The Hotel Manager and his adventures with teens


Gerd Mayer is a 43 year old front office manager in a hotel in the middle of Europe. He is a tall man, pretty young looking for his age, with short brown hair. All his friends and relatives describe him as handsome. Gerd war divorded earlier this year, after finding his "beloved" wife in bed with another man. Of course this was very hard for him to accept but he didn't saw any chance to go on with the relationship. He was disappointed at first but took it like a man and lives now on his own in his appartement in the suburbs of the city. Today is monday, a day he hated, like just everyone. He didn't have a very great weekend. It was kind of boring. His wife left and now his friends try to encourage him to date again and go out. But he wasnt in the mood to met anyone. He often feels old and lonesome. So today he is on the way to his hotel. It was summer and a real hot morning. He was thankful that the metro was air conditioned. He really dislikes taking the metro to work.

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  It's always so crowded in the trains. He starts at the hotel at 8AM in the morning. So he is riding the train with a lot of other people, a lot of employees are starting work at 8 and well there were a lot of students too. He enjoys his coffee while riding on the train. He watches the people passing by, entering and exiting the crowded train. Gerd really likes watching the students. The young female students of course. He feels ashamed of watching them but he couldnt help it. There is this teencouple, a handsome guy maybe 16 and his girlfriend which looks a year or so younger. The frenchkiss like they havent seen each other for weeks he thinks. He enjoys the little show. He is a "cool boy" that teengirls of today like dressed in hip hop style, low rise jeans, basecap and normal band-thirt. She is a cute girl with brownish hair, wearing tight jeans, and pink shirt that really shows off her teenage body. She looks so hot he thinks. How he wished it was him kissing the girl instead of the boy.

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   He grabs the girls ass and caresses her lowerback. How sweet her back looks. He even grabs her 32B boobs. She just smiles. Gerd wondered how openminded and matura this teens are nowadays. He couldnt believe it. Unfortunately the couple left at the next metro station. Gerd really has a hardon now, just thinking of making love to this young teenie girl. But there is not a lot of time to think about sex fantasies. He has to leave the train now, his work waiting. When he takes the escalator up to the street he hopes that he could get a glimpse of a nice upskirt of a young teen girl. And he is lucky today. He takes his time and watches as a young girl of maybe 14 rapidly goes up the escalator, hurrying for school. A cute little thing, a teenage dream, blonde, blue eyes, slim and with really sexy legs that she shows off to everyone in a short black mini skirt, a black polo shirt, wearing sneakers. He wishes that he could see up her little skirt to see her underwear.

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   But he only sees her creamy white legs, he must have bent to see her but that would be to noticeable to others. When he reaches the end of the escalator he sees that someone has lost his wallet. He picks it up and looks whats inside. He finds a couple of Euros and a students ID. He could not believe it. It is the wallet of the young girl he watched just seconds ago. Kathi H. ; 1993-04-10 and her adress and telephone number was written on the ID. What a lucky guy I am he thinks. Got the phone number of a teen girl that has just her 14 th birthday. He stuffs the wallet in his suit and goes on to his hotel . He greets his colleagues while entering the hotel. Morning passes fast but he is unconcentrated today thinking of the young girls he watched today. He picks up courage and tries to phone Kathi. After 3 rings his call was answered.

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   "Hello?!" a surprised sound since she doesnt know the number. "Hello, this is Gerd Mayer of City Inn Hotels. Is this Kathi H. ?""Yes it is. ""Ok Kathi, I found your wallet today. " She is so glad and happy that she wants to pick it up just immediately. Gerd tells her where he works and Kathi is on the way. They meet at 2PM. They greeted each other and Gerd handed her the wallet. She was so happy to get it. "How can I thank you, Mr. Mayer? I am so glad you found it!""You are welcome Gerd. Well I am wondering if you are interested in a job offer? I mean it is just because we need someone, it's not for the wallet. Of course you will get paid. ""Well I am still in school.

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  . . "I interupt her, "I know but just in the afternoon if you have the time. Part-time""Sounds interesting. What kind of job is that?"he informs her that she has to do what accrues, so like helping in the restaurant, making the rooms and so on. Gerd calls John from the Recruitment and told him that we have a new employee. Next the manager shows her around. As they go to the elevator the man admires her lovely teenage body. It really is curvy, her ass really sexy clad in her miniskirt, her firm breast in that tight fitted polo shirt, making her look like a schoolgirl, showing the lines of her bra underneath. Oh how he wants this little girl. She smiles at him. Her blue eyes, rose lips and make up making her look so innocent and sexy at the same time. He shows her a room that was already checked out. "Do you see the beds Kathi, they have to be made. Do you know how to do that? Can you show it to me?"While Kathi makes the kingsize bed Gerd Mayer watches the lovely 14 year old girl.

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   She is so sexy in her miniskirt showing him her legs. "You are doing very well Kathi" he told her. "And by the way may I tell you that you are really cute and good looking? You must have a lot of boyfriends!"The girl blushes. Gerd sits himself on the bed and Kathi joines him. "Do you really think I am pretty Mr Mayer?" "Yes I really think that, Kathi. Besides you can call me Gerd. "Kathi tells Gerd that she doesnt have a lot of boyfriends. She split up with her boyfriend last week and has enough of that inmature little boys. "Well I hope you dont have enough of me Kathi" he smiles. Kathi giggles and gives him a little kiss on the cheek. "As you can see I dont" "You are so hot, Kathi" he hissed and starts kissing her on the lips. She doesnt resist.
    Gerd probes her mouth with his tongue and parts her lips. Kathi sucks in the tongue of the 43 year old man. Gerd lay back with her and rests his hand on her knee.

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       Her skin felt so soft and hot. Wow what a turnon for the mature hotel manager. His hands wanders up her knee to her inner thighs. Caresses her and nibbles on her neck. She starts to say something. "Mr Mayer err Gerd. . . I dont know . . . I m only fourteen. . . ""But i love you Kathi""You really do?"He doesnt say anything but frenchkissed her again.

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       She breaths hard and he holds her slim stomach. Gerd pulls at her shirt and frees her of the garnment. He plants kisses on her body downwards and unclenching her bra. He looked at her great tits. They looked so firm and sexy. Not so big, but well built teenie titties. Just a little hands full. 30B he guessed. He kissed her sweet pink nipples and brought them to attention. Sucked at the right and then on the left one, causing her to moan in pleasure. "I m really interested what you are wearing underneath" "You are really naughty Gerd, she says and softly giggles. He unzipps her skirt and gently pulls it down exposing a black thong. Wow he thought, such a young girl wearing that skimpy underwear. She slips down her sneakers and he grabs her thong pulls it down on each side, taking hold of the strings. He sniffed the damp underwear inhaling the sweet aroma of the 14 year old teenie girl.

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      He never had such a young girl, he lost his virginity at the age of 18. "Are you a virgin Kathi" he asks the hot girl. "No, I am not" she admits and becomes beetred. He lowers herself down on on the ground and parts the legs of the young girl exposing her nice slit which is completly clean shaven to his surprise. He gently licks at her inner thighs and then on her outer lips. She softly moans and he feels her juices flow. The 43 year old parts her pussy with his finger and gently probes it with his tongue. He tongue-fucks her gently and laps at her teenage juices. She is tasty. He never tasted a girl like this. Her aroma so sweet and young. The young teenager is now lightly sweating and moaning loudly. Gerd was a little afraid that someone might hear them. "Oh Gerd that feels so good. Tongue-fuck me!" But he stopps and lies on the bed beside her.

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       "Straddle my face Kathi-darling. I want you to make you cum"Kathi gets up and straddles the face of still clothed Gerd. He once more admires her body and takes hold of her firm teenie ass. He likes her pussy and grabs her tits, squeezing her nipples. He licks down her slit wanting to enter her sweet puckered hole. If her pussy is that tight, her asshole must be even more, he thinks. But she wouldnt let him wanting him to suck on her clit. He fingerfuckeres her gentle with two fingers and suckles on her soft prominent clit. But suddenly his mobile rings. It's John asking him where there are. "Showing our new employee around, Meet you in our cafe for the employment agreement. " "Ok Kathi, we have to go on later, seeing her disappointed look. " I promise!"He gets up and leaves the room, while Kathi dresses. . .


      . To be continued. . . ? ??If you like the story just tell me. I will go on writing :).