..:The needy virgin:..


. . :The needy virgin:. .


Charleen had always had a sweet sparkling, bubbly personality, and was a great friend to Cherry. They had been best friends ever since they got into junior high. They both became great friends with each other and had a tight bond. One day deciding to call each other 'sisters'. They had so much in common. Drawing, playing GTA, and both deciding they wanted to be photographers when they grow up. A few days before her 13th birthday, her friend decided to have sex and lose her virginity to a guy who was an asshole to her and her friends, except Charleen, who he considered a friend, and anyways, it was his fault she had done this. He pushed her into it. The fact that pissed Charleen off the most was the Cherry had decided to tell Charleen's friend Kate that she did this, and never her. She got over it. But after that, all she could think about was loosing her virginity asap, too. She wanted it badly.

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   And lucky her, her moms boyfriends son Cody had like, liked her for a long time since they went out once, and decided to kiss and then make out on Christmas eve night. He in fact loved her so much now that he would do whatever she wanted him to. Including to give her, her wish and finally let her loose her virginity! But she knew her hymen would not 'pop' because one summer it had on its own because it was too thin. But oh well, she was still a tight pussied virgin, and she was ready. It was her time to no longer be a virgin!!!
Hair: Thick, curly, silky, Dirty Blonde hair, with Bleach Blonde highlights.
Eyes: Almond shaped, Icy Blue eyes that make you just seem to melt when you look into them.
Skin: Silky; smooth, tanish skin.
Teeth: Pearly white, shiny, dazzling teeth.
Status so far: VIRGIN

Cody lived with his mother but came to his dads house(Charleens house) every other weekend. In summers, for every other weekend. Lately, he had been hitting on. . . .