The two groups


It was 9 o'clock in morning on a nice Saturday. Josh, a tall 17 year old boy sat upon a step infront of a broken down cabin. The cabin or clubhouse was used by most of all the teenagers around the neighborhood as a hangout. A place to retreat from their parents, get drunk, smoke, and have a good time. Over the years, the place had been decked out with different things. Some people brought stuff and left it there. There were several chairs, two couches that weren't in the best shape, and a few other odds and ends. Of all the places where young people hung out, this was the most visited. Some people dared to spend the night with their boyfriends or girlfriends. Sometimes a group of guys, girls, or a bit of both would stay the night, awake into the wee hours of the morning. Playing games, drinking beer, or whatever else they could think of.
And of all of these people who went to this retreat, there were 2 groups. One of all girls, and one of all guys. Of the groups, there was just one person that 'lead' them around. Ashley being the girls' leader, Josh being the boys'. Now don't get me wrong, the group didn't get bossed around by their ringleaders, nor did they all stay together all the time.

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   Most of the guys tried to mingle with the girls, and vise virsa. Relationships developed and were ruined all the time. Mostly it was a mess of people going out with her, and him, and then her, and then him. Well two people who never did anything near eachother were Ashley and Josh.
No one knew why. Ashley was very pretty, she has straight dirty blonde hair. She's a fair height, 5'5". She couldn't weigh more than 110 pounds, and she has a nice C. Every guy wanted some, and a lot of girls wanted to be like her. She has a casual style of clothing. On this certain Saturday she was wearing a good length blue skirt, and a clean white t-shirt.
Josh was about average. He did go to the gym once in a while, so he wasn't all skin and bones. He had a nice tone body, nothing bodybuilder about him. Short brown hair, and he is 6'3".

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   His sence of style was far from anything but just being comfortable in a pair of faded green shorts and a gray shirt that listed funny things NOT to say to a police officer.
Now on this beautiful Saturday morning, Josh waited for 2 of his best buds, Kevin and Shawn. They were bringing some beer over and they were just going to shoot the shit and drink. Well he waited for maybe 15 minutes, he heard someone coming up the pass. Need I mention, this cabin was nestled in the woods a bit. It was a little haul to get to the hangout, but out of view of the parents' watch. Josh looked up only to be disappointed. Three girls about the age of 16-18 were walking up, magazines in hand, chatting about who knows what.
He recognized them all right away. There was Ashley the bitch, Kirsten the O. K. down the earth chick, and finally Gianna, the slut. Josh, being the . . .

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  polite. . . person he was, got up so they could go inside. Of course, this was anybodys' place to go. But he wanted it to just be the guys today.
"Out of the way", sneered Ashley as she waited for Josh to get out of the doorway.
Josh stopped in his tracks, and looked at her. "Never thought I'd see the bitch queen and her minions today. How are you, Ashley?" He asked it so nonchalantly, like she was dirt.
Now don't get me wrong, at one time these two used to be best friends, attached at the hip. But one day, Josh was caught pants down with another good friend of Ashley's and well nothing was the same. Plus it's not like Josh's friends didn't mouth off how they made out with Ashley, and whatever else.
Kirsten sighed. "You guys, chill out theres enough room in here for all of us.

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   I'm just ready to get baked and sit around. " She smiled, pulling out the bit of weed she had in a bag. Enough for a blunt or 2. Everyone, even Josh and Ashley both looked interested. Weed, beer, and getting fucked up was usually a good way to pass the time now a days.
Ashley then whipped her head back to Josh. "Just keep your dirty hands off my friends, you think you can get an easy piece of ass, but you can't. You're ugly anyway"
Josh could have just spit in her face and pushed her into the dirt and laughed at her. But instead, and he shot a sarcastic look at her and flipped Ashley off. "Why don't you just go die, we don't need a snobby bitch like you here to ruin the fun. Plus I got some guys coming over, so you'd better make room and deal with it bitch. " He held out "bitch" a little longer than the rest of the statement.
You would have sworn to see a look of disappointment in Ashley's face, but she turned and went inside, following her friends.
-- 10 minutes after that --
Josh stood, back rested against the wall of the cabin. � He finally heard the loud sound of restless boys walking the trail.

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   He looked up to see Shawn and Kevin coming up, three 6 packs between the 2 of them, and grins ear to ear.
"Lets get this shit down, I brought some weed too" Shawn spoke first.
Kevin added, "Well fuck, I didn't bring a lighter. "
Josh pushed himself against the wall, moving away from the cabin. "Nah bitches in there are rolling one up, we could probably snatch theirs. "
They all aggreed and opened the door to go inside. Once everyone got over staring at eachother, the guys too the remaining couch, putting the beers on� a side table. Tension between the six as they both sat there for a moment. Then the girls turned back, resorting to whispering the latest gossip. Giggling and looking back at the boys once in a while. After a few moments after that, the boys all opened a beer, and shot the shit until they were all done with their first.
"Do any of yall have a lighter?" Kevin asked, he was the youngest and more of a prude to his group. He had just turned 16.
Ashley looked up first, stopping Gianna from blurting out 'Yeah sure!'. "Nothing for you boys, why don't you just leave anyways.

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Sitting across the room, the two groups looked at eachother. Nothing was said for a few minutes, and then Josh took his bottle cap and threw it at the girls. Bullseye, it clocked Ashley right on the side of the head, as she finally turned back to a magazine. Boy was she pissed.
"Now what the fuck did you have to do that, you asshole?!" She jumped up, almost screaming. She stood there for a second, then she stormed out, Kirsten following her. Gianna only watched, she didn't see the big deal. I mean come on, it was a bottle cap to the head. Kind of funny actually. She was smiling.
After what seemed like an hour, Ashley and Kirsten came back in the house. Ashley looked like she had been crying a bit. Kirsten looked worried at Ashley, then angrily to Josh and his gang.
"Lets go, fucking bastards can have the damn place. .

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  " Ashley sniffed "Gianna, we're going!" Upset she was, Ashley stormed out, never looking at the boys. Gianna and Kirsten followed. At that moment, Josh felt kind of shitty. He had always liked Ashley, but hell she was such a bitch sometimes, he had no idea what she was like.
"Man fuck them" Shawn claimed, getting another beer and drinking a swig.
--Sunday afternoon, around 7pm--
A little dark out, Josh head to the clubhouse. He had no one planned on meeting. He was bored, and he had nothing else to do. Maybe someone was there. He made his way to the door, opening it to see Gianna, Ashley, and Kirsten. Right away, Josh turned to go, and then he looked back at the 3. They were as supprised as he was. Then he did spin around, walking away.
During the whole walk home, which was about 5 minutes, Josh cursed himself for being a dick. Once he got home, he went straight to his room.

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   Not 10 minutes later, he heard a tap on his window. Josh got up from his bed, listening to music on his stereo. Opening the window to see Ashley, whom he least expected.
Ashley didn't even know what to really say. She was at a loss for words, and she was unsure what made her come to him anyways. She always questioned that. Why was she such a bitch to him, but always sneaked looks at him when he wasn't looking. She really didn't know.
"You know. . . I'm sorry abo-" Josh started
"No no no" Ashley stopped him. "Well. . .

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   I just. . . " She was stumped on what to say. She wanted to just burst out with her feelings and grab Josh and fuck his brains out. But thats not the real world. "I don't know" And with that, she walked off, into the dark.
--The next day at school--
First period was a drag. Josh heard the bell ring to go to second, and made his way to the door. Walking to his next class, he met Ashley in the hall. She looked quite happy actually. She had a nice short black skirt on and a blue t-shirt to go with. Ashley went straight up to Josh, who at that moment, was standing against the wall talking to a buddy, Will.
Glancing over, Josh was taken by supprise when Ashley pushed his back to the wall and pressed her body up to his. Her left leg nestled right in his crotch, not pressing hard to hurt, more or less rubbing.

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   Will backed off as he watched this. Ashley got as close as Josh's face as she good. Grabbing his confused hands, she put them on her side, basically on her ass.
"Theres no way you fuck with me like that and don't get punished" Ashley whispered in a huskey voice. At that moment, fully known by Ashley, Principal Hillcons walked up to them, in shock.
"Why don't you two report to my office right now, seems you can't follow the school rules!" Josh was still confused, and Ashley only smiled, pushing her left leg more into his crotch, and then seperating from him.
It took Josh a minute, that fucking bitch! She meant to do this, and that hoe just got him in trouble for nothing. He signed heavily and walked with Ashley and Hillcons to the main office.
"Now I KNOW you two know about our school rules here. I mean come on, you're both Juniors and you've been here long enough. " He walked into his office, commanding them both to sit down. He looked around his room, deciding on a punishment. "You're both suspended for the rest of the day. . .


". . but" Josh started.
"But nothing young man! Publicly showing all that out there in the hall is a mockery of my staff, and makes the school look like a terrible place for teenagers to gallop around and dry fuck eachother!" Hillcons yelled.
Now Ashley and Josh knew, Hillcons meant business. They didn't say another thing. After a while of the paperwork, Hillcons handed them both notes for what they had done, and sent them out. Both drove themselves, so they were seen to it that they left campus. Ashley snickered down the hall, walking next to Josh.
"Boy was he pissed!" She chanted, like they were both good friends.
"Why the FUCK would you do that you lousy bitch?" Josh turned to her.
Ashley brushed it off, she had him right where she wanted, and she was tired of being pushed around. It was time to be bold. Fortunately, there parents wouldn't get the notice, but in the mail, a few days later. The school board was very lax about their highschool standards.

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   Plus this almost always got to the parents, and made them more angry when they found out days later. Hillcons loved that part.
The drive home for Josh was terrible. He knew he hadn't done anything but been a victim of this crazy bitch. But he went home, parked his car, went to his room, and crashed on his bed.
Probably an hour later, a knock at his door. He feared a neighbor had seen his car, and would ask him what was going on. Instead, he was stupified to see Ashley standing there, with an even shorter black skirt, and a red t-shirt that read "Too hot"
"What could you possibly want?!" Josh asked with a shrill voice. He was so pissed off that she would resort to something so evil, so cunning to get him back for a fucking bottle cap.
"Cut the shit Josh. I've seen you checking me out, and I'm pretty sure I felt a boner and hands grabbing my ass back at school. " Ashley said cooly, she had thought what she was going to say already, and she loved it.
". . Well .

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  . . " Josh mumbled, he was lost and embarrassed.
"Now I'll tell you one thing, I've wanted you along time now" Ashley said, moving in and putting her finger on his chest. Josh was taken back by all of this, he stepped back. Ashley entered the room. He closed the door behind her, and from there, emotions collided and he was against the wall, and she was pressed into him, locked in a deep kiss. His hands straight for her ass, bare underneath her short skirt. A small thong, he could feel, but the bare flesh felt so great.
Ashley's hands went straight for his belt buckle. Unloosening and unbuckling his pants, as they fell down. From there, she broke the kiss, and squatted down to get met with a 7 inch dick. In her world of lust, she took the head in her mouth, sucking hard. She needed it so bad. Bobbing her head quickly, she calmed down only after a few moans and grunts from Josh.

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   From there, Josh pulled her off of him, and backed down and sat on the couch in the living room. From there, she resumed, her knees on the floor, sucking away at his dick. He tried to hold her hair out of her wait. But that was mostly so he could watch her go up and down like a mad woman on his dick. He felt so close, when she stopped. Looking up at Josh, Ashley said in her most seductive, slutty way. "Now get down, and eat my clit baby"
Josh was lost in lust, he got up. She lied down on the couch, and he went straight to her pussy with his tongue. He hips bucked up with first contact, she moaned like the whore she was truely being as Josh went wild, drunk with lust as he licked away at her wet clit.
She must have orgasmed twice in that time, she never kept quiet. Josh didn't care, he was so focused at the job at hand, he didn't care about anything else. After probably 10-15 minutes of eatting her out, he pushed back and got on his feet. She knew what was coming now and she was no virgin. He ripped out from his wallet, a condom and put it on so fast, he was sure he ripped it. At that point, he didn't have time.

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   She wanted it now, and so did he. He drove his dick right into her pussy.
Explosions everywhere, their eyes connected, and he pumped back and forth slowly at first. After a minute of getting used to his size, Ashley was quick to push back on his cock. The more the merrier, she was lost in an abyss of pleasure. This went on for 20 minutes, neither of them giving up to the other. Then Ashley called out.
"Oh god! Oh god! Oh my gooooooood!!!! Oh baby I'm cumming, don't stop! Don't stop!!"
Josh pushed harder, he felt himself give way only a brief second after he thought she was finished, he pulled his dick out, pealing the condom off, as he squited cum all over her breasts, stomach, and a little got on her face. After that he stood there, stooped over her, a hand on the back of the couch, panting like he had just ran a race. He looked at her, and she looked at him. Nothing was said but they felt and thought the same thing.
'I love you'
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