The Soprano


    Bonnie sang soprano. her voice lifted high, soaring with the freedom of youth and happiness, yet she was never given solos or any sort of reward for her dedication until she made her mission for the director to notice her.
   In the spring concert Bonnie was one of the crowd, an anonymous voice in the chorus, which upset her to no end. 'i can sing as well as anybody else, but I never get to show it. ' she lamented to Kelly. 'What can I do?'
   'How about talking to Mr. Parmenter? Show him you're not like the others, that you cando something special. '
    Bonnie liked the idea and after rehearsal the next day went to Parmenter. 'I need to talk to you. I want to sing a solo and I've been giving it some thought about how I can convince you to give me a chance. Can I come and audition for you next week?'
    'Sure, but make it special. ' Parmenter was not going to give it much consideration.
    'I'm in. ' she told Kelly. 'I've got something that will show him I'm not just one of the crowd. '
     The next week the day of the audition came and there was Bonnie, ready to go when Parmenter entered the room.

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  She put on her music and took the center of the stage. Out came a show tune from the speaker. Bonnie started to sing, but immediately also got a far off look on her face and approached Parmenter. She danced around him, swaying her hips and trailing her hand over his shoulders. Parmewnter sat there, not quite sure where it was going, but knowing he could be in big trouble if anybody came in. He got up and drew the blinds on the audition room door and locked it. He had his own agenda. How convenient it was also Bonnie's.
    She continued to sing softly as she knelt in front of him, rubbing her hands on his thighs. At a break in the music she loosened the buttons on her blouse allowing her 34A breasts freedom. The coolair of the room made her nipples stand out in hard erection. They were long and pink and hard and oh so sensitive to touch. she stood and let her skirt drop to the floor revealing a thin thong, barely covering her pussy but showing the shape of it through the thin material. Parmenter started rubbing his crotch, his cock throbbing at the sight of the 16 year old girl.
    'How did you get this idea? I mean , you had a chance anyway.

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  . . . . . . 'He abandoned all pretense of listening to her and unzipped his pants. Bonnie brushed his hands away as she knelt again infront of him.
   'Let me. ' With that she pulled his slacks to the floor along with his boxers. His cock sprang out, a good 8" and thick as a soda can. 'Mmmmmmmmm' she moaned as she wrapped her hand around it, bending over to kiss the tip.
    'Mmmmmmm' he said as dhe sucked his cock into her eager mouth. He bagan to thrust into her mouth as she sucked, her tongue sqirling around, now on  the tip , now on the shaft, all the while stroking and pumping it with her hands. Parmenter reached out and took her tits in his hands, feeling the texture like silk of her skin, the nipples wrinkled and erect against his palms.

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   She moaned as he massaged them gently, unable to say anything because of his massive cock in her mouth. He could feel the growing pressure in his crotch as he thrust harder and faster into her mouth. As he watched her suck him she looked up, her blue eyes showing just who was in charge here. She knew seh was the one who chose the time he would cum and she relished the thought.

        'Mouth or pussy?' She still held the thought of fucking him in reserve, but it was a choice rapidly being made for her. Her cunt was dripping, needing to feel some fulfillment. he laid her on the soft carpet and now it was his turn to kneel between her legs as he started to kiss her tits and lick and suck those lovely nipples. As he did she writhed in desire and ecstasy. he moved further down , his kisses trailing down her tummy to her hairless pussy. 'So tight' he thought as he slipped his tongue in the hot wet slit. now her hips ground against his mouth.
       'Please. . . .

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      . . . . . please Mr. Parmenter. '
       'Call me Gary. '
        'Please, Gary, I want to feel that cock in me. I need to feel you fuck me. '
        He moved up, positioning his cock at the entrance to heaven. She spread hr legs even further to accomodate him, knowing that the huge tool she had had in her mouth was soon to fill her. Not a virgin by any means she had never had anything approaching that big in her before. She never imagined. .

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      . . . . . .
         SLAM. With one stroke he was buried to his balls. Bonnie didn't cry out, she thrust back meeting him stroke for stroke, both mounting toward climax. Then he slowed his deliveryfrom fast and deep to slow and teasing. Now deep, all the way in, to just the tip and that achingly slow, inch by inch . Bonnie rolled her eyes in wonder. 'My God. it's so big. And so hard.

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      ' So big. .
        Gary knew it was not going to be long before people wondered where he was. Bonnie was now leading the rhythm, ramming her cunt against him, grinding her clit against his crotch with every thrust He felt it rising within him, knowing she had gotten the upper hand. He surrendered to the pulsing, spurting explosioin. Just as he was cumming, Bonnie rolled to onwe side and moving in a most amazing way, took his cock again in her mouth, sucking and swallowing his cum until he softened. He stroked her tits, her neck and shoulders, then back to her tits.
          'A solo?'she asked.
          'Followed by another duet after the concert' he agreed. She wasn't just another face in the crowd. this face had the tightest cunt and the most experienced mouth of any he had ever had. High school choir director. . . .

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      . . . what a life.
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