The James Family Pt. 1: A Desperate Cristina


Author’s Note: This story is fictional, although some parts are drawn from the truth; feel free to guess which ones, those parts are pretty far behind me. It starts slow, what with the foundation-building and all, but I promise it picks up. Comments are welcome since this is my first submitted story, and more parts may come in the future.



Ah, high school. A time when some rise, some struggle, and some simply crash and burn. No matter who you are, where you’re from, or where you went, we all have a story to tell.


My name is Aaron Wright, and I was a sophomore at the time of this story, fifteen going on sixteen, 5’8”, athletic but not anywhere near sculpted. If you’re looking for this story to feature a towering blonde of a high school superstar quarterback…you might want to go elsewhere.


I was on the football and basketball teams, but mostly I was a role player, a supporting character. My hair isn’t and wasn’t blonde, it was black. In fact all of me was; that is to say, African-American. I’d worn glasses since the age of eight because genetics had cursed me with poor eyesight, but I liked to think they gave me a distinguished look though. Overall, I’d say I was a solid seven out of 10 for appearances. Maybe a 7-and-a-half on a good day.


I mention that fact that I’m black not to set up the revealing of a 12-inch-dick halfway through the story, but because of where I went to high school. My school was a bit short on the minority population; there were only five black students out of my graduating class of 72.

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   You see, I went to a private prep school, and not just any prep school. This school was one of the best and most exclusive in the state, and to get in you either had to fork over college-level tuition or be almost scary-intelligent. My family was middle class all the way, but luckily, genes had made up for dulling my eyes by sharpening my mind, and even in this exclusive private school I was one of the smartest students in attendance.


The school ran kindergarten through twelfth grade, so a good number of the students had been there for a while. I’d just shown up freshman year, I wasn’t anywhere near rich, I was black, and I was smarter than most of the other students. I made close friends, but I was far from “in-crowd. ”


Now, back to the plot. It was early March of my sophomore year, and midterms and spring break were both fast-approaching. I was sitting in my chemistry class, listening to my old maid of a teacher drone on and on about the properties of acids and bases in review for the midterm. I allowed myself to tune out a bit; I was already ready for whatever midterms my teachers could throw at me. While my teacher wowed us with an explanation of acid-neutralizing reactions, my mind turned to my still unmade plans for spring break.


Other students weren’t so lucky. One of these was Cristina James. Even among all the wealth floating around my high school, she managed to stand out. Her father was a big-time corporate lawyer who in addition to starting a very successful law firm with his college roommate had made some very wise property investments over the last decade or so.

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   Long story short, the James family was loaded.


Cristina made sure to make the most of her family’s wealth. She dressed in the latest styles from the biggest names, flaunted expensive jewelry at every turn, and threw extravagant parties with guest lists even more exclusive then the school we attended.


There’s also a good chance all that money had turned her rotten. She was an egomaniac, a showy, vindictive bitch that would rather see everything around her destroyed than not have her way. Most of the students, boys and girls, kissed up to her, even though there were more than few angry mumbles. Any one she didn’t like, she ruined, and however she could. Freshman year she’d run a girl out of the school through constant harassment after she’d caught the girl talking about Cristina behind her back. Cristina was a rotten cunt, but how do you fight the daughter of a lawyer who is very, very good at his job? I flew under Cristina’s radar except for a moment or two every once in a while, so I was safe.


This time, though, Cristina had gotten a little too arrogant. I shared several classes with her, and in all of them she was loud, disruptive, disrespectful, and generally a bad student. I don’t think anyone had ever taught her the value of hard work. Usually she managed to scrap by with at least a C, a D at the minimum, but it looked like this time she was in trouble. Word was drifting around the class that Cristina was failing chemistry, and every class lately it seemed she was in a near panic. Part of me was rather happy to think that she might get what was coming to her, but most of me couldn’t care less.

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After the class was over, Cristina shuffled up to the teacher and began to speak to her in low, animated tones. I thought nothing of it, thinking it was just a part of Cristina’s continued panic. I packed up my things and went on about my day.


After school, I grabbed my bag and my laptop and headed for the library. School let out at three, my dad didn’t get off till four or five, and I had no car of my own, so I wanted to settle in for the wait. However, the library was undergoing renovations after school starting that day, so I was forced to find somewhere else to sit. It was too cold to go outside, so I headed for the student lounge, thinking I’d have the room and one of the soft couches to myself.


As I approached the student lounge though, my ears picked up a noise. I slowed my footsteps and tilted my head to listen. It was sobbing, and it sounded like a girl’s. I sighed and looked at my watch. 3:20 PM. It wouldn’t hurt to look, I thought. I’ll just look to see who it is. Maybe I can help.

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As I peeked my head through the door, imagine my surprise and dismay when I see Cristina, elbows on her knees, sitting on one of the couches and crying into her hands.


I sighed again. I really, really wanted to leave, and I had little to nothing to do with Cristina. Her back was to me, and she hadn’t noticed I was there, so I could still just walk away. My conscience wouldn’t let me do it though. It looked like she was completely alone, so if I didn’t go to comfort her, she’d just keep crying. My better nature prevailed, and I silently cursed my better nature as I walked through the door to the student lounge.


“Um…Cristina?” I said cautiously.


She looked around sharply. “What are you doing here?” she screeched in fear and surprise.


I soldiered on. “I was looking for a place to wait for my ride, and I came by here…” I gestured lamely with my hands. “Are you okay?” I asked tentatively.


Cristina shot me a cold look. “Do I look okay?!” pointing to her eyes.

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   They were bloodshot from crying, and her eyeliner was running down her cheeks in messy streams.


I moved around the couch and sat like I was setting down on something fragile. “No, you don’t. I know we don’t talk a lot, or really at all, but if I can help…”


Cristina eyed me suspiciously. “Why? Why do you want to help me?”


I shrugged. “Excuse me if I think it’s wrong to keep on walking when I see a girl who is obviously upset. ”


Cristina looked like she was about to say something smart, but she thought better of it. “If you want to know,” she began slowly, “I’m failing chemistry. ” I said nothing, waiting for her to continue. She wiped her cheeks and eyes clean with a handkerchief and went on. “My dad’s sick of it. He says if I don’t come out with at least a B- on this chem midterm, I’ll study chemistry over spring break at my grandparents’ house with a tutor instead of going with them to Italy. ” Cristina looked at me with fearful doe’s eyes. “But I’ve never been good at science! Even when I tried, I couldn’t do it!” This prompted a fresh sob, which she choked off with a hand to her mouth. She struggled with her tears for a moment.

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   “Not only that, but I’ll be grounded for the whole spring semester. School and homework. Nothing else. ” She struck her thigh weakly with a fist. “I don’t know what I’m going to do. This midterm is going to ruin me. ”


I sat through all of this with an unchanging facial expression. My better nature felt for her, sure, but there were gears going in my head too. After a moment, I opened up my mouth. “Well, if you really think you’re in trouble, there’s a week and a half till midterms. I could tutor you till then. ”


Her head snapped up and for the first time, a gleam of hope entered her eyes. “Could you…?”


I shrugged nonchalantly. “Yeah. Chemistry really isn’t a big deal for me, and my schedule’s pretty open right now since basketball is done with.

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   I could work with you afternoons and evenings. ” I stopped for effect. “But I’ve got my own studying to do you know, and there’s the matter of how I’ll get to your place at all…”


“We have a driver!” Cristina shouted suddenly. “You can ride home with us and he’ll drive you to your house!”


I acknowledged this with a tilt of my head and laid out the final piece of bait. “Yeah, I guess so. But I still have my own studying to do…”

“My dad will pay you!” Cristina shouted. “Um, uh…$50 an hour!”


I was stunned. I’d barely been hoping for half of that. “Alright, then,” I said with an inner smile. “I’ll talk to my parents. We can start tomorrow. ”


Cristina grabbed both my hands in hers. “Oh thank you thank you thank you!” she yelled ecstatically. Then she did something that surprised me even more than the price she’d named. She wrapped both of her slender arms around me and pulled me into a hug.

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   My head went dizzy with the sweet scent of her perfume, and I was dimly aware of her soft breasts against my chest. It was only for an instant though, and she pulled away. “You’ve saved me!” With that she picked up her bag and rushed out the door, dialing a number on her cell phone excitedly. I sat there, a half smile on my face.


True to my word, we started the next day. I rode home with Cristina in a four seat Jaguar that looked as if it was worth the better part of what my parents made in a year. If the car was surprising, then I’m shocked I didn’t suffer a heart attack when I saw the James family home. It sat on acres and acres of land, with a long driveway, graceful fountains, and an overall look that screamed financial success.


I knew of the rest of the James family, but that day I actually got to meet them. Matthew and Lila were Cristina’s parents. Mr. James seemed like a nice enough person, but Cristina obviously had inherited her mother’s nature. Mrs. James was a haughty trophy wife, from her blindingly blonde hair to her snotty tone of voice. She regarded me with an attitude that was suspicious, haughty, and perhaps a tad racist.

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   Cristina had two sisters, Marie and Kelly. Marie was away, a freshman at NYU, and Kelly was a senior at our school.


But over the next week and a half, I really got to know Cristina.

She wasn’t as bad to deal with as I thought she’d be. Being cornered and having to ask for help must have humbled her, because she listened to everything I had to say with a respectful attitude. I found out she wasn’t so bad after all; she could be a courteous person, she had an okay sense of humor, and she was a lot brighter than she’d given herself credit for. I spent hours every night with her studying, and we grew steadily closer.


Eventually it came to the Friday before midterm week. Mr. and Mrs. James were away until Saturday afternoon visiting a family friend, and Kelly was out again, presumably getting hammered at a party somewhere. The staff that normally worked there during the day had gone home, and the couple of members of the 24-hour staff had retired to their rooms.


It was around eleven o’clock, and Cristina and I were studying in the living room. She’d been pressing me to stay longer and longer hours lately. She was working harder than ever, coming along with her understanding of chemistry.

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   Finally about 11:15 she called it quits. “Holy shit,” she said, leaning back into the couch. “That’s all of it. ” She looked over at me. “Do you think I’m ready?”


I closed up my chem book. “You’ll be fine,” I reassured her. “You just need to have faith in yourself and focus. You know all this stuff by now. ”


She nodded and looked at the clock. “Aw fuck,” she began with dismay, “I’ve kept you way too late. ” I was about to wave it off, but she interrupted me. “I’m sorry. Tell you what, call your parents. You can stay in one of our spare rooms tonight. ”


I raised my eyebrows.


   “Is that really okay?”


“Sure. My dad loves you, he wouldn’t have a problem with it. You can go home in the morning. ” The she smiled mischievously. “But first…” she got up and walked away. “Don’t go anywhere!” she called back over her shoulder.


I sat where I was, waiting for her to come back. She did, and with two wine glasses and an unopened bottle. “Got this out of the wine cellar,” she said with a smile. She looked at the label. “This one isn’t good enough to be missed, so I just took it. ” She put the two glasses down on the glass coffee table and filled them both, setting the bottle down afterwards. She passed a glass to me. “Let’s party a little!” she said. “Midterms are Monday, and for once I feel like I know what I’m doing.

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  ” She lifted her glass. “Cheers!” Before I could respond to any of what she was saying, she downed half the glass like it was water.


I didn’t know what to say. I really wasn’t a drinker, but Cristina was obviously ready to cut loose. She’d worked hard for the past ten days or so, and she definitely ready to let off some steam.


Half an hour and another glass later, Cristina was definitely buzzed. She wasn’t drunk, but she was getting there. Me, I was still sipping on my first glass. I could see from early on that one of the two of us was going to have to watch out for Cristina, and it sure wasn’t going to be her.


Cristina sipped on her third glass. “Oooooh man,” she moaned. “This is niiiice. ” She looked over at my drink. “You haven’t even touched yours!” she accused me. She shook her head.

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   “I’ll drink it for you. ” She reached for it, but I pulled it out of her reach and took her glass from her too. I put them both on a nearby table stand.


“I think you’ve had enough for right now,” I said, eying her warily.


Cristina rolled her eyes. “If you say so Mr. Wright. ” She giggled drunkenly and then rolled over, pushing herself up against me. She sighed. “Thanks for helping me out Aaron,” she murmured. “You’re a really great guy. ”


I tentatively placed an arm around her shoulders. “I was just trying to be helpful. ”


Cristina rolled over so she could look me in the eye. Now her face was inches from mine as she straddled my leg.

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   “No, no,” she said with a bit of a slur. “No one else would have helped me. ” She sighed again. “I’m such a tremendous bitch; I didn’t expect anyone to help me. I like being a bitch though. It’s fun sometimes. But this time…I’m just glad you helped me. ”


I looked her straight in the eyes as her pupils wavered ever so slightly. “You’re not a bitch,” I said firmly. “I really think you’re a good person, you just don’t show it much. ”


She moved in closer. The sweet smell of wine was strong on her breath. “Really?”


I nodded. “Really. In fact, I’ve gotten to like you a lot.

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   I’d say we’re friends now, wouldn’t you?”


She leaned in closer. Now the hairs on our nose were dancing with one another. “Yeah, friends…” she whispered as she leaned in closer.


Suddenly, we were kissing. She pressed her lips against mine, and her tongue had shot into my mouth before I knew what was happening. I had my arms around her waist before a conscious thought even entered my mind.


She pulled away after what seemed like an eternity. “Oh God Aaron,” she said breathlessly. “I wish I’d spent time with you sooner. ” She kissed my neck as she pulled at my shirt. “I think I love you. ” My shirt came off and she looked at me. “Do you think you could love a bitch?”


I looked at her. Cristina didn’t have the best personality, but she certainly had one of the best bodies. She was a brunette like her father, with deep brown eyes, soft D-cup breasts that fit her frame wonderfully, and hips and legs that were to die for.

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   And I had genuinely gotten to like her. Call it Stockholm Syndrome. I ran my hand under her shirt, feeling the smooth skin on her stomach. Instead of answering her, I wrapped my hands around her back and pulled her in to kiss me again. My hand crept up to the underside of her breast, and she moaned into my mouth as I rubbed it through her bra.


She got up off me with a quick motion and removed her shirt and pants. “You too,” she said panting. “Take off your pants. ”


I was more than happy to comply, removing my jeans and throwing them to the side. Cristina stood before me in a white, lacy bra and thong. Her perky nipples strained through her bra, and there was already a damp patch quickly spreading between her legs.


Cristina straddled me again, her panty-clad crotch rubbing up and down on my dick through my thin boxers. I reached around and undid the clasp on her bra, letting loose her perfect breasts. Wasting no time, I took a nipple into my mouth, teasing it with my tongue. Cristina moaned and arched her back, feeding me more and more of her tit.

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   I went back and forth between her nipples, giving each a thorough tongue lashing before Cristina finally pulled my face up to hers for another deep kiss.


“Oh God, I’ve never been this excited,” Cristina said, half-moaning. She ground the fork of her legs harder into my lap. “And it feels like you’re pretty worked up yourself. ” She slid off me and onto the floor, kneeling in front of me. She squeezed my cock and balls through my boxers, teasing me. “I’ve never had a black guy before,” she confessed. “Let’s see if the rumors are true. ”


With that she pulled my boxers down and off my legs. My eight-incher sprang out, looking larger and harder than I’d ever seen it before. Cristina licked her lips and began to stroke it gently. Her touch sent an electric current through me, and my heartbeat quickened as her pale white hand slid up and down my dark rod. Through sheer force of will I was able to keep myself from cumming at her first touch.


Slowly, sensually, she reached out with her tongue and licked the head of my cock. As she pulled back, my pre-cum created a glistening line between the tip of her tongue and my penis.

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   She leaned in again, this time enveloping the whole of my helmet inside of her warm mouth. I put my hands on the back of her head, urging her on. Her full lips slid down my pole, taking in more and more, her tongue working overtime all the way. After she had about five inches in her mouth, she paused and readjusted, opening up her throat more. She pushed down the last three inches. Now her nose was in my pubic hairs as she deepthroated me.


Cristina began to moan softly, sending vibrations through me as her tongue worked me into a frenzy.

Finally, sensing I was reaching my limit, she pulled off, gasping for air. My dick glistened with her saliva, and generous strands of drool were leaking over her bottom lip. She wiped them away and smiled prettily at me. “I’ve never taken that much in my mouth before,” she said. Cristina reached out and began stroking me gently again.


I stood up, unable to keep still any longer. Cristina looked up at me, still on her knees, and I pushed the head of my dick against her lips. She took the hint and took me into her mouth again.

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   I put my hands on the back of her head again and began to slide in and out between her lips. I began to pick up speed, fucking her mouth harder and harder with each pump. Eventually I was slamming down her throat and she took it like a pro, fondling my balls and pushing her tongue against my length every time I pushed back into her mouth.


Pressure steadily built up in my sac and it got to the point where I couldn’t contain myself any more. I pushed my whole dick down Cristina’s throat and with a groan let loose with a massive stream of cum. I always came a pretty good amount when I masturbated, but this was something else entirely. Cristina swallowed as well as she could, trying to keep up, but some leaked out of her mouth and began to cover her chin and drip onto her tits. I spent my load and pulled back, allowing Cristina to catch her breath.


My dick twitched in appreciation as I looked at Cristina. She looked so incredibly slutty, kneeling on the floor with my cum on her lips, chin, and boobs. Cristina looked me dead in the eye as she scooped the cum off of her body with her fingers and put it in her mouth, moaning sexily all the while. After she was done, she crawled over and cleaned my dick off with her mouth, easily making me rock-hard again.


Cristina got up off her knees, but kept her hand on my cock. “I can’t believe you’re not done after that huge load you dumped in my mouth,” she marveled. She gave me a naughty, come-hither look.

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   “Let’s take this up to my room. There’s still a lot more we can do. ”


Cristina let go of my cock and walked away, leading me to her bedroom. I followed, erection pointing out in front of me, unable to take my eyes off her swaying ass. She still had her thong on, and the way the white fabric disappeared between her two round butt cheeks had me entranced.


When we got up to her bedroom, Cristina turned on a small bedside lamp and sat on the edge of her bed. She finally removed her panties, revealing a perfectly smooth pussy. Her clit had emerged from her folds, and her labia were fat and glistening with her own juices. Cristina rubbed her pussy lightly. “Please eat my pussy,” she begged. “I’m sooo close to cumming. ”


I walked over to her, smiling. I leaned in, kissed her lightly, and got down on my knees in front of her. Cristina bit her lower lip in anticipation and stroked the top of my head gently. Our positions from only minutes ago had been reversed, but I certainly had less experience than Cristina did.

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   All I had was a few years of porno watching and instinct to guide me.


I wasn’t about to let inexperience hold me back though. I put my lips to her skin halfway down her inner thigh, lightly laying down kisses. I let my tongue dart out and drag against her smooth skin. She was perspiring lightly, and I could taste the sweat on her. I let my hand rub gently where her pubic hair would be, if she had any, rotating my fingers in circles just above her clit. Cristina’s squirming increased as my mouth and hand slowly crept towards pay dirt.


Finally I worked up enough confidence to move past the teasing and pressed down lightly on her clit with my thumb, just to see what would happen. Cristina’s whole body went stiff for a second as her breath caught, and only her mouth moved, opening wider in a silent moan. A promising reaction, I though, so I pressed on.


Steadily applying more pressure, I worked her clit in slow circles, getting pleasure from her pleasure as her back arched more and high-pitched gasps began escaping her throat. Figuring I’d gotten as far as I was going to get with this line of action, I prepared to up the ante. I moved my nose right over her labia and took deep breaths, in and out, relishing her scent. My breath on her sensitive area only provoked her more, and Cristina pressed on the back of my head with her hand, urging me on.


I, of course, was only too happy to oblige.


   I began manipulating her clit with my tongue, doing the same thing I’d been doing with my thumb. After a few passes, I moved downwards, allowing the broadest part of my tongue to completely cover the outside of her pussy while the tip of my tongue dragged just inside. I repeated the motion, covering her from top to bottom while her fingernails dug into the back of my head. Cristina’s breath had quickened to an almost unbelievable pace, and even a rookie like me could tell she was close.


When I reached the bottom of her pussy again, I used my tongue to dig past her cunt lips and straight into her well wetted hole. The sudden invasion into her depths was all it took for Cristina to completely lose it. With a violent convulsion, all that she’d built up to that point came rushing out of her love tunnel in a gusher that filled my mouth. I sealed her pussy with my lips as best as I could so none of her juices would escape me, all the while working what I hoped was her g-spot with my tongue. I must have been doing something right, because she came again, this time with an incoherent scream. The flood got to be too much for me, so I pulled back and replaced my tongue with a finger, gently working it in and out while Cristina rode out her orgasms.


Finally, after what seemed to be a good long while, her breathing returned to normal. She gently pulled my hand away from her cunt and sensually, slowly, put my finger into her mouth. I could feel her tongue working as she cleansed my finger of her own juices. Cristina then pulled the rest of me up by my hand until I was off my knees and on top of her. We kissed, tongues working deep inside each other’s mouths, exchanging salvia and her lady cum.

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Eventually, I became aware of my dick unconsciously sliding along the outside of her pussy. Cristina must have noticed it at the same time. She smiled coyly at me. “Ready for the main event?” she asked.


I was torn beyond belief. “More than you can possibly imagine,” I replied. “But I don’t have any condoms with me. Unless you do…”


Cristina’s smile widened and she scooted back on the bead until her head rested on her pillows. “We don’t need condoms,” she said. “I’m on the pill. Have been for a while; it was my mom’s idea. ” She spread her legs and parted her pussy lips with the fingers on one hand. “You can cum anywhere you want, but I’d prefer it if you finished inside me. I just love the feeling of cum filling me up. ”


My last reservations swept away, I clambered up the bed on hands and knees, getting back over top of Cristina.

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   I put my dick in my hand and prepared to enter her, but she put a hand on my chest. “You’re a virgin, right?” she asked, looking me in the eye.


My skin color saved me from the embarrassment of a blush. “…Yeah,” I replied after a bit of hesitation. “How did you know? And does it matter?”


Cristina shook her head, brown hair flying over her eyes. “Doesn’t matter a bit to me,” she said softly. “Right now, I don’t care if you’re a virgin or a fucking gigolo. I want you. And I didn’t know, I just guessed. You never seemed like the kind of guy who got laid a lot. ” My eyebrows knit together in anger, but Cristina just smiled her pretty little smile. “Just make sure to fuck me good, okay?” She pulled on the back of my neck and kissed me lightly again as she took my cock in her other hand. “Let’s enjoy this. ”


The first moment the tip of my rod touched her pussy was electrifying. A current of pleasure ran through my body, and it was all I could do to not thrust into Cristina with all my strength and simply ravage her.

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   I continued to allow myself to be guided in by Cristina’s hand, pressing past her labia and into her body. The feeling of her pussy lips passing over the head of my dick was simply amazing, but it couldn’t match the sensation that coursed through me when the tip of my cock slid fully inside of her with a light pop.


Cristina let go and placed her hands up above her head, letting me slide the rest of the way in. She moaned and whispered encouragement as I grunted my way inside her. She had said she wasn’t a virgin, but she was certainly tight. It took work to get all eight inches all the way inside of her, and it must have caused her a fair amount of discomfort too, judging by the look on her face. Maybe she wasn’t as experienced as I thought.


When I was finally buried completely into Cristina, I stopped there, allowing myself to absorb the feeling. Here I was, cock-deep in a girl the whole school idolized and feared, with her moaning for more all the way.


After I’d had my fill of that, I began to move in and out. Small pumps at first, working back and forth, gradually building to a steady pace. I didn’t want to blow too early, so I exercised all the self-restraint I could. Still, I could feel more pre-cum leaking out with every push inside of Cristina.


Cristina was doing nothing to help my cause. With every thrust back inside, she expertly rotated her hips, grinding against me and moving my dick against the walls of her pussy.

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   One hand was holding onto the headboard of her bed while the other tweaked her nipple. Her eyes stared unblinkingly out from under long eyelashes at nothing in particular as she was moved back and forth by the force of my thrusts. Her tongue hung out between her full, red lips, panting between the frequent moans and curses. I bent over and kissed her, and she kissed me back with more force than ever before. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her even deeper onto me on my next thrust, penetrating even deeper. Her lips separated from mine as she let out a full-throated scream. “OH FUCK YES, FUCK ME HARDER! OOOOH GOD YES!”


My enthusiasm was cooled a bit my alarm. “Quiet down,” I said worriedly. “Don’t some of your workers sleep here? What are you going to do if we get caught?”


In between pants, she managed to get off a reply. “The only ones who sleep here are Marie and Simone. They both know I fuck sometimes when my parents aren’t home, and they’ve never said anything. So shut the fuck up and FUCK ME HARDER! You’ve got to be close to cumming, finish inside me, we’ll cum together. ”


She was right, I was close, and there was no more holding back. I went into overdrive, pounding her as fast as I could in a missionary position. She dug her nails into my back as she continued to scream at the top of her lungs.

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After sustaining my fastest and hardest fucking for as long as I could, I approached the point of no return. “Cristina, I’m gonna cum!” I shouted, no longer caring about who might be listening.


Her nails dug even harder into my back and she wrapped her legs around my waist. “We’ll cum together,” she said, gasping for air. “Cum inside me and we’ll cum together. C’mon, cum in me. Make me your bitch. Fuck my pussy with your black cock. C’mon, I want you to FUCKING FILL ME!”


With that, I couldn’t hold on any longer. I thrust back into Cristina one more time and held there, jet after jet of cum pouring out onto her womb. At the same time, I was vaguely aware of Cristina’s orgasm flowing around my cock and mixing with my seed. She wasn’t screaming anymore, but her eyes were closed and her lips were parted in a breathless yell.


After what seemed like hours our orgasms subsided and we were able to catch our breath again. Our combined fluids were already leaking out from around my cock, but when I pulled out of her, they poured out onto her bed sheets. Cristina grabbed hold of my ass and pulled my groin up over her face.

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   Lovingly, she took my semi-limp dick into her mouth and sucked it clean, swallowing both our cum. Without a word, she turned over and pulled me down next to her to spoon. I pulled the covers up over both of us, rubbing my crotch against her ass in a motion that was more instinctual than conscientious at this point. We basked in our post-coital glow, and I slept more peacefully that night than I ever had before.