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While she is recovering, I carry her into her room. She gets up and starts to rub my 8" rock hard cock. She begins rubbing through my swim trunks, then slips her handinside the shorts. Getting frustrated she rips them off of me and stares hungrily at sight in front of her.     "Ooo! It's so hard and thick. " She says in amazment. She starts to stroke me faster, but i stop her and tell her that she is not done. She starts to protest until I push her on to back and kiss her. Then I kiss down her body, starting at her nack the down to her tits, where I stray for a bit. Slowly I work my way down her soft flat stomach, lightly kissing everywhere. I get to her bikini bottom and keep kissing  until I get right above her pussy. I then find the little button that is her clit, and I start to nibble through the fabric. This entices louder moans and more squirming. Slowly I begin to untie the sides of her bikini, exposing her wet, swollen and suprisingly shaved pussy. I just stare for a moment.     "That time that I walked in on you changing, you weren't shaved.

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  " I said.     "I know. I have been planning this since then. "    "Really, well i haven't stopped thinking about your perfect body since then, too. "Then I remembered something.     "When we were in the car all those times and I would turn back to talk to you and your legs "just happened" to open just enoght for me to see up your skirt. Was that on purpose?" I ask.     "Yeah, pretty sly, huh?" She giggles. I answer by slowly kissing my way up e silky thighs. Getting closer to my prize, my kisses begin to linger a bit and get slower. I arrive at the destination, smelling the sweet scent that is her young twat. My tounge snakes out and lightly flicks across her clit, making her twitch. Then i dive in and devour her sweet pussy. My tounge slips between the folds of her pussy into her tight hole, slowly licking up before attending to her clit. I slide my middle finger along her wet slit.

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   This brings even more moans to her lips, so I venture even more and lid that finger in up to the knuckle and then all the way in. This is like putting kindling on the fire and  excited her even more. My finger working with my tounge untill she get wet enough that I slide it all the way out and start to circle her darker hole. She tenses and then relaxes knowing that I will take care. I slide it in a bit and go further and pause then out a little and in even more further. By this time she is getting even more worked up and my thumb is now inside her pussy and my tounge is working on her clit. The sensation of the finger, thumb, and tounge all working together bring her over the edge. She is begging me not to stop, so I continue until she has stopped moving. I work my way up her body, kissing, untill i get to her face which i just kiss her and let her taste her own jucies for the first time. That multi-climactal orgasm still hasn't gotten her tired.     "My turn. " She says. .
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