The Most Humiliating Day of My Life


Im a regular 16 year old guy nearing the end of high school counting the days until this miserable year is finally over. Yes, sadly im not very popular around my school n occasionally get picked on a lot in school. Usually I just get teased at and pushed around, im kind of on the weaker side, sometimes humiliated. Well, little do I know, will be the most humiliating day of my life. My day starts off like any other day, I get dropped off for school and attend my mourning classes and try to pay attention to the lessons being taught but in my school its kind of tough. You see, the girls in my class are basically sluts and they dress like it to. Most of them just wear slutty high heels skirts tht barely cover their asses and small thin tops that cover their chests very tightly. So im always being distracted in class by these sexy girls even though I try my hardest to pay attention. Today in my 1st class this girl sitting next to me was wearing exactly as they all do and at this moment we were taking a test. In the middle of the test she gets up to go sharpen her pencil and comes back to her seat and before she sits down she notices 1of her shoes are untied and bends over to tie it. Lucky for me her ass is about a foot away from me and , for reason I don’t know, she bends over with straight knees and teases me with a view of the bottom of her ass cheeks. I get so turned on by this view I feel my cock start to harden in my pants. I couldn’t help myself and turned my entire body towards hers and stuck my feet out a little bit and pretended like I was tying my shoes. As soon as my head was down by my feet I peeked under her skirt and was in complete awe from what I saw. She had on a lavender thong tightly pressed against her pussy lips and ass crack. I must’ve been staring for too long because she noticed me taking a peek.

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   So she shrieks out loud and yells for everyone to hear “ OH MY GOD YOU PERVERT YOU WERE LOOKIN UP MY SKIRT!!!” I was completely red and didn’t know what to say so I looked back at my test as if nothing happened at all hoping nobody believed her. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. The rest of the class were basically giving me looks of disgust making me even more humiliated. As soon as the bell rang I quickly got up and walked quickly out the doors onto the campus around the gym and sat down up against the wall thinking about what just happened and what to do. I must’ve sat there thinking for about 5 minutes when the bell rang and I thought to myself “Oh great now im late for class, what next” when all of sudden the girl that caught me looking up her skit came around the corner with a pack of her slutty friends and she yells out “there you are you filthy pervert ive been looking all over for you. Did you like what you saw in class today?” giggling with her friends, “well guess what im going to give you another peek. ” I couldn’t believe what I heard but just sat there looking at her and her friends giving me evil smiles. “Hold him down girls. ” I look at her in confusion but before I could do anything four of her friends held me down to the ground. “good good” she says, “ get it out Alisha, start recording” 1 of her friends takes out a video camera and starts pointing it at me recording everything. Then Cara , the girl who caught me looking up her skirt, bends over stiff-kneed again giving me another great view of that ass and pussy. I feel myself getting hard again and I think to myself “oh god I hope they don’t see me hardening penis” Then Cara says “you like that don’t u perv? I bet he’s getting hard already” then 1 of her friends that is holding me down rubs my crotch area and squeals “ oh he is getting hard” then they all giggle. “make him harder cara” said 1 of her friends. “I got a better idea” said cara, giving me an evil look, “ I think im going to make him cum on camera!” My eyes widened and thought to myself “shes going to do what!?!?” She gets on her knees in front of me and undoes my zipper and pulls out my semi hard cock n starts slowly stroking my shaft up and down for a good 30 seconds. “MMMM that did the trick he’s rock solid now, go ahead girls give it feel” as soon as she said that all her friends holding me down start feeling my hard shaft stroking it a couple times and some played with the head and one even lick the underside of the head of my cock which made my cock twitch and start oozing pre cum at the top.

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   One of her friends giggles and says “mmmm I made him ooze pre cum” and she licks the pre cum off the top and says “mmmm tasty” her friends giggle and cara says “Ok girls that’s enough we don’t wanna make him cum just yet, its my turn now. Somone get me that chair over there” one of her friends that were just watching grabbed the chair around the corner and placed it against the wall “good now seat him in the chair and hold him down” her friends obey and place me in the chair. Cara begins teasing me by dancing a little and bending over just enough to see her ass cheeks and sometimes slowly pulling her skirt up a bit. Then out of nowhere she bends her ass over my lap and starts grinding her pussy against my rock solid cock. When her lavender satin thong rubbed up against my cock a let out a small moan and then one of her friends says “oh I think our friend here likes it” but cara keeps grinding her pussy against my cock. Im so close to cumming but I try holding it in as long as I can.
    She grinds faster against my cock n shouts at me “ come on cum you little pervert lets see that white cum shoot out of your cock” OH MY GOD I DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH LONGER I CAN LAST and I think cara realizes that as well. “I know what will make him cum” she quickly gets out of her thong and tosses it on my chest and starts grinding her now wet naked pussy against my cock. She grins faster and now she starts letting out soft moans and I lose it and scream “OH FUCK!!” but just as im going to cum cara quickly turns around and grabs the base of my shaft and pulls down on my balls and as she does so she says “ oh no you don’t your going to make me cum 1st” she keeps pulling on my balls until my orgasm completely subsides and gets back up to grinding her pussy against my cock again. She really gets into it and starts grinding faster n starts rubbing her clit. I hear her moan and moan and grind faster. I feel another orgasm coming again and try to hold it in again. She grinds faster now and moans even louder and with a couple pinches to her clit she screams “ MMMMM YEA IM CUMMING” and cum drips out of her pussy onto me cock and I lose it at the same time and let out a loud groan and shoot load after load of cum on my shirt and lap and this is all on video! Her friends let go of me and they all get on their knees and simultaneously lick the head of my cock licking up all the cum of my cock making me moan and moan as some of them dig there tongues across and on my pee hole. Cara gets dressed and fixes her hair and says back to me “now we got you cumming on yourself on tape! And the whole school is going to see this!” at that point I couldn’t care because I just had the best orgasm of my life. The next day was hell though because by then half the school saw the tape and pointed and laughed at me the whole day and probably the whole school year.

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       God I hate school!
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