Theft of Innocence


I tore my eyes away from her reluctantly and focused on the job. Soon the old lady pulled out of the drive and left. I waited ten minutes to make sure no one was on the way back. I drove my van up on to the drive. I was delighted to see that the garage was open so I reversed in got out and closed the garage door. It was a matter of moments to jimmy open the garage door. I waited a few minutes to make sure that there was no alarm and walked into the kitchen. I slowly toured the house picking up light stuff as I went. A nice digital video camera and a top of the range still camera was a good start. A laptop computer followed these. I found an automatic pistol in a drawer in the study and picked it up. I didn’t really like guns but this piece would get me $300 easy. I carried the computer gear in my hands and stuffed the gun in the waistband of my trousers and moved into the sitting room. A large 48” flat T. V dominated the room a top of the range music system graced a shelf close by. A combo DVD and video player was also in evidence.


   I was thinking about the best way of move this stuff into my van I heard a key in the front door and the sound of feminine voices. I almost panicked but I quietly put down the computer stuff and pulled the gun from my waistband and moved behind the door. I heard girls’ voices approaching giggling and trying to be quite. “I told you! They’re gone and won’t be back ‘til late! We can bunk off and no one will know!” One voice said as they approached. “Are you sure they won’t be back” A reply came nervously. “Not until after 5, come on we’ll have a blast! Or would you prefer to do that history quiz today?” Came the first voice again. “As If!” came the outraged replay. Two girls came flying into the room the brunette from earlier immediately reaching for the remote to the T. V. The second girl, a small Asian girl flopped down on the couch. The brunette turned to say something to her friend when she spotted me. Her eyes widened and she started to take a deep breath so she could scream. “Scream and your dead!” I said in a cold voice pointing the gun at her head. She gulped and looked at me fearfully. Her friend turned at my voice and saw me.

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   She put her fist in her mouth to stop her self crying out. “Sit down beside your friend now!” I instructed. I thought furiously “What the hell do I do now? They’d seen my face but if I killed them I’d have half the country chasing me for a double homicide instead of just the local boys making a token effort to find a small time burglar. I had to shut these bitches up, but how?”“Please don’t hurt us please!” the brunette was sobbing. I thought furiously what to do. I needed something to make sure these bitches didn’t blab. I needed some kind of blackmail, something that they could never revel. Then it hit me the video camera! I could make these teenagers perform and keep the tape. That should ensure their silence!“O. K girls,” I said as sweetly as I could, “tell me your names”. “L. . Lisa Pow. . Pow.

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  . Power” Stammered the brunette. “Kim Anderson” murmured the Asian girl. “O. K, girls I said reaching for the Video camera. The deal is simple I need something to keep you quite; I don’t really want to kill you but if you disobey me you leave me no choice. I am going to video you both sucking each other’s pussy if you do a good job of it then I’ll let you live and I’ll leave. ” I calmly told them. “W. . W what!. You can’t be serious! I’m not doing anything like that! I’m not a lessie!” protested Lisa. Kim was shaking her head and murmuring “No . No. No.

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  ”I lifted the gun, “It’s that or a bullet, understand?” I said in a menacing voice. The girls nodded reluctantly looking fearfully at the gun, and then they slowly looked at each other. I set up the camera up on top of the TV and pointed it at the girls. I started the recording and turned back to the girls. “O. K. first a few preliminaries, state your name and age for the camera and don’t forget to smile!” I said waving the gun at them. “Lisa Power, 15” Gulped Lisa. “Kim Anderson, I’m 15 too” said Kim following her friends lead. “O. K girls, now do a twirl for the camera” I instructed. The girls stood up and turned around. Lisa was nervous and trembling slightly. Now that I could see her close up I could appreciate what a good-looking girl she was. Kim was smaller then her friend just under 5’ She wore a light green blouse with a dark green knee length skirt.

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   She wasn’t as developed as Lisa but her B cup tits seemed to be nicely formed. I was starting to enjoy this. “O. K. girls now strip! And I mean everything! The second girl naked will regret it!” The girls looked at each other and suddenly Lisa started to unbutton her blouse. Kim quickly reacted by undoing her own blouse and kicking of her shoes. Quickly both girls stripped. Kim yanked off her skirt and reached down to tear off her socks. Lisa had removed her blouse and her bra, her tits hung free and looked as good as I had hoped. Kim popped off her bra as Lisa slid her Jeans and white panties quickly down her legs. Kim reached for her panties but hesitated allowing Lisa to strip off her shoes and socks. “O. K Lisa wins! Kim take ‘em off now! Now stand with your arms above your heads!” I instructed. Kim reluctantly complied revealing that her sex was completely hairless. The contrast between the two girls was exquisite.

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   Lisa’s dark brown bush matched her hair and her tits lost none of their shape and were topped by large nipples. Her stomach was flat and her hips wide she blushed prettily as I examined her body. Kim was smaller but she looked perfect, long nipples that had become erect as soon as they met the air topped her small tits. Her waist was tiny and her hips narrow. Her hairless cunt was clearly visible. Her heart shaped face with her shoulder length black hair was a picture of innocence. But she was white with fear. “O. K Lisa lie down face up on the couch, Kim you lie down on her face down with your crotch in her face and her crotch in yours. ” I commanded. Lisa lay down nervously. Kim started shaking her head as tears slid down her cheeks. “I can’t! I can’t!” she wailed. “Do it or die girl! You don’t have a choice here lie on your friend and eat her pussy or I’ll kill you both!” I walked over to her pointing the gun at her head. Kim choked back her tears and lowered herself on to her friend.

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   Putting her knees either side of Lisa’s head and her head above Lisa’s bush. Kim’s ass presented in the air as it was, was too tempting a target. I lifted my hand and smacked her hard on the ass forcing her crotch towards Lisa’s mouth. Kim stifled her cries as I gave her six smacks just to redden her ass. “That’s your punishment for being second to strip! Now start licking! I want to see tongues in groves now!”I picked up the camera and moved close to the girls. Lisa slowly stuck out her tongue and inexpertly licked at Kim’s pussy lips. Kim cried out as she felt her friends tongue. I moved to see how Kim was getting on she had lowered her head but was not sticking out her tongue. I pointed the gun at her head and with tears flowing down her face she began to tongue her friend’s pussy. I replaced the camera and watched the two girls reluctantly and inexpertly eat each other’s pussy. Neither was enjoying it but I was getting good footage. It was time for me to join the action. My 7” cock was straining for release; it was hard from watching the two girls play with each other. “Enough! Sit up on the couch with your arms in the air!”The girls complied quickly glad to stop licking each other’s pussy. I grabbed Kim’s discarded knee length socks and moved behind the girls.

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   I first tied Lisa’s hands then I ties Kim’s making sure that they wouldn’t get free easily. “O. K Lisa! Are you a virgin? Answer truthfully because I will find out soon!” I said. “What! Yes! Of course! I’ve never! How could you say such a thing! “ Lisa protested!“Kim, how about you?” I asked the smaller girl. “Yes! I’ve never even had a boyfriend!” Kim wailed. “Kim sit on the couch and spread your legs! Lisa lick her pussy and I want to see your tongue going deep! If you can’t make Kim cum I’ll fuck your pussy!” I commanded. The girls reluctantly complied. Kim sat with her legs spread unable to look at her friend. Lisa lowered her head to her friends’ crotch slowly her tied hands slowing her down. Lisa quickly began to lick Kim’s groove. She was trying hard to make Kim cum she rapidly but inexpertly tongued her friends pussy. I left the gun back in my waistband. I knelt behind Lisa and placed my hand between her legs seeking her pussy with a questing finger. Lisa moaned in protest but I pushed her head back into Kim’s’ crotch and kept her down. Her pussy was tight but it was damp from Kim’s tongue.

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   I slowly moved my finger back and forward in her tight pussy. Lisa moaned and tried to get up again but my other hand kept her trapped. She quickly became wet from my fingers ministrations as her pussy began to respond to my questing digit. “No! Please take it out! Don’t!” Lisa protested. I removed my finger and Lisa sighed with relief. I quickly unzipped my jeans and released my straining cock. I placed my hands on Lisa hips. She seemed to realize what was about to happen and tried to get up but I quickly thrust forward lodging the head of my cock in her pussy. Lisa screamed and lunged up trying to dislodge me, I pushed her back down and thrust forward brutally embedding my cock fully in her pussy. “No! Take it out! Take it out! It’s too big!” Lisa wailed. I realized that I had easily entered her pussy and suspected that I wasn’t her first. “Who took your cherry Lisa? What’s his name? Did he make you cum?” I inquired as I held my self still in her pussy. “No one! I didn’t! “ Lisa protested. I slapped her hard on the ass, “Tell the truth! It’ll be easier!”“Once! Once with my boyfriend, but it hurt!” Lisa screamed. With that admission I withdrew my prick nearly all they out of her pussy and plunged forward again.

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   I kept up a slow rhythm reveling in her tightness. Lisa ceased protesting and moaned as I thrust forward. I reached around and began to play with her tits. Holding them and roughly kneading them. I rolled her nipples between my thumb and finger. Kim looked at us both fear in her eyes as she watched me work Lisa’s pussy. Lisa was sopping wet now, her pussy conquered by my rampaging cock. I stilled my thrusting momentarily and reached around for Lisa’s pussy. I sought her clit with my finger. I quickly found the little nub as I probed her pussy. I began to lightly pinch her clit, which brought a sharp intake of breath from Lisa. I stroked her clit and soon Lisa began to moan as my titillation of her clit sent waves of pleasure through her body. I stood back up and began to pound Lisa’s pussy in earnest. My prick was flying in and out of her tight hole as it glistened from her juices. Lisa’s moans changed pitch as she began to respond to my attack upon her body.


   I was delighted by this and reached around again to pinch her clit again. She cried out as this drove her over the edge. I could feel her pussy contract around my cock as she came. I continued to thrust in and out of her enjoying the feel of her tight pussy. “You, have, a choice, now,” I said continuing to thrust, “I’m gonna cum in you, I can cum in your pussy, which would, risk a baby, or I can cum in your ass!” “No I can’t get pregnant please! Don’t cum in me! Please. ” Lisa protested. I withdrew my still glistening prick from her pussy; I placed the head of my cock at the tight rosette of her anus. I pushed forward spreading her cheeks and forcing my cock to spread her sphincter. Lisa cried out in pain as I pushed slowly but surely forward embedding all 7” into her rear passage. “God! No! Take it out! It hurts! No! Take it out!” Lisa protested. I began to thrust in and out of her ass; the extreme tightness from her rectum was too much to take. I groaned as I emptied my balls after only a few strokes, shooting a load of spunk into her back passage! Lisa cried out again as she felt my cock swell and inject her with my spunk. I leaned back and my cock left her ass with a “Pop” a small trail of spunk dribbling from her rear. Lisa collapsed crying as she felt me withdraw. A look of hope came across Kim’s face as she saw my cock soften and begin to droop” Lisa slumped down and began to cry.


   All the fight had gone out of her. The shame of cumming while I raped her causing her tears rather then the attack itself. I went over to the digital camera ensuring that it was O. K. It was still recording so it turned my attentions to Kim still sitting on the couch. The sight of Kim lying there with her legs spread and her hairless sex clearly visible immediately began to restore my cock. Kim’s face fell as she saw my cock begin to harden and rise. I wanted more time with her so I grabbed Lisa by the hair and threw her into a nearby closet and locked her in. “Just you and me now Kim, just you and me! I’m gonna fuck you so you might as well lie back and enjoy it!” I said. With that Kim jumped up and tried to run, I easily caught her and she began to scream I threw her face down on the couch. “Let me go you Bastard! Let me go! You can’t fucking do this! I’ll fucking kill you! Leave me alone!” She struggled so wildly on the couch I could barely hold her. I turned her over and reached for a nearby pair of panties. I wadded them up and stuffed them in her mouth to gag her. She kept struggling her eyes searching for a way out. “Now Kim you’ve been a bad girl so I’m gonna have to spank you!” I announced.

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  I sat on Kim’s back to pin her and quickly removed my own clothing. Kim squirmed under me trying to rise but couldn’t escape me. Soon I had all my clothes off. Kim had ceased struggling under me conquered by my weight on her small body. I got up and dragged her over my knee. I pulled the gag from her mouth, as she seemed to have trouble breathing. I positioned her over my knee so that my cock was directly below her pussy. I brought my hand down hard on one cheek and then the other. “Smack”“Ahhhh. Let me go!” Kim wailed“Smack”“Ahh! Stop iiiiit!” she wailed again. I kept on smacking her cheeks until they achieved a red glow. By this time she was just whimpering. I began to change the angle of my strokes letting my fingers slide down towards her pussy then slapping at her crinkled little anus. My cock was rock hard beneath her and with each slap her pussy rubbed against me. I stopped slapping and caressed her ass.

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   Kim unwillingly pushed her ass cheeks against my hands trying to find a way to ease the stinging pain. I stroked her ass the lowered my hand to cup her pussy. “No please! Don’t! I don’t! I can’t” Kim began to babble. I turned Kim over and put her on the couch. I lifted her legs and put one on each of my shoulders as I knelt between her legs. I lowered my head kissing down along her legs. Kissing behind her knees. Kissing her thighs getting closer, slowly closer to her pussy.
    “Please stop! Please don’t!” Kim kept babbling. I leaned forward to kiss her full on the mouth to still her protests. She was too surprised to resist as I sucked her tongue into my mouth and kissed her deeply. My hands sought her tits and her long nipples. I stroked and caressed her breasts as I continued to kiss her until her complaints quieted. I lowered my head towards her breasts. I nuzzled her neck kissing and stroking slowly.

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       I reached her breasts and planted kisses all around them slowly circling inwards until I reached a nipple. I sucked the nipple into my mouth and licked and nibbled gently on it feeling it become erect in my mouth. I moved to her other breast kissing the hollow between them and slowly liked and sucked on her other nipple until it too was erect. I lowered my head further kissing her belly button and probing with my tongue. My lips traveled further down my tongue trailing towards Kim’s pussy. I stopped just short and began to kiss her inner thighs and slowly licked closer and closer to her pussy. Kim was murmuring and shaking her head trying to deny the reaction her body was having to my careful assault. I reached her pussy and slowly licked along the slit. Her pussy opened like a flower under my tongue. More and more folds appearing as I licked along each one in turn slowly probing with my tongue. Soon the nub of her clit was visible. I slowly licked towards it feeling Kim’s body shiver as I barely brushed it with my tongue. I licked further using the tip of my tongue to swirl around the little nub. Kim’s body shuddered again as new and unknown sensations ripped through her. I lapped again at her pussy, which was getting very wet.

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       I licked her clit again and sucked hard at it using my tongue to titillate the very tip of her clit. The effect was electric, Kim’s pussy spasmed and she moaned loudly as an orgasm rocked her body. Her pussy sprinkled my mouth as she came and I drank her juices with gusto. I raised my head to catch sight of Kim’s face. She was breathing heavily and her eyes where half closed, as she seemed dazed. I took the opportunity and lifted myself up to place the head of my cock at her pussys entrance. Kim opened her eyes and began to struggle but I lowered my weight onto her pinning her legs back against her breasts. “No don’t! Please don’t! It’ll hurt! I can’t” Kim cried. “You’ve already cum on my tongue Kim now you’ll cum on my cock. Look at me! Feel the power of my cock, feel how right it is! Feel how it is to be a woman!” I told herI slowly lowered my self and lodged the head of my prick between her pussy lips. I began to slowly push into Kim as she kept shaking her head and biting her lip. I pushed my hips forward and felt a barrier to my progress. Kim hadn’t been lying she was definitely a virgin! I slightly withdrew my cock and then pushed forward firmly feeling the barrier rip and allowing me to slide fully into her. “Oh God! Noooooooooooooooo! “ Kim moaned s she felt her hymen rupture and my cock lodge itself fully in her pussy. I held myself there for a while and leaned forward to kiss Kim again assuring her that the pain was temporary and would quickly fade.

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       I began to withdraw slowly Kim’s tight cunt sucking at my cock as if it was reluctant to let me leave. I slowly pushed forward again keeping up a slow steady tempo. Kim’s pussy began to get used to the intruder within its folds and her wetness allowed me to increase my tempo slightly. Kim’s face was flushed and she was murmuring “No!” all the time but she was unconsciously beginning to move in time with me as her body sought its own pleasure. I increased my tempo my thighs slapping against hers, her tits bouncing back and forth as she bit her lip to stop herself crying out. As her crisis approached I suddenly withdrew and she moaned with frustration before she could stop herself. I let her up and told her to get on all fours facing the camera. Kim complied and I quickly knelt on one knee behind her and plunged my cock into her no longer virgin pussy. I sucked one finger and pushed into her tight ass as I continued to fuck her. I could feel the motion of my cock through this thin membrane that separates the anus and the pussy. This brought a gasp from Kim as she felt an invader in her back passage for the first time. I finger fucked her ass in counterpoint to the motion of my cock in her pussy. Kim began to moan aloud as the sensations from her body began to overwhelm her. Suddenly she came! Her pussy muscles clamped down hard on my cock as her pussy flooded. I couldn’t hold back and responded by injecting her pussy with its first serving of spunk.

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      “Arrragh! Oh God!” Kim moaned as I shot my load into her. “Oh yeah! That’s it Kim! Milk my cock,” I shouted as I injected the last of my seed deep into her. I withdrew my cock and Kim slumped down on the floor. I opened the closet to release Lisa and told them both to sit on the couch quickly!I reached for the camera and picked it up. Retrieved the gun and laid it down beside me. “Now girls it’s simple if you ever go to the police or if anyone ever comes looking for me our little home movie will be e-mailed to all your school friends and your relatives. If you leave now and come back when you are supposed too you can act shocked and no one need ever see this lovely video. Do you understand? If you do get dressed and leave now!”Both girls nodded and quickly got dressed unable to look at each other or me. I dressed my self, keeping on eye on them both as I did. They were soon dressed and almost ran for the door. As soon as they left I picked up the computer gear and the gun and got in my van. I’d taken enough risks for one day it was time to leave! As I drove away I thought to myself, I might not have got $10000 but I got a lot more then that in pussy, I’d stolen their innocence and that was without price. As always constructive critisim is welcome. This is an original work of fiction. .

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