The Snowstorm - Part I


The Snowstorm
“The window is closing folks, if you have to go out do it now. Looking at the latest data, this storm is closing fast…”
The channel flips.
“We’re looking at maybe 12-15” inches in the first six to eight hours. Batten down the hatches…”
Another channel change.
“We’ve got Alicia Sanders out in the field, getting the public’s reaction to what those in the meteorology community are simple calling “The Snowstorm”. An ominous name indeed, isn’t it Alicia?”
The screen turns to black. Eighteen year old Zack Hudson is sprawled across the family couch in the Hudson’s spacious living room. His sister Valerie is huddled on the other side of two-piece sofa, with a warm looking blanket wrapped around her. Their father Chris is behind the couch ironing a pair of dress slacks while his wife Pam hurries about packing her husband’s clothes into a suitcase.
“So Zack, how much more time do I have before this storm hits. Do you think I’ll make my flight?”
“Only if you iron those pants faster than death itself. Get going, get going!” his wife hurries, taking the pants off the ironing board.
“What time are you going to be back daddy?” Valerie asked still snuggled in the blanket. She was a pretty girl, not drop dead gorgeous, but very pretty nonetheless. Her shoulder length brown hair was perfectly straight, and made her 5’8” frame look even longer. She was skinny, and her big brown eyes were to die for.

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“Well, if all goes well at the meeting probably Thursday. Some of their executives are showing us around town. They’re just trying to butter us up though. But I promised not to talk business at home”, Chris reminded himself.
“Looks like if you leave now, you’ll make it. I just came off of the line with American and they said that your flight to Boston was one of the last ones of the day”, Zack chimed in.
The Hudsons lived in the small, sleepy town of Sound Harbor, Maine. About 30 minutes north of Portland, it was, in its prime, an important port along the Atlantic for lobstermen and other industrial fishing companies. Over time though, the waters off shore saw their productivity drop, and the town turned into high-end middle class village with spacious homes buffeting the rocky Maine coastline. The Hudson’s two-story beachfront home was just recently completed and had the look and feel of log cabin inside, decked with California redwood walls, high cathedral style ceilings topped with large skylights. Most of the homes along the beach were built in this style. They were large and spacious but in the same time warm and cozy. Their fireplace burned with real wood, and was welcome on a cold January day like this one.
Chris Hudson was a mid-level executive working his way up the company line. He was off to Portland this afternoon to transfer to Boston and then eventually Chicago for a meeting with some customers.

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   Pam Hudson was a stay-at-home mom, and a councilwoman for the town. She too had some errands to take care of as this sudden snowstorm had caught everyone off guard. The storm itself was barreling its way north into New England after dropping already 3 feet of snow in Philadelphia and Washington D. C.
“Well, I’m off to drive your father to the airport, before I have to hit the store for some last minute supplies. If there’s any problems give me a call on my cell. ” With that Pam hurried her husband outside with his suitcases. “Bye kids” their father said as he jetted out the door.
Zack and Valerie could feel the chilly breezes from outside as the door slammed shut. Zack got up to put the thermostat up a few degrees and throw an extra piece of wood on the fire. He was a year and half older then his sister, but was maybe only a inch or so taller. His short brown hair was not gelled today, being school had been canceled in anticipation of the blizzard. He too had brown eyes that flickered in the glow of the fire. Athletic in build thanks to four seasons on the varsity track team, he was fit and healthy person.
The two continued to watch TV as reports of power outages, massive traffic delays and more and more snow came in from points to their south.

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   Eventually tired of hearing the same reports over again, Valerie went to her room to grab a short nap.
By now two hours had past since their mother left for the airport. This concerned Zack a little as the winds outside began to howl, blowing a light snow into the home’s windows. Then the phone ringed.
“Zack, its your mother. Sorry to keep you waiting. I’m fine but the Brunsons, you know the elderly couple from Edwards Street, they lost power already. The weather is really bad, there’s no way I can drive in this weather. I’m going to spend the night with the Brunsons and make sure their okay. How’s things at home. ”
“I didn’t realize it was that bad outside. We have power still, the house is nice and warm. Val’s fine too. Are you going to be alright?”
“Yes dear, I’ll be fine, we have their generator working, but even if I wanted too, I couldn’t leave. The snow is just that bad.

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   Take care and if you have any problems give me a call. Love y. . . ”
The phone lost it’s connection. Zack tried dialing again, but all he got was the cell’s voicemail. He was trying again when a new call came in, from another number.
“Hello?” he answered.
“Hi Zack, it’s Kate Morris. From geometry class. I know this strange that I call randomly like this. But I need to ask you a favor. You’re the first person, I’ve been able to reach. Everyone’s lost their cell connection and their house lines. But I’ve lost power…”
With that the Hudson’s home went black.

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   Several seconds later its power returned. The generator had kicked in.
“We just did too, but the generator’s back on. Everything alright?”
“No, my parent’s our of town on vacation. And we’ve lost power and I can’t get to my generator. It’s outside and, the door appears frozen shut. You live just down the block. Do you think you could help us out. My little brother and I are really cold. I don’t know what to do” with that she began crying on the phone.
“Calm down, calm down. I’ll come over and check it out. I can’t believe everything’s went down hill so fast. I’ll be over in 10 minutes, just relax. ”
The connection was cut again as the wind slammed into the house again.

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   Valerie trudged down the stairs from her sleep.
“Hey Val. The power went out while you were asleep, but the generator seems to be working fine. Mom also called to say she’s stuck at the Brunson’s on Edwards. The weather’s really turned bad. ”
She wondered to the window, the ground was covered in white as were all the homes she could see on the block. The wind had begun to blow horizontally with large snowflakes in it. The storm has just begun.
“Kate Morris also called…”
“Why?” Valerie asked.
“They’ve lost power, and their parent’s are out of town. They need help, and I’m the first person she could reach. ”
“You’re going to go in this weather? You’ll be lucky to make it there and back. I’ve never seen weather like this before, ever…”
“Me either, but they need help. She has her little brother Cody with her, they sounded pretty scared. ”
“If you’re going to go, you better dress warmly.

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   And come back. I don’t want to be here alone if the generator dies. God, I never expected it to be this bad. ”
Zack layered on two sweaters, his heavy jacket, and his boots. Before saying good-bye to his sister. He stumbled outside and was blown down immediately by what had to hurricane force winds. Luckily he was walking in the same direction as the wind for about two blocks down. She lived off a side street of his street. As he walked he could barely see in front of him as the side-blowing snow lashed at his face. After what turned out to be a 15 minute, 5-minute walk, he arrived at Kate’s dark house. She was waiting at the front window. She motioned to wear the generator was and followed him from window to window. Hitting a few buttons he got the cold generator to work, and a few lights in the house lit up. It was dark now outside and the wind blew Zack over again. He hit the snow hard, and eventually scrambled to his feet.

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   Kate motioned for him to come to the door.
Getting to the door he could see the ice on it, and picked away at it with his fingers. Taking a few healthy pulls the door came open, and Kate opened her inside door to welcome him in.
“Oh my God! Are you okay Zack?”
“Yep, just frostbitten. ” he joked.
“You must be frozen to death. ” She grabbed a blanket from the couch and wrapped him with it.
“I’ve never seen a blizzard this bad. It is incredible outside. ”
“I know, I was so scared. We lost power and then heat, and it was really scary. Thank you so very much. ” She gave him a big hug, and invited him to sit in their living room. It was very similar to the one at home, except all the walls were a light sea green. The skylight up above showed how stormy it was outside.

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The two chatted for awhile. Kate was one of the prettiest girls in school, and Zack would have done anything to go out with her. She was around 5’ 2” with long dirty blonde hair, and beautiful teal eyes. She was the same age as Zack, and had a nice pair of C-cups to keep the entire school enamored. A small, tight little ass, she too was not drop-dead gorgeous but very pretty nonetheless.
They had been talking for about 30 minutes when the house was plunged into darkness. The heat sputtered off and the cold howl of the wind outside crashed against the window panes.
“Damn it! Not again. What’s wrong Zack?” nervously asked Kate. The house only lit by the pale bluish-white moonlight now.
“The generator seems to have died. This is not good. Hmm. ” as he paced around. “Okay, here’s the deal.

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   Gather as many pillows and blankets as you can, because the power looks done for.

    Several minutes later Zack, Kate and her 13 year old brother Cody had amassed a small fort of pillows and blankets on the large living room pullout sofa bed. Zack wanted to go back to his home to make sure his sister was OK, but knew getting back in the storm at this time would be almost impossible. The winds were the fastest they’d been all night, and he couldn’t just leave Kate and her brother here. So he climbed onto the sofa bed with Kate and Cody, as the cold moonlight radiated in from the skylight above the living room. The light draping the entire room in an eerie yet serene pale hue.
    A few hours has passed since the three had finished their last conversation. Talking helped keep them warm in the frigid home. Kate was still up, shivering.
    “You alright Kate?” Zack asked looking into her eyes.
    “This is just awful. It is so, cold outside. I hope this storm is over soon. I can’t take much more of this. I’ll catch pneumonia for sure.


    “It’s gonna be alright Kate, I promise” he answered back. Rubbing her arms to keep her warm. “Hey, I don’t think we’ll ever be closer than this you know?”
    “Yea, I know. Who knew you’d be coming over for a slumber party with my brother and I? How the hell can he sleep through all this is mind blowing”
    “Kate? I need to tell you something. ”
    The house, the storm, the night, the earth itself seemed to stay still for just a few moments. Kate and Zack just stared into each other eyes. No words were needed.
    “Don’t tell me” whispered Kate as she moved closer to Zack, meeting him with soft kiss on the lips.
    The kiss was slow and passionate. Kate and Zack’s were locked in a brief embrace.
    “I know what can warm up this cold night. ” said Kate.
    With that her hands dropped down to under Zack’s sweat bottoms and boxers, first taking two palms full of his ass then moving around front to his slowly growing member. The intruding hands were ice cold at first, but Zack’s body didn’t seem to care the slightest as he became fully erect soon after. Kate’s hand massaging upwards and downwards.

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       Teasing his balls, then slowly traveling the 7” back up to the tip.
    Zack was in heaven. Never did he imagine the night ending this way, but so glad it did. His cold hand found the bottom of Kate’s t-shirt and worked their way to her back. Rubbing up slowly over her cold, but ever so soft skin, he found the back of her bra and unclasped it. Then his hand rotated around to her C cups, taking one in each hand and gently teasing them with the back of his finger tips. The he lifted her shirt and bra over her silky, blonde hair and tossed them aside. Her nipples stood cold and erect in the soft moonlight, her teal eyes glowing in the lunar light bath.
    Soon her pajama bottoms, his pants and boxers and her thong found their way to the side of the sofa bed. The two locked in spooning position huddling for warmth and lust. Zack’s warming member sent a pulsing shock up Kate’s back as it rubbed up against her. Zack’s hand meanwhile worked their way down over her flat stomach and hips, poking and teasing her slit in playful and teasing matter. Then without caution, two fingers dived into her pussy, eliciting a surprised moan.
    The prodding, and groping, the touching and massaging was incredible for both sides. It wasn’t Zack’s first sexual adventure but, it was Kate’s and she was soaking up every moment of it.

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       When Zack’s now hot dick ran down the small of her back and ass cheek and into Kate’s back door entrance, the moment became even more real.
    The two hadn’t said a word in nearly 10 minutes when Zack whispered in her ear, a “Are you sure?”
    Kate nodded her head immediately yes, and Zack removed his now wet hands from her pussy and instead grabbed both now clearly excited breasts. With a little maneuvering from both sides, Zack’s member was set to enter Kate, and with a big hug his dick methodically jutted into waiting slit. Each inch upward, felt more incredible then the last as finally his full 7” worked its way into her.
    The two then sat and hugged as her pussy became comfortable to Zack’s warm dick. The coldness of the winter’s storm disappeared, and Zack rhythmically thrusted forward and backwards. The friction could have melted an iceberg in both their minds as Kate’s tight pussy latched onto Zack’s member with a most incredible grip.
    Muscle’s contracting, sweat building heat rising. The two did everything in their power to keep their fuck silent and unaware to Kate’s sleeping brother who lay only a few feet away. Wrapped in ball of blankets and sheets.
    He needed to come badly. The heat was intense and the dangerous thoughts of her brother waking up to find the two in the middle of the hottest sex he ever seen, never mind had, played dangerous tricks with his mind. Not wanting any unwanted reminders of this already unforgettable evening, he quickly withdrew and blew his load into his sheet. A little cum splattered onto Kate’s ass, and sent an electric sensation through her body.
    For the rest of the night, quietly shimmied into different positions; trying desperately to remain quiet and not awake innocent Cody.

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       Both of their hormones were raging, so this was anything but a piece of cake. As they grinded and fucked each other madly, Kate got a devilish idea of her own. The two whispered back and forth, as the window panes creaked and cried as the sharp, blowing winds outside rammed into the house from all sides. This night and this storm apparently we’re only getting warmed up.
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