The Girl Next Door Pt. 2 - Sabrina and Destiny


By now I was laying down across the couch, channel flipper in hand. My feet were cocked up against the side of the couch, head resting against the arm rest. I let out a groan and slowly swung my legs down, and staggered up to my feet, and over to the door. The left hand extended, and pulled the door open, revealing Danielle's two friends, who was walking with her earlier in the day, Destiny and Sabrina. These girls were beautiful, but no Danielle. I turned my baseball cap backwards, and smiled, nodding a bit. "Girls. How ya doin'? What do ya need?" I was rather nervous, hoping they hadn't talked to Danielle yet. God knows how women gossip. Destiny was 12, tall for her age, and had a body like a goddess, and her face was kind of pretty. She stood about 5'6" and around 100 pounds. She played soccer, so she had a great physique. Dark brown chocolate orbs looked like little dots of mud in her eyes. She also had flowing black hair, which came to her upper back, yet was tied in a ponytail at the time. A Short sleeved shirt kind of clung to her upper body, which showed off her budding breasts, which weren't that big, but rightfully so, as she was still growing. Black flared pants hung almost loosely off of her waist, the waistband of her blue panties showing.


  Sabrina was a bit different. She was 11, and was a lot shorter than her sister, as she was only 5'2", and about 95 pounds. Her body wasn't as good as Destiny's, but she hadn't really started to fill out yet. Like her sister, she had dark brown chocolate eyes, which could melt any guy's heart with the right look. She had strawberry blonde hair, which was shorter, to her shoulders. Loose, and messy at the time. "We so just talked to Dani", Destiny said, tapping her foot. "Er. And?" I said, knowing I was busted. "She wanted us to come over and tell you she'd talk to you tomorrow. Pervert. " Destiny said again, shaking her head a bit. "Hey! I don't think he's a pervert! I think its cute!" Sabrina said, stomping her foot a bit. "Well, of course you don't, You like Billy!" Destiny said. This went on for about 15 minutes.

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  "Hey! Do you girls wanna come in or are you gonna stand out there and fight for a couple years?" I said, agitated. "Fine Sean. . We'll come in. " Destiny said, and pulled her sister in with her. I slowly sat down on the couch, and sighed, leaning my head back. "Did you girls want anything?" I said, kind of tired. "Well, We did have a request. And Danielle said it was okay. " Destiny piped up, kind of shy in saying so. I leaned up, inquisitive now, and looked dead at Destiny and Sabrina, kinda smiling. "We wanna do what you and Danielle did. But. I dunno. Destiny.

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   Are you SURE you want to do this?" Sabrina said, kind of nervous, and slightly regretting it. "Positive. Stop being such a wimp. " Destiny snarled back, and Sabrina sighed, and nodded. "Only we wanna do more. " Destiny said, confident. She stood up from her position on the couch across from me. She hopped in my lap with a giggle, and I felt her ass rub against my semi-hard cock, which had been semi-hard since I saw them in the door way. Without another word, Destiny slipped her hand down my jeans, and grasped ahold of my thick cock, stroking it a bit. Sabrina had stood up, and walked over to me, sitting to my side, but was doing nothing, as she was too nervous. Destiny had now slipped to her knees in front of me, her fingers bumbling with the button. When she finally got it undone, she had slid the zipper down, and grasped my now hard cock through my boxers. My eyes glanced over to Sabrina, who I could tell was starting to get slightly excited over this. Destiny went back to work, and pulled my boxers down around my ankles. She stood back up, and tore her shirt off over her head, moving as quick as possible.

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   She was wearing no bra, so that was one less article she needed to pull off. While Destiny was busy with her clothes, Sabrina had gotten brave enough to crawl over, and slowly reached over, grasping my cock with her tiny hand. "What do I do?" Sabrina said nervously. "Just move your hand up and down. " I said, almost breathlessly, as her grip was rather tight, due to being nervous. "And loosen up your hand a bit. "She did as told, her hand softly beginning to stroke my cock. She had kind of lightened up a bit, but not a lot, as she still had the jitters. Destiny had finally finished undressing, and slapped Sabrinas hand away. "Sean. Be kind of easy. I haven't done this before. " Destiny said, looking nervous now. "I will. " I smiled, and pulled her into my lap, my lips pressing against hers, as she leant against my body in full.

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  My hands were immediately roaming her gorgeous body, up her back, a hand running through her hair. She lowered herself onto me, eyes closed, the lips of her delicate pussy brushing against the head of my swollen cock. She let out a slight moan into my mouth as her pussy made contact, and I slightly pulled away, moving my lips to her neck now, and the tip of my cock almost in her. "Mm. You know this is gonna hurt a bit, correct?" I said softly, she just nodded, and closed her eyes. I eased my rather big cock into her pussy, until I felt the tip pressing against her hymen. I carefully pushed forwards, and pushed through the barrier, and she let out a very small yelp, leaning into me. I let my cock lay in her pussy for a while, before being given the signal to go ahead. My arms carefully wrapped around her waist, and I began giving soft thrusts in and out of her tight pussy, which was as tight as I expected. Sabrina slowly crawled over to me, and nervously kissed me on the lips, as Destiny leaned back, and began to slightly move up and down on my cock, getting her bearings. Sabrinas hand slowly rubbed my chest, as she gave a more forceful kiss on my lips. Destiny was soon to reach down, and pull Sabrina up, planting a kiss, much to my amazement, on her own sister, which kind of stunned Sabrina. My hand soon moved to Sabrinas soft delicate little body, and slipped down into her shorts, a finger brushing against her completely hairless mound, and soon extended, softly being pushed up into her warm, wet pussy. Destiny was still too engrossed in her pussy being wrapped around my thick cock to look at anything else, as she began to bounce more forcefully, my sack now slapping against her pussy as she came down. My right hand, the one that wasn't fingering Sabrina's cunt, was now moving up Destiny's soft, slightly tan stomach.

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   It soon got to the top, and my hand was softly massaging Destiny's beautiful, plump breast. My fingers softly began to pinch Destiny's nipple, which she didn't like too much, and quickly slapped my hand away, but continued bouncing up and down on my thick cock, which had been in ecstasy for the past few hours. Sabrina had began kind of thrusting against my finger now, which was now being pushed farther up into her tight, hairless little box. Destiny was close to cumming, and I knew it. I began pushing harder upwards, my cock jabbing deeper and deeper into the pussy of Destiny, who was letting out near-screams of ecstasy. Destiny quickly wrapped her arms around my neck, and began to kiss me deeply, as she let out a very loud moan into my mouth, and her pussy clenched my cock like a glove, milking me almost. I couldn't last any longer, as my body tensed up, and I was soon filling her tight, wet cunt with my milky white cum, which filled her up, as she slowly closed her eyes, and fell asleep.
    I waited until I popped out of her, with a small "plop", and then turned to Sabrina, who I was still fingering. I gave a grin, and nodded. "I guess you're next. " I said with a devious smile. She quickly laid back, and wiggled her little shorts, and girly panties down around her ankles. Seeing that trickle of wetness on her pussy lips just made my cock spring back to life, and I knew I could take more, but not too much. I slowly crawled to Sabrina, who was more than ready. She had spread her legs far, but I didnt want to do it this way.

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       I slowly picked her up, and sat her infront of me, facing forwards, and me behind her. I wrapped my arms around her waist, and posistioned my cock against her pussy lips. I thrusted forwards, and pushed into her pussy, taking her hymen, and quickly coming to a halt, as she let out a whimper, much like Destiny's. It took about 5 minutes before she was finally able to continue. She let me know by moving backwards, into my cock. I quickly began to thrust in and out of her tight cunt, which was tighter than Destiny's! I quickly picked up pace, my balls already smacking against her wet slit. I slowly wrapped my hands under her, and began to massage her breasts lightly, pushing her back against my dick. She began to let out slight yelps of pleasure and pain as my dick began to give sharp jabs into her cunt, a sloppy smacking sound made by my balls hitting her pussy. "Oh. Oh. Oh. Sean. . I'm gonna cum I think. " she whispered breathlessly.

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      I was surprised at how fast she was going to cum, but I just made the best of it, and began to thrust as hard as I could into her juicy little cunt, her body jolting with each sharp thrust into her. She let out a mini-scream, and wrapped her hands around the couch cloth, and gripped my cock with her cunt, and came all over my dick, which was burried deep into her pussy. Once again, My cock shot out several strings of hot sticky cum into the pussy of Sabrina, and I collapsed on top of her, eyes closed, my hands still wrapped around her waist. After sleeping for about 30 minutes, I finally woke up, as did the girls. "Mm. . That was great, Sean. . Thank you. . " Sabrina said, as she wobbily stood to her feet, getting her clothes on. "I agree. . " Destiny said with a wicked smile, as she kissed me softly on the lips, and Sabrina followed her lead. "We'll see you later.

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      . " Destiny said, as they got dressed, and slowly exited the house. I quickly fell back in the chair after getting my clothes on, and looked at the ceiling, wondering what the hell was gonna happen next. [ Part 3: WILL BE POSTED ASAP!! ].