The teacher get taught a lesson by three young students - Part 1


Topic: Mr Harris part 1The bell rang and general bedlam broke out as 30 teenagers started to throw their books in their bags and make for the door as quickly as they could.   Mr Harris raised his voice to be heard and shouted instructions for homework, knowing there was littel chance any of them would do it.   He had only been in the school for three weeks, and was finding it hard.   The kids didn't respect him, he didn't get on with the other teachers, and he was starting to doubt he had what it took.  
And then there was Layla. . . .   She was 14, but to his eyes seemed much older, there was a knowing look in her eyes which seemed to see into his soul, see his insecurities and doubts and then her lips would curl into a sardonic smile, dismissing him.   She was a slim girl, short blonde hair, wide blue eyes, a perfect mouth with soft, lucious lips, modestly swelling breasts and long, long legs leading up to the most perfect ass, usually displayed to maximum effect in tight jeans or short skirts.   She was perfect, except for one thing: she was a monster.   She disrupted every class she was in, swearing, smoking, abusing the staff, refusing to work.   Even the most hardened disciplinarians amongst the staff couldn't control her, what chance did he have?  She ran rings around him, regularly humiliating him in front of the other kids, making his face turn an angry red and leaving him spluttering impotently to everyone's amusement.   And she turned him on so much. . .

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  . He knew it was wrong, she was too young, she was his student, he hated her, but he couldn't help the way his body reacted when he spoke to her.   His penis swelled until he had to sit down to try to hide it, and he was sure she noticed, and laughed at him even more.
Today she lingered, taking her time getting her stuff together until everyone else had gone.   As he cleaned the board he heard the click click of her heels as she came up behind him, and felt the bulge develop in his trousers.   She stopped close behind him, he could feel her breath on his neck, and he steeled himself for some sort of abuse or prank.   She said nothing, and finally he couldn't contain himself, he spun round and said, in what he hoped was an authoritarian tone,
"Yes, Layla?  Is there something I can do for you?"
She smiled and put her hands behind her head, stratching in an exaggerated way which pushed her breasts out, her nipples showing through the thin fabric of her t-shirt and bra.  
"Well, sir.   What would you like to do?"
There were many things he'd like to do to her, and for a moment he fantasised about her naked, bent over the desk, screaming as he violated her, before shaking himself to rid his mind of the image.  
"I'd like you to concentrate more in class, Layla.   Just that. "
"Really?  Just that?  What's that for then?"  She pointed at his crotch, where a lump was clearly visible.   He blushed, getting more angry.
"Get out Layla!  I've had enough of you for one day!"
"But you haven't had me , sir.   Not yet.

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    Wouldn't you like to?" 
He eyes widened in a fake innocent way, and she moved closer until they were almost touching.   Her head only came up to his chin and she looked up into his eyes.   Her scent was overpowering, her offer outrageous.   He knew this was just another one of her evil little schemes, but the temptation to touch her was overwhelming.   He reached out and stroked her cheek, her skin soft and supple in the way only a teenager's can be.   She gave out a low laugh, a look of triumph in her eyes.  
"You fucking pervert, I'll report you for this.   I'll see you locked up!"
His anger suddenly burst, all those weeks of torment suddenly too much.   "Fuck you, you bitch!  Why are you such a fucking tease?  I'll show you what happens to little girls who play with fire!"  Her eyes widened in shock and she tried to move away but he was too quick.   He grabbed her shoulders and threw her down over the desk, pinning her down with one hand around her throat and grabbing her breast with the other.   Her breast felt just like he'd imagined it would, soft but firm, her little nipple poking into his palm through her clothes.   He squeezed and she cried out in pain.   then he kissed her, forcing her mouth open with his and thrusting his tongue inside.   She struggled but he was out of control, feeling powerful, finally this little girl was understanding who was the boss.
Like a lightening bolt, realisation hit him of the enormity of what he was doing and he released her, his face revealing his horror at his actions.

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    She threw herself off the desk and ran for the door, sobbing and trying to rearrange her clothes.   He sank down, holding his head in his hands, realising his life was over.
The next day he went to school with a sense of dread, expecting the police to be there to meet him.   But nothing, he went to class as usual, still expecting to be met by the law.   Layla was there, provocative as always, and she flashed him a smile as he came in.   The lesson passed in a blur, worse than usual, he couldn't concentrate.   Why hadn't she reported him?  How could she pass up an opportunity to humiliate and persecute him?  Why was she so happy?
At the end of the lesson she came up to him and passed him a note as she lelt.   He opened it, fearing the worst, but it just said, "Meet me in the biology lab at 5.   Don't be late, or I may have to tell them to look at the tape. "  He was confused for a moment, but then it hit him.   He looked up and saw the CCTV  camera just outside the door.   From that angle it would have caught the whole episode.   it was worse than he has thought, she had him completely over a barrel.
He was there at 5.   Everyone had gone, the cleaners had been and the science room was quiet.

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    He'd prepared a speech, telling her to let it go or she'd be in as much trouble as him etc. etc. But when he saw her the words died in his throat.   She smiled and came towards him, totally in control and loving it.   She was wearing a short skirt and a tight top which was stretched by her pert breasts.
"Well, well, Mr Harris.   Here we are.   You are such a naughty boy, what are we going to do with you?"
"Now Layla, let's not get carried away. . . "
"Shut the fuck up!  You do as I say, or I'll tell them everthing and you'll go to prison.   You know what they do to nonses in prison?  You ever been fucked up the arse before?"  Such obscenities were shocking coming from such a young mouth, but he knew she was right.   He swallowed nervously.
"What do you want?"
She smiled broadly and walked around him, eyeing him up and down.   "Everything.

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    You'll do everything I want.   Oh, and my mates. "  He looked round at a sound, and in the doorway were two of Layla's friends, Tasnin and Aisha, smirking.   Tasnin was 15 and Asian.   She usually wore a head covering and modest dress, but could be just as troublesome as Layla.   Her clothes couldn't entirely hide the curves of her body and there was a certain sensuality about her burgeoning breasts hidden away.   Aisha was black, taller than the other two and willowy, large breasts making her seem older than 15 and dressed as usual in a short, tight skirt and shirt, showing off her slim legs and large ass.   The two girls ran over giggling and pointing. "Fantastic, Layla!  We've got our own pet teacher!  What shall we make him do?"  Laughed Tasnin. "I want to see his cock.   Make him show us his cock, Layla. "  Added Aisha. "You heard her, get it out, boy!"  Commanded Layla, to howls of laughter from her friends. "Now don't be silly girls, let's discuss this like. .

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  . "  But they were impatient and all three were upon him before he could finish.   They started to drag his trousers down, and when he tried to,puch them away Layla slapped his hands away.
"Don't make it worse, slave.   You touch me without permission again and that tape goes to the headmaster, I swear it!"  He froze, and little Tasnin gave a cry of triumph as she got his trousers down.   She grabbed his boxers and pulled them down, revealing his penis.
      This time it wasn't even slightly erect, this was just too humiliating, so it lay there, flaccid and pathetic.   The three girls laughed and pointed, making remarks about its size and shape.
    "Come on, sir. " Wheedled Aisha coaxingly.   "Make it stand up for little old me, don't you like me?"  And she ran her hands over her body provocatively, gyrating in front of him.   The others howled, and eagerly joined in, gyrating and stroking their breasts and hips in front of him. Even in this predicament, his trousers around his ankles, he couldn't help his reaction at the sight of Layla's fit young body moving in such a way.   His penis jerked and began to grow, eliciting whistles and cheers from his audience.   Layla looked into his eyes and walked over to him, then reached down and grasped it.

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    "My turn, bitch.   Did you like grabbing my tits?  Did it make you feel like a real man?  Do you feel like a man now?"  She sqeezed harder, maybe trying to hurt him but only making the sensation even more delicious.   He groaned as his cock reached full size and bucked at her touch.   She dragged him across the room by his cock, "Come with me little bitch.   See what Mama's got for you. "  She pulled him painfully up to a desk, and before he realised what she was doing, she slammed his cock in the desk.   Even the other girls looked shocked as he screamed in agony and curled up on the floor.   The pain was excruciating, waves radiated out from his crotch making him writhe and gasp.
    "What?  This fucker kissed me!  He put his fucking tongue in my fucking mouth!  Noone does that to me, I do the fucking kissing!  Watch!"  She knelt down next to him and grabbed his face, pressing her lips to his, hard and fierce.   He felt her tongue thrusting into his mouth, swirling and carressing his.   He groaned as his abused member swelled again, causing more pain but also a delicious sensation of arousal.   He felt another had on it, gentler, stroking.   He looked down and Tasnin had knelt by his groin and was handling his newly re-erect penis, examining it.   She looked at her colleagues.
    "What?  I'm just looking.

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        I've never seen one before, have I?  I'm not like you sluts!  Are they always this big?"  Her friends laughed and began to tease her, calling her a little virgin, never kissed or touched.   She bridled.   "I'm not that innocent!  Look!"  And she bent and took his organ in her mouth.   What she lacked in experience she more than  made up for in enthusiasm, and he moaned and jerked as her tongue whirled round his glans, her soft lips sucked his shaft.
    "What a lucky teacher!  getting a lesson in giving a blowjob from the little virgin!  Why don't you teach her something sir?  Lick her pussy!" Aisha crowed. The others sqealed in delight, and Aisha harrangued Tasnin to get her trousers off.   Tasnin blushed and vehemently refused, shaking her head so his cock slipped out of her mouth.   Even though he loked horrified, secretly he was longing for her to agree. Eventually she had to give in, unable to face the shame of her friend's taunts.   She stood up, undoing her trousers and dropping them. She was wearing lacy white panties, thin and sexy, a dark shadow hinting at what lay beneath.   He stared, fascinated at seeing such an intimate view of this girl he only knew from class.   She hesitated, but egged on by her mates she hooked her fingers in the waistband of her knickers and slowly drew them down.   She had a light growth of black hair on her pudenda, failing to hide the prominent lips below, small and tight.   The sight of this young girl's private parts, never before seen by a man, aroused him so much he eagerly cooperated as Aisha pushed his head towards heaven.

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       Tasnin screamed and tried to pull away, but her friends held her and his lips found their target, licking and biting furiously at her labia.   Tasnin moaned in surprise and pleasure.   He grabbed her tight little buttocks and pushed her legs apart to get better access, prying her lips apart and gently licking her clitoris.   She gasped and squirmed, wrapping her leg around his neck.   As he sucked and licked the 15 year-old virgin's vagina, he felt another hand close around his cock.   Layla looked flushed, and she pumped him, growling, "Enjoying that are you, you pervert.   Wait until I get my turn, you'll know what a girl can do to you. "  The thought of Layla's naked sex drove him over the edge, and with a long groan he shot a wad of semen across the room, splattering Aisha and Layla.   At the same time, Tasnin gave a series of grunts and moans as his ministrations on her pussy pushed her to climax.   He drank in her scent, marvelling at the sight of her beautiful, dark little hole, wet and hot and dripping with her fluids. Aisha and Layla looked at their semen splattered clothes, speechless.   The they moved towards him, determined looks on their faces.   He gulped, what now?
    To be continued. . .

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      . . .