She has twin daughters about 15 years old that are real beauties and come over occasionally and play video games on my computer. They live only about a block away from my house so it is very convenient to my house and they usually just walk over. About 2 weeks ago, my housekeeper quit because her husband was transferred to another city. My nurse’s daughters asked if they could have the job for the summer while they were out of school. They said they would both work here for the same money as the housekeeper was getting. I told them we would give it a trial if their mother agreed. Their first day was interesting watching them find where all the cleaning and cooking supplies and equipment were located. The next day I was amazed at how efficient they were. In no time the house was spotless. They vacuumed, mopped, dusted, took out the trash and cleaned the bathroom. My biggest surprise was when they made lunch. It was fabulous! I like Mexican food and this was some of the best I had ever eaten. They continued working throughout the summer and cooking two meals a day for me. As I continued to improve with my health, the doctor finally put on a walking cast. I still had difficulty getting in and out of chairs, bed, and going to the bathroom, however. Yesterday, the girls (June and Joan) came over and said their mother was ill but they would stay and see to my other needs.

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   They said their mother told them what to do and they had watched her work at other people’s houses so there would be no problem. After dinner, they cleaned up the kitchen and then came into the living room where we played some video games on my new Playstation®. They sat on each side of me and were playing each other. I was watching them get excited with the game bouncing around and I noticed how much their breasts were bouncing. I began to wonder if they were wearing bras. These girls were small ladies; about 4’10” tall and weighing less than 100 pounds. Their breasts, although small, were rather large for their frame. They had short legs and their bottoms were very well shaped. As I watched I realized I was getting excited sexually. It had been almost 6 months since I last had sex and watching these two girls was really starting to get me hot. One of the girls (I could not tell them apart) won the game and turned and gave me a big hug. She struck my leg and I jumped. She said she was sorry she hurt me when her sister said, “Oh, look. I don’t think it’s his leg that is bothering him right now. ” The other sister glanced down and said, “It’s that for us?” I was so embarrassed I didn’t know what to say.

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   One of the girls reached over and moved my robe and rubbed her hand over the growing erection. Of course it jumped and grew even harder. She said, “It likes me. Look how it is reaching out for me to pet it some more. ” Now the other sister decided to join in and wanted to pet it, also. I could not believe what was happening. As I started to protest, the girls said their mother told them to take care of all my needs and this was one need that seemed to need taken care of. I said, “I don’t think this is what your mother had in mind, though. ” They assured me it was and their mother was specific that they were to be sure I had sexual release today but to be careful they did not hurt me. As one of the girls was telling me this story, the other one started to remove my pajama bottoms. She had them open and say my member standing straight up. She stared at for a minute and grasped it in both hands. She was amazed she could not reach around it with one hand. She asked me how big it was. I told her it was just over 7 inches long and almost 2 inches across the top.

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   The other girl said they had both had sex a few times, but never with anyone who had such a large dick. The girl who had hold of my cock started to stroke it. I could not believe this was happening to me. I had only read about these things in magazines and in www. sexstoriespost. com and really did not believe it could ever happen to me. I asked the girl who was holding my cock her name and she told me she was June. As June stroked and then starting kissing my cock, Joan unbuttoned my pajama top and removed it. She then pulled her t-shirt over her head revealing her breasts. She had about a 32B breast and huge, dark areolas. Her nipples were only partly erect so I reached over and started rolling one of her nipples between my thumb and finger. It started to get hard and her breathing increased. I pulled her closer and buried my face in her breasts kissing and pinching both breasts. She started moaning and breathing heavily. All of a sudden June went down on me and in a single motion was completely covering my dick.

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   I had to have been at least 2 inches down her throat. She started bobbing up and down on my dick taking me almost all the way each time. Joan stood and pulled off her jeans and panties revealing an almost nude pussy. She had very little public hair. She climbed up on the couch and straddled me while pushing her pussy towards me mouth. I reached up and grabbed her by the ass cheeks and brought her to me. Her scent was very mild and warm feeling. I dove right in licking her slit up and down. She spread her cunt lips so I could get to her clit. I found it standing erect and with my tongue would lick upward and then when I brought my face down, I brushed my mustache down over the clit. My mustache is stiff and bristly like a brush. When my mustache hit her clit she cried out in pleasure. June stopped giving me head and stood up watching me with her sister. She pulled off her clothes and I reached over for her cunt. She moved closer and watched me give Joan head while I was fingering her and flipping her clit with my thumb.

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   I was having trouble concentrating on what I was doing since I had never had two women at the same time. June pulled back and told me to stretch out farther. I moved down on the couch a little more and June straddled me and sat down on my cock burying into her tight little cunt. She was being very careful not to hit my leg in the cast and was also driving me to the point of ecstasy. Joan suddenly climaxed and grabbed me by the head pulling me into her cunt so hard I could hardly breath. I knew I was reaching the point where I was going to ejaculate, so I told June to stop. I told her to go into the bedroom and where to find my condoms. She was back in less than a minute and said she wanted to put the condom on me. She rolled it onto my cock only about ½ inch then placed her mouth around the head of my dick and rolled the condom down my dick with her mouth. What a feeling! Then she mounted me again. Joan stood to one side while June fucked me and I started to reach for her ass. June said to just lean back and enjoy the feeling. Laying back and watching my dick going into and out of that small almost hairless pussy and seeing this young nude girl with those magnificent tits bouncing up and down was just too much and I had an intense orgasm. It seemed to come from the depths of my abdomen. June felt me come and she then had an orgasm, also.

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   After we rested for a few minutes, June crawled off me and pulled off the condom and Joan said she wanted to clean me. She kneeled down and took me in her mouth licking and sucking off all my juices. She continued as I slowly got another erection. Joan said she wanted to feel me inside her since she had only had two other boys and they were both much smaller. As she straddled me she took my dick in her hand and guided it to her opening. She would hold my dick as she slid down a little and stand up a little before continuing. In this manner it felt like it took a long time to get inside her, but when I was, she started tightening her vaginal muscles and relaxing them. It was like being milked. By all outward appearances she was not moving, but my dick knew better. She was fucking me without moving her hips. I could not take this any longer and told her to get up. Then I told them to help me up. We moved around to the end of the couch and I told her to bend over the arm of the couch and I mounted her from behind. I told June to help hold me up so I would not tip over without my crutches. Then I started humping her from behind.

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   It was wonderful. I pounded her while June kept her hands around one of my legs and rubbed my ass and balls. Just as I was about to come, Joan asked me to fuck her in the ass. She said she had always wanted to try that and I would not have to wear a condom. I asked June to get me the lotion next to the table I had been rubbing on my abrasions. It had neither odor nor anything that would burn the delicate tissues inside Joan’s ass. I poured a little of the lotion on her crack and let it run down to her asshole. As it slowly ran down her crack I massaged her hole and slowly inserted one finger and worked it in and out. She started to relax and I inserted another finger continuing to massage her and add a little more lotion. As she relaxed her asshole, she said she was ready. I lubricated my dick with some of the lotion and started pushing the head of my dick against the hole. My dick was much larger than my two fingers and I knew there could be some tearing. I told her it would hurt and she just pushed backwards against my dick. She told June to help and June shoved my ass very hard causing me to penetrate Joan’s ass at least 4 inches at once. Joan yelped, but after relaxing a little, told me to continue.

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   I kept pushing and finally got my entire dick in her ass. This was the first time I had ever fucked a woman in the ass and it was a different feeling than fucking one in the pussy. I started to move in and out taking longer strokes each time until I was pulling almost all the way out before shoving it back in. She had a huge orgasm and that brought me off, also. I came so hard I lost my balance and had it not been for June holding my ass I would have fallen to the floor.
    After we relaxed, the girls said that it was now time for my bath. They went into the bathroom and ran some water in a basin and brought it into the living room where they gave me a sponge bath. They got to my dick and balls and washed very carefully cleaning under the foreskin. Since they had both gone out of sight I lost track of who was who. One of them then said she had to put lotion on my injuries and started to apply lotion to my dick. She said she wanted to see me come. They both took turns massaging my balls and stroking my dick until I shot a stream up into the air about 6 inches high. One of said, “Wow, that’s neat”. Then they continued cleaning me up and getting me clean pajamas. All this time they were nude.

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       They cleaned up the living room went into the bathroom and cleaned up themselves and got dressed. They said if I had no objection, they would take care of me like this about once a week, and said goodnight to me and left. The next morning they were back and acted as none of this had happened. When they got ready to leave, they asked if I was feeling better and they hoped that my needs were being satisfied and they also hoped their work was satisfactory. With that they laughed and left. About 10 minutes later their mother came and started with the physical therapy work. She asked if her daughters had taken care of me okay last night. I only answered that they took good care of me. With this she said, “Well now that your urgent needs were satisfied last night, you can take your time with me. ” With this she started unbuttoning her blouse. As she took off her blouse a sheer white bra covered breasts and I could see her breasts straining over the tops of the cups. Her dark areolas were clearly visible through the bra and her nipples were sticking straight out. She reached behind her and unfastened the clasp and dripped the bra to the floor. What beautiful breasts she had being about 36C and not sagging hardly at all. Her waist was small and her hips were just the right size.

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       She dripped her skirt, her slip, and stood there in her panties, garter belt and white nylons in white sneakers. Her figure was perfect. I could not believe a woman in her 40’s with twins could look that good. She walked over to the couch and kneeled over me putting her breasts in my face. She said she had been divorced about three years and in all that time she had not had sex with a man, but when her daughters came home last night and told her about how I treated them and I had such a large dick, she decided she wanted to fuck me. I didn’t know what to say, so I just put my mouth over one of her nipples and started to suck. She was very sensitive on the breasts I found out. As I was kissing her nipples and pinching the other while kneading her breasts, she had an orgasm grabbing my head and pulling it roughly into her breast. Then she gave me a deep probing kiss that made me almost climax right there. She stood up and I could see the dampness on the crotch of her panties. She pulled off the rest of her clothes and then helped me out of mine. When she saw my dick, she smiled and said, “Well, June and Joan certainly did not exaggerate when they said how big your dick is. ” She helped me to lie down on the floor and then straddled my face putting her pussy right next to my mouth while she bent down and took my dick into her mouth. I started lapping up her juices and sticking my tongue into her hole and bring it out to flip her clit. She could not take my entire dick in her mouth so she stroked it while sucking on it.


       After a few minutes of this we both came. As we lay on the floor, she said, “That was the easy one. Now we can go for the good one. I cannot get pregnant so don’t you dare use a condom on me. ” She turned around and with her hands and mouth got me hard again and mounted me. She rocked back and forth slowly while all the while contracting and releasing her vaginal muscles. This went on for a long time. Then she said she wanted to lay on her side and have me fuck her from behind. With the cast, it was a little difficult, but one can usually adapt if you really want to. She finally put a pillow under her abdomen and this put her ass in the air. I crawled up on her and inserted my dick in her and we had a slow relaxing fuck. I do believe we fucked like this for at least 30 minutes. Suddenly she started to breathe harder and told me to fuck her like a dog – hard and fast. I complied and we both came at the same moment. It was wonderful.

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       After she cleaned up and helped me to bed she left. My therapy is going great. Now, it is only one girl at a time, but momma comes over between girls. I currently fuck a girl on Monday, momma on Tuesday, a girl on Thursday and momma on Friday. Weekends I get to rest and watch football. My aplogies to the author if the paragraph breaks are in the wrong places. This story was submitted as one big paragraph and impossible to read. Author, please check your pm's and email, update your email address if necessary. .
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