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Amanda Johnson watched out her picture window as a moving truck backed into the driveway of the house across the street. A minivan pulled up at the curb and she saw an older looking couple get out, followed by a young blonde girl. The couple headed for the house, greeting the movers on the way in. The girl stopped in the yard and looked around, inspecting the neighborhood.
She appeared to be in her early teens, Amanda guessed about fourteen or fifteen, and was quite pretty. She was wearing white shorts that stood out against her tanned legs and a low cut red top that clung to her shapely figure and emphasizing her pert breasts. Amanda wondered if the older couple were her grandparents and if she lived with them or was just along to help with the move.
She noticed one of the movers pause on the step before entering with the others and look over his shoulder at the girl. Seeing eye candy, he turned and looked at her appraisingly, his hand absently rubbing his chin as he assessed the girls attributes. Her back was to him so she didn’t see the lecherous look that was on his face as his eyes crawled up and down her young body.
Fucking perv, she’s a little young for you don’t you think?
The girl noticed Amanda in the window and gave a small wave. The mover’s eyes snapped up to see what she was waving at and she met his gaze, waving back at the girl as she did so. Knowing he was busted, he hurried to catch up to his crew. The two of them looked at each other for a moment then the girl twirled on her heals and bounded towards the house. Amanda shrugged and went back to her house work.
It wasn’t until about two weeks later that Amanda saw the girl again.

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   It was a Saturday and her husband Jim had been called into work, forcing them to cancel their plans to go to the beach at the last moment. They had already loaded the car and were just locking up when the phone rang. It was Jim’s turn to be on call so he had to answer it.
She was pretty miffed, it was a perfect day for the beach and she had been looking forward to getting some sun. They had a nice pool area out back, but it just wasn’t the same as spreading a towel in the sand and listening to the waves lap on the shore.
She considered going by herself but hated to go alone.
She sat in her living room and sulked for about half an hour when she saw the girl come out of the front door in a bikini, her skin all oiled up and glistening in the sun. Amanda assumed she must have been preparing to lie out in her backyard. The girl bounded down to the mailbox at the curb and pulled it open, inspecting the contents.
Watching the girl, Amanda got an idea and sprang up and ran to the door, wanting to catch the girl before she went back to the house. She was just in time; she was halfway across the lawn when the girl finished sorting through the mail and began to turn to go back inside. Amanda called out.
“Hey! Hang on a sec. ”
Hearing her, the girl stopped and turned. Seeing Amanda approach, she waited by the curb.

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   Amanda crossed the street and stopped before her, thrusting out a hand in greeting.
“Hi, my name is Amanda and I’m your neighbor across the street, I saw you move in and have been meaning to introduce myself. ”
They shook and the girl said her name was Katie. They chatted for a minute, warming up to each other as they did. Katie told Amanda that she was fifteen and that she lived with her grandparents full time, her parents having died in a car accident when she was three. Amanda offered her condolences and Katie shrugged it off saying though it made her sad that she didn’t remember them very well , that her grandparents were wonderful people and that she was very happy with them. She then asked if Amanda knew whether there were any other kids her age living in the neighborhood. Amanda told her she knew of a few, but that it was peak vacation time and that they might not be around for a couple of weeks.
Seeing a look of disappointment cross Katie’s face, she saw an opening to invite her to go the beach with her. She made the offer and Katie cheered right up at the prospect. Amanda went with her to the house and met the grandparents, introducing herself again and explaining the situation with the neighborhood kids, asking for permission to take Katie with her to the beach. They readily agreed, claiming that the young girl had been moping around the house with nothing to do since they moved in, expressing their gratitude at the invitation.
A few minutes later they were in the car and Amanda headed to a secluded spot she knew, preferring privacy when she lay out. By the time they reached the beach, they were like old friends. Amanda at 28, was still young enough to remember 15, and she was still hip enough to bond with the younger girl.

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   In fact, Katie made her feel like a teenager again as they joked and giggled, checking out guys and talking fashion. It was refreshing to step away from the adult world of responsibility for a few hours and revert back to her high school days.
After spreading a blanket, they situated themselves and got comfortable. Katie had thrown on a large t-shirt over her suit for the trip and as she stripped it off Amanda admired her young body as she removed her own shorts and shirt. Seeing her up close for the first time, Amanda was envious as she looked her over discreetly.
Though still developing, the young girl had gotten off to a good start. She was just a little thing, and if it weren’t for her healthy proportions and nice curves in all the right places, one might take her for a much younger girl. Amanda doubted anyone would make that mistake now that she had shed her cover and displayed her goodies.
They got on with the business of sunning themselves for a while, enjoying the sensation of feeling the sun’s rays as it soaked into their skin. Before long it was apparent that the sun was exceptionally strong that day and Amanda suggested using a bit of sunscreen. Katie was in agreement and fished some out of her bag, turning to Amanda.
“This is my favorite brand, it’s pretty expensive but you get what you pay for when it comes to sunscreen. “ Holding the bottle out to her, she grinned sheepishly and jokingly made her voice go low and breathy, attempting to sound suggestive.
“I’ll do you if you do me…”
A short laugh burst from Amanda and she took it from her. She fell in to role responding in the same sort of tone.

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“Oh yeah baby, I want to do you soooo bad…”Opening the bottle and putting some on her hand she turned to Katie, motioning for her to lie on her stomach. Katie obliged and Amanda began to apply the lotion to her shoulders and back.
Still in role Amanda began to moan and breathe heavily as she applied the lotion. Using both hands now she ran her hands all over Katie’s back and shoulders in an exaggerated fashion.
“You like that huh? Is that good, you want more?”
“Oh yeah” Katie joined in, “please don’t stop; I want it sooo bad! Do me! Do me!”
“Oh, I’m gonna do you sooo good”
Amanda pulled the string on Katie’s bow in the back and with a jerk it was undone.
“How do you like that baby?”
Giggles escaped both of them and Amanda moved down to her legs, working the lotion in, her hands roaming excessively. It was Katie’s turn to breath heavy and moan.
“Yeah that it’s it. That’s want I like. Do my bottom baby!” Katie moaned for emphasis.
“You want your bottom done do you?” Amanda slid a hand inside Katie’s bikini bottom squeezing a cheek hoping for the shock factor. Katie didn’t bite so Amanda pushed her fingers inside Katie’s ass crack and wiggling them like she was trying to penetrate her asshole.
Katie let out a squeal of surprise and jumped up on all fours. Gravity made her top fall off and it hung from the string at her neck, her breasts now exposed.
They both laughed hard at this for several minutes.

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   Wiping away tears from laughing so hard, Amanda noticed Katie’s bare breasts dangling for the first time and saw a tempting new target. Resuming her role she put some more lotion on her hands and leaned towards the girl.
“What’s the matter honey, don’t like it on your bottom? Okay, how about your top then?”
She reached under and cupped a breast, and began rubbing it with the oil. Instead of reacting Katie froze and looked down at Amanda’s hand as it moved in a circular motion. Amanda felt Katie’s nipple harden in her palm and a shiver of excitement ran through her body as her oily hand rubbed the hard pebble.
Noticing that Katie was no longer laughing but frozen in place, she thought maybe she had crossed the line and began to withdraw her hand, when suddenly a burst of laughter escaped from Katie’s lips. Snapping back into her role Katie grabbed her retreating hand.
“Don’t stop now that feels good! Do the other one now…in fact do them both!”
Katie pulled Amanda’s hand back to her breast, then reached for her other one and pulled it to the other breast. Relieved Amanda played along, and began to massage the young girl’s tits playfully pulling on her nipples as she did so.
Katie moaned and gyrated her hips slowly. Her moan sounded real, not obnoxious like before and Amanda began to get wet. Katie sat up suddenly and put her hands over Amanda’s, arresting their motion.
In a normal voice she said, “Okay, stop, stop! That’s feeling just a little too good. It’s my turn to do you now. ”
Amanda withdrew her hands and felt a little uneasy again.

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   Katie tied her top back on and picked up the bottle of lotion. She turned to Amanda. ”
“Well, are you ready or what?”
Amanda considered apologizing, but thinking it too awkward decided to let it go, hoping their new friendship wasn’t damaged. She smiled and assumed the position. Lying on her stomach as Katie had done, she rested her head sideways on the blanket and closed her eyes. She heard a squirting noise from the bottle and then a husky whisper close to her ear.
“Okay baby, you did me so good, now I’m gonna do you…”
Hands began roaming over her back and the strings to her own bikini were untied, this time both of them. Uncertain if Katie was still in role or not, she simply lay and enjoyed the feeling of the hands on her skin; wondering.
“Mmmmm, nice bod…” Katie sounded back in character, playing the pervert again, and her hands took on a different feel, her motions back to being exaggerated.
Amanda felt relieved. Thankful that she didn’t ruin everything by apologizing before; obviously her own arousal had affected her thinking, causing her perceptions to be skewered. Wanting to make sure Katie knew she was still on board, she giggled and went back into character herself, panting heavily and moaning loudly.
“I’m glad you like it…I’ll let do anything you want to it!”
“Oh yeah?”Katie moved to her legs breathing heavy again, her hands roaming all over. Walking on her knees, she stepped over Amanda’s leg and was now positioned behind her, in between her two legs now, pushing her legs apart to make room for herself.
“That’s it slut spread those legs for me!” Still in character, Katie’s pervert voice faltered on the last couple of words unable to contain her laughter, snorting them out.

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   She composed herself and resumed her role she continued. Running her hands up the insides of Amanda’s thighs, she paused towards the top and keeping her hands in place she leaned forward and whispered harshly.
“Paybacks a bitch! I’m gonna do bad things to you baby!”
“Oh please do bad things to me, I like it. ”
Katie’s hands worked the insides of Amanda’s thighs, her fingers trailing up and down their length, using her nails to gently tickle. It was a pleasant feeling and when Amanda made the “mmmmmm” sound, it was for real. Katie leaned forward again; placing a hand on Amanda’s lower back for support so she could lean closer. The other was paused on the inside of Amanda’s upper thigh.
“You ready for some ‘feel good‘ honey?”
Amanda was, and she wasn’t pretending when she murmured, “Mmmmm hmmmmm…”
Remaining in place Katie’s hand began to move upward again, covering the last few inches. Anticipation filled Amanda as she prayed Katie would really touch her. Involuntarily she raised her ass up spreading more as she did so.
Katie’s fingers reached her bikini bottoms and kept going, her fingers finding the crotch of her suit. Katie began to rub Amanda’s pussy through her suit and Amanda bit her lower lip, a small cry escaping her. Katie’s fingers probed along the hem and worked their way under the fabric. Pulling it to the side, Amanda felt the air hit her moist pussy and Katie’s fingers slipped inside of her.
“You’re so wet for me aren’t you?
“yessss” a hiss
“You got wet before, this didn’t you? You got wet playing with my tits didn’t you?”
“Oh yes.

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  . yes I did! I got wet feeling your nipples get hard. ”
Katie leaned back and her hand left Amanda’s pussy.
“Oh please…please don’t stop…It feels soooo good. ”
“I’m not stopping, I’m taking these off. ” Katie tugged Amanda’s bottoms down and worked them until were past her ankles. Unhampered now, Katie went back to work on her pussy, working her clit, as she went on.
“I got wet too when you touched me. I wanted you to touch my pussy and find out how wet I was. ”
“Yeah?Has anyone ever touched your pussy before?”
“Once when I was little, I had a babysitter and she touched my pussy. She put her mouth on it too…”
“Did you like it?”
“Uh huh, would you like to put your mouth on my pussy?”
“yessssss” another hiss and a flood of juice soaked Katie’s hand.
“Do you want to do it now?”
“Yes, right now. I want to eat your young little pussy. Please let me”
Katie stood up and pulled down her bottoms and Amanda turned towards her. Her eyes glued to the glistening blonde pubes, and the fat puffy lips.

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   Her head lowered and she put her tongue between the folds, sampling the little girl’s honey.
“mmmmmm, You taste so fucking good! ”
“Yeah? You like licking my pussy? Tasting my candy?”
Amanda’s face was buried now so all that Katie could hear was a muffled “Mmphhh” in reply. Katie grabbed Amanda by the back of her head and began to mash her face into her soaking wet snatch as she ground forward with her hips. A lot more muffled moans and groans were heard and occasionally Amanda would break contact to gasp for air, diving back in after the first breath.
Katie was now grinding Amanda’s face harder and she began to make small cries of pleasure. Amanda pushed her tongue as far up the young girl’s twat as it would go, and Katie’s bittersweet juices flowed into her mouth. Katie began to pick up her pace and was soon grinding furiously, her cries louder now. Amanda redoubled her efforts and was rewarded with Katie’s powerful orgasm, her whole body shuddering and shaking. Amanda lapped at the flood of juices gushing out of the little girls gaping hole.
At last Katie pushed Amanda away from her wet pussy, gasping for air saying “Enough, enough, I can’t take anymore!” in between breaths. Amanda’s face was glistened with teenage pussy juice and beads of Katie’s cum nestled in her hair. Katie leaned forward and began to lick some of her own juices off of Amanda’s face and Amanda chased Katie’s tongue with her own, wanting to capture it for a long sensual kiss. Katie, satisfied she had licked off all of her juices, acquiesced, and shared that kiss with Amanda. Their tongues danced for at least five minutes and Katie’s fingers played with Amanda’s pussy as they made out.
Placing her hand on Katie’s wrist, Amanda broke the kiss and told Katie, “No more, not here, let’s take this to my house.

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  ” Katie agreed.
Both girls stood up and collected the missing pieces to their suits. Amanda looked up and an old man was standing twenty feet and, holding the end of a leash in one hand and pumping his cock in the other. Amanda motioned for Katie to look and she laughed, offering a view of her teenage tittes as she did so. Turning away she heard the old man moan loudly and glancing over her shoulder she saw him shoot several jets of cum onto his dog.

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