The Pantera and I


Becky was a pantera and the hottest girl I had ever seen.   When I was a freshman and she was a sophomore, we were in biology together.   I remember she sat across from me, and everyday I'd look at her want to fuck her.   When I went home, I would jackoff to her all the time.   In the shower, in bed, where ever.   She was hot!  Then a year went by, I was sophomore and becky was now a junior.   And now she was even hotter.   I didn't have her in classes, but I saw in the halls, at lunch, and at the football games, and I still jacked off to her.   She had to know I wanted to fuck her.   At the end of one of the football games, before I got back on the bus with the drumline I spotted her and pulled her behind one of the buses.   I said to her, "You are the hottest girl on the planet.   You know that right?"  She was shocked at first, but then she had a look of interest on her face and said, "Well what are you getting at exactly?"  I told her, "I want to fuck you more than any other girl in the world!"  She kept talking about how she had a boyfriend, but I told her it would just be sex.   And she said, "OK, you wanna meet tomorrow?"  I said "Fuck yeah!"  She replied, "OK your place, and I'll be there"
The next day when I got home from school, 30 minutes after I walked in the door, there was a ring at the bell.   I answered and Becky was standing there.   "Are you alone?", she asked.   "My mom has school tonight until 7:30, and my brother has a track meet until 6:00", I answered.

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    She replied with, "Excellent!"  She came in and closed the door.   She came up and we kissed with tongue and tongue tied.   Then we went upstairs.   As we went, she took off her jacket and shoes.   we got to the upstairs couch, and she removed her shirt and jeans.   She pushed me on to the couch, and then took off her bra.   She sat on me, making my cock get harder and bigger.   She took my shirt, and told me to rip of her panties.   I grabbed the side of her panties and pulled and ripped off the strap causing the panties to fall to the ground.   Becky, now naked got down on her knees and started undoing my pants.   When she got them undone, she pulled them down and my 7 inch cock shot out.   Then she said, "There's no going back now drummer boy.   You are gonna fuck me hard!"  "Hell yeah!", I said.   Then she slipped my cock in her mouth and started giving me a furious blowjob.   We were both moaning, and she just sucked and blew hard, and I sat back in heaven.

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    Next she pulled her lips off my cock and pulled out a condom.   She put the condom on and hopped on to my cock.   She put on a cowgirl hat, which she brought with her, and then began to ride me like crazy horse at the rodeo.   She was screaming with pleasure and I was moaning with pleasure.   After five minutes I grabbed her ass and we flipped over.   She spread her legs and said, "Take me!"  I slid my hard cock into her wet pussy, and constantly slid it in and out, fucking her like an animal.   As I fucked, she screamed, "Oh yes, that's it!  Don't ever stop fucking me!  Come on!  Fuck me, fuck me!  Yes, yes!"  After ten minutes of it, we stopped, and Becky said, "Let's go to take a shower, come on. "  I carried her into the bathroom and started the hot water.   I put her on the counter, and slid my hand over her pussy, and then I went down on her.   Again she moaned.   Once the water was hot enough, I turned on the shower we stepped in.   As we got wet, we kissed tongue tied again, and then I picked her up and placed her on my cock and fucked her against the wall.   While she still going, I turned on the shower massager and put on high power, and then stuck it in between her legs.   Her eyes widened and she moaned in delight and pleasure.  
When we were clean enough, we stepped out of the shower, and I carried her to my room.

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    I placed her in my bed and she said, "Wait I forgot my hat!"  After she left the room, I set up my video camera and laid back on the bed.   She came in with her sexy hat on, and saw the camera and said, "Oh you want memories, I'll give you memories"  She jumped on me and said, "I'm gonna ride you like the wind!"
"Ride me cowgirl!"
And again she rode me wild.   We both moaned in pleasure and finally I cummed all inside the condom, and then she just laid on top of me.  
"Your fantasy come true?"
"Fuck yeah!"
"You want it again next week?"
"Hell yes!"
"OK then"
Then we both got dressed, washed up, kissed again, and before she left she gave me the hat and said, "Whenever you masturbate look at the hat and think of me, and I WILL be back for it next week, and if it goes as good there will be a lot more to come"  I watched the best sex of my life walk out my door and I knew jacking off would never be the same again.    

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