The Math Tutor


I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. Two of the hottest girls I had ever seen in my life were standing in my living room, right before my eyes, half-naked, groping and kissing like they’d just discovered how it’s done. I sat on my couch, pants around my ankles from the attention my dick had received just seconds before, in absolute and utter bewilderment. As far as I knew, I hadn’t done anything even close to saintly enough to deserve this, but I didn’t really care; I had more important things to think about.

Ashley’s bare tits were pressed against Sarah’s own scarcely covered pair, her nipples aroused from the constant friction with the older girl’s thin cotton bra. She moaned softly into her partner’s mouth, running her hands up and down her smooth, perfect curves as their making out intensified. Sarah’s hand drifted south from its place at the small of Ashley’s back, playing momentarily with the elastic waistband of Ash’s panties before sliding down past her ass cheeks and on to the real prize. The teenager’s eyes flew open and all at once her quiet groans became audible, ecstasy-induced moans as she unintentionally broke their kiss in response to the sudden sensation between her legs.

After she recovered from the initial shock, Ashley dove back in with renewed passion, pressing her lips firmly into Sarah’s while her hands –

Nope. Sorry man, but you can’t just jump right into the middle of the greatest sexual adventure of my life. Hell, you don’t even know either of them, or me for that matter, or how the fuck this even came to be. How about we start from the beginning, and then I’ll take you back to the good shit.

First things first, my name is Ryan Kasings. I’m a 16 year old sophomore at John Paul Jones High School, where so far, until that little glimpse you fuckers stole, my life had been entirely mediocre. I’m about 5’10”, weighing in at 160 pounds of not much; I guess you couldn’t really call me one of those skinny bitches, but I was no muscle-head either. I was just a normal guy, didn’t play any sports, got decent grades, partied enough that I wouldn’t be branded one of the anti-social kids, hoped I looked at least semi-attractive, the usual.

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So how the hell did I end up with those two gorgeous women in my living room? Sit back and grip your dicks, and we’ll get there.

It started in math class. Not with a blowjob, or a finger-fuck, or a wink across the room, or even anything remotely sexual for that matter. It started with an algebra equation; from the equation came a curious young girl’s idea; from that idea hatched a plan; and on the heels of that plan, combined with just a little bit of divine intervention, came the best day of Ryan Kasings’ life. So let’s begin.

“Nobody?” Mr. Juskewicz asked, almost pleading. The problem he’d written on the board wasn’t terribly complex, at least for Ryan, but even so the math teacher’s question was met with blank or unwilling stares.

“Nobody knows? Come on guys, this was in the homework, how can you forget this already?”
Ryan sat in the back row, absent-mindedly glancing at the cute brunette a few rows up while the teacher droned. Her name was Ashley, and she’d been the focus of his attention for many an otherwise torturous algebra lesson, but the bored teenager had no intentions of making a move, or even talking to her. He wasn’t the most outgoing of people by any stretch of the imagination, which is why, despite merely glancing at the board and realizing the answer, Ryan continued to wait for some other poor, begrudging soul to speak up. No one did.

“Come on, if none of you really understand any of this, we’ll just have to spend a couple more days on this chapter, that’s all. ” Mr. Juskewicz said, drawing moans from the class.

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Oh God no, I can’t take this boring shit anymore. Damn it…

Ryan raised his hand, almost wincing at the lone appendage that would now draw all attention in the room to him.

“Ah! Finally. Yes Mr. Kasings?”

“Y = 3/2x + 6. ” Ryan replied with a sigh. Everyone had turned around in their chairs to see who had actually known that answer, and he generally didn’t like being singled out. Out of the corner of his eye, though, Ryan glimpsed Ashley giving him an appraising look, and even smiling a little. He could feel blood start to rush to his cheeks.

Fuck math.

“Beautiful! Yes, Mr. Kasings is exactly right, and that is because he knew that when the general form is converted to the slope-intercept equation…”

The man prattled on about graphs and intercepts for another twenty minutes before the bell rang like the world’s greatest, merciful angel. Everyone packed up their unopened books and began filing out, ignoring the teacher who had been cut off mid-sentence by that sweetly ringing miracle. He tried to yell something about another homework assignment, but most of the class had already left. Ryan scribbled it down, relieved that everyone had probably already forgotten about his peer-condemned display of intelligence.

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   He stood up, draped his messenger-style book bag over his shoulder, and hurried from the room.

He never noticed Ashley purposefully waiting for everyone else to leave, and didn’t notice her approach Mr. Juskewicz just as Ryan escaped into the hall. She put on her best concerned, innocent schoolgirl face, and acted on the crazy idea she couldn’t believe she was following.

“Mr. J?” Ashley began, engaging the schoolteacher as he packed his own bag.

“Yes? Ah, and what can I do for you today Ms. Scott? Are you getting all of this?” He gestured to the jumbled chalkboard behind him.

“That’s just it…I’m really having problems understanding this point-slope stuff, and I was wondering if maybe I could get a tutor to help me with the homework; I don’t have time right after school to stay for extra help. ” She made a conscious effort to pretend she gave a damn about this class, and prayed that he would come to the only reasonable choice that she was counting on. She wondered if widening her eyes, almost like a puppy-dog face, would make her seem more convincing, and she gave it a try just in case.

“Well I’m very glad you had the initiative to come talk to me about this, after all we do have the test coming up next week, and it’s a very good idea to make sure you have all this down by then. I only wish anyone else in the class had your work ethic…” He put a hand to his chin as if deep in thought, trying to conjure someone in this class of slackers and dead-beats who could actually be considered even semi-qualified to help someone else.

“I’ll tell you what Ms. Scott…Mr.

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   Kasings seems to have a pretty good handle on things,”

“Yes he does!” Ashley blurted out, failing miserably to hide her excitement as her heart skipped a few beats. It was working perfectly. “I mean, that problem in class today…I had no idea how he worked that out. ”

“Well then perhaps you can stand to learn a few things from the young man. I’ll talk to him tomorrow and see if he wouldn’t mind giving you a hand, how’s that sound?” Mr. J said.

“Oh that’s perfect!” Ashley replied, smiling broadly, “Absolutely perfect. ”


Ashley went home that afternoon in disbelief at her own boldness. Sure she thought Ryan was cute, and she definitely wouldn’t mind having some time alone with him, but where she managed to summon the courage and wit to cook up her little scheme she had no idea. She’d always been too shy to even talk to him, and now she’d initiated a plan to be alone with him in his own house. The excitement was starting to get her hot, and she felt a strange, enjoyable warmth growing between her legs. Unfortunately, young innocent Ms. Ashley Scott had still not embraced the pleasures of masturbation, and for now tried her best to ignore the nagging desire.

The schoolgirl just wasn’t experienced in coming onto boys, despite her slim figure and obvious beauty, and had only had two boyfriends before, neither of which lasted very long. The boys had tried diligently to get into the hot brunette’s pants, but all in vain.

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   The most she’d let them do is feel her breasts through her shirt, and before long they became bored of waiting. If she was so proper then, she thought to herself as she dropped her bag on the floor and flopped down on her bed, then what was she planning to do when she got to Ryan’s house? Some part of her had wanted desperately for Mr. Juskewicz to pick him and for them to be alone together, but further than that she had no clue what she wanted. Would she cut him off like she’d done to the other boys if he tried anything? Would he want to be with her even if it didn’t mean sex? Would he even like her? And even if she did find the willpower to break her own self-imposed sexual rules, how would she know what to do?

In just a few minutes Ashley’s head was spinning with questions, confusion, and persevering hope that somehow, something good would come out of this. She thought of them together in his bedroom (or what she thought his room might look like), kissing passionately on the comforter, forgotten math books on the floor. He’d slowly raise a hand to cup her breast, and then softly pinch the nipple between his fingers. She’d inhale sharply, just as she did now on her own bed as her right hand wandered to her chest; her left drifted almost unconsciously towards her wet panties (the skirt she wore provided no further barrier). She rubbed up and down the length of her slit with her middle finger, gently at first but then with heightened force and desire. The thin cotton was soon soaked through, and she continued to rub furiously as her fantasy played through in her mind.

She’d roll on top of him, straddling him, and he’d reach between them to get at her dripping pussy. His hard shaft tented his shorts and pressed against her stomach, and she would begin to stroke it, throwing caution and her own strict moral sense to the wind. While all this happened in the blissful stage of her imagination, Ashley felt the beginnings of her orgasm as she lay rubbing her vagina after school. All at once she stopped, breathing heavily from the amazing pleasure but scared of the sudden, alien feelings running through her body that she’d never experienced before. As she stepped back from her fantasy and thought about what she was doing, the mood and sudden heat that had urged her on began to fade. Shaking her head, Ashley stood up, stripped off her drenched underwear, and decided to go take a shower – preferably a cold one.

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“Wait, what!?” Ryan asked incredulously as Mr. Juskewicz approached him in class the next day. He’d shown up a few minutes earlier than everyone else on the teacher’s request, at which time he was asked if he’d mind tutoring Ashley for a few weeks. He was speechless. Sure he liked her, after all she was gorgeous, but actually having her there in person…he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to handle the pressure or anxiety without coming off as either a total loser or a complete asshole. Then again he couldn’t exactly turn the offer down without losing any chance he might’ve had; he’d come off as uninterested and lazy.

“I said Ms. Scott is having some trouble understanding the material for this chapter. You seem to have a pretty good handle on it, so I’m asking you to give her a hand. ” Mr. J repeated.

Hell I’ll give her both hands and a dick, but God don’t let me screw this up.

“Will we be studying together in school?” Ryan asked, curious as to just how much of an opportunity was being thrown at him.

“Well that was my original thought, but Ms. Scott’s schedule doesn’t allow for study sessions during or directly following school.

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   I know it may be a hassle, and I don’t want to impose on your privacy, but if you could I’d like you two to work together out of school. ”

So this was…. all her idea? There’s no way the schedule thing could work so perfectly…could she actually want me?

“Umm, sure, ya, I think that’ll work out ok. ” Ryan staggered in response, quickly making up his mind to make the most of the situation.

“Thank you Mr. Kasings, I’ll leave it up to you two to decide when and where. ”

Awestruck and dazed, Ryan walked back to his seat and collapsed. How exactly would he handle this now? He’d have to go talk to her after class, work out a time for her to come over, see if she acted any differently towards him – his mind was racing with worries and plans about what would happen next.

Class seemed to last forever, and for most of that eternity Ryan’s eyes were flickering over to see if Ashley was looking in his direction. Finally he caught her staring at him out of the corner of her eye, and he instantly looked back to the board, feeling terribly childish immediately after. By the time class was done Ryan’s palms were sweaty and his heart was beating like a bass drum. The rest of the class shuffled from the room as Ashley took a suspiciously long time to fit a notebook into her bag. Ryan gulped hard and started towards her.

Don’t be a fag Ryan. He thought to himself, terrified of acting like an idiot and sending this whole thing to hell but at the same time refusing to be bitch enough to call it off.

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   You’re just asking her over to study fucking math, this is nothing.

“Hey Ash. ” He said, approaching her desk and offering a smile that he hoped didn’t look as retarded as it felt.

Fuck, we’re not really friends. Is it alright to call her Ash? Son of a bitch.

Ashley started violently at his voice and her notebook flew from her hands. She knew he’d have to talk to her about their “study plans” sooner or later, but she didn’t know it would be now. Even though she’d been taking her sweet time, she harbored a sort of nervous, cowardly hope that he’d ask by e-mail or phone or even fucking text message. Ryan couldn’t imagine it, but she was even more nervous than he was.

“Whoa there,” Ryan laughed, bending down to pick it up and handing it back to her.

“Oh, Ryan, hi. ” She hoped the anxiety wasn’t showing in her voice as she nervously tucked a strand of brown hair behind her ear.

“Mr. Juskewicz told me about the whole tutor thing. ”

“Oh, ya, I really don’t know how you understand this stuff, it’s amazing.

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  ” Ashley staggered, knowing she was losing her composure and trying to get control of both her mind and her voice.

“Not really,” Ryan shrugged, starting to think he was doing decently well, “it’s not that hard once you know what to do. So, my place work alright for you?”

Work alright? It’s fucking perfect. Ashley thought, unable to suppress the smile that had fought its way onto her lips. To her surprise the smile made her feel better, more natural, less awkward and terrified. She shoved her notes easily into her backpack and slung it over one shoulder, still grinning.

“Ya, that’s perfect. When do you want me?” Ashley blurted before realizing how it sounded.

Now it was Ryan’s turn to smile, broad and shameless. Ashley decided that she loved that smile. The boy who’d somehow pulled confidence out of his ass decided not to mention the beautiful choice of words; they both knew how it sounded.

“Whenever works; tomorrow, this weekend, next week, hell after the damn test if you want. ” He was dancing around it now, having more fun with it than he thought he would.

“How about today?” The brunette in the short skirt asked perhaps a little too quickly. Ryan kept the miraculous cool that had settled over him with no outwards signs of surprise or suspicion.

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   “Around 4?” She added hopefully.

“Sure. I’ll get us a pizza or something, see ya tonight. ” Ryan gave her another smile and turned away, sauntering out of the classroom like the whole world was under his dick.


The rest of the school day was the longest Ryan could remember. He didn’t see Ashley again before going home, and some part of him was glad. He’d felt normal enough when he’d talked to her earlier, but one encounter didn’t serve to break him of the anxious fear that accompanies talking to a hot girl that he was pretty sure had just concocted a plot to get them alone together.

After getting home Ryan wondered what he’d do with the couple of hours he had until Ashley got here. He decided to take a shower, and minutes later he was standing under the warm spray, trying to shake away his nerves.

I wonder if anything will actually happen tonight…She acted kind of nervous today, and this was all her idea in the first place, so I think it’s safe enough to say she’s interested, but how far could things go?

Thinking of just the possibility of getting with the gorgeous brunette began to make him hard, and Ryan glanced down at his stiffening member as a general surveys his troops before a battle. He sighed heavily under the steaming showerhead.

“Don’t you embarrass me tonight, you hear me? We actually have a chance with an insanely hot girl, and I don’t want you blowing early or going limp-dick on me, got it? This is the real deal, make me proud. ”

His dick gave no reply.

Ryan appraised his package thoughtfully. He’d never been one to brag or joke about how huge his cock was, and honestly he didn’t know how it would compare with most other guys out there; his tool was a full 7 inches in length, what he hoped would be a reasonably big size when the time came to finally lay down the cards.


   For the first time he started feeling concerned about the tangled bush of dark-brown pubic hair shrouding the base, something he’d never even considered in the past.

I heard girls don’t really like that, so should I…like…should I shave my balls?

The shower took a half-hour longer than he’d expected.

When Ryan finally did reappear from the bathroom, fresh and clean-shaven, he found that he had about an hour left until Ashley was supposed to be coming. He spent the time cleaning up his room enough to appear vaguely presentable, and ordering delivery from the pizza place down the street. With fifteen minutes to spare, Ryan paced his empty house in vain attempts to slow down his jack-hammering heart and trying to remember what it was that he was supposedly going to be teaching her.

Ryan’s parents both worked until 6, and usually didn’t get home until 6:30 – 7:00, giving them at least two and a half hours of privacy if Ashley turned out to be less innocent than she let on. Five minutes later the doorbell rang, sending Ryan flying from the couch where he’d been waiting. He walked to the front door to see Ashley standing there, looking exceptionally fuckable in another tiny skirt and tight tank top. Ryan was wearing a plain black t-shirt and his favorite pair of jeans; his favorite because they managed to hide the hard on that immediately sprang to attention when he saw her.

“Hey. ” Ashley said, perky as a cheerleader.

“Hey yourself. Dressed for success?” Ryan asked, raising a curious eyebrow as he took the sight of her in.

Good one. He mentally nodded in approval and gave himself a high five.

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“Figured it couldn’t hurt,” She said, her grin turning mischievous, “besides, it’s hot out there. ”

And now it’s fucking hot in here.

“Well come on in, we can dump your stuff in my room. Pizza should be getting here soon. ” Ryan opened the door and stood aside as she walked by, noticeably wiggling her barely-covered ass more than she had to.

He brought her up to his room where she shrugged off her school bag and pulled out her math work; neither of them had the slightest interest in algebra at the moment, but Ryan did a good enough job pretending that he cared about what he was telling her, and Ashley just nodded and tried to lean forward as far and often as possible to “get a better look” at what he was doing; she practically shoved her boobs (which weren’t huge, but as far as Ryan was concerned the perky twins were perfect in every way) into his face several times, making focusing on anything else damn near impossible. After a torturous fifteen minutes of this treatment, the doorbell rang again.

“Must be the pizza. I’ll grab it, you start working on these two. ” Ryan pointed her towards two practice problems and leapt up from the bed. Sitting there and droning on about equations while there was a beautiful girl sitting cross-legged in a short skirt mere feet away from him was driving him out of his fucking mind. His dick ached, begging for release. Ryan readjusted himself and went to the door. He paid the delivery guy and brought the box into the kitchen, willing his throbbing erection to go away.

Either I was completely wrong, Ryan thought as he collected plates and cups to bring back upstairs, or this girl is seriously fucking with me.

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Praying quickly for the latter, the horny teenage boy bounded back up to his room. Ashley was still sitting Indian-style on his bed, but the two equations were already solved, with their answers circled neatly on the page. Ryan’s hopeful assumptions seemed to be true, and he pretended to be impressed as he started dishing out slices of pepperoni. His eyes flickered up, and he couldn’t help reminding himself how outrageously hot this girl was. Her top clung to her body like a glove, accentuating her perfect tits and flat stomach in a way that made his already needy dick twitch. Her brown hair fell down past her shoulders, free of highlights or extensions or complicated abominations of some shitty stylist; it was simple, simple and perfect.

“Wow, pretty fast work. ” Ryan commented, glancing at the problem long enough to confirm that it was indeed done correctly.

“Ya, I really think I’m starting to get it now. Keep it up and I’m gonna be better than you. ” Ashley took her plate and grinned at him as she let the tip of her pizza fall into her mouth.

“I have a better idea…” Ryan said, putting his plate aside.

Oh God, Ashley’s heart suddenly started racing, Is this it? Is he going to…

“You tell me why you really wanted to come here. ” Ryan said flatly, taking a sip of his soda and looking at her curiously. Her expression as the words left his mouth was priceless.

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   The hot schoolgirl’s eyes flew open, and she almost coughed on her mouthful of pizza. Ryan gave her a minute to recover, which she drew out as long as possible.

You’re doing good Ryan, keep cool, you’re the motherfucking ice man. Just remember your balls man. REMEMBER YOUR BALLS.

“What…what do you mean? I –” She tried to bluff, but Ryan called her out before she’d even finished.

“You what? Needed math help? Please, I’m hardly that good of a teacher. You knew exactly how to do this shit before you walked in that door. ” Ryan remarked casually, taking a bite of his pizza. “So how about it Ash, wanna come clean?”

Ashley hung her head in defeat. It wasn’t exactly a letdown, though; if he’d never figured it out or she’d never made a move, how would this little scheme of hers result in anything? Screwing up her courage, she looked back up into Ryan’s eyes and took a deep breath.

“Because I like you…a lot. I was always too nervous to say anything to you so…I guess I kind of hoped something would happen if we got the chance to be alone. ” Ashley took another heaving breath, trying not to be too embarrassed. Regardless, she felt color flood to her cheeks, and fought the impulse to hide her face in her hands.

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“Something would happen?” Ryan inquired, seeking certainty that this gorgeous brunette really wanted him. And if she did, how the hell could she be worried that he didn’t want her?

You’re in control Ryan; keep it going and you got it.

“I don’t know, it was a stupid idea, I shouldn’t have –” Now she really did start bringing her hands to her beat-red face, overcome with perfectly unreasonable humiliation.

This is it man, take the plunge! PLUNGE!

Ryan reached out and grabbed Ashley’s hands, hoping she didn’t feel the trembling in his own. When she looked back up at him in surprise, Ryan leaned into her, touching his lips to hers for the first time. Adrenaline flared through his body, the heart-pounding result of doing what he never believed he had the rocks to do.

At first the girl just sat there, stunned and distant as the boy she’d come here hoping to seduce kissed her. After she jolted back to reality and realized what was happening, however, the teenager started kissing him back like a woman possessed. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled Ryan closer, leaning back as she coaxed him forward. They fell back onto Ryan’s bed, and Ashley immediately pressed her body as close to him as she could.

Now it was Ryan’s turn to be shocked. He’d expected her to come back onto him, sure, but when she pulled the two of them down and pressed her hot little body against him, he had the feeling he was in for more than he’d expected – and that was A-fucking-OK in his book.

Unsure and inexperienced in spite of all his mustered courage, Ryan tentatively put his hands on Ashley’s hips. The brunette tangled her fingers in his hair and kissed him harder; thus emboldened, Ryan slid his hands back to her round, firm ass, and gave it an experimental squeeze. The girl moaned softly into his mouth.

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Ashley felt Ryan’s stiff boner twitching between them, and for a brief moment wondered if it was right for her to be doing this; after all she’d been such a good kid all her life…

Smiling in spite of herself, Ashley ground her hips against Ryan’s shaft, making it his turn to groan with pleasure. The aroused schoolgirl felt his hand working its way up her body, and made no move to stop its progress as it slid past her hips and taut stomach up to her breasts. She pulled away slightly to give him room, closing her eyes in anticipation for his touch. Ryan rubbed her softly at first, barely making contact as his palm skimmed her flawless breast. Ashley moaned quietly through their kiss, and all at once Ryan’s hand worked rougher, kneading her left breast just hard enough to fuel the fire that was already lit between Ashley’s legs. The brunette’s nipples stood out through her thin top, and it didn’t take Ryan long to go for the tempting new targets. The boy pushed his tongue into Ashley’s mouth, turning their innocent, close-mouthed kisses into a wet, full-blown make out session. Ryan pinched her nipple lightly between his thumb and index fingers, sending little jolts of electricity through Ashley’s hot body that started at his fingertips and sparked into sheer ecstasy at her moistening pussy.

The teenage boy rolled her nipple between his fingers, making Ashley writhe with unchecked pleasure administered at the mercy of his surprisingly skillful hands. When she finally thought she could take no more without dying from the unreal bliss of it all, Ashley rolled her little body on top of her new lover’s, conjuring flashbacks of the fantasy she’d created during her not-quite-masturbation. It was just as she’d imagined: The stiff length of him pressing against her waistline, the deep kiss drawing gentle moans from the both of them, and now even the electrifying sensation of Ryan’s hand as it released her nipple and began its slow, sensual journey to the growing wetness between her legs.

Ryan had been slow and methodical at first, testing his boundaries and wondering just how far Ashley was willing to go. After she rolled on top of him though, some masculine instinct in the back of his mind rushed forward, shattering his doubt and hesitation and replacing it with a sort of lusting hunger. He needed to have her.

As the boy’s right hand slid slowly down the length of her body and stroked teasingly at the inside of her thighs, his left took its place pulling and squeezing her aroused nipples.

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   Ashley’s moans were now constant and deep; her breathing shallow and quick. She felt Ryan’s fingers tracing around her dripping cunt, barely touching her naked thighs that were left uncovered by her skirt. She ached for him to stop with the games, to drive those fingers into her pussy and finger-fuck her to as many orgasms as her little body could take; astounding what the smell and taste of sex can do to even the most innocent of schoolgirls. She was finished with being a good girl anyway, she decided as Ryan’s fingers brushed tantalizingly close to her clit, it wasn’t worth giving this up.

Eventually not even Ryan could stand his own teasing anymore, and, just as Ashley had fantasized about, he pressed his fingers against the drenched cotton of her panties, rubbing back and forth along the length of her slit. The teenage girl moaned even harder, unintentionally breaking their kiss as she arched her back in response to the mind-blowing pleasure. There was only one thing missing from the nearly identical encounter that had taken place in the blissful realm of her imagination, and she quickly moved to rectify the problem.

Forcing herself to open her eyes as Ryan pressed against her thin, sopping panties with his middle finger, Ashley removed her hand from behind the boy’s head where she’d been pulling him into her, and began to shift it down his chest. She dragged her fingers lightly past his chest, down past the ribbed hardness of his abs, and finally reached the other hardness she’d been aiming for. The teenage girl paused for only a moment of hesitation before gripping Ryan’s shaft through his jeans, getting a feel for the full length and girth of him through the restrictive material.

Well we can’t have that now can we? Ashley thought to herself, smiling mischievously. Leaving Ryan with a few deep, departing kisses, the schoolgirl flashed that smile at him again, and began to crawl down his body, never losing his eyes until her face was level with his throbbing member. Praying that her hands weren’t shaking too much for her to do this and still look sexy, Ashley undid the button of his jeans and pulled the zipper down. Ryan’s cock instantly sprang up right in front of her, long and hard and ready. Losing herself in curiosity, she wrapped her small hand around it, feeling its slightly pulsing warmth.

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   It was easily 7 inches long, probably a little bigger, and Ashley found that it was thick enough so her fingers could just barely close around it; the fascinated teenager was both surprised and pleased to find it clean shaven. Ryan’s sudden moan reminded her of what she was really grasping, and what she was supposed to do with it.

Ashley naturally had hardly a clue about how to give a blowjob, but she was damn sure she was going to try anyway. She remembered the few, precious glimpses of insight she’d heard. Usually these were from girls who’d just ventured into the world of sex themselves at parties or with boyfriends, excitedly telling their friends what happened in hushed voices and quiet giggles. Ashley cursed herself for not listening more intently to what they’d said, and focused on the couple bits of advice she had heard.

Don’t touch it with your teeth, and use your tongue.

Suddenly a song started playing in Ashley’s head, and only with considerable willpower was she able to stop herself from laughing out loud; if Ryan saw her laughing after just seeing his beautiful dick for the first time, he was likely to get the wrong idea. Still, one appropriate line from the song kept repeating itself in her sex-high thoughts, and she decided to take it as another source of advice.

Lick me like a lollipop….

Ashley lowered her head to Ryan’s stiff shaft, looked up at him one last time (he was watching back in disbelief and anticipation), and licked him like a lollipop. She was soft and tentative at first, barely touching the head of his cock with the tip, but learned very quickly that the harder she worked her tongue, the more he liked it. Before long she was lapping up and down his tool as vigorously as she could, so caught up in her ministrations that she almost forgot there was more to a proper dick-sucking than this. Ashley stopped her licking and pulled back, again grasping it in her fist and wondering why after being what most would consider a prude for so long, she realized that she had no reservations whatsoever about putting this amazing new toy in her mouth. Disregarding the useless question, Ashley lowered her mouth over the head of Ryan’s cock, enclosing it in what he decided had to be a warm, wet, corner of dick-heaven.

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Ashley started bobbing up and down on Ryan’s dick, taking painstaking care not to let her teeth anywhere near him. She ran her tongue over every bit of his shaft as it came into her mouth, and then pulled back almost completely, leaving only the tip. This she would suck on, swirling her tongue over it for few seconds before ever-so-slowly sliding her lips back down his cock. The little technique had been made up completely on the fly, and Ashley was pleasantly surprised when she glanced up at him to see Ryan leaning back against his pillows, mouth agape and eyes squeezed shut. Apparently, she was doing something right.

The young teenager started sucking with increased confidence, taking more and more of Ryan’s dick into her mouth each time. After a couple minutes of oral experimentation Ashley started following each movement of her mouth with her hand, sliding it up and down the slick shaft with promising results. Ryan’s hips instinctively thrust upwards, pushing more of him into her mouth than she’d intended and almost gagging her, but she was far from discouraged. Rather than seeing this as purely an action to get him off, Ashley came to realize that she liked doing this, loved it even. Watching his reaction, feeling him, sucking on him, seeing just how good this made him feel, every part of the blowjob fascinated her, and she didn’t care how slutty it might sound.

Ashley held down Ryan’s hips with her hands, licking the underside of his dick from the base up as she waited for her smile to subside so she could go back to giving him the best orgasm of his life. A few seconds later she got a hold of herself, and wrapped her beautiful lips around Ryan’s cock for what she decided would be the final sprint. Keeping one hand on his hip to prevent him from thrusting up again, Ashley grasped his shaft with the other, re-starting the rhythm she’d seen him enjoy so much.

Once she’d gotten back into the swing of things, the schoolgirl upped the pace considerably, pumping faster and faster until she was just about flying up and down his tool. No mortal man could endure a hot, teenage brunette bobbing her head up and down on his hard dick for any great length of time, and Ryan was, after all, a newcomer to the incredible realm of sex.

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   Before long he felt that familiar tingling in his balls, and knew he didn’t have much longer.

“Mmmmm…. oh God Ash, I’m gonna cum. ” Ryan moaned, finally opening his eyes to see what she was going to do.

As for Ashley…she really had no idea. She knew when it came to finishing, the only options she really had were to swallow his load or to just get him off with her hand and avoid his jizz entirely. It seemed so cruel to her though, taking away the best part of it just as he was going to cum, depriving him of the best release she could offer. After little consideration Ashley’s mind was made up. She tried not to think about it hard enough to change her mind, and kept licking and sucking until Ryan’s body started to tense. The moment he went rigid Ashley took as much of him into her mouth as she could, stopping just before her gag reflex could ruin anything, and waited to see what it would feel like. Suddenly she felt a huge glob of liquid blast into the back of her throat, followed quickly by two more. The teenage girl was surprised and inexperienced, and so quickly pulled the orgasming dick out of her mouth, struggling to swallow the thick ropes of semen without coughing it back up onto Ryan. The boy kept cumming after she drew back, however, and three more gushes of cum landed on Ashley’s cheek, lips, and chin. Ryan’s body finally relaxed, and he looked up at Ashley to see her face covered in semen, his dick still in hand. He wanted to cum again right there.

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Ashley didn’t know what to do. Scurrying off to the bathroom would just look silly and insulting, and so would acting grossed out by the sticky cum. Taking a deep breath and putting on her sexiest face, Ashley did what she would never have expected herself to try, and began wiping the big globs off her face with her middle finger, and slipping it seductively between her lips before sucking it dry. The first few blasts had been too far back in her throat for her to taste, but she could taste it now. She decided it wasn’t bad, but that could just be the sex-high still making just about everything they did hot and erotic. When she was done she knelt back on the bed and smiled at Ryan, asking with her eyes if she’d done good.

“Oh my God. ” Ryan panted, praying that he wouldn’t suddenly wake up. “That was amazing. ”

Ashley just about glowed at the praise, smiling shamelessly and squeezing the last few drops of jizz from the softening cock still in her hand. She bent down to lick them off, and the image alone was enough to stop Ryan’s shaft from deflating.

“I think it’s someone else’s turn, though. ” He said, smiling devilishly and dragging one finger teasingly down her slit. Ashley yelped in surprise and pleasure, but her grin stayed right where it was. The two teenagers quickly switched places, and Ryan prepared to pull her drenched panties aside and dive into the most perfect pussy ever molded by God.



“Ryan!” trumpeted a voice from downstairs. Not angry or accusing, just loud, in a ‘honey I’m home’ sort of way. His mother.

“Son of a bitch. ” Ryan cursed under his breath, “Son. Of. A. BITCH. ” Ashley giggled at his frustration. Never had a boy been so concerned with whether or not he was able to get her off. Ryan was different; he wasn’t completely self-centered and didn’t walk into the situation expecting her to put out. Given the time, he would’ve given her just as much attention as she’d given him, if not more. Her smile only widened when she thought about what might happen next time.

The pair of them were still just about fully clothed, and after Ryan tucked his dick back into his jeans, there was no evidence that the two had been doing anything other than studying math and eating pizza. He called back to his mother, who found them and explained that some idiot had pulled the fire alarm in her office building, and they’d let them all out a little early.

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   She introduced herself to Ashley, bought into the whole ‘math help’ cover, and went back to being an oblivious parent somewhere else.

“Well, I guess I should get going. ” Ashley said as soon as his mother had left. With her there, doing anything else would be way too dangerous, and she wasn’t about to do anything to risk losing what she’d just discovered.

“Ya. ” Ryan replied, scratching the back of his head and coming up with nothing more to say. He felt guilty for the one-sided orgasm, and hoped she wouldn’t write him off as just another selfish asshole. “Hey, I’m sorry I couldn’t…you know. ”

Ashley gave him that innocent schoolgirl giggle that stiffened his dick all over again. She saw, and her smile grew mischievous as she gripped it gently through his pants.

“Don’t worry about it, there’s always next time. ”


What? Pissed it didn’t end with lesbian make-outs like it started? I said we’d get there, not that I’d toss out my life’s greatest story like candy. It’s far from over, so keep your pants on (ah who am I kidding, half of you probably have them off already), and give good reviews so I don’t think I’m wasting time with another chapter.

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