The Life of Lauren Ep. 2


Well, diary tonight was an amazing night. I'm not sure where to begin so I'm going to just start off where I left.

So I got into his car, he had a tight navy blue Abercrombie T-Shirt on with a pair of jeans that looked like they came from American Eagle. I had on a tight top that had no back on it, just 2 strings, and it revealed the sides of my body. The only thing it covered was my breasts and parts of my stomach. I also was wearing a pair of short jean shorts that had several rips in the back and the front revealing my ass. Lucky for me since my parents were on their second honeymoon me and my brother were able to do anything.

I sat down in his car and he gave me a kiss while putting his hand between my legs. This made me once again very very horny. He took of, his friends house was only a block away, we pulled up and all we could see was people in the windows. We both got out and walked together into the house. We were greeted by one his drunk friend mumbling something that I couldn't understand. We walked out into the backyard where there was a DJ playing some club music. Tony turned around to me and asked if I wanted to dance. Without answering I turned around and put my ass right up against his body.

I took my hands and a ran it down his legs.

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   As I did this I could feel his boner rubbing against my warm wet pussy.
    He took his hands a started rubbing my breasts making my pussy nearly turn into a river. I knew it was time to make a move. I turned around and grab his penis, and said "I want that" in my great sexy voice.

    We both ran upstairs into a empty room and both ripped of our clothes. Revealing my great sexy body to him, we both
    fell on the bed and started making out. He slid he fingers into my wet pussy and hit my spot. My body got tight as he did it faster and faster . My body convulsing as he did this. My juices were flowing my eyes were rolling into the back of my head. I let out a blood curdling yell. . . . .

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      OOOOO YESSS FUCKKKK. A stream a juices spurted from my body. I was done yet. It he turn. I slowly licked down to his enormous cock and wrapped my lips around it slowly going back and forth. He started moaning. I stopped and got on top of him rocking back and my pussy getting pumped harder and harder. I was enjoying his enormous cock raping my tight pussy. I let out another moan and he pumped me with his warm juicy cum. I fell on his body.

    Today was a great, I can't wait to start my next day at HillCrest High to see what else they have to offer. . . . .

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