come in and wait?" I said. Rachel and I didn't get along that well. It all started when she didn't come to my Eleventh birthday party, because she claimed she was too old to hang around with me, her sister and my friends anymore. She sighed, and stepped to the side, letting me come in. I twirled around, and sat down on the couch, leaning into it. She stared at me, as if I was intruding upon something. I looked to her, raising my eyebrows. "What?" I said nonchalantly. She simply shrugged.

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   She looks gorgeous, which I did have to admit. A pink tank-top, and a baby blue skirt. Which seemed to be all she was wearing. She had her hair straight back, half way down her back, very wavy. She sighed, and told me she was going upstairs for a minute. I nodded, and continued watching the TV, which was on in front of me. Rachel walked on by, and as she walked to the stairs, she tripped on the second step, which made her trip forwards. I turned around, to see what the commotion was, and she was on her knees, on the third step, and to my delight, her skirt had ridden up, to reveal a thong, matching her skirt, which was of course baby blue. Immediately, I was turned on. I felt a spring in my pants, and grinned deviously as she staggered to her feet, brushed herself off, and head up the stairs. I knew she had known I saw up her skirt. 'Tis why she didn't turn around and look towards me. Embarrassment. In exactly 15 minutes, she headed back down the stairs, and without a word, turned, and walked into the kitchen. Being the person I am, I quickly hopped the back of the couch, and walked into the kitchen, following close behind.

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  "So I guess you're too old to hang around and just sit with an old pal anymore, right?" I said, rubbing previous grudge's in. She turned, and if looks could kill, I'd be dead 80 times over. "You never let things go, do you, Sean?" She said, a hateful tone in her voice. "Not when things hurt like what you did. " I responded. "Well if it makes you feel good, I got dumped by my boyfriend because I wasn't old enough for his liking. " She snapped back. I suddenly felt bad. "See. Now you know how it feels to be rejected because of your age. " I said, no longer pissed off. More sympathetic, and explaining. After no answer for a few minutes, I just sighed, and turned around, exiting back to the living room. "Sean. .

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  " She sighed, and leaned back against the counter. I stopped in my tracks, and turned to see what she had to say. "I apologize for not coming to your B-Day party. But that was 4 years ago. Drop the grudge. Please. " She said, almost desperate. I looked down, then back up, trying to find something to say. "Fine. . I apologize as well. . Friends?" I toned up. "Friends. " She replied indefinitely.

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   Rachel quickly moved in, and hugged me tight. And the feeling of her chest against mine, quickly sprang my cock back to life, and I moved back, not wanting her to notice. I smiled nervously, and moved back to my seat on the couch. This time she wasn't far behind, and sat down next to me, leaning against the back of the couch, letting out a deep sigh. I happened to look over, and her chest was pushed out far, back arched, and her nipples were hard. This did no justice for my cock, as it only began to throb a bit more. I coughed a bit, and turned back to the television. "You know. You've grown since I saw you last. " She said, moving a stray strand of hair out of her beautiful blue eyes. I looked back to her, and shrugged a bit. "So have you. But its been like. . What? a year?" Despite the fact we lived next door to each other, We barely never had seen each other.

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   As Danielle and I were always hanging out, or me and my friends were always around. "Yeah," she said. "I just moved into a C-Cup. "I played it off as I didn't want to hear that, just on general purposes. "Like I really needed to know that. " I said, of course lying. "Come on, Sean. You have a dick. You're a guy. I know you've thought about it at least 2 times since you've been in this house. " She said, so sure of herself. And of course she was right. But I couldn't let on that she was. "Speaking of that. I told you how big my chest is.

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   I think you need to return the favor. " She said, almost as if it was the most natural thing in the world. "W-What do you mean by that?". Once again. I knew. But I had to make sure before I went and pulled my cock out in front of her, and got myself banned from the house. "I think you know. So. How big is it? And don't keep me waiting. " She said, crossing her arms, and legs. I sighed, and leaned back into the couch, looking down, and then right up at her. "Seven inches. " I said, my eyes never leaving hers. She smirked, almost as if she wasn't surprised. "Well, How about another trade?" She said again.

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   I was shocked by how out forward she was about this. But I couldn't pass up this chance. I shrugged. She quickly hopped to her feet, her hands wrapping around the tail of her top, and pulling it up. And before me, stood Rachel, top up just below her chin, beautiful C sized chest sitting high on her chest, perky. Her nipples were a light pink, about 1/2 an inch out from her aureola's. My cock was now as hard as it had been in quite awhile. Since I was with Danielle earlier in the day, in fact. "So. It's your turn now. " She said, dropping her top back down across her breasts. She sat back down, and crossed her legs, waiting for me to return the favor. Skeptical, I slowly stood up, and unbuttoned my jeans, dropping them down a bit. My hand then pushed the fly on my boxers apart, other hand pulling out my erect 7 inch cock, which was still throbbing. She smiled a bit, tongue wetting her soft, pink lips.

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   She slowly slid to her knees, and much to my surprise, slowly grasped the shaft of my throbbing cock. She looked up to me, her tongue slowly flicking against the head of my cock, before taking the swollen helmet into her mouth. My head slowly moved back, as she moved in further on my cock, about 4 inches into it. Her right hand grasped the shaft, as the left held my scrotum, massaging it softly. Needless to say, I was in heaven. Her mouth moved further into my cock, about 5 or 6 inches in, as she began to slowly move her mouth backwards, and forwards, hand rubbing my sack a bit more vigorously. And soon, she was able to get all 7 inches into her mouth, nose pressed against my pelvic area. I slowly began to move back and forth, moving my cock in rhythm with her mouth. Her left hand moved from my cock, to her waistline, as she visibly slid a hand into the blue thong that she was wearing, finger toying with her clit, as she moaned into my cock, sending a vibration through my rod, and giving me a slight shiver. I couldn't take it anymore. I slowly helped her up off of her knees, and placed her back against the nearest wall. My hands slid up her smooth thighs, rubbing her tan flesh softly, before wrapping my thumbs around the waistband of her thong, and slid them down around her ankles. Meanwhile, she worked on her top, removing it from her upper body. I went back to work just then, my hands wrapping around my boxers, now completely nude, as she removed her skirt. Taking the opportunity, I moved into her, mouth wrapping around her succulent nipple, kissing around it, hand softly massaging her breast.

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   I could no longer take being out of her, as my other hand grasped my cock, and placed the bulging head against her pussy lips. My cock slowly pushed up into her, as the head got in with a bit of force. I moved further into her, about 4 inches, and soon found out she had no hymen. Which was just fine. I soon thrusted upwards, cock entering her pussy as far as it would go, my sack pressed against her pussy. I quickly began to thrust in and out of her, my right hand cupping her breast, mouth kissing her flesh, and then quickly wrapping my lips around her nipple, very softly biting it, and pulling on it playfully. She let out a slight moan, as I continued to fuck her cunt at a good pace. Her hands would wrap around my waist, moving down below me, as her hands would grip my toned ass, pulling me up into her, helping me out quite a bit. I picked up pace, my balls now slapping against her pussy, as her moans developed into brief grunts, each thrust causing her to grunt just a bit louder. I slowly moved into her embrace a bit more, feeling her pussy wrap around my rod. My hand moved down to her pussy now, my finger working on her clit, as she let out a more forceful, pleasurable moan. I knew she was close, but I wasn't quite there. I slowly pulled my cock out of her, and led her to the couch. I slowly laid back on the couch, and as if she was a pro, she slowly grasped my cock with her right hand, and eased herself onto my rod. After she was fully onto my cock, both of Rachel's knees were placed to the side of me.

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   One on each side, as she slowly began to ride my cock, pushing up, then slowly coming down, my scrotum still pressed against her pussy. She quickened her pace, and it felt like I was gonna explode there, even though I wasn't that close before. I began to thrust upwards against her, as she came down, and she let out a louder, more bass-generated moan, as she would lean down a bit, but still pushing herself down and up on my rock solid dick. Almost out of no where, her pussy began to contract around my cock, as she let out louder, less spaced out moans. Her pussy tightened around my cock, as she almost milked me for all I was worth. I didn't want to cum in her, so I managed to get out, and placed my cock over her mouth, and began to jerk my cock as much as possible. It didn't take long, as soon, white sticky strands of cum shot out. The first shot, hit dead on into her gaping mouth. The next hit her upper lip, and the last one, which barely had any force on it, made it yet again into her mouth. She quickly licked my seed off of her mouth, and pulled me down against her. I kissed softly on her neck, and smiled a bit. "Mm. . We better get dressed before Dani comes home and sees us like this. " She piped up.


  I smiled, knowing that Danielle was going to be home soon, and that could lead to nothing but good. And I knew. That the day wasn't over. :)[ Chapter 4 coming in Year 2008! Kidding. It will be out as soon as I get a sign it was up to par with my others. Love ya all! ].
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