The Party


Hi. My name is Conor. Let me describe myself. I'm 5'11", 156 Lbs. , and a Freshman in high school. I'm a starting Defensive end and starting Fullback on the Varsity Football Team, but I'm a bit reclusive. I hadn't gone to many parties in the past. Our team had a big game coming up against our rival school. I was getting psyched up all week during practice, and even in school. On Thursday, the day before the game, the team captain Mike said he was going to throw a party if we won, but on Saturday, because we'd all be tired as fuck after the game. A lot of people would be bringing dates, but I didn't have one, being shy and all, but I had been flirting with another Freshman, whose name was Jessica. I'd hoped to pluck up the courage to ask her if she'd like to go, but failed miserably. She was, after all, the kind of girl that any guy would die to go out with. She's 5'9", and looks like she weighs around 110 Lbs. , if that, with long, toned legs, flat abs, and a nice 34 C-Cup.  She also has long, Light-brown hair, hazel eyes, and a wonderful smile.

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Thursday passed quickly, and I loaded up on carbs for dinner. I went up to my room, and went to bed. At around midnight, my cell phone started vibrating on my nightstand. It said "Unkown Caller". I was groggy, but I picked it up anyway. "Hello?" Click. I was too tried to think about it, so I went to the bathroom, the back to bed. It happened twice more, but I didn't want to lose my focus for the game, so I just turned off my phone and went to sleep.
When the morning came, I ate a big breakfast, and showered, and all the other crap too. I went to school, and waited through the day. I was pretty cool with all of my teachers, because I had straight A's, so they let me listen to my Zune through class. I saw Jessica a few times during the day, and she smiled knowingly at me, and that smile just stayed with me the whole day. I decided I was going to put on a really good show at the game tonight. The last bell rang, and I proceeded to the locker room. I was the first one there, so I just went into a corner and stretched out on a bench.

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   Coach walked in after all the other players got there, gave us a "Give it your all" speech, then went into his office, and we all got changed.
The game started, and by the second quater,  we were down 28-0. Coach was pretty pissed, because they kept recovering the ball, and our quarterback was crap for some reason. Our backup was sent in, and things changed.  On offense, I slammed into the pocket again and again. I gained 70 yards in a single rush, bringing us within 10 yards of a touchdown. Coach wanted to go for a field goal because it was 4th down.  Everyone saw the stupidity in this, and the Backup QB, Joe, decided to give me the ball for one last offensive punch. I slammed it in, and the score was 28-7.  On defense, I got through everyone on the kickoff, and tackled their runner at the 30. The next play, our right tackle was injured so I volunteered for the spot, and was accepted. I slammed through their guard and center, and had a clear shot at the opposing QB. I body-checked him to the ground, and the ball flew out of his hands. I caught it mid-air,  and ran for another touchdown.  we eventually beat the other team by a staggering 63-28, mostly because of me.

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   I got the game ball, and as I was walking back to the locker room, out of the crowd from the stands rushed Jessica, who planted a firm kiss on my lips, and whispered, "See you tomorrow night. "She then walked away with me staring after her. My teammates slapped me on the back, laughing at my slightly stunned face. It was right then that I decided to go to the Party. I got home, and I went to sleep, but the same thing happened with the phone. Ring, click, ring, click, ring, click.
The next day passed fairly quickly, and I looked forward to the Party. 10 O'Clock rolled around, and I went out. I walked to Mike's house. His parents were out for the weekend, so he had the house to himself, specially for the party. I walked in, and was greeted with a startling amount of cheers. "The man of the hour!" someone shouted. I laughed to myself, and began to look for Jessica. I couldn't find her anywhere, so I got into a conversation about the game with a few of the other Football players. Around 11 PM, Craig, the tackle I replaced, tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to the door.

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   "Your date's here," he joked. I punched him in the arm, and looked. It was Jessica. I promptly walked over to the cooler and grabbed two bottles of Coor's Light. I got her attention, walked over to her, and handed her the bottle. "Pretty intense game," she said. "Yeah. . . it was, wasn't it?" She suddenly asked me, "So, why haven't you asked me out yet? I've been flirting with you sooo much in class. " "Well, that would take balls so big I couldn't walk with them. I mean, you're extremely fucking hot. " She giggled and bushed at that, and suggested we go sit down for a while. We talked, drank, and talked some more. Out of nowhere, Mike picked me up by the arm and dragged me over to the keg.

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   "We've got a volunteer, everybody!" "What!?" "You, my ftriend are doing a keg-stand. NOW. " He and Joe lifted my legs up, and I thought, "Ah, what the hell. " I stayed on for 2 and a half minutes, and was pretty tipsy when I got off.
Jessica was laughing at me stumbling around, so she took me by the arm and said, "Let's find a place for you to lay down. "We went upstairs, found an empty bedroom, and closed and closed the door. Jessica pushed me onto my back on the bed, then sat next to me. we simply looked at eachother for a mintue.
Then, I sat up, and kissed her on the lips. She kissed back with more force. I broke the kiss and she said, "Wow, I've been waiting a long time for this. " I then rolled her onto her back, and we started making out aggressively. Our tongues danced, and we both fought for dominance.  I started to grow hard, and she noticed it. "Hmm, someone's ready for a little action, aren't they?" She started to push me off, but I told her to stay put.

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   I slowly stripped off her pants while she watched me lustfully. When they were off, along with both of our socks and shoes, I started to kiss my way up the insides of her legs. When I reached her silky red thong, I pulled it down with my teeth. I moved back to her pussy, which was clean shaven, with perfect puffy lips. I licked my way around her pussy lips, getting them wet, and starting her juices flowing. Then, I pushed my middle finger in. She drew in a sharp breath. Her pussy felt so soft and smooth. I started fingering and licking her a the same time. I thumbed her clit, which brought more moans than she was already making, and pushed my finger in deeper. I bent it upwards, hitting her G-Spot. She shuddered and had an immediate orgasm, that kept going and turned into another, and another after that, and another after that one, too. She was sucking wind at a great rate, and I slid my hand underneath her shirt, up her toned, sexy abs, and to her breasts, which I squeezed. I helped her take off her shirt, then her bra, which I threw to the floor. I leaned down and sucked her half-dollar sized nipples into my mouth, one after the other.

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   I bit down gently, all the while still fingering her to a second multiple-orgasmic experience. When that happened she moaned, "I'm cumming!" I moved faster after that, and she quivered in pure ecstacy.
When she had gotten her breath back, she looked over at me, where I was carresing her firm ass, and said, "My turn. " I took off my shirt, and she unzipped my pants, and let my 8" dick free. I was so hard by that point, I thought I was going to pop a blood vessel in my cock. She stroked my shaft slowly, gazing lustfully into my eyes. She licked the drop of precum off the head of my cock, then sucked the entire head into her mouth. She rubbed my balls, jerked me off, and bobbed her head on my cock, all at the same time, making for a wonderful experience.
    My knees buckled and I fell to the bed, but she didn't let my cock out of her mouth for a second. She started to deepthroat me. I grabbed her hair and held it out of her face,  and she started humming, sending vibrations all down my shaft. I then groaned and said, "Here it comes!" I started face-fucking her wildly, and shot my load down her throat. She didn't lose a drop.
     I looked at her after she came back onto the bed next to me and asked, "Was that your first time?"
    "Yeah, but I've watched some porn, ya know?"
    We both chuckled at that, then she said, "You ready for more?"
    "Hell yes!"
    She climbed on top of me, saying she wanted to control her first time, and I didn't have a problem with that. She grasped my cock and slid it into her velvety soft pussy.

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       I looked at her caringly and said, "Jessica, are you ready for this?" She nodded, closed her eyes, and dropped down. She cried out in pain, and I garbbed her and held her close, letting her adjust to the pain. We stayed like that for five minutes, and I loved the feeling of her soft breasts pressed against my chest. Then she started grinding her hips against mine.  I matched her motions, grinding and thrusting away. Jessica then started to kiss me, once again wrestling with my tongue for dominance. We went at it for quite a long time, fondling and kissing eachother all the while. Soon, I felt a tingling in my toes, just as she whispered in my ear, "I'm gonna cum soon. " "Me too. " I started thrusting up to meet hers faster and faster, and she moaned lowly, steadily getting louder, until we climaxed in the same moment,  then she screamed in joy, having a third set of multiple orgasms, bucking her hips.
    "That was fucking amazing. . . I've never been able to do that to myself. .

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      . " she breathed. I held her close for ten minutes after that.
    Soon, we heard the pattering of rain on the windows. We looked at the clock, and it read 2:08 AM. We thought the party was starting to come indoors, due to the rain, so we decided to get dressed before any unwelcomed visitors came into the room. We then went downstairs, and found everyone watching us when we got to the bottom. They started clapping and cheering,and we got red to the ears. I threw an arm around her shoulders, and guided her to a seat on the couch. Everyone went back about their business of partying, with the bass thumping throughout the house, and the music blasting.  Mike came over with bottles for each of us in his hands, and sat down in the chair across from us.
    "You guys should try to be quieter next time you do that. Everyone heard you over the music down here," he laughed. "Well, enjoy yourselves. " He smiled and walked away.

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    Around 3 AM, Jessica said she should probably be getting home now, and I asked to walk her home, as it was raining, though I would have walked her home anyway. I wrapped my coat around her and put my arm about her waist. We walked the mile to her house, and I hugged her close and kissed her on the lips. She started to take my jacket off, but I told her to keep it. She smiled kissed me one last time, the went into her house. I watched her window, and when she looked out, I waved goodbye, and started jogging to my home, which was 2 miles away. Thank God I had UnderArmour on, because it was freezing outside. I got back to my house, snuck back into my room, and laid down for bed. I was thinking about what happened, when my phone vibrated, startling me out of my reverie. It said "Unknown Caller. " I only hit the talk button, and listened. The voice on the other end of the line was Jessica's.
    She said softly, "Hello? Conor? Are you there?"
    "Yeah, I'm here. . .


       so, you're the one that's been calling me, huh?"
    "Yeah. . . You got me. "
    We talked for 2 hours, and when we said goodbye, it was already 6 AM. I passed out cold after that. When I woke 3 hours later, I showered, and went out to the store. Jessica was there, and we spent the rest of the day together.
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